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  1. the current "ascension" situation..INCENSION
  2. Has anyone else experienced this.
  3. IMPORTANT to understand what Project BLUEBEAM entails..
  4. Metphysical Fair/Austin Texas
  5. How Co-Creation Works
  6. Trying to decipher what a psychic said happened to me at age 12
  7. Britain recognizes Druidry as religion for first time, gives it charitable status
  8. Our Celestial Guides And Ascended Masters
  9. a look at the practical spiritual realities of the near future
  10. World meditation 10 0ctober christ energy
  11. After the 10-10-10 Magic
  12. binaural tones
  13. ascension issues discussed...Kochkin
  14. Taking Refuge in the 4th Dimension
  15. Reptilians and the awakening
  16. Amitakh Stanford - Loving You : Vibrational Sounds from the Heart
  17. Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies
  18. Para Pacha Mama Spirit of Earth Full Moon Message - the symptoms of Earth Changes
  19. Archangel energy in Orb
  20. Global Oneness Day 24th of October 2010 Humanity Team
  21. I came across this and found it Interesting
  22. Show yourself! Where do we come from? The heart or fear?
  23. Polygamy
  24. Sunday 31st of October: Samhain or Halloween, what does it mean?
  25. Far away from politics and mundane stuff
  26. Nanci Danison's NDE (very detailed)
  27. new radio show exploring spiritual science MCEO
  28. New Reality Transmission
  29. Prayer
  30. James Gililand Interviewed by Peter Tongue
  31. Lisa renee explains multidiemnsionality and 2012...vids..important
  32. Lisa Renee November ascension update
  33. The Multiverse Has 11 Dimensions
  34. The power of Blessing
  35. The Man Of Miracles - Sai Baba
  36. The Secrets of the Indigo Children and Ascension to 5D Earth
  37. Kavassilas speaks on ET deceptions and coming events
  38. Lightworker The Group: The Evolution of Matter Altering our Carbon Base
  39. John of God - Do you believe in miracles?
  40. Too much noise!
  41. Keisha speaks on 2012
  42. Study claims, humans do have psychic powers !
  43. Lisa Renee..awakening the indigo's vids
  44. waking up...is it a choice or is it our responsibilty?
  45. Renowned exorcist says HARRY POTTER opens gates to evil...
  46. Lisa Renee ..the ascension cycle timeline..vids
  47. What is family to you?
  48. The Dimension around the Corner
  49. Understanding is everything...:)
  50. In The Beginning...
  51. Preparing For Ascension (A Study Course) Part 12, Our Magnificent Purpose
  52. The World Peace Ceremony in Bodhgaya
  53. Spiritual Reality
  54. Dec. 1 Blogtalk Radio Interview Uga Carlini "The Incredible Lightness of Beings"
  55. New age deceivers..Keisha Crowther
  56. The Science of an NDE
  57. Need healing and love vibes
  58. The Divine Matrix with Gregg Braden
  59. Quality of Life
  60. Hopi Prophecy of 2012 by Jose Arguelles
  61. Quantum K Healing
  62. The (Lucid) Dream Thread
  63. Aurora Alchemy Singapore
  64. Umbrella of Light
  65. Spiritual Warriors & HIM movies
  66. Lightworker ~ EARTH The Best Reality Show ~Riding the wave of evolution
  67. Spirituality..It's all about the programmable DNA
  68. a-bloodline-member-discloses-upcoming-events-and-why-2012-is-so-important-to-them
