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  1. Love is the Gold of the Earth
  2. NDE: Many experience Heaven - but others experience Hell - your opinion?
  3. The 12th spiritual Dimension (no more duality) ,what it really means for us!!
  4. A Matter Of the souls(s) - [Discuss]
  5. Killing the teacher.
  6. 1/11/11 FREE Prosperity Light Code Activation' On A NEW LIVE Web/TV/Radio Show
  7. Climbing the Stairway to Heaven on 11 11 11
  8. The Leslie Flint Educational Trust
  9. Link to important 11.11.11 energy update
  10. Red Poppy Day - it's a bust!
  11. Very unique "Dream"
  12. What happened on 11.11.11
  13. The joy of being oneness.
  14. The Jon Anderson Thread - Waking Up In Spirituality
  15. Baha'u'llah November 12, 1817
  16. Louie Schwartzberg's TEDtalk on "Gratitude"
  17. The Dangers of Internationalism - What are your thoughts on this (Spiritually)..?
  18. Pleiadian Starseeds
  19. Breatharianism, and living on Prana: a how-to guide
  20. Re: Freedom from fear
  21. Saved from a Dream
  22. MAXimized!!
  23. A Spiritual war is going on.....
  24. When to chase and when to surrender a dream
  25. Adyashanti interview -- His Spiritual Path to Awakening
  26. questions on reincarnation
  27. Too much 'interest' in your bank!
  28. The Size Of The Human Soul
  29. How To Feel Better By Raising Your Vibration
  30. the Bible
  31. Messages from home
  32. Dividing our attention.
  33. Biblical Heretic Paul the Herodian and Edomite
  34. Amazingly simple tool for seeing Auras [Gypsy's Tables of Chartres]
  35. Signs of the End. What happened in 2011
  36. A Plea to the 'Starseeds'
  37. Our human vibration
  38. Ascension revealed we are changing
  39. Spiritual foundations of world religions
  40. Alanticobr: #71 Update Nrew Planet Enoch, Temp portals to Mars for Elite
  41. loving sign language
  42. Unison and Harmony.
  43. The Way of the Pilgrim
  44. On the Importance of Not Being Too Quick to Judge Others
  45. have you experienced anything unusual since 11-11-11?
  46. Recommended Cleansing after Breakup
  47. "Déjà vu"
