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  1. Pre meditation preparation for beginners.
  2. The Use of the 24 Rays in Meditation
  3. Where Do Souls Come From?
  4. Thoughts think themselves - ttt
  5. How government agencies control
  6. We Are Spiritual Warriors of The Holy Science ~ Video
  7. Be Like Fireflies ~ Visionkeeper ~ February 27, 2012
  8. Don't be discouraged
  9. Advaita and Neo Advaita.
  10. Affirmations For Mother Earth
  11. Relaxing Flutes from Around the World
  12. Feeling touchy.
  13. Breathe - Meditation is living.
  14. Neo Advaita and Maha Ati
  15. Dana Mrkich - The Energies of March 2012
  16. Addicted to information cycles
  17. Don't give up on Avalon
  18. Heaven Earth
  19. Light sura
  20. 2012 Energy Waves - Aluna Joy
  21. The birth (Natal) chart
  22. Frequency of Change
  23. What about Now!
  24. A Message of Hope 2
  25. I had one rough night last night.......
  26. Need advice for my sister having consistent nightmares that include screaming
  27. Getting used to things being so right.
  28. Meditation, OBE and PC Monitors
  29. Inner-Awareness
  30. Test: Living Enlightenment
  31. Concrete, Experiential Proof that You are Not Your Body
  32. March Energy Forecast - Lee Harris
  33. Clifford Stone NDE account
  34. A Spiritual Bypass - What Gets Overlooked?
  35. Jordan Maxwell - Moses the Lawgiver
  36. On reflection.
  37. Its all here
  38. Michael Monk interviewed by Lisa Harrison
  39. Question for those with Off World Souls
  40. Overcoming Duality
  41. Buddhism in a nutshell.
  42. Don't Believe Everything You Think
  43. One Muslim Woman's views and experiences
  44. The End of Suffering
  45. Practical Spirituality (incorporating the 'Wild Woman')
  46. Tibetan oracles a 400 year old secret
  47. The Power of Uniqueness
  48. Pie'n'eal (Tony) a message to us all
  49. Please Delete This thread, changed my mind......
  50. Aarde trilde een maand lang: Aarde groeit van binnenuit
  51. The Bible message in the Mayan calender?
  52. Question of the Day: spiritual (or material) success
  53. This Is Mind Blowing!
  54. Daily Question: time
  55. 10 Aspects of Ascension
  56. Bob Dean, More on his Six Weeks With his Galactic Family
  57. Synthesis Between Man And Machine, Could It Work?
  58. The Essence of Tantric Sexuality
  59. Caroline Myss "The Consciousness Movement"
  60. I do not trust inner voices or most channellings
  61. Would you choose to reincarnate back on earth if you were given the opportunity?
  62. The unraveling of a great Secret
  63. Taking comfort from the Monarch
  64. The Great Cycle and Cosmic Events 2012 by Pane Andov
  65. A Speech by George Carlin
  66. Cowboy Dharma
  67. The Futility of the Search for Meaning, or Why Everybody Loves Saturday Night
  68. The joy of searching and finding clarity
  69. Beyond Zebra and Marcia Schafer
  70. Connect with your higher spirit guides and angels
  71. Animal Slaughter: A Time For Change
  72. need prayers for my sister please..
  73. Enlightenment - A direct, succinct account of what occurs...
  74. World wide meditation,- Wed 28th March, 11am -12pm PDT
  75. Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion?
  76. The Agony and the Ectasy of the Hunger Games
  77. Ascension
  78. Astral projection suggestions
  79. So, I’m firewalking...
  80. The New Plastics by Alan Cohen March 23, 2012
  81. More than just 11:11
  82. I Love You
  83. The next Jesus Christ will only suffer for the monks and nuns of this world..
  84. It is a Good Day
  85. Too much person, no presence
  86. A bad birdwatchers view of sharing.
  87. Are your mind merging into silence?
  88. Once you met the Lord Creator, you will never love any human or anything else again..
  89. Reconnecting with the spirit within us all....
  90. Supermoons and Mastery by Allison Rae April 6, 2012
  91. Settling Accounts April 2012 By Lisa Renee
  92. Ammachi in Australia
  93. Lisa Renee's 12 D shield building technique.
  94. You are in God.
  95. Ormus
  96. Life before Life?
  97. The barn and the field of wheat.........
  98. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink
  99. How Much Are You Willing To Know - March, 2012-Lisa Renee
  100. Are you ready for the new earth?
  101. Visions Of Willy Whitefeather
  102. Out-of-body adventures
  103. You must experienced it, before you truly can relate to it
  104. Are you close to graduating?
  105. Archons/Reptilians/Greys
  106. Has anyone else been feeling a tad mor "antisocial" than "normal "?
  107. Dream Archive
  108. Interesting Biblical look at 2012
  109. ‘Earth Day’,- Sunday 22nd April 2012,- ‘Feeding the Field’
