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  1. New Mexico Police Caught Ghost on Camera
  2. Ghosts, apparitions and spiritual manifestations.
  3. Feminine women
  4. “Illness as a spiritual path” with Karen Richards
  5. Probable future
  6. A peek at the 4th dimension (Video)
  7. Rapture dream the End of the WORLD AND WHAT YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TOLD (Video)
  8. Shadow Work Synchroncitiy
  9. The Age of Aether with Sevan Bomaer
  10. My wanderings between a rock and a hard place.
  11. One Day at a Time
  12. Leaving Room For Grace
  13. Lisa Renee Energy updates
  14. Why Teal Scott/Swan and the Whole Spiritual Movement is Dangerous! (Video)
  15. Story Time: My Neighbors' Haunted House
  16. Works for me...
  17. Hidden in Star Trek - The Reason for Fluoride/GMO Poisoning Humanity
  18. Amnesia (Have you forgotten?)
  19. images shown to me in dreams
  20. Recurring Numbers...The First Synchronicity That Sparked My Awakening
  21. How Do You Pronounce The Name 'Jesus'?
  22. How to be Ultra Spiritual!
  23. The Giver (Full Movie)
  24. Finding the Heart of God!! Set yourself Free! (Video)
  25. The Origin of the Teaching of the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria
  26. How Do We Automatically Understand Concepts Since Birth?
  27. Where did "justone(man)" go? Well... maybe he is back!
  28. The Occultic Power of Music
  29. Eternal existence: having access to all your soul has ever experienced, how do you feel about it?
  30. Seeking for your true self? Question what you are NOT: INSTEAD
  31. Outer Is Inner / Inner is Outer : How All Is Related, & Esoterically Creating Your Reality
  32. Thread dedicated to the debate of definitions of Right Hand path and Left Hand path
  33. The Main addiction and the lesser ones...Alcohol, Cocaine, Pills etc...Yes it's a Spiritual thread!
  34. What is the Difference Between the Soul and Spirit?
  35. My Story (video from Anna )
  36. Laura Eisenhower, the Archons and Feminine Energy
  37. Casting Out Demons: Pope Francis Declares Support for Exorcisms
  38. One more try - Discussion of the pros and cons of RHP and LHP within the context of the supplied definition
  39. What some of the Disciples ate
  40. Just had another one of those dreams.
  41. Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had two children, lost gospel reveals
