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  1. Century of the Self - amazing documentary - MUST SEE
  2. How CNN fakes news reports: must see
  3. Media Manipulation
  4. "Captured" Academics/Thinkers - Working for social engineering and manipulation
  5. Online Social Media Manipulation - JTRIG and other
  6. Fake News and the War on Freedom and Truth
  7. Anonymous Journalist Barrett Brown Released
  8. CNN Camera Man Captures Something You Weren’t Supposed to See!
  9. False flag operations are pervasive in today's global village
  10. CIA, MI6 & Associates Inc.: The Corporate, Industrial-Scale Multinational Factory of Fake News And Media Intox
  11. The spiritual implication of words
  12. Television as Mass Deception
  13. New York Times full page ad :)
  14. Orwellian Orwell
  15. How Reality Is Being Manufactured
  16. Google’s First Draft Project: Ministry of Truth has been set up by Google
  17. Psyops : What does PSYOPS stand for in 2017?
  18. Proof the United States is spreading propaganda
  19. Jon Rappoport | Not fake news: Interview with CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson
  20. Jon Rappoport | Breaking: interview with Vaxxed producer who was banned from Australia
  21. From Russia with Love (YouTube Channel)
  22. Jon Rappoport | A totalitarian society has totalitarian science
  23. Jon Rappoport | Why has the Deep State gone to war against Donald Trump? (December 17th 2017)
  24. Goodman interviews David Hawkins on Serco's Piranha Project and Much More
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  26. Newly released LVMPD documents show active shooters in 12 resorts.
  27. TARGET ad... offensive ?
  28. Cynthia McKinney On Government: "It's All FAKE!"
  29. Ole Dammegard & Kevin Barrett | The Global Tour of Terror: A Theory of False Flag Operations | June 28, 2018
  30. What Constitutes Legitimate "Research"
  31. Fox News claims that Syria's Assad gives go ahead for gas attack
  32. BBC Programmes - programmed?
  33. alQaeda goes to Hollywood
  34. We're Doomed As A Species - Media Manipulation
  35. Gangsta Rap: Bought and paid for by those profiting from prisons holding young criminals
  36. Richplanet (Richard Hall) covers fake car bombing with actors
  37. Jay Dyer | Foreshadowing, Ritual and Symbology in Film | Nov. 13, 2018