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  1. The Occult World of CG Jung
  2. Akiane - Artist & Child Prodigy - Inspiration from the Divine
  3. Introverted Personalities and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  4. Cheating
  5. Snakes in Suits: Weeding out corporate Psychopaths
  6. Akiane Kramarik, the indigochild of an atheist (amazing stuff)
  7. Reconnecting with alienated family members
  8. Free Personality Test and MBTI/Myers-Briggs Type Descriptions
  9. The story of an epiphany. Should a toxic person leave a group, or hang in there and change their life?
  10. Brainscans and prisoners: Outing the sociopaths and the domino effect
  11. I ache from loneliness
  12. The Great Quotes thread
  13. The beauty and the pain of being human. Images.
  14. Sociopaths in the medical field
  15. We Were All Humans Until...
  16. Star Trek / End of money for society
  17. Digital Addiction: Stronger Than Heroin
  18. Signs of social media becoming toxic
  19. The Rise Of Psychopathy, Ponerization, Terrorism And Where This World "Order" is Headed
  20. The Gray Rock Method of Dealing With Psychopaths
  21. 20 Basic Tactics Used By Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths To manipulate And Silence A Prey
  22. Are You An Empath? 11 Things They Hide From People
  23. How to know when you are talking to a psychopath
  24. 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Jordan Peterson's New Book
  25. Jordan Peterson: A Voice Uttering Horse Sense In A Desert Of Thoughts
  26. A Pale Blue Speck in the Cosmos Vastness... Home!
  27. Are smartphones the problem, or Social Media?
  28. Addicted to Selfies? According to Studies, You Could Be A Psychopath
  29. On The Cusp Of Change
  30. 'It feels like having a limb cut off': the pain of friendship breakups
  31. Too Sensitive, Too Safe
  32. The Madness of Being Human :)
  33. Grok-A-Lot
  34. The Hierarchy of One
  35. These 15 Drawings Are An Incredible Reflection Of What’s ‘Wrong’ With Society
  36. When You Feel Like Giving Up
  37. Cults and extreme beliefs tv series
  38. 'Je Suis un Fou', and Australia doesn't exist
  39. The incredible story of Waleed Khan
  40. Palestinian Nurse shot dead by sniper
  41. The "Victim" as Moral Zombie
  42. ’It’s Karma, Baby!’ 5 Reasons Why Emotionally Intelligent People Never Retaliate
  43. This Is What Happens When PTSD War Veterans Meet Rescued Wolves
  44. Who you are ... Or could be
  45. Ronald Bernard: heavily damaged (inner) children, reasons, solutions, etc.
  46. Encounters with creepy men
  47. The Pervasiveness of Loss
  48. Possible view of the big picture
  49. Who else sometimes think they were duped to come here to Earth now....
  50. A Barbarian And A Poet
  51. When men were men & women were feminine
  52. New Words on the Eternal Life of Anti-reason
  53. The Decline of Modern Man (Masculinity)
  54. Competition vs Sharing as a Means of Distributing Resources and Wealth
  55. Depression
  56. Discussion about Q Thread Temporary Closings
  57. How hard is it to stick to your own opinion?
  58. Polarization
  59. Human Design System, by Ra Uru Hu
  60. Two kinds of people I observe in the world
  61. The Calm Before the Storm... or is the Storm now here?
  62. “We are all flawed creatures leading the best lives we can, often against considerable odds.”
  63. Sexual Fetishes
  64. This is a Picture that is worth a Million Plus Words and then some
  65. Joe Rogan with Alex Honnold: the greatest athletic achievement of all time
  66. Reincarnation advice to yourself
  67. 19 November is International Men's Day. But what does it mean to be a man?
  68. 'Uncontacted Tribes' still exist. One of them killed an American a few days ago.
  69. Sherpas on Everest: the real mountaineers who make it all possible
  70. from the "Silent Generation" towards Gen Alpha. Or: how Toffler's Future Shock(-waves) may influence the Project Avalon forum.
