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  1. lore to law
  2. What is causing this blockage?
  3. Evolution or devolution??
  4. Gaya, Religion & Mankind
  5. trying to astral project again but too spooked by an expeirence i had 2 years ago
  6. Shawn Galloway-I Choose Love
  7. Are you Enlightened? Personal scribblings by DeDukshyn - Cold Concepts / Ungodly Time
  8. Embracing otherness, embracing myself
  9. Vision of a Neanderthal Apparition
  10. Lisa Renee-Reeducation of Human Value
  11. George Kavassilas: Our Journey & The Grand Deception
  12. Prayers for Norway...
  13. Courage to go beyond vanity.
  14. If you can't find Spiritually 'WITHIN' you will always be 'WITHOUT'..!
  15. If you still doubt that you live forever (Look at this)
  16. Caught Someone Looking During Meditation
  17. Be in the eye of the storm!
  18. Dealing with sheeple at work------ part2
  19. Higher Dimensional Beings & Rainbow Light Body
  20. And now for something a little strange.....!
  21. Light in the dark.
  22. Being over-positive.
  23. To meditate or not to meditate.
  24. Humility
  25. How to Experience Oneness in 30 Minutes
  26. The alchemy of awareness - letting go of negativity
  27. universal message for humanity, during the year 2011
  28. Be Prepared for Beauty-Transformation Within
  29. Dealing with sheeple at work------ thank you
  30. In praise of negativity.
  31. Could the military use meditation to create peace?
  32. Louis Famoso - Life After Death Vision
  33. Creative actions and Distorted actions
  34. For Gaia & Our Native Indian Tribes
  35. Personal Development?
  36. 'The Scientific Proof of Survival after Death'
  37. Healing Meditation for Mother Earth
  38. Living from/in the Heart. What does it truly mean?
  39. Peeling the onion - seeds of wisdom
  40. auras
  41. Letting the Ego get in my way......
  42. Awesome OOBE!!!
  43. Awakening as One: "The Quickening"
  44. Meditation help for dummies...?
  46. my daughter was attacked in her dream this morning
  47. Worldwide Meditation to Open the Divine Feminine Portal
  48. Orchestra of animals tonight
  49. Alan Watts discusses Nothing
  50. Saving Valentina
  51. BeyondVibration.org (new Earth) Diana Roth teaching how to ascend to the new Earth
  52. A visualization exercise to help deal with anger
  53. Need help with demonic dream interpretation. All responses welcome.
  54. The Divine Feminine...Baha'u'llah's Vision of the Houri
  55. spiritual nourishment?
