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  1. Awakening, hearing voices ?
  2. Spiritual Places to Visit in the U.K.?
  3. How do I find a "real" psychic?
  4. Past Lives Accounts
  5. Should Christians Use Magic Mushrooms?
  6. Communicating with otherworldly beings is common
  7. Rife Frequencies and The Pineal Gland
  8. Would anyone be open minded to an experiment?
  9. Important Message from Keeper of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe
  10. The Park Bench
  11. Mother Earth All Ways Knows Best – Breaking through the Slave Mind
  12. Nothing left to parse?
  13. Interesting reading by a medium
  14. Going home now
  15. What would you do?
  16. On Love...
  17. Question about a white smokey aura?
  18. Need spiritual advice!!!
  19. Channeled response
  20. Low Amplitude High Frequency Waves and the Ages
  21. What God wills is so
  22. Raising Your Frequency
  23. Update lecture by Wayne Bush
  24. Surrender to Love - Matt Kahn
  25. New Age Lie
  26. I'm an empath, ask me anything!
  27. David Wilcock update interview with Jim Harold 2016-sep-24
  28. Will Berlinghof: A Time of Great Opportunity
  29. Thoughts About Perpetual Motion
  30. We live in a completely fake world
  31. Open Your Eyes – “The Hour is Getting Late”
  32. Synchronicity
  33. Strange Coincidence or Unequivocal Confirmation?
  34. The Truth About Races
  35. The Final Truth, a Theory of Everything 2
  36. Enlightened Eating - Dispelling Myths and Assumptions
  37. Water in the Well
  38. Spiritual Awakening with Miriam Delicado Q&A
  39. Are You a Starseed? *Opinion Thread*
  40. Excerpt - Quote from the book 'Advanced Teachings' by Mrs. Endall Beall
  41. Q & A For beginners and advanced
  42. Spiritual Sensei of Truth Part2 – Dormant Abilities, Relic Species, Soul Family, Soft Disclosure and more
  43. Plato: The Republic Book VII
  44. Update interview with Franco DeNicola: What's Happening in our Collective
  45. Nooscope: a device to monitor the noosphere
  46. Thoughts About Spirituality and Socio-Politico-Economics
  47. Wisdom from the Masters in Kung Fu: Love - Harmony even in Discord
  48. Christian persecution around the world
  49. Lyrical content moment
  50. What is truth?
  51. Obtain yogic powers or perish(!/?)
  52. Free Yourself
  53. The End of the Old Paradigm - Matt Kahn
  54. Choosing Love
  55. Our Connection To God Through Psychedelics And Plant Medicines
  56. If reincarnation is true...
  57. My cat likes to kill
  58. The vibration in blood
  59. Don't use electricity!
  60. Has anyone ever used sage for smudging?
  61. How to strengthen your intuition & hear your inner voice
  62. Please Pray for My Grandmother!
  63. Monthly Crystal Dose Report
  64. The top 10 spiritual hip hop albums
  65. In Defense of Sacred Sites from Exploitation, Harm and Desecration (Mount Shasta, and others...)
  66. Update from David Wilcock 2016-dec-06: ENDGAME - Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal
  67. Cursing Your Enemies
  68. David Wilcock update 2016-dec-11: ENDGAME II - The Antarctic Atlantis and Ancient ET Ruins
  69. Insight into The Pine Cone (third eye): The Holy of Holies, The Ark of the Covenant, and The Pineal Gland.
  70. Vipassana 10 Day experience Journal - Hope this helps others
  71. I Am the Light - Matt Kahn
  72. Night terrors, nightmares, night time attacks, sudden death while sleeping...
  73. Are we locked in frequency control?!
  74. The Harry Oldfield camera filter
  75. Gregg Braden: From war, conflict & competition to cooperation, connection & peace
  76. Some musings on the inevitability of "Death"
  77. New Year Message from Will Berlinghof
  78. Language and thought define reality
  79. Christopher Greene: What Matters to You Most in Life?
  80. Will & Callista Discuss The First Week of 2017
  81. Great esoteric discovery made!
  82. Thoughts on awakening
  83. Andrew Bartzis - Suspension of Belief
  84. Homesick
  85. Divine being - the limitation of time does not exist
  86. Feb crystal report
  87. Am I the only one?
  88. The Purpose of Life
  89. Zero & One - A film about non-duality (Full free Version)
  90. The Squiggles -- Anyone experiencing them while dreaming, meditating, or astral projecting?
  91. Different Views of the Afterlife
  92. Angel Numbers, Deja vu, Glitches in the Matrix, and Synchronicity
  93. How old are you?
  94. The Law of Attraction, explained by Bob Proctor
  95. John Butler on the topic "Discovering stillness"
  96. Unity, Spirituality, and Socio-Politico-Economics
  97. Quote of life
  98. Wisdom of Buddhism
  99. Introduction to unseen energies
  100. Riveting Lecture on Ectoplasmic Materialization of Spirits
  101. Meditation is Replacing Detention in Baltimore’s Public Schools, and the Students Are Thriving
  102. March Crystal Report
  103. Callista and Will discuss the status quo 3 March 2017
  104. Project Camelot: Starseed Awakening
  105. Gnosticism - Miguel Conner - Sam's Level Two (A and B)
  106. Being Positive can change the world
  107. A civilization without hierarchy?
  108. A meditation sequence
  109. Update from Drunvalo Melchizedek Feb 2017: Connecting spirit and science in new book
  110. Taj & Sarah Adams talk with Maria Wheatley on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  111. The wisdom to know the difference
