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  1. Love came second
  2. Supernatural aftermath of the 2011 tsunami
  3. Rollercoaster girl :P
  4. The "not so perfect" twin-flame / twin-soul relationship
  5. meditation for spirtuality
  6. There are locks which keep you from the Kingdom (Video)
  7. Thoughts
  8. Flashes of light
  9. Toward a Fourth Turning by Ken Wilber
  10. Karma and Reincarnation
  11. Serpent-Handling Pastor Killed by Snake: Where Was God?
  12. Heart attack victim: 'there is an afterlife'
  13. One with all through the heart
  14. Agape - have you ever felt that you were encompassed by it?
  15. Movie INK - (The dispute between the Astral and Material for Souls)
  16. "Don't go into the light" - Discussion thread
  17. In times of war-peace is your mightiest weapon
  18. I found a HUGE Sacred Text Archive Library
  19. Cultivate Awe In Your Life
  20. Global peace meditation for Ukraine March 4th, 2014
  21. Pineal Gland Decalcifying Remedies w/ a touch on Borax and its cures
  22. A Beautiful Cosmogony
  23. Messiah's Handbook
  24. PSI attack yesterday evening! Yeah, Hahaha... Try it again
  25. The Greatest Cover Up in Human History
  26. Healing thought, energy request
  27. What Are the Pearl-Like Objects Found in Monks’ Ashes After Cremation?
  28. Dinosaurs: Who is responsible?
  29. Speaking of Sasquatch Episode 4
  30. The Supernatural Power Of Music: Spirits, Entities, Pythagoras & Spirituality | Eric Dollard
  31. Meditation, and any work with Chi or Prana may invite possession by Jinn
  32. In My Email This Morning
  33. Dead Indian Guru Put in Freezer for 'Deep Meditation'
  34. A Great Time of Change is Approaching!
  35. Re-Incarnation The Drip Continues
  36. A neat link: Structure of the Universe & Sequence of Events
  37. From Atom to Cosmos (Itzhak Bentov)
  38. Surfing with Wind
  39. Experiences with Hairy Bear-like creatures that walk on 2 legs
  40. More Lester Levenson
  41. The Unenlightened Thread - Demystifying the Apple
  42. My e-mail to Tim Freke - my recommended solution for planet Earth
  43. You Can Open Your Third Eye With a ((Magnet))
  44. A New Vision of Reality: an interview with Anne Baring
  45. Mass Consciousness: Can we change the News?
  46. Working with the shadow.
  47. Ascension and Good Advice
  48. OBE and Aura question?
  49. Male and Female
  50. Vidyadhara, sylphs, genii--jinn ...
  51. Lenon Honor ~ Why does Mass Media perpetuate fear?
  52. Why the Law of Attraction fails to be Universal
  53. Do a meditation exercise and share here what you have seen or felt while or/and after doing it.
  54. Having a **** Day! - Watch To The End (worth it!)
  55. Lenon Honor ~ What is Mind Control? Psychological Warfare
  56. Ravens
  57. You are always bigger than any thinking can think or any other thinkers ever thought!
  58. Nature Lovers
  59. Ignorant fibbers in the congregation
  60. The Disagreement On Reality
  61. Inelia Benz on Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 281
  62. The divided self
  63. DNA - The Most Holy Place - Free eBook Released!
  64. Must read: sex, Christ, astral, all according to your use of your genitals.
  65. Test for Demon Activity
  66. Isis portal activation
  67. It is ego that brought you here
  68. Only control-freaks create dogmatic religious systems!
  69. <<Interesting website>> : 15 Spiritual Lessons; how many have you gone through in this lifetime?