  56. Round one lost ....(Dream)
  57. C'mon People!
  58. Guided audio meditation - For relaxation, positive state of mind & achieving goals.
  59. Daniel Pinchbeck & Reggie Watts at The Lovin' Cup
  60. ADAM & EVE: The true story of what it REALLY was about. Once and for all!
  61. JESUS: How Christianity destroyed his teachings & put in place a false religion
  62. Some new George Kavassilas interviews
  63. Tai Chi As a Spiritual Practice
  64. A Really Beautiful Site
  65. I Am Grateful
  66. Hello Dear ones...Thought about you guys... and di
  67. The Future of Earth - Message from Angel Eyes
  68. Expanding spiritual awareness
  69. Free MP3 and videos World Peace Meditations
  70. Connection between Lillith and Merduk/Tiamat?
  71. Trafalgar Square Meditation Flash Mob
  72. The Falls of Eternity: The void of potential and material manifestation
  73. A Thousand Suns
  74. Adyashanti: Complete Interview
  75. The Collective Evolution
  76. Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience
  77. Back-off Irene! (Don't be mean Irene!)
  78. The Grand Illusion of Scale and the Sancity of All Life?
  79. Self Regression
  80. Physical Abiding in Oneness: The awakening heart
  81. Solfeggio's For The Soul & 3rd Eye
  82. Overcoming Your Body Through Your Spirit
  83. J. Krishnamurti: Why don't you change?
  84. Vegans - are plants sentient life forms too?
  85. Words from a wise one....
  86. The 5 Gateways of Ascension
  87. The 10 Very Best Zen Stories
  88. The Fear Ends Here! A Visualization To Free You From Its Negative Vibrations.
  89. Help-I have a superiority complex!!
  90. Energetic Invectives: The kaleidoscope of shifting realities
  91. I take responsibility for Earth being a Prison Planet
  92. The Abrahamic God is a Total Psychopath and a Disgrace to Humanity
  93. Kundalini, Third Eye & Delta/Theta Meditations
  94. Prayers Needed
  95. invitation to the lucid dream cafe
  96. Dreams Real deal - astrologi Only Suggestens ??
  97. The History of Angels
  98. Death
  99. 11:11:11 Sacred Geometry Meditation
  100. Joan Halifax: Compassion and the true meaning of empathy
  101. My vibrational state... present vs past (chakra meditation)
  102. Global Coherence Initiative - News and Updates September 2011
  103. Something Real
  104. Rebirth and Renewal
  105. True Love doesn't exist in Marriages or Families
  106. Processing techniques
  107. God and Lucifer, a message for Avaloneans from Victoria Tintagel
  108. The love from humans can never compare to the Love from God.
  109. The classic question....So, where does the law of attraction fit into all of this??
  110. Is it Possible to Live with Total Lucidity? J. Krishnamurti & Dr. Huston Smith
  111. The Monks and Nuns are the TRUE REBELS and the HEROES of this world.
  112. Qi gong exercises
  113. Eye symptoms and ascension!
  114. How do we change our world?
  115. Beyond Consciousness
  116. Did you get premonitions of 911????
  117. September 11th ~ It's Time to Let Go~
  118. Maybe 9/11 is why we reincarnated now.
  119. Hope, Greatest Speech Ever Made ~Check This Out~
  120. Can you hear the "knowing" ?
  121. ‘Flash mob’ meditations
  122. Do Something, Anything. The Power Of One.
  123. Our current predicament: Archons; elite black magic; 11/11/11 and our destiny -- :)
  124. Buddha Boy
  125. Instructions for Surviving a Pole Shift
  126. What lasts forever
  127. The Oracle - a 400 Year Old Secret
  128. Philosophy :- A guide to happiness
  129. Return from holiday..............
  130. Going into the light
  131. Meditation for beginners.
  132. Subtle Body Practice
  133. Frequency of God
  134. ΔThe DeltaΔ
  135. Questions about Reincarnation
  136. For does who love YOGA watch this video!!!
  137. Fades
  138. Blessing Food
  139. Anthony Kane, ET Contactee
  140. Can spiritually based people relate "with worldly based people" ?
  141. The Primacy of Consciousness - Peter Russell
  142. Conviction of the truth.
  143. Grandfather, tell me about Spirit
  144. Inter-Dimensional Trek Home ~ Dr. Sue Lie
  145. Loving and Hissing...
  146. Toothache
  147. My Vision of the New Earth Video
  148. Right & Wrong
  149. Today I experienced a definite change (astral travelers especially read this please)
  150. Latest video from Lisa Renee
  151. California Dreaming - Bliss Bomb!
  152. Herbalism Experiences
  153. How to access the Akashic records? Looking for good references to start.
  154. Understanding Unity through subtraction