  112. Will Berlinghof with Kevin Moore of The Moore Show 27 March 2017
  113. Breaking free
  114. Awareness
  115. The Elements and Theory of Evolution
  116. Picture Quotes 1
  117. James Gilliland update 2017-apr-29: Good news with Mary Rodwell
  118. Secrets of our Dual Suns and of Enlightenment
  119. May Crystal Report
  120. Aligning to positive higher dimensional orchestration
  121. Does anyone feel 'Water Energy' in their bodies?
  122. Interview with Stephen H. Buhner - reclaiming the feeling sense
  123. James Gilliland update 2017-may-13: with Andromedan Council Rep Tolec
  124. Memories from past lives
  125. June Crystal Report
  126. Part 2 Secrets of our Dual Suns and of Enlightenment
  127. Wonder Woman - Lost Earth History, Sacred Feminine Archetype, Race Amnesia, Comics
  128. Spiritual experiences
  129. James Gilliland update 2017-jun-03: with Jason Quitt
  130. Worldwide meditation group to increase our vibration collectively from wherever you are on the planet
  131. A tool of awakening
  132. Context balancing
  133. Mental Alchemy | Transformation Through Trauma | Alonzo Pichardo (Powerful)
  134. Part 3 Secrets of our Dual Suns and of Enlightenment
  135. The difference
  136. An Anthropologist’s Theory on Shamanism and the Origins of Knowledge Completely Rewrites Our Understanding of DNA
  137. Fae; Fairies: Are they real?
  138. Thoughts about Equality
  139. Intelligence outside of time
  140. Is Meditation Demonic?
  141. Are we groundcrew?
  142. A common philosophy well explained by "alien from Andromeda"
  143. Part 4: Ancient Secrets of the Megalithic Structures and of Enlightenment
  144. Reincarnation? The University of Virginia Medical Centre says Yes
  145. Teleportation - Interesting Footage
  146. Isolated community preserves century old understanding of the satanic conspiracy.
  147. Roman, from Damanhur: Where we currently are, and where we need to be heading
  148. The energetic/vibrational/spiritual nature of earth
  149. Does karma really exist?
  150. Part 5: Abandon all negative emotions – Earth is out of the Kali Yuga Dark Age & is Ascending
  151. New Age Annoyances
  152. Are there ways of verifying the authenticity of some channeled messages?
  153. Anyone Remember The Crazy God Warrior Lady From ABC's Trading Spouses Show?
  154. Lessons To Be Learned...The Special Relationship
  155. i ching skepticism
  156. The 'Alice in Wonderland' syndrome
  157. The mystery
  158. Awesome Podcast on the Loneliness of Awakening
  159. Inelia Benz update July 1, 2017: The 'Event' is now
  160. The Path Of The Christian Mystic | Dan Osczepinsk
  161. Authenticity and what it means
  162. Buddhist Cult Leader Outed
  163. What is Lifechanyuan?
  164. Strangely "immune" to "negative" stimuli when muscle testing - Please help!
  165. Important Message About New Age Groups
  166. Jerry Marzinsky, Mental Health Counselor: "Voices are Entities" 1/2
  167. Solar Eclipse As Seen on Ayahuasca and the Divine Code
  168. One force above them all
  169. We can't escape 'it' : Presence of Awareness
  170. Building a sacred place
  171. As I See It with Will Berlinghof 3 September 2017 (14mins)
  172. The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts (an excerpt)
  173. Alba Weinman - The New Earth and the Evolution of Humanity
  174. Mindfulness: an exercise by Marina Abramovic
  175. Message to Guardians & Founders
  176. Demons
  177. Miracles of love
  178. Remarkable talks. Philosophy of life, mythology and more.
  179. Beauty, beyond your imagination
  180. Gerald O'Donnell Interview: Remote Influencing, Spritualilty, Manifestaion mechanics
  181. Multidimensiona, Human DNA Technology, Past Lives Interacting and Controlling the Weather
  182. Ascended: What it is like
  183. Wars, Veterans, NDEs, Reality Re-adjustments and PTSD
  184. The Universal God-Fall-Separation-Return Pattern