  42. Group Meditations?
  43. In This Reality!
  44. What is Love?
  45. Jesus, Spiritism & How Angel & Demonology Operates Biblicaly
  46. 65-Year-Old With Cancer Describes Her Mushroom Trip
  47. Upon death: then what?
  48. The left foot and the right foot path.
  49. Conversations with God
  50. Perspectives... On Communities And... Contracts.
  51. Let's Investigate the Truth on Chakras
  52. Karma Yoga Talk @ Santa Barbara Convent
  53. Religion and Secularism in the USA vs. Europe
  54. The Wisdom of the Dream
  55. How I Have Interpreted the Gnostic Creation Myth and how I Apply This in my Life as a Solution
  56. Apologies to Frangipani Spirit
  57. Tiles with morphing faces
  58. A short piece of wisdom - from 'Quantusum'
  59. Astrological/Numerological Synchronicities
  60. Master healer uses chi to restore sight and burn newspaper
  61. Update from Drunvalo Melchizedek 2014-11-19 : Birkeland currents & Mer-Ka-Ba science
  62. Consciousness Corridor
  63. Here's What Happened When A 65-Year-Old Woman Took Magic-Mushrooms In A Lab Environment...
  64. The Allegory of the First Runner
  65. Dadaji - the One
  66. For seekers
  67. Please help me get some light out of my dreams
  68. Darkness and Light Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
  69. Worthiness
  70. Matthew 27:46: Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani…
  71. Birthdays. . .
  72. Gnosis, Mary Magdalene in the Nag Hammadi Library
  73. We all need an angel sometimes ! Here put all the pictures and stories of angels that you find beautiful :)
  74. A poem
  75. I tried to try to astral project
  76. Bruce Lee’s Teachings
  77. Energy Update: Ascension 2015 - Matt Kahn/TrueDivineNature.com
  78. A New Level of Consciousness - A Glimpse at 4D?
  79. The greatest secret in the Universe: No polarity in the heart - Drunvalo Melchizedek
  80. Prince Ea: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?
  81. The Surrender Agreement
  82. Burning sensation while meditating
  83. Are our spirits creators?
  84. Teal Swan UPDATE on Earth's Future: 2015 & Beyond
  85. Spiritism & Spiritual Healing
  86. Humans Searching For Balance
  87. Sailing against the wind
  88. A New Aeon
  89. The power of perception
  90. Strange Dreams
  91. Duality, can we move forward?
  92. Tsunami 10 years ago today...
  93. Communicating with your soul family
  94. I think I am awake now
  95. Had a really shocking dream this morning as I was awaking
  96. We All Are Different
  97. Find the Buddha on the path. Kill him.
  98. Sonia Choquette's recent journey, from death and divorce, to true authentic spiritual awakening
  99. The Shift - Free e-book
  100. Imagining the Tenth Dimension (short video)
  101. I use to have nightmares..... But changed them to a trip in heaven.....
  102. Important Meditation
  103. Reincarnation and the Spirit-form (13,28 minutes video)
  104. When You Feel The Need To Speed Up, Slow Down
  105. Innocence
  106. My studies on the Tree of Life
  107. Astro Gaianism
  108. Dream/OBE intruders
  109. Memoirs of a Time Traveler - Sevan on Truth Frequency Radio - 1-2-15
  110. Global First Contact of God
  111. Phase 2 NOW underway
  112. Lessons learned on the road home …
  113. Punching holes through the Veil
  114. Psychic Readings Thread
  115. The Spiritual Planes - Soul Origin Theory - What is Soul
  116. Why I (ExomatrixTV) want to learn Chinese (Mandarin) fast in 2015 & eXoQuiz 0002
  117. Have any of you experienced this?
  118. The Four White Elephants of Gender Disparity
  119. Do you think every human is an immortal, individuated reincarnating spirit?
  120. Structure vs Function, i.e. Genetics/Brain vs Consciousness
  121. The Constant Seeker
  122. cameron day discusses the FALSE ASCENSION MATRIX and more
  123. Metatronic DISTORTED Flower Of Life’,fibonacci & ‘Tree Of Life’ Deceptions
  124. another MAJOR FLAW in most "love and light" movements/teachings
  125. Sorry Avalon...
  126. Is the ego blocking spiritual transmission?
  127. Planetary Update - February 2015 by Jim Self
  128. Project Camelot interview with psychic Angela Donovan - 2015
  129. Mithraism, Christianity, Rome, Magical Rituals & Historical Patterns
  130. Chakras are a Conscious Energy Field - Ultradimensional Energetics
  131. Psilocybin mushrooms spirituality and awakening
  132. We are human beings, not machines
  133. Carrying other people's love with you, becoming new love
  134. The Occult Power in Individualism vs The Group Mind By Sonia Barrett
  135. Allowance then manifestation
  136. Boy claims to recall past life as a woman
  137. How to heal through cancer
  138. Scriptural Dynamite (Video)
  139. How we see the world is a reflection of what's going on inside of us...
  140. Predictions from the 90's | Dismantling the Channelers: Parts 1 and 2 - It's Time to Start Using our Discernment
  141. The Golden ratio and fibonacci programming debunked
  142. See with my eyes... (part of my personal journey)
  143. Awesome Dude! Students with disabilities ask Pope Francis some questions on video chat
  144. Unification - a wonderful ideal
  145. The Cure for PTSD (No Kidding!) (Video)
  146. Steve Quayle - Full Interview - Prophecy Club (Video)