  48. Ilana Yahav - Sand Art
  49. Earth History ~ If We Were Created by Divinity ~ Why Must We Suffer?
  50. Teaser EX0MATlXTV on BunkerTelevision John's 'Near Death Experience' NDE
  51. Be Kind
  52. Serving Suggestion
  53. The Dangers of Thinking too much
  54. We are so worried about the TRUTH, when Awareness is all that counts.
  55. Tricia Brennan interviews Michael Roads
  56. ~*A Lightworker's Mystical Path*~ Namaste
  57. Divination Help, please
  58. Now is the Time! ~ Parts 1 & 2 ~ Patricia Cota-Robles
  59. Guardian Angels
  60. Sunday school teachers
  61. Two Amazing Pandas
  62. The Universal Teaching of Unconditional Love
  63. What is Meditation?
  64. Parable of the Fig tree... Message for this generation
  65. Child Gives Details of Past Life as a World War 2 Fighter Pilot
  66. Energy Exchange and Propogation: Eat to live, or, don’t consume your kids!
  67. Out of Body Experiences—Have You Ever Had One? Any Tips?
  68. In praise of the ego.
  69. Mindsets...what's happening and alternative expressions
  70. Becoming High Frequency - Shelley Yates - Fire The Grid
  71. great teachers of the past, and now
  72. The Play of Multi-Dimensional Feminine and Masculine Energies
  73. Mechanics of Manifesting Reality
  74. Shamanism – Getting to Know the Unknown
  75. Science And Spirituality Can Transform Our World... Together
  76. More from Anita Moorjani, plus new NDE Movie (Astral City)
  77. Someday At Christmas, There'll Be Peace On Earth!
  78. 10min. Big tree of Tranquility
  79. The New World Order, the Power of Intention and Karma.
  80. Evidence of shapeshifting female shamans 35,000 years ago...
  81. I know.
  82. Portal to Personal Empowerment begins Countdown to 2012
  83. Are you a Starseed, Wanderer, Indigo? I Calibrate your Real Planetary Origin
  84. Pure Intention.
  85. High Pitched Tone in One Ear, Question? Meaning?
  86. Wake Up - By Teddy Pendergrass
  87. Home Base : Arcturus
  88. Grandmother's Compassion
  89. James Gilliland Update 12/13/11
  90. Go(o)d and (d)evil: The Revolution of the Human Spirit
  91. How do You Contact Your Higher Self?
  92. Please define Higher Self or Source.
  93. At death - Soul Captive or not!
  94. Love Never Ceases To Amaze Me
  95. Energetics of the Evil Eye
  96. Destroy your Higher Self or Source!
  97. The Third Eye and the Pineal Gland
  98. Peace begins when expectation ends.
  99. New James Gilliland talking about God
  100. Aurora Borealis --visual meditations
  101. What does it mean for you to free yourself of illusions?
  102. Tomorrows World
  103. The beauty of being Human
  104. Sacred Journeys, Spirit Guides and Shamans
  105. Sharing Myself, My Path to Spiritual Authenticity
  106. Marrying Spirituality, Science and Meta-Science.
  107. Have You Changed the Timeline Consciously?
  108. Avadhut Gita
  109. The Mosquito and Me
  110. Voyage into the New Timeline
  111. Humor and spirituality: Let go and let God
  112. Open To Your Light Heart
  113. our nature
  114. Does Astrology Give us the Answers we Need?
  115. Egyptians Spiritual Elixir - White Gold, White Ormus and Shrewbread
  116. Karma, in the original Buddhist scriptures, is a blind machine
  117. The Historical Jesus
  118. Why am I right and you are wrong...
  119. Messianic music speaking to my heart and soul
  120. We Now Invoke Collectively
  121. Metaphysical law of destiny
  122. Divine Healing, the Holy O & Paradigm Shifts ~ An Interview with Dr. Dan Mathews
  123. Dana Mrkich - Monthly Visions - Expect More
  124. Akiane Kramarik, the indigochild of an atheist (amazing stuff)
  125. Sorry about this....
  126. Outside The Singularity ~ A Video Activation in Remembrance ~ by Enigma Universe
  127. Dzog999: Infinity and Beyond is where you are.
  128. I'm having terrible dreams about my earthly Father.......
  129. 2012: Year of Power ~ A Video by ~ Lee Harris
  130. Beyond the Boundaries and Limitations ~ Greg Giles ~ January 5, 2012
  131. “Joker Man.”
  132. Angels and Lawyers.......... Eternal Law
  133. The Legend of Atlantis ~ Its Time to Wake Up!
  134. Belief in logic and the logic in belief.
  135. George Kavassilas Has A New Interview Up And It Is Rather Good
  136. Truth Transmissions ~ Mind vs.The Brain ~ Galactic-Free-Press ~ January 7, 2012
  137. A Vision of A Beautiful New World
  138. Act fearlessly!
  139. Heal the Planet-Fire The Grid.
  140. Something that occured during meditation..
  141. Horrible, but funny, babylon spirituality
  142. Science and Spirituality Agree: The Entire Universe is One
  143. Time, For A Moment
  144. Not real
  145. consiousness a new theory very interesting
  146. Oh NO, Its Friday 13th!!
  147. does reality remain there????????????
  148. Progression of Consciousness.
  149. How it will fall together as planned
  150. The journey to discovering my true origins
  151. Observing Life, Not Falling Prey To It ~ Visionkeeper
  152. Meditation is very simple.
  153. letting go of the serpents wisdom
  154. Dream: Fallen Angels are also Benevolent (Video)
  155. A Request to the Archangels
  156. The Garden Of Love
  157. Exhausting good karma.
  158. lucid dreaming
  159. Avatars
  160. Newton Institute: The Spirit World and The Soul
  161. Enhancement of intuition.
  162. Video: 8 consciousness
  163. I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else's perception of time
  164. Video: Simple meditation
  165. Sudden Realisations
  166. M.e/m.s/aids/crohen's disease/adhd/alzheimers/gulf war syndrome
  167. Instant 'enlightenment' does not exist!
  168. Relationships
  169. VIDEO for W!indmill.....!
  170. 2012 the end of my earthly life?