  185. Advanced spiritual topics
  186. Thoughts About the Spiritual Planes/Bodies and Chakras, and Heaven and Hell
  187. Souls' game investigation : PathWalker inteviews with Franco Denicola
  188. A Unification of All the Major Spiritual Concepts
  189. "Just as You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world"
  190. ETs, Timelines, Atlantis, UFOs & Sovereign Spirituality! Gigi Young & Dark Journalist
  191. Practical Applications of Expanded Consciousness
  192. We are all one, and reality is an illusion
  193. NDE: "Of course, how could I forget something that important"
  194. Bruce Lee: "Be transparently real and have the courage to be what you are"
  195. The Sacred Secretion
  196. Revelation Unlocked
  197. Andrew Bartzis - Hindsight Review of the Past in Public (since 2012), Present, Potential of the Future
  198. Everything is changing (part 2)
  199. Past Lives: The Basics (and, Regression do's and don'ts)
  200. Christ Revealed
  201. PathWalker interview with Kerry Cassidy 2017-nov-15: Spiritual reality, souls, polarity, evolution...
  202. A Connection to Whales? - Their Role on Earth and in the Universe
  203. Something Strange Is Happening to Our Dreams -- Shared Dreams
  204. A tale of white and black hats.
  205. THINKING and DESTINY by Harold W. Percival
  206. Self Love -The Great Shortcut to Enlightenment - Teal Swan
  207. Dreams - another mind?
  208. Esotericism
  209. Pondering Prayer
  210. We have much to learn from other races out there
  211. Secrets Revealed
  212. 10 Keys To Open The Gates Of The Fifth Dimension
  213. The infinite realms hypothesis
  214. Day or night ?
  215. A Short Story About Life, Death And The Universe. (Food for thought...)
  216. The Prison of Your Mind, the Limitations and Fear Superimposed on It by Our Society and the Freedom Beyond the Veil
  217. Energy field Management
  218. Infinite reality keys
  219. Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy interview with psychic Patricia Cori
  220. Perspectives
  221. Wake up all the way ~ alternative to spirituality
  222. 19 Ways You Can Drastically Raise Your Vibration and 10 Things to Avoid That Lower It!
  223. Buddha became enlightened during a lunar Eclipse. Become enlightened during 2018-19 lunar eclipses
  224. Yin-Yang symbol on the PA Forum header
  225. Thoughts About the Human Body
  226. Paranormal and Metaphysics
  227. What you need to know about HUMAN ENERGY and MAGNETISM
  228. Thoughts About the Primordial Void and Unlimited Being, Zero Amplitude and Infinity Frequency, and All-Pervasiveness and Almightiness
  229. The Gnostic View of God and Enlightenment - Invitation to discuss/debate
  230. The nature of thought
  231. On Earth As It Is In Heaven
  232. The Trap of Spiritual Materialism
  233. Walking Righteous In A Land Of Deception
  234. Scientists Studying Psychoactive Drugs Accidentally Proved the Self is an Illusion
  235. Say No To Reincarnation And Remember Who You Are!
  236. Searching for answers
  237. Do humans need faster communication methods and continued space exploration?
  238. Dark Arts Creating Differentiable Reality Via Reincarnation ?
  239. on DirecTV satellite - "the Scientology Channel"
  240. Dane Tops: the Camelot Church of Scientology whistleblower
  241. Help - Unknown content alien-like website(s)
  242. 5D Is More Than A Place. It’s A Vibrational Energy Frequency (From A 5D Perspective)
  243. Neu Energy Spiritual Science and Meditation
  244. Ancient prophecies and Ancient Teachings Decoded
  245. Kirk Nugent: Spoken Word
  246. Meditation ~Or~ Meditation
  247. Providing Solutions, in the Spirit of Avalon
  248. Can your dog or cat that has passed away make contact with you from the hereafter?
  249. How to get out of the endless Reincarnation cycle?
  250. Thinking about Death - Friend, or Foe