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  1. The Reincarnation Trap
  2. To my sleeping mates
  3. Do not deny the body and its part in awakening.
  4. What is your spiritual number? I am number 9
  5. How are we feeling today?
  6. Simon Parkes's newsletter (June)
  7. The spirit and the inteligence of the body.
  8. Are you ready to awaken your Neu!
  9. Powerful Christian music
  10. Andrew Bartzis - Vehicle Energy Hygiene, Driving Energy Warriors and Sacred Geometry City Busters
  11. My observations on changes to this planet
  12. Tips for staying awake during meditation
  13. Planetary Update July 2015
  14. (KDDL2 - July 4th Letter from AMCC-MCEO E'Asha)
  15. Neil Kramer, "Waking Up" (become master of yourself)
  16. Tao te Ching
  17. The power of Christ love
  18. Exposing the White Light Lie and Revealing the Natural Blue Flame as Our First Step Toward Ascension
  19. Gregg Braden - Feeling is Prayer
  20. Thoughts About the Word "Oneness"
  21. Why is the Universe Expanding?
  22. Itzhak Bentov - The Illusion of Our Separation
  23. Why does the process of Death take so long?
  24. Yoga sutras of Patanjali
  25. Shamanic Reflections
  26. Planetary Update August 2015
  27. How do you dream or remember?
  28. Alienation from loved ones while on the path of awakening (Advice Wanted)
  29. Televangelists. Do they serve God or Money?
  30. Prayer for the Mother
  31. Changing one's Evolutionary Ray
  32. Planetary Alignment and Meditation 15th August
  33. Is it possible to have a dimensional shift?
  34. Eternal Damnation
  35. How to remember: discerning between the dream, a walk in the astral and a past life
  36. Another amazing quote from Sogyal Rinpoche
  37. Silencing The Inner Critic To Obtain God Consciousness | Dwaine Hartman
  38. The Last Avatar
  39. Necromancy
  40. The Consent We Give To The Space-Time Illusion
  41. The way Einstein saw God
  42. Tried It All And It Ain't Working?!
  43. Planetary Update - September 2015
  44. Vision of Ascension After Near Death Experience
  45. What ever has happened to George Kavassilas?
  46. The Legend of Atlantis
  47. Amusing Visions
  48. The body of the mother can identify if child is evil or not.
  49. Conscious Language
  50. A couple living the "Anastasia Way"
  51. Inelia Benz loses her patience ...
  52. *What you feel is right for you*
  53. Balancing the divine masculine and feminine
  54. Can you see the energy?
  55. Planetary Update - October 2015
  56. Different Meditation Styles
  57. Co-existence
  58. Joseph Chilton Pearce - The crack in the cosmic egg interview
  59. iGOD: Documentary Feature Film - 11-18-2014
  60. Mr Vella's Safe Language
  61. Seeing eyes, anyone?
  62. Rich West: What to expect in the afterlife
  63. Some strange feelings I had lately
  64. A Beautiful Earth Update on Ascension 2015 Transformation Conference
  65. Short Animated Film Explaining Higher Consciousness
  66. Global Oneness Day 2015
  67. Trouble remembering past lives
  68. Voices
  69. A strange metaphor between homeopathy and the out of body human spirit
  70. Interwound threads whilst meditating
  71. Planetary Update - November 2015
  72. Don't Try - Alan Watts
  73. Alan Watts - The Cosmos
  74. Make a difference ?
  75. Would you pay $10,000 for real superpowers?
  76. The Five Human Weaknesses - Video
  77. The Cokeville Miracle (and other Guardian Angels)
  78. Walk-ins
  79. Is adversity really necessary
  80. How to be Happy? - Meditation, Mindfulness, Change in attitude (VIDEO)
  81. Is Enlightenment An Illusion?
  82. Personal experiences with crystal skulls
  83. ‘the meaning of life’ 2015
  84. Zen Made Easy
  85. Adjusting in life when things start to fall away
  86. Guides
  87. "Just be with me, just know me, I'll give you rest for your souls"