  155. Ignorance.
  156. I Ask that Love and Gratitude be Reinstated on Avalon
  157. Finding that balance in ones life is a hugh key in spirituality.
  158. The Indigo Evolution (Full Documentary)
  159. Calm before the storm.
  160. 2012- 9th Wave - 11.11.11 Message Of The Elders
  161. I'm not sure what happened the other night....
  162. Parasitic gods
  163. The Paradox of our times.
  164. The Feynman Series
  165. Amazing new documentary 180themovie.com
  166. Morning Blessings ~ Your Multidimensional Reality ~ Angela Peregoff
  167. You and your abilities.
  168. An itch is just an itch.
  169. You have already chosen the karma of this life.
  170. Profound NDE of Anita Moorjani
  171. The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience
  172. There is only positivity.
  173. Aha Moments..
  174. The Most Important Message For Humanity!
  175. Human Evolution
  176. Stop Waiting and Start Leading
  177. Mount Shasta ~ Telos ~ 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions Clarified
  178. Changing the world
  179. Help with dream interpretation.
  180. The courage to deny your families and loved ones bcos they r wrong
  181. Howard Storm- Atheist Near Death Experience interview. NDE (2 Videos)
  182. Generosity.
  183. Praise to our colour perspective
  184. HOPI Elder Speech at UN, Geneva, Switzerland, 10/10/11
  185. Dealing with negative people.
  186. Recognising the death process.
  187. Get ready for Earth changes
  188. Galactic federation fleets
  189. The 'Yin & Yang' of it ALL...
  190. Remember this (Angel on CCTV, Indonesia?)
  191. Lawyer Merges with Source, Returns to Report Findings
  192. More voices
  193. Did we pass the test.??
  194. Is the veil dropping?
  195. Self-realization workshop (Kundalini awakening)
  196. Meditation Group.
  197. Lost
  198. Using Spirituality as a weapon.
  199. Sold out or lip service (Video)
  200. Grief and the Love of Life
  201. Current Global Chaos Indicates Massive Positive Changes
  202. MANIFESTING IN THE MATRIX its all nonsense part 2
  203. Abraham Hicks - What Do We Do Between Lifetimes ?
  204. I wonder what we do in real life..?
  205. A boost right when I needed it
  206. Don't be so easily upset....or elated.
  207. Jiddu Krishnamurti: Meditation (Part 1)
  208. Jiddu Krishnamurti On Meditation And The Sacred Minutes
  209. Krishnamurti: Meditation - In Dialogue with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche [Full Film]
  210. Someday I will find my way home
  211. The next moment...
  212. The power of spirit
  213. James Gilliland on 9th Wave, Unity Consciousness and the Return of the Ancients
  214. Have we studied together before?
  215. The case for Christ
  216. An 11-11-11 Group Meditation
  217. The end of the beginning, basic meditation.
  218. Chief Golden Eagle Speaks Of 11:11
  219. I have a confession:
  220. The earth's a funny old place.
  221. Make believe.
  222. 2 Angels are taking away the soul of the dead child.(Video)
  223. Its been a while, but Oneness called me back :)
  224. Great Video About the Coming Changes: Ayako Sekino
  225. Does anyone here remember Gerardus Tros?
  226. Essence and Consciousness.
  227. 11:11 "Awakening " ~ The Great Shift Activation ~ By AL AE NU RA
  228. furious love the movie
  229. Thirteen crystal skulls / mayan elders & drunvalo
  230. Do I need a check up from the neck up?
  231. Letting go ......of what?
  232. The Scole Experiments
  233. A Dream In Entering The 4th Dimension - By MoonGoddess1961
  234. Meditation hosted by Inelia Benz, 1 November
  235. Openhand: 5 Gateways
  236. to walk through madness and retain your self
  237. Do all religions lead to God? Does anyone ever reach enlightenment?
  238. Bashar's "Tools for Manifestation" Workshop - NZ
  239. Exposing The New Age Agenda [One World Religion] (Video)
  240. Poll - Can any being create something that God/Source does not already possess?
  241. Do bear with me, I have to do this
  242. SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)
  243. What Is A Shaman and What Does A Shaman Do?
  244. Confirmation - Destruction of Reptilian undersea base .. considering matters outside
  245. Are we Soul or body ?
  246. Do We Lose Individuality After Death?
  247. Are there such forces, as spiritual laws?
  248. The dangers of seeing everything as an illusion.
  249. Tom Kenyon: The World Meditation 11/11/11
  250. So you think you are special?