  171. My Aura and Chakra Profile Picture: Any experts in the house?
  172. My first lucid dream - sharing the experience (please delete)
  173. My first lucid dream - sharing the experience
  174. The secret life of emotions.
  175. What is human consciousness?
  176. Our true home
  177. I saw this and thought of you: a NWO video essay
  178. Autism and the new 5d earth!
  179. Win win or lose lose situation: December 21st 2012.
  180. Do you ever hear voices calling your name at night? As you s go to sleep or meditate
  181. We all see "IT" humans can do "IT" let me tell you what "IT" "IS"
  182. The Secret of Secrets - Our Evolution and the Sun's Activity
  183. Mary Magdalene
  184. The Return of the Mother
  185. Stuart Wilde ... irreverent spirituality!
  186. "The Shift" by Grandma, Dolores Cannon
  187. Ego, Energy, and the Fear of Love
  188. Can you move your awareness from 1 chakra to another???????
  189. An Encounter With a Jinn who relates about archons, gods & humanity
  190. can chrstianity and pandeism be united
  191. De-mystifying Enlightenment
  192. Conversation with a 'walk-in' - William Linville
  193. Horrible Dream
  194. Dana Mrkich - Monthly Visions - Feb 2012
  195. Sorting Your Self Out
  196. Exploitation of Superstitions for Purposes of Psychological Warfare
  197. Lessons for the Living (film)
  198. Avalon Singularity - Meditations
  199. James Gilliland: Challenging Energies
  200. Gullible's Travels
  201. If you think you're wrong, you're wrong!
  202. Guilt is total nonsense!
  203. Rubbing The Sleep From Our Eyes
  204. The Best Meditation
  205. One Million Children Singing Let's Change The World
  206. Knowing Who You Are
  207. Spiritual Science
  208. Playing spiritual games.
  209. Perversion and Corruption of Namaste and other things that have been corrupted.....
  210. Greater Community Spirituality - A New Revelation
  211. Combating laziness
  212. To many people 'reacting' out of Ego!!!
  213. Secret Govenment File On M.E/M.S/AIDS/GULF WAR ETC E-PETITION PLEASE SIGN!!!
  214. How to break from a bad dream ( something new i learned from my son)
  215. Meditation Group suggestion box.
  216. For Fun: What Kind Of Buddhist Are You Quiz
  217. Losing My Words ~ Visionkeeper
  218. Every day, I leave Avalon.
  219. Tibetan Secrets For Reversing Physical Aging
  220. Bible morality or depravity?
  221. Bridging Worlds ~ Emmanuel Dagher
  222. My recent enlightenment
  223. ~ The Awakening ~ Virginia Marie Swift ~
  224. A Vision of the Fifth Dimension
  225. The Out of Body Experience by Anthony Peake
  226. The Three Days of Darkness Revisited
  227. Balancing the Scales ~ Alec Christos Gabbitas ~ February 10, 2012
  228. New Japanese Princess Video
  229. It's Only Castles Burning ~ Mars and Saturn Retrograde ~ Spacemuffin2012
  230. Beyond Extremes
  231. From the Tavern of Drunken Idiots
  232. "The truth of who you are is yours already." embrace FEAR
  233. holographic matrix in time (Higher and lower self)
  234. Astral Light
  235. Lest we Forget..!
  236. ManKIND
  237. James Gilliland: Which World Are You In?
  238. Finding Happiness in the Midst of Suffering
  239. Gurdjieff - On how our Sun and the planets can affect us Negatively
  240. The Sacred Sound of Creation
  241. The Universe is unforgiving.
  242. karma cleanse
  244. Advanced meditation: Kundalini rising (to uraeus), samadhi and enlightenment
  245. A bad birdwatchers view of sitting quietly
  246. Meditation ~ Acharya Shree Yogeesh
  247. Vibrating at Higher Frequencies
  248. The Will to Act: The nature of the trichotomy
  249. Nothing to forgive.
  250. Words of the Buddha: How to Develop a Healthy Sceptical Attitude