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  1. Mark Taylor prophecy update & urgent call to action
  2. Power vs. Force
  3. Communication
  4. What I Would Tell My 22-Year-Old Self
  5. 19 Signs You’re Engaged in the Higher Dimensional Shift
  6. We Need a Revolution – It Starts with Falling in Love with the Earth
  7. Going Beyond the Five Physical Senses: The Bridge to Universal Consciousness
  8. Embrace the Shadow Self – Your Dark Side Misses You
  9. Two perspectives on Enlightenment and how they connect
  10. How Our Ancestors Cared for the Universe
  11. Looking for Teacher Who Understands Gnosticism, Platonism and Neo-Platonism
  12. Moksha - Remote Viewing Freedom from Reincarnation
  13. Misuse of the word 'God'
  14. The importance of family and home at the spiritual level
  15. Tulpas and Father Christmas/Santa Claus
  16. Countering thought manipulation
  17. Matrix Energetics - My Journey
  18. The Dawn
  19. Heaven & Hell
  20. Demonic Encounters and the military
  21. What makes for master-class art?
  22. Collective soul species?
  23. Duality V Polarity
  24. Allison Coe, QHHT practitioner sharing knowledge from sessions
  25. Feelings and Emotions
  26. Spirituality and False Spirituality
  27. Gurdjieff's 4th way
  28. The Anatomy of the Soul vs. the Anatomy of Spirit
  29. Aspects of the Universe - Binary & Trinary
  30. What does the Talmud say about Yahoshua (Jesus)
  31. The New Science of Psychedelics
  32. The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm
  33. Declarations
  34. Quotes About Self-Knowledge/Realization
  35. The Star Maker
  36. Jesus’ path to enlightenment (ending reincarnation)
  37. Sublime and/or Spiritual Experiences of the Natural World..
  38. Everything is changing (part 3)
  39. Spirituality, Indigo Children, Star seeds, Awakening......
  40. The Golden Key of Accension is the hidden teaching that will help all souls awaken so they can escape the Moon Matrix
  41. Your Soul's Pre-Birth Plan
  42. "It's not about you, it's never about you!"
  43. Chakras And The Bodies Major Glands - Are They The Same Thing?
  44. Edgar Cayce on ET's, Anunaki, Aliens & Life on Other Planets- John Van Auken
  45. Need some guidance to help me understand an intense experience I had.
  46. The illusion of "self" vs The assertion of "self" / entity
  47. William Henry | 'The Lost Spiritual Technology of the Angels' lecture
  48. Information About Cosmology
  49. Gnosticism
  50. The All Knowing Spirit of the Galaxy - Spirits & Spirituality
  51. The real purpose of life is to love- messengers of love such as archangels
  52. Parasitic mind control - the fall and rise of man
  53. When does the Soul leave your body?
  54. Gnostic Christianity and Eastern Philosophy - An invitation to Private Study
  55. Deep Inner trance-formation session content
  56. Suggestions for a 13 y/o girl discovering her "6th Sense"
  57. Do you believe in Twin flames?
  58. Gregg Braden - Raising Human Consciousness -
  59. Wisdom from the Collective
  60. Works of the body of Christ, E.T. (souls), mythological “gods”, spiritual advancement, fallen angels and Giants
  61. There is an evil................
  62. Contemplative moments for a brief respite..
  63. Moscow Kremlin Cathedrals and their bells part 2
  64. An Original, Conclusive Explanation of God, “Know Thyself”, and Self-Realization
  65. Lincoln Gergar - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview
  66. Thought-Provoking Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes
  67. Pray, meditate for Julian Assange
  68. ArchAngel Sariel
  69. Spiritual Weight Training and Becoming a Peaceful Warrior with Dan Millman
  70. A United Universal Spirituality
  71. US diplomats evade Rainbow Flag ban
  72. Presuming the world was all love etc