  71. "I can't keep up any more." The world of Future Shock is already here
  72. Moments you would not believe - if they weren't recorded
  73. A Merry Christmas 2018, to everyone reading this. BUT — What does it mean??
  74. When a belief becomes a Reality
  75. It's NOT About The Nail (or, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus)
  76. Home DNA tests reveal 20% of British dads aren't really the father
  77. 3 year old climbs 100 ft chimney
  78. This filmmaker spent months interviewing neo-Nazis and jihadists. Here’s what she learned.
  79. Brave New 60s - Jan Ivin talks MK Drug Culture . . . still ongoing
  80. How to compose a successful critical commentary
  81. If this was your last day, would your house be in order?
  82. Price's law
  83. If not already, is the world going incrementally insane by the hour ?
  84. Is it our obligation to do something about this insanity in the world?
  85. I Am Just Doing My Job! (my foot)
  86. Is our lifespan, a pre designed plan, with a purpose ?
  87. Some quotes and thoughts for Valentine's Day
  88. THE CRASH REEL: Different ways to be a hero
  89. Life Is A Strange Loop, Gestures of Creation & Renaissance Humanity
  90. The Calvary is here to save us (whew..finally!)
  91. We are all living in two worlds at the same time
  92. Internet haters vs real life friends
  93. Recomendations for a better life
  94. Procrastinators Anonymous.
  95. A Moral Obligation To Do What's Meaningful
  96. Product sales pitches
  97. An odd share, a personal letter to a friend. Anyone going thru similar ?
  98. Why do we use username aliases on social media?
  99. He used to be Transgender. Here’s what he wants everyone to know
  100. Inner peace in a modern world (How to have)
  101. Heather Mac Donald, another voice standing up against the prevailing idiocy on universities.
  102. Keeping an eye on Africa
  103. Truth is often ugly, unpleasant and problematic.
  104. The monkey wrench solution.
  105. Justifying Your Existence
  106. Woman aged 81 meets her Mother aged 103 for the 1st time
  107. PTSD Realities and Human Veterans of all Ideologies, Creeds, Colors and Origins
  108. Got A Secret, Can You Keep IT
  109. Illeism: How to Improve One's Perspective on Anything!
  110. The Lesser Known Cognitive Biases
  111. [Address] 'The Origins of Political Correctness' | Bill Lind - February 2000
  112. How does one avoid chaos in their life? What works for you?
  113. Compartmentalized thinking: lecture by Robert Sapolsky
  114. I shouldn't actually be alive now... :)
  115. Love is
  116. I want to be a better person
  117. The intellectual middle ground is not where you go to find friends.
  118. A campfire chat with the moderators :)
  119. Lives Apart: Hermits, Recluses, Mystics and Saints
  120. The mysterious case of the man who draws in his sleep
  121. Children Full of Life
  122. TAKE CARE - Human Perception Can Be Misled !?
  123. Scapegoating and Guilt by association?
  124. Transformative Trauma
  125. Sexsomnia and you...
  126. Gifts from the Dying
  127. Extraordinary People
  128. Exposing Yourself To Malevolence
  129. Are goodlooking people often a**holes? And why does Hollywood always seem to ruin good books?
  130. The Greenbaum Speech: Peeling Off the Ritual Abuse, MPD, MKultra, etc. Layers of Programmings
  131. Yeasting your boogo — Or, where does your ego strength come from?
  132. Survey: Left or Right?
  133. Stabbings—shootings—conflict: the ego connection
  134. Tales from the Taxi ?
  135. All Sports All The Time
  136. WE FALL IN LOVE WITH BODIES, not people
  137. The Internet and The Shadow
  138. Akiane Kramarik: an unbelievably gifted young artist
  139. Cultural Critique, Social Engineering or ...?
  140. Why does pornography work?
  141. A space to live and a time to manifest
  142. American gymnast, Simone Biles
  143. Millennials and mental health
  144. U.S. Corporate and State Prison System Charges Room and Board!
  145. The 5 second rule that tricks your brain
  146. Very Few People Can Actually Think
  147. Talent or Brain Damage?
  148. Considering Language
  149. 'Humanity's Phase Shift', Daniel Schmachtenberger
  150. Science & Spirituality: Dr. Ian Stevenson & Reincarnation
  151. Exogenesis - a potentially more accurate Earth human origin story (by Bruce Fenton)
  152. A homeless drifter in my town
  153. I'm Not A Cisgender Male
  154. Those mysterious abilities come from deep in our hearts
  155. A Definition of Life
  156. “ When the going gets tough, that's a positive signal to keep charging.”
  157. The Relationship Equation (or, the Mathematics of Marriage)
  158. Boss, Chief, Buddy, Etc.
  159. The Walking Dead - Us?
  160. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!
  161. BANNED TEDTalk | Former CIA Contractor Physicist Russell Targ (an eye opening talk)
  162. Robert Crumb
  163. The Messiah Complex
  164. A Graceful Death
  165. Cults of Death & Power
  166. Democracy in the Age of Too Much Information and Too Many Ideas
  167. The Call To Adventure
  168. Transgender Woman Could Make Argentine Soccer History
  169. Evergreen University Madness
  170. You Are The Illuminati
  171. The spectrum from 'Social Justice Warrior' to 'Sociopathic Depraved Indifference'
  172. The Underworld
  173. Repurposing, reusing, restoring, scraping and markets
  174. Jean Henri Gaston Giraud/Moebius Comics
  175. Michael Jordan's Moving Tribute to Kobe Bryant
  176. The Logos
  177. PSYCHOSOMA (psych body) - the body of desires
  178. The War On Sanity: Joe Rogan and Co Discuss
  179. The Value Of Sports
  180. Daniel Schmachtenberger - The War on Sensemaking
  181. Guess the meat content of a steak pie in a local bakers
  182. Let’s open some gates and windows
  183. What was it like growing up with your generation?
  184. The Real World, and what we SHOULD BE devoting our attention to..
  185. The Social Distancing Support Thread
  186. Uprising
  187. The psychopaths now possess their final solution for humanity.
  188. George Carlin - on germs and things!
  189. The uncounted child abuse in homes
  190. How You Really Make Decisions - and the confirmation bias affect