  69. OWL significance: OBE after sleep paralysis
  70. Getting consistantly attacked in my dreams, any advice would be great
  71. Coming Home
  72. Coming up to a new year but yet my mind and soul are still stuck in the past
  73. A Flaw and Instability in 3-d? Alex Kochkin
  74. The "correction " energies...Global awakening news Kochkin
  75. The victim/victimizer programme..humanities challenge
  76. kabalah
  77. January 2011 Monthly Visions: The Year of Revelations ( Dana Mrkich)
  78. Reincarnation Question
  79. Wake up - A film about spirituality...
  80. Kunlun Nei Gung (thread for Faunus)
  81. DNA, Ancestral memory , Cellular memory
  82. New Shamanic Documentary "Metamorphosis - A Journey of Tranformation"
  83. Who's Driving The Dreambus - The Documentary
  84. The Mysterium called Braco
  85. A letter of compassion to The Powers That Be
  86. Blossom Goodchild - So They Didnt Come (Transcript of her video)
  87. Why JUDGEMENT, HATE, FEAR, does not work. Treat everything as a lesson
  88. Egyptian Mysticism
  89. The Silent Rainbow Warrior. Working with the laws of spirituality
  90. #111 & #11 11: why it keeps showing up so often
  91. Robert Bruce
  92. Holding The Light
  93. The Great Brain
  94. Timegate 2011..starts Jan 17th Bosman
  95. Lightworker Beacons of Light jan. 15th "The New Body Electrics"
  96. Is there such a thing called 'Chakra Clearing'?
  97. Moving out the curtains...
  98. The Economy look on a Deadly Sin Greed
  99. Word of God
  100. Those who have been wrong or humiliated - Rise again
  101. Researcher finds rare footage of 1950s housewife in LSD experiment
  102. 2012 and the BEAST technology
  103. All About Shamanism - Documentaries and More!!!
  104. Hopi Prophecy Speech (1986)
  105. levitating girl in Russia
  106. dreams or memories
  107. The Law of One
  108. Eden reptilians.....?
  109. Great White Brotherhood: Who are these guys?
  110. Our Soul and our DNA
  111. Embracing The Divine Masculine
  112. Elves, Faeries, Pixies
  113. meditating with cannabis
  114. Living from the heart
  115. How Frequently do you meditate, chant, or make a metaphysical connection?
  116. Krishnamurti - Truth Is A Pathless Land
  117. The eternal beauty of human potential
  118. Your power starts where your fear ends.
  119. Spiritual Healing
  120. The call
  121. Poetic/artful expressions of insight
  122. Heart Chakra Opening
  123. Consciousness Change
  124. Practice Remote Healing, Now
  125. Ear Tones
  126. Lisa Renee vids on 2011,the "controlling forces,ET invasion etc
  127. "Siddhis": Special Abilities in the Awakening Human
  128. The truth resides inside you
  129. Are you sick or are you ascending ?
  130. Working in the chaos and negative illusion
  131. Fear vs. Love The Ultimate War
  132. From atheism to a believer
  133. a look at the current energies and agendas
  134. Ameliorate Yasi
  135. Thoughts on water: Eggs and Seeds
  136. Can someone please explain “We have enormous power that we do not know we have"
  137. I Am Human
  138. Inanna Queen of heaven and earth
  139. Grand Design
  140. Manifesting Human Harmony
  141. Lisa Renee 2011 and Cosmic Kryst conciousness,,vids
  142. Metaphysical/psychic experiment for those who wish to take it to the next level
  143. The Pineal Gland and its decalcification
  144. Tales of a Reluctant Messiah
  145. Throat Singing
  146. You are not losing it - everything is changing
  147. The Gentle Path of Love
  148. February ascension update...Lisa Renee
  149. Delphi
  150. 08.02.2011 - A day i will remember forever. Please translate it. German -> English