  70. Laura Eisenhower at Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails 2012
  71. Mind control begins/ began with YOU
  72. <~An Interesting Read About The Pineal Gland~>
  73. 30 Traits Of An Empath - How To know If You're An Empath
  74. City of David (Video)
  75. The Dragon's mind creates the circle of its life here, as it wanders in a Hell it can't remember entering
  76. Prove that I exist and that YOU are not God?
  77. Outside the Illusion
  78. Request for Shamanic help
  79. Having Judge'MENTAL' Thoughts lately? Who do they serve? Fear or Love?
  80. Achieving 'No-self'
  81. William Buhlman on OBEs at Monroe Institute Professional Seminar 2014
  82. Ugk
  83. Lucid Dreams Increasing Dramatically
  84. People Born Blind Can See During a Near Death Experience
  85. Eye to Eye With Michelangelo's Moses Creates Emotional Peak
  86. An Organic Response to an Organized Threat
  87. One Christmas Eve
  88. The Path of Quetzalcoatl
  89. So We Tried Dr. Emoto's Rice Experiment...
  90. A tribute to Michael C. Ruppert
  91. Does Music/Vibration/Emotion and Spirit, Connect?
  92. The Banality of Evil
  93. Messages from Indigo 5 year old
  94. Mike Kewley 'You Are Not What You Think' Interview by Iain McNay.
  95. 666...can be benign?