  88. Mystical Experiences
  89. Did you know that the Holy Bible is really about… you?
  90. Thousands of Souls (Wings of prophecy)
  91. Hold Tight to Your Faith
  92. I too have a Dark side
  93. We teach best what we most need to learn.
  94. Spiritual Human History - The Last 13,500 Years
  95. What On Earth Can We Do? - Rise Multiversity Podcast
  96. Angelica Zambrano dead for 23 hours, taken to hell and heaven by Jesus
  97. Planetary Update - December 2015
  98. Synchronicity in the mundane
  99. The Great Heartbreak - Adyashanti
  100. Spirit Science series
  101. Comfort For Those Struggling
  102. Metanexus
  103. Mountains
  104. On Meditation : What can be expected as one's Mind is Tamed ?
  105. Acceptance of Death and the Meaning of Life
  106. Meditation for Atlantis crystal energy, call from Silver Legion 'Tanaath'
  107. The Aquarian Gospel
  108. "Waking and Sleeping" - Being spiritually awake
  109. Future Age Sage #Artworks
  110. The "Guru"
  111. The true Lucifer is Sophia
  112. Spiritual Snobbery: the Dark Side of Lightworkers
  113. Soul being an infinite structure
  114. Above All Else, Hold The Space! Overview of 2016 with Cosmic Awareness
  115. "Living Nonduality" -- The Film
  116. Planetary Update - January 2016
  117. Words about birds
  118. I would like to raise a point regarding the spirituality section
  119. "Scientology" Retort; Jupiter and Neptune's Roles
  120. Retrocausality - How You Can Alter Your Past Or Your Future — And Change Your Present
  121. The World As We Know It Has Changed And There Is No Going Back To What We Were - 6 Predictions
  122. Awakening The Warrior Spirit: Do You Hear The Call?
  123. Eye of RA, The Third Eye of Shiva & Egyptology
  124. Inventions in dreams
  125. Calling For Change In 2016 - Global Healing Is Here (4 Days Left)
  126. The supernatural power of music | Eric Dollard
  127. Raphael, one of the seven archangels Before YHWH
  128. Deliberately expanding one's Aura
  129. Are chakras a system created by ETs?
  130. The Aussie Camino, And Other Pilgrimages
  131. Ode to our star
  132. Heaven and Hell : Our Subconscious !
  133. Breathing techniques?
  134. Mary Rodwell: The New Human Race
  135. High frequency vibrations
  136. Artificial Quantum Entanglement W/ Anthony Patch
  137. The "New Age" Psy-op
  138. The Supernatural Power Of Music, Spirits, Entities, Pythagoras & Spirituality
  139. LegaliseFreedom1: Steve Taylor – Not I, Not Other Than I
  140. Ley lines
  141. A knotty transition
  142. If there really is no Hell, how can negative Near Death Experiences be explained that say they went to Hell?
  143. Does it freak you out to think that there might be many spirits watching your every move that you can't see....
  144. Spiritual awakening - I am loved (and you are too)
  145. Sudden, Intense Onset of Emotion, etc.
  146. My awakening has progressed
  147. Eukaryotic Cell Biology vs. The Tabernacle in the Wilderness
  148. "Jesus is a Worm, a Snake, and More" - The Mythicist Podcast
  149. Mysterious meditation
  150. Plant trees and stop the genocide
  151. What is the root of all evil?
  152. Things you learn in meditation
  153. Here We Go: Atlantis All Over Again
  154. From how to bend the laws of time to drugs that lead to God.
  155. This is one being honest. Love me or hate me. I still love you.
  156. Who God is and what we are.
  157. Asking for some prayers for my good friend
  158. Lucia René: Ascension Game Changer
  159. Reincarnation - A supplemental theory
  160. The Best Video regarding spirituality I have ever seen.
  161. The role and super importance of our chakras
  162. Architect of dreams
  163. The Art of Conscious Dying
  164. Enlightenment - are you there yet?
  165. The "Kingdom of Heaven", Where is it?
  166. Truth
  167. Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)