  147. My Healing Testimony (Video from Miss Sally Allen) - Heart Defect
  148. The Attacks of Jezebel (Videos)
  149. Alignment to Nature (My Religion if One Could Call it That)
  150. The Hero's Journey, by Joseph Campbell
  151. Chuck Hayden's Frictional Method for the Kundalini Activation
  152. Journey of a Lifetime: Rites of Passage and the Ancestral Wisdom
  153. Dreamtime Aurora Borealis Stream Read - Andrew Bartzis - March 26 2013
  154. Independence, dependence, and interdependence
  155. Andrew Bartzis - Keeping Your Sanctuary and Children Energetically Clean 101 (smudging your home)
  156. Unraveling judgement- the path to peace
  157. MSM Article: "Seven ways to appear more Intelligent than other People"...
  158. Imagination and Consciousness
  159. Alchemically transmuting hatred into Love
  160. The End Of the World - Nuclear Siren
  161. Can a fictional being become self-aware equal to human self-awareness?
  162. The Power of Meditation in Life
  163. Karma Solving???
  164. Wise Navigation of March Energies
  165. So True (Thomas Merton quote about a person's value)
  166. Acquiescenses: Connecting the 'Spiritual Dots'
  167. Heart Sutra
  168. Teal Swan with Andrew Bartzis - Soul Family, Kindred Souls and much much more - 2013
  169. Karma Solving (2)
  170. Light body
  171. Dreams of sky events
  172. Taking time off on Earth
  173. Karma Solving 3
  174. Maxi my dog is paralysed
  175. Aura and Chakra Reader
  176. Channeled ET: "You are made in the image of God and are all unconditionally loved forever"
  177. Andrew Bartizis - Synchronicity (4mins)
  178. Harry Oldfield - Life Force Content of Organic vs Inorganic Food (9mins)
  179. Are You Offended? (Video)
  180. Visualization, Imagery and (Guided) Meditation
  181. Sons of Creator vs. Sons of "the Lord" (Video)
  182. Religious truth and conditions for believing
  183. My questions
  184. Your Compass for this Week's Energies
  185. Hand of Death (Vision)
  186. New TruthSeekah Video | Enjoy
  187. The shocking truth about god
  188. Interesting manifestation patterns
  189. Spring 2015 - March 21, 2015 - Thoughts to inspire us
  190. In-5d interview with Lily Earthling and Goz Stone
  191. Learning to accept unconditional love as logically always good- and truthful enough (the greatest thing we ever did!)
  192. You may know this story ...
  193. Four Common Psychic Abilities - Which Ones Do You Have?
  194. Ghostly image....
  195. Energy Vampirism All The Way Down The Food Chain!
  196. Dismantling the Matrix of Death
  197. The Control Dramas
  198. Prepare for April 4 Eclipse Energies
  199. Should We Identify As Human?
  200. Ascension is now
  201. Regaining the Sacred Way
  202. Neurogenesis | New TruthSeekah Video :)
  203. Update from David Wilcock 2015-04-05: Celebrating the Graduation of Law of One Channel Carla Rueckert
  204. No Ascension...
  205. World Peace Prayer- (EnergeticSynthesis)
  206. Wanderers & Psychodynamics of Global Shift
  207. Question about visualization
  208. UNMISTAKEN CHILD: The true story of the search for a Reincarnated Master
  209. Alfred Lambremont Webre/Gary Carlson: Wanderers, Spiritual lessons, soul ascension, and soul reports
  210. Question about electric shock
  211. Soul 'flavours'
  212. Do you spend your time loving?
  213. She heard my voice (Text conversation) (video)
  214. Johnathan Adampants
  215. Wesak Message
  216. Spirituality, life after physical death, evidence, or .............
  217. Telepathic comunication
  218. A visit to "venus"?
  219. Revolution is inevitable
  220. Planetary Update - May 2015
  221. Lilou Macé: Understanding life
  222. The kogi and there message to "younger brother"
  223. The Big Wow
  224. Thoughts About the Elements and Theory of Evolution
  225. Sustained Constant Ringing In Ears
  226. Letting the ego go
  227. Thoughts About Why God is the Alpha and the Omega
  228. I need help
  229. Gut Health - Dreaming Body, Dantian and efforts via our Food and Medical Industies to Suppress Your Power
  230. What it means to be HUMAN
  231. There are two beings inside us. A short quote from the Amazing Sogyal Rinpoche
  232. Death Is Nothing At All
  233. Harmonize... Harmonize... Harmonize...
  234. Escape the Prison Matrix - with Lily Earthling, Goz Stone & Michelle Walling Mar 10, 2015
  235. The simplest and most sincere self - Bahaudin Naqshband
  236. Energy Matrix Havesting Programmes - use your discernment, Ground, Earth, Centre
  237. love the Earth, we're all here now! make it count!
  238. Duality, false light, the corrupt demiurge, maya and the matrix.
  239. Longing for social intelligence, emotional intelligence & spiritual intelligent talk without using religious dogmas!
  240. Another remarkable quote from Sogyal Rinpoche
  241. near death
  242. Music for the soul ...
  243. had regression yesterday
  244. Video Series with Andrew Bartzis, Nathalie, Steve Travesty and myself
  245. Seeding an enlightenment super pack collection
  246. Planetary Update - June 2015
  247. Demons and the Defense Department
  248. What is Humanity's purpose?
  249. Anyone know of pigeon symbolism?
  250. Neu Energy Meditation