  151. Stand your ground! Trust no-one - except yourself!
  152. Age of aquarius
  153. No man is an island - John Donne
  154. The Fire Yogi
  155. A Spiritual Poser..
  156. Our energy body !
  157. Who You Choose To Be
  158. Buddha version of “belief”
  159. The Spiritual Research Foundation: your opinions, please?
  160. Evolution of Consciousness
  161. The power to transmute all frequencies: VIOLET FLAME Alchemy
  162. Feminine Energy Shift
  163. Focus on what you want! (and not on what you don't want!)
  164. Invitation to join our forums global intention group
  165. Breaking through the barriers.
  166. Spiritual love stories
  167. Purpose is a Delusion
  168. World meditation for peace - today
  169. Today is the Most Important Day in Your Life
  170. Positive indicators of personal awakening
  171. The false ascension matrix discussed..radio show
  172. Heres some COMFORT from a PROPHET made 50 years ago
  173. Only Facebook Users ....VIDEO "Have Faith"....its an art piece!
  174. Life Lessons vs. Remembering
  175. I feel great.....
  176. Stories of Transformation
  177. Negative Mental Body Blocks & Interference
  178. practice your skills!
  179. Prayer as a Paradigm shift
  180. The Blue Pearl
  181. 777Alaje From the pleiades LOVE WISDOM
  182. Statement of The Elders, Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation
  183. Little whizzing white dots
  184. A Live Broadcast with Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther)
  185. George Kavassilas: Ascension and Beyond
  186. Rajneesh Spiritual terrorist
  187. Are we all connected to the same God?
  188. The power of sounds !
  189. Wisdom of The i Ching
  190. Shiny!
  191. Physical possession by another spirit
  192. Music with Attitude and Feeling
  193. Healing for Josephine 'J'
  194. Amazing Grace
  195. Anyone Available on Tuesday for positive manifesting? Help is needed.
  196. Melchizedek
  197. Message from Little Grand Mother
  198. Reality the Great Illusion @ spiritinform (Sonia Barret)
  199. Lisa Renee on 3rd and 4th dimensional recycling/Egypt related
  200. True Fear
  201. Do all children have a "sixth sense" or extra sensory preception?
  202. U.F.O song
  203. Question about intuition?
  204. The Choice is Simple
  205. The cult of the Spurious Nonsense Fountain
  206. Belief and understanding
  207. Inner Energy
  208. appreciation
  209. Cycles - Is it time to move on?
  210. You think you are a god?
  211. what it's like to really BE...
  212. Tao Te Ching
  213. "Authentic Heart" - 21 Minute Movie
  214. Residents of the New Earth: Arise! ~ Meredith Murphy
  215. Shift in Consciousness on a global scale. Is it really happening?
  216. Spiritual energy vs. sexual energy
  217. Sports and Spirituality
  218. What Is the Consensus on Consciousness?
  219. Tony Parsons The Open Secret
  220. The 33 Degree - The Iniciation Path
  221. Tension in the air, good and not good.
  222. Energetic Request
  223. Look here please
  224. Four symbols
  225. MERCY or FORGIVENESS which is greater?
  226. Dodecahedron crystal bowl chant
  227. Don Tolman - Food of the Gods (video)
  228. The Final Push ~ We're Crowning!
  229. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
  230. Residents of the New Earth: Arise!
  231. Invocation to the Universal Underworld ~ Day 1
  232. Oraphim and the Indigo children
  233. Morality of chosing "death options" - PARENTS INVITED!!!
  234. Calling for transformation - March 09, 2011
  235. The Seven Pillars of the Universe!
  236. Discover Atlantis ~ A Guide to Reclaiming the Wisdom of the Ancients!
  237. The Indigo Revolutions and Integrating the Ancient Wisdoms into the Collective Consci
  238. Imagination Exercises, Meditation, and Chakra enhancing with sound
  239. Just Up Ahead...and Right on Schedule ~Sirian High Council
  240. March Energy Forecast
  241. Messages from Anne and the Angels
  242. Lisa Renee March ascension update
  243. Ascension now?
  244. Deceptions in the new age/channeling movement
  245. The difference between Ascension and Awakening
  246. Its all nonsense part 1
  247. Intuitive Knowing, Reality Grids and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines
  248. State of the Spirit
  249. Tones Vibrations Resonances & Raising your vibration By: Arcturian Disciples
  250. You want to be saved...!