  96. Prakash Mackay Preparing for Death Interview
  97. Spiritualist Churches
  98. Turn light into matter
  99. Santos Bonacci The Zodiac Within
  100. Why ghosts are good for you: Patricia Pearson, TED, 2012 // Messages from the 'none' dead.....
  101. Native peoples of the earth
  102. Is absolute intimacy shared between two beings a foreshadow
  103. Is It time? To Change The World
  104. Aliens, Egos And Souls: Who Are We In The Big Picture? (part 1 of 4)
  105. R.I.P. Dr. Maya Angelou: The Power of Words
  106. New Book 'Rituals, The Magical Perspective' (temporary free pdf download)
  107. The Island of Madness
  108. Not Everyone Will Wake Up
  109. Opening Your Third Eye
  110. Free PDF Book: 'Lightning Evolution of Humanity, rEvolution - Awakening'
  111. Apology to Tony--Grizzlies
  112. What the Mayans ACTUALLY predict
  113. 4 in 10 Americans Believe God Created Earth 10,000 Years Ago
  114. Rituals bridge to interdimensions - Spiritual Psychology by Luc Sala & ExomatrixTV
  115. Sacrifice
  116. Super Guru - Taking Meditation, to the Next Level.
  117. Numerology - Finding you life path number
  118. A wonderful story on the moments before we are born
  119. Jim Carrey's Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation
  120. Natural Laws: Paranormal and the Supernatural
  121. Unsung Hero
  122. A tribute to discomfort
  123. We are from the future
  124. God is asleep...
  125. 2014 pivotal year in our evolution: Interview with Drunvalo 06-2014
  126. All have sacrificed equally to be in the......here (now).
  127. Dropped Back To Say Hello And Discuss The Queen
  128. Red Blue And Emotional Power Plants
  129. Soverign Illusions Healing
  130. There Are Illusions That You Were Given
  131. ET.s, Demons, Witchcraft, Religion & More
  132. There are realities that you were given.
  133. Spiritual Guidance: The Portal is Opening Far and Wide Jun
  134. 3 people 'possessed' when using Ouija board
  135. First Scientific Proof Of God
  136. What is destiny?
  137. 9 Mind-Bending Epiphanies That Turned My World Upside-Down
  138. Near-death experiences are overwhelmingly peaceful
  139. Native American Code of Ethics
  140. Women of all shapes and sizes loving their bodies
  141. What is freedom?
  142. A Nice Video Sharing: The Big Picture
  143. New post from Karen Bishop
  144. how to raise your consciousness
  145. Are you sure you're god?
  146. **From the musings of no consequence**
  147. Where To Begin ? How To Start Our Spiritual Awakening ?
  148. Where science and spirituality meet (revisited)
  149. The Most Astounding Fact
  150. The Universe is Mental - an article by William Cornelis Van Duyn
  151. Pope Francis makes exorcisms official Catholic practice as demon-fighting priests recognised under canon law
  152. Unexpected OBE process
  153. Spiritual View of Sleep Paralysis and other aspects
  154. The Spirits Of The Prophets Are Subject To The Prophets
  155. NDE / UFO interview by George Kavassilas with Rey Hernandez
  156. God, Spirituality, Angels, Demons, Aliens And More!!!
  157. The Game / Life On This Planet and The Witness / The Infinite
  158. Thought O' the Day
  159. Can you FEEL a higher vibration?
  160. A Rabi blitzes the Zionist movement....
  161. Memory and Consciousness
  162. Have you ever experienced or noticed this phenomenon?
  163. What can we do?
  164. Surrender
  165. Earth centered spirituality (Stephen Harrod Buhner)
  166. Reiki Training
  167. Did you think your journey would take you this far from when it first began?
  168. My brain is only a receiver
  169. Illusion of Meditation
  170. Metaphors you like
  171. Saying I love you to a spiritual person
  172. Coming Back To Life
  173. Alchemy and the Endocrine System
  174. how to set up a very safe and powerful connection to your higher self, spirit guides
  175. Photographer attacked by ‘ghost’ in house ‘haunted’ by demons
  176. Fakery and tomfoolery for profit and gain
  177. The History of Consciousness - The The Pleiadian Prophecy
  178. A "dream" I had last night..
  179. The Heart of Ascension - Matt Kahn
  180. Breaking the Illusion of Limitation
  181. Mystic hip hop on magic mushrooms
  182. We R Chaange interviews D.ICKE...PT Truth About Consciousness and Spirituality: Pt2 Stop Censoring Your Perception
  183. 'We R Change' interviews D.ICKE...PT Truth About Consciousness and Spirituality: Pt2 Stop Censoring Your Perception
  184. 'We R Change' interviews D.ICKE...PT 1 Truth About Consciousness and Spirituality: Pt2 Stop Censoring Your Perception
  185. You are not being Downloaded
  186. Root and Heart Connection – Grow in Love
  187. When a New Soul is Born - Mechanics of Soul
  188. Advice for Parents of Children Who Report Memories of Past Lives
  189. Can't remember name. Psychic lady in England [ <-- Carol Clarke! ]
  190. Anybody else....?
  191. Shamanism, Mind Control, Christ, "Aliens" and me - By Jean Eisenhower
  192. Denying Spiritual Ascension?
  193. <:~Handbook for The New Paradigm~:> by George Green
  194. Past-life personalities you recall
  195. Cassiopeia and Andromeda
  196. A small white feather fell on me... (what could it mean?)
  197. Why are there beginnings and endings?
  198. The Afterlife (Video)
  199. The Eight Stages of Ego Death
  200. Important to know : Ungrounded Energy, A Widespread Issue!!
  201. Today I am reminded
  202. The butterfly effect starts here
  203. New Agers' WAKE UP! Mark Passio being forward and blunt...
  204. Freedom From Adversity - Matt Kahn
  205. What is your definition of Spiritual?
  206. R i p
  207. The Balancing Act: Faith and Fear
  208. <:~Jim Carrey's Secret of Life~:>
  209. Mark of the Beast Revealed - Corruptible Skin/Old Skin, Skin of a Man (video)
  210. The concept of past/future lives existing simultaneously
  211. Soulular Growth - Soulular Hygiene - Soulular Mechanics (video)
  212. planetary origin
  213. "Seek But Do Not Find"
  214. Thoughts About Creation
  215. Aura Phtography in London?
  216. You create your experience
  217. Unlocking Your Psychic Abilities, ESP & Intuition
  218. Plantery Update - September 2014
  219. Harmony & less individuality in other lives...
  220. Why Yahoshua or Jesus called himself the son of man
  221. Thoughts About Destiny and Free Will
  222. Kundalini experiences?
  223. An explanation about the creating thread
  224. The Multiverse's Tool
  225. Love without attachment
  226. Carlos Castaneda Interviewed by Theodore Roszak in 1969
  227. What is evil?
  228. Perception of reality, flow of time and ourselves
  229. Judging Others
  230. my current struggle
  231. I Look Forward to My Death
  232. Religion Doesn't Make People More Moral, Study Finds
  233. I look forward to my life...
  234. Massive Waves - "Mass" of Energy Waves - Creating Realities (Video)
  235. Rosicrucianism
  236. latest from Inelia Benz
  237. Rules of Engagement - Entering the New Paradigm
  238. An Illuminated One
  239. New Adam - New Enterprise! (Video)
  240. They Shall Consume Away - Part 1 & Part 2 (Dreams & Visions)
  241. How I see it
  242. Gratitude
  243. Adoption of Man (Video)
  244. What do you think about worshiping a higher power?
  245. The Nature of Fear
  246. Nature of Mystical Experience.
  247. Struggle is good
  248. The Nature of Faith
  249. Eckhart Tolle's Movie: Enjoying Every Moment
  250. Intuition and Trust