  168. Interview/Chat between Bibi Tinsley, Will Berlinghof and our lovely Callista
  169. Christ Consciousness
  170. Bashar: “First Contact” Documentary Premiere Narrated by Hollywood Actor James Woods
  171. Psychic Events, Paranormal, and Demonic Activity
  172. Souls born as humans: where do they all come from?
  173. Hair Is An Extension Of The Nervous System
  174. The Final Truth, a Theory of Everything
  175. The 2 major keys for living in harmonious balance
  176. The Physics of the Soul with Brooks A. Agnew
  177. How to attain/access Altered State of Consciousness (please suggest)
  178. Higher Planes of Existence
  179. What will happen if you open your third eye?
  180. Have you experienced ear ringing?
  181. Professor of Psychology Attempts To Explain Out of Body Experience
  182. Karma, the basis of Philosophy
  183. Spiritual Scientism
  184. Sun Yoga
  185. Reverse Spiritual Psychology 2016
  186. Interview with Peter Moon about Qi Gong
  187. Ajna Light to activate the pineal gland, have a DMT experience
  188. Subconscious versus universal mind
  189. With God's glasses on
  190. The Law of One (Ra Material) question
  191. I leave you with this for now. Remember that I do love you silly.
  192. Jang Jaswal's NDE
  193. What do you know about Voodoo/Santeria?
  194. Just another wake up call…
  195. Story with great truths in it
  196. What you didn't know about eclipses!
  197. Near-Death Experience: Conversations With God
  198. Tapping into your Unity Dreamtime Potential
  199. Are You Really Spiritual Or Are You Just Fooling Yourself?
  200. Alan Watts - How to make yourself a better person.
  201. IMHO: natural evolving
  202. Doubt has surfaced, advice please.
  203. WEARECHANGE.org 22/6/16 ....David Icke - Truth About Consciousness and Spirituality
  204. Passing consciousness states towards lighter density (my current theory)
  205. Massage und Mind vereint (feat. Chris) - Interview with Jon Rappoport (Imagination)
  206. Dogman
  207. One's Metaphysical World View
  208. "Christianity is Jewish Pythagoreanism"... and more - Tim Freke
  209. Great tutorial on lucid dreaming.
  210. Newbie to "old knowledge"
  211. Manifestation patterns as frequency themes
  212. A recent post by Arthur Cristian - Loveforlife.com.au - food for contemplation
  213. Dolores Cannon..
  214. We Came From Somewhere, We Are Going Somewhere, What We Do In Between Matters
  215. Bible query..
  216. Tinkering with or Stealing one's soul
  217. Responding to Global Tragedy - Matt Kahn
  218. Reincarnation influences
  219. Everybody here pray right now..
  220. David Wilcock highlighted RA concepts on Contact In The Desert 2016
  221. Pleiadian Starseeds
  222. Past life triggers in infants
  223. On being an EMPATH
  224. Link about Pleiades and Jesus history
  225. Demons Are Real. This Man's Story May Shock You.
  226. Visualized and experienced a beautiful manifestation of the visualization
  227. David Icke visits Perth aboriginal village
  228. Awakening the Cosmic Heart - Matt Kahn
  229. Debugging consciousness
  230. Living with an Atheist
  231. Mind*@*@ & The Flyer Mind
  232. The voice within
  233. Spiritual Development
  234. Body energy centers (chakras) & mobile body awareness
  235. Symbolism
  236. Feel Good Now - Matt Kahn
  237. Avalon Calling
  238. Dr JJ and Dr Desiree Hurtak - The Science Of Consciousness
  239. Farewell Inelia Benz, welcome Franco DeNicola
  240. Constantly Changing?
  241. Favorite Lucid Dreaming Books
  242. Unconditional love, and confrontaton
  243. Rescuing Goddess Earth & Her creations
  244. Living in the Eternal Now
  245. It worked, because it could only work
  246. A Feeling of Emptiness
  247. Starseed knowledge and *great wisdom* from Rion : )
  248. Admissions (After life)
  249. This is what I'm meditating too, WOW.
  250. Law of Attraction and the Conspiracy Theorists Conundrum (Optimistic or Naive?)