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  1. Why is pork bad for you in regards to spirituality?
  2. 10 Common Signs of a Spiritual Awakening
  3. War is Over Forever
  4. Don't talk about your higher self.
  5. Triggered by pie'n'eal thread Don't talk about your higher self.
  6. Meditation is familiarisation.
  7. Recognizing And Expressing Emotions
  8. My own private hell......
  9. Start Bringing Out Your Hearth Light Today
  10. Winter solstice wishes to all
  11. This Energy is Intense!
  12. 2012-12-21 dreams
  13. question about a chakra theory...
  14. Solsticitis
  15. The effect of Doubt (and after post #9, Jake asks to be unsubscribed)
  16. When did you have your first synchronistic or channeled experience?
  17. Shamanism & Spirituality with William White Crow, Bill & Tony Kudos, December 22, 2012
  18. Beyond Doubt.
  19. Bhagavad Gita
  20. So Happy to be alive, in a world so beautiful on this day!
  21. A Warning against divisiveness (blog)
  22. Feeling Offended by Each Other
  23. "Starseed"? Your Thoughts...
  24. Entering, Not Exiting The Great Dark Age
  25. A vision from 1984 remembered a few days ago + some 2013 info
  26. Are We All One, or All Alone?
  27. To Help, or To Not Help?
  28. Dana Mrkich - Goodbye December 21 and 