  110. <:)~ Yeha Noha ~(:>
  111. Jay Weidner and The Book Of Aquarius
  112. The Game of the True Immortals on this Planet
  113. Just when life seemed too normal!!
  114. Liberation, An Interview with Adyashanti
  115. World Liberation Day 5 May
  116. We are children of the miraculous
  117. Mystery Babylon
  118. Blessings......
  119. Supernovas and the opening of the 7th seal
  120. A look at the channeled information from my perspective
  121. What do I want
  122. I'm Sorry
  123. Misusing the term "Fallen Angels"
  124. The book of revelations full movie
  125. Prayer Circle for Animals Weekly Update
  126. How to spot a false prophecy (Video)
  127. Ascension Q&A with Drunvalo
  128. Why is Lucifer "LIGHT-Bringer" & "MORNING Star"? Is He Christ or Anti-Christ?
  129. Killing For The Sake Of Killing, Teaching The Uninformed, And Feeling Great!
  130. True wisdom
  131. HONOUR & DUTY vs love - Which road does the Righteous & Just Man choose?
  132. Now We Are Free
  133. Past Lives - Who do you think you were?
  134. The awake sleep.
  135. How do we know?
  136. The EGG theory.
  137. Mr Nobody
  138. Enemy of Enemy is Friend
  139. Understanding the Doorway. ..Points to Ponder
  140. Truth and Transparency
  141. Do you see outlines of humanoid people?
  142. Message for Humanity/2012 - Light Channels World Movement
  143. The Three Christs And The Halls of Amenti
  144. Interesting Dream with two Buddas in sky.
  145. BOB , James and Carolyn explaining Assencion....144double helix's, chromozone 14, RNA
  146. Deceptively Simple
  147. Warning to Primordial Goddess from The Universal Creator and His First Archangel
  148. The Wheel of Time
  149. dream i had this morning about a earthquake
  150. the world is sooooooooooo lost........
  151. when i say im ok....
  152. Let Go Of Your Banana Thought
  153. Injecting some Beauty
  154. Hubble's photo of heaven
  155. The Pleiadian Council of Light - Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
  156. Would you be comfortable with telepathic communication?
  157. Live Show#1 Aired on Cyber Tribe Network ( WARNING MESSAGE)
  158. Words: Book 4 Convoluted Universe by Dolores Cannon
  159. The Shadow Self
  160. A bad birdwatchers view on the illusion of ownership
  161. meditation techniques
  162. Ever seen aboriginal spirits!!
  163. Your purpose in Life
  164. Why?
  165. A time of prophesy....
  166. REBOOT THE GRID On May 20th/21st
  167. Lisa Harrison w Dannion Brinkley
  168. This One's Especially for the..?
  169. Pushing for Timelines from Lisa Renee
  170. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
  171. What's happening with my vision?
  172. Tap into an ENDLESS FLOW of Knowing, Peace and Vital Energy.
  173. Smoking Mirrors of Sorcery are Temporary
  174. How much money would you throw away?
  175. Uplifting Nature Videos
  176. It Doesn't Matter What Happens to Me.
  177. Global Unified Meditation-Today, Sunday 27th May
  178. Love & Listening
  179. Ancestral Imprints - We are imprisoned by our imprints..
  180. Through The Eyes Of An Ant by Red Elk
  181. 'WHO IS IT'? - (silent watcher)-(knowing the knower)-(seeing the see-'er) -Spirit,
  182. The only real truth.
  183. Hard Feminist Woman vs Soft Feminine Woman - who has an easier road to Enlightenment?
  184. Jess & Jess Shamanista Soul Archeology Mastering Yourself, Fears & Other Realms (Vid)
  185. There will be no sweet happy endings.
  186. There will be sweet happy endings.
  187. What does it feel like to love everything like the most loving you ever felt?
  188. Trauma in the Subtle Information Body 2.
  189. Beyond Death
  190. Sometimes others have said it all.
  191. My experiences with a ten day Vipassana meditation course
  192. Freewill and the channel wars
  193. Shared Intention/Meditation Times Globally
  194. Do u wanna be a God manipulating Archons & Humans or a Human manipulated by Archons?
  195. Negative environments.
  196. I Woke Up Today
  197. I threw a stone, and it hit me between the eyes!
  198. Love and Logic.
  199. Christ, the Matrix films, and the politics of separation.
  200. Dark Dimensions and Free Energy
  201. When you know you are dreaming, you wake up!
  202. Trigger happy!
  203. Politics of separation 2: the X-files
  204. Teachers.
  205. A 360° Shift In Perception
  206. As it is (Short Film)
  207. Secret Visions
  208. The insidious programming is 'self' knowledge!
  209. MSM(CBSNEWS): 'Mindfulness' to reduce stress becoming more popular
  210. What is a 'Path'?
  211. Ghosts?
  212. The Birth of a New Religion, The New Gods are Coming!
  213. "I know, I know."
  214. In Real Time
  215. How to wake up the sheeple?
  216. The process of clarity.
  217. Cosmic Orgasm
  218. Teachers (Revisited)
  219. The devil came up to Pennsylvania...!
  220. How karma is produced.
  221. Are we in the Pyramid here?
  222. Awareness instead of belief
  223. This thread will not be about UFOs, aliens or the NWO.
  224. Signs of spiritual progress.
  225. Healing wounds.
  226. Drugs/near death experience/Interdimensional Entities.....
  227. Demons, Pyramids and Forums
  228. My latest past life reading done today results amazing.....
  229. Give what you think you lack.
  230. Hologram of Illusion
  231. Kundalini rising
  232. Freaky Like Me - Obes, Hearing Voices, Piercing the Veil and Seeing Other Worlds.
  233. Melbourne /Sydney/ Brisbane workshops (jessica mystic)
  234. Birth number
  235. Being caught in a negative mindset.
  236. Prophetic study thread
  237. Students.
  238. Global Awakening as on 21st June, 2012
  239. It’s happening…right now!
  240. SCIET Dynamics...
  241. Internal Coherence and Changing Time Lines
  242. Uriel?
  243. Take What Comes.
  244. My first video, please give me feedback
  245. Meditation Group.
  246. Abdy Electriciteh: Session in Toronto July 7th
  247. Happy Interdependence Day!
  248. How we are controlled!
  249. Loving Unconditionally
  250. Learning.