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  1. Healing - How to
  2. Compassion
  3. Wanishi Avalon
  4. Compassion "Revisited"
  5. When ignorance was Bliss.
  6. Spiritual False Flag
  7. shaya7111 - My Alien contact story The whole story (video)
  8. Breathing space.
  9. Space in the eye.
  10. First Nature, Second Nature.
  11. Animal Spirits website crosses the 3 Million hit mark
  12. Singin' In The Rain
  13. Choosing Your Timeline-The Service to Others Path
  14. Time to expand your awareness: Nassim Haramein - Black Whole
  15. Which is the best spiritual path?
  16. The Basics Of Ascension By Inelia Benz
  17. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  18. The "Path", yours our mine ?
  19. Adventures Beyond the Body
  20. What is Happiness and Love?
  21. Spiritual warmongering!
  22. I'm Confused - Egyptian Mystery Religion and Luciferians are the Same?
  23. Limitations: Psychic Phenomena
  24. Intuition
  25. What they don't want you to know about
  26. Everything is Consciousness.
  27. The Way of the Bodhisattva.
  28. A Request To Avalon
  29. If you just need a break
  30. Light and Darkness
  31. Telepathy: Or "Distant Neural Signaling"
  32. We are the Tao...
  33. The Shadow People
  34. What does it mean - BE Christian?
  35. Families and the Psychic Connection
  36. The Book of Enoch: Fallen Angels
  37. “Those who do not know, teach.”...
  38. Psychic Self-defense
  39. Psychological Properties Of Colours
  40. cheating death
  41. Still putting it off?
  42. The Healing Use of Light and Colour
  43. Insights, clarity and inspiration.
  44. While Keeping the Sikhs in Mind, a Beautiful Mantra From Their Traditions.
  45. Spiritual? Hmmmmm...
  46. Why am I not enlightened?
  47. Time flies when you are having fun - is that good?
  48. August Energy Forecasts
  49. Stress Effects and Stress Management
  50. Vibrational Rates
  51. Jesus the Strategic Leader
  52. Spiritual Dreams
  53. Another Who Worries About the Trap of a Spirtual False Flag Event
  54. Oahspe
  55. What Is Emotional Intelligence?
  56. The Blessings and Burdens of Being a Psychic
  57. Science and Spirituality.
  58. Electrical Problems
  59. How To Increase Your Awareness and Expand Your Consciousness
  60. 15 Different Types of Love
  61. Duality of Man
  62. The Healing Power of Light: Photo-luminescence
  63. Telephone call fom the dead?
  64. Dream Journal logs
  65. The grasshopper and the fish
  66. Quotations: Zen
  67. Electronic Voice Phenomena
  68. Phantom Hitchhickers
  69. Law of Attraction: Positive and Negative thinking:
  70. Prophets, Jesus, Muhammad...and today
  71. Plato's Allegory
  72. Pieces of a Jigsaw
  73. An Apparition?
  74. The Lion's Roar
  75. Dream 17 August 2012 Saving seeds (getting your 9th body of the eternal one)
  76. Clear View, Meditation and Conduct.
  77. Spirit Guides and Guardians
  78. HappyCow's Famous Vegetarians Directory
  79. Coincidences, Connections, and Synchronicities
  80. Types of Haunting Activities
  81. What Are You Afraid Of, and Why?
  82. On Letting Go
  83. The Serpent in Egypt and in the Bible: Evil, Power, and Healing
  84. Sacred Knowledge Of Vibrations And The Power Of Human Emotion
  85. Doppelgangers
  86. spiritually lost
  87. Poltergeist?
  88. Mooji Videos and Transcripts
  89. Undeniable truth.
  90. Having Sex With The Other Side
  91. The Sacred Feminine
  92. The Power of the Energy Worker
  93. Stuck in a time loop
  94. The Levels of Spiritual Development
  95. Parlor of Madam Blavatsky
  96. Jessica Schab in the UK!
  97. The Galactic Butterfly
  98. Mantras.
  99. Monthly Astro-Forecasts September 2012 by Sarah-Jane Grace September 3, 2012
  100. Order vs. Request
  101. My attempts to go OOBE - a journal
  102. Enlightenment, Ascension, Awakening, What Does It Mean To You?
  103. Enlightenment for tomorrow
  104. The Game of Rejection
  105. !!! Reality Check !!!
  106. Avalon University
  107. Evil.
  108. Scientology's core belief makes sense.
  109. Contacting Your Spirit Guide
  110. 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living people
  111. Blue Ray beings (starseeds) the forgotten healers of Earth discussion
  112. The Illusion of Control
  113. D-i-r-e-c-t-l-y
  114. I think I will stay neutral when it comes to Scientology.
  115. An example of a D-i-r-e-c-t experience
  116. Just a thought......God Exists
  117. Love, Praise, Thanksgiving and My "Green-ray" Open Heart Problems.
  118. I Spoke With My Deceased Dad on the Phone in a Dream
  119. The Template
  120. When we wake up, we wash and then dress.
  121. Out of my mind.
  122. A nice birthday present
  123. Research help, pls: General said Cabal fears humans learning how powerful they are
  124. Awaking 'Consciousness'.
  125. 2012 Noah's Ark (Spiritual Commune) in China
  126. 'Cloud Atlas' movie from the makers of the Matrix
  127. Does "The Secret" Really Work?
  128. 1200 Year Tibetan Prophecy Confirms 3DD (3 Decades of disinformation)
  130. Do you think you will exist without end?
  131. We are all Immortal Beings.
  132. one of those e-mails... I decided I would read
  133. Having problems in meditation?
  134. The power of one.
  135. Karen Bishop - Through the portal of the Equinox
  136. There are a lot of energies playing with people right now.
  137. Faith and Will
  138. A question concerning the God of the bible.
  139. My apology to Kerry Cassidy ...inspired by Whitefeather
  140. What if Money Was No Object - What would you Do? - Time to Unslave Humanity
  141. Live Ecstasy Drug trial on Channel 4 tonight / Depression & psycadelics
  142. I now know who all my pets are.
  143. GFL channel Greg Giles admits he was scammed
  144. Never Give Up...Ever
  145. Love Pray Eat
  146. Have You Walked The Camino De Santiago?
  147. Get Out of Jail Free
  148. Shocking News: Adyashanti says, "Humanity is Going Down this Rathole"!
  149. Living Uncertain from the Certainty of My Gurus
  150. Manifesting thoughts toward my 2 sisters....
  151. Change for a Dollar
  152. Short Dreams through a veil
  153. Being critical without criticising.
  154. Those that care win!
  155. Who are the 24 Elders, A revelation
  156. Misery 101
  157. I, Robot.
  158. <*.):The Hopi & Tibetan Prophecy:(.*>
  159. May I share a paper I needed to write for college?
  160. The Rude Awakening
  161. The Game
  162. Consciousness and Awareness.
  163. We've all been there :)))
  164. Authentic Vs. Spiritual
  165. A change in our vibration.
  166. The Universal Theory/God Particle Identified and Explained
  167. Stevelock76 - My Testimony of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach aka Jesus the Christ
  168. The Secret Of The Soul - and OBE
  169. So Just What Is Spiritual Practice?
  170. Adyashanti ◦ Pearls on a Pig
  171. Do You Realize What You Are?
  172. Vaccinations Harm Psychic Abilities
  173. Condemning religions.
  174. <:*The Memorial For Russel Means*:>
  175. and I cried today......
  176. Are you meditating?
  177. The leaves are falling.
  178. Realms of Reality: The dangers of reductionism
  179. Hate is weakness, Love is strength, sounds right enough!
  180. The Ghost Dance
  181. Vision of Four Timelines (video)
  182. Laws of Attraction
  183. James Redfield - the 12th Insight
  184. TV people and witchcraft - Spiritual Warfare - (Stepping out of the Matrix)
  185. Two pyramids - deception and perception.
  186. Contemplating death
  187. False Awakenings
  188. A Wealthy Soul
  189. Why The Hopi Elders Talk By Thomas O Mills
  190. Gratitude
  191. Mystery solved by woman in coma?
  192. Our Army and weapons.
  193. Can a soul be captured?
  194. Dream Within a Dream
  195. Do you believe in angels?
  196. I am a biscuit.
  197. Special Live Radio Show - "Wingmakers: Quantumsum"
  198. Trying to practice what I preach.....
  199. Pointing The Way
  200. Questions about the concept of rebirth
  201. Dr. Eben Alexander...Proof of Aterlife....Coast 2 Coast..& .. Afterlife TV interview
  202. Meditation changes the brain.
  203. <~:The Wisdom Keepers of Lakota:~>
  204. On Deadly Ground - Speech
  205. Healing Energy for my brother in law - please help!
  206. Why We Shout When In Anger
  207. The Higher Self and transcendent experience, including OBEs
  208. Palm Reading
  209. feelings of love
  210. Ramblings O' the Day - Who/What are You? (again... yes, again haha) from justoneman
  211. you are just a thought
  212. No such thing as Telekinesis
  213. [CBSNEWS, 60 minutes] Babies help unlock the origins of morality
  214. All thoughts come from outside- Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
  215. The end of time
  216. TimeKeepers of the Human Experiement
  217. Help us drop the #lovebomb: 22 november 2012
  218. Everything is Perfect, What a beautiful world.
  219. How to find god in two easy steps
  220. The Benefits of Meditation and Brain Changes
  221. The Sacred Garden---a story
  222. To have empathy, we need to have suffered.
  223. Mental Switching : a deeper understanding of the mind body complex.
  224. The magic bus trip
  225. How to do Merkaba?
  226. Wicca/Paganism: Educate me
  227. there's always a little bit of heaven
  228. Esoteric secrets
  229. Real Positivity.
  230. A Soul Cannot Be Captured
  231. Could You Do It?
  232. Banning traditional Christmas-Discriminating against Christians
  233. "The Solution" Is In Full Swing, Are You On Board?
  234. Just 'Get Out of the Way of Yourself' and...
  235. Who was the first person to wake you up?
  236. Speaking To Others About God (A short story)
  237. The Final Gap of Breathing Spirit Before The Beginning of Real Creation
  238. How easy is it to contaminate the mind?
  239. Elevate human consciousness - Raamayan
  240. Amma's message for 2012 & beyond
  241. So, you think you are awake.
  242. MKULTRA, Child Sex Abuse and Shamanic Soul Retrieval
  243. Carlos Castaneda Casualties- An Interview With Amy Wallace 2004
  244. A key to not limiting oneself unconsciously
  245. 2012-12-21 Create positive images and post it on the web to beat the negative
  246. 12.12.12
  247. Anastasia Book 1 read by jessica Mystic (Video)
  248. The Seed is Planted
  249. Trusting intuition.
  250. Gul-Ping Energy Induction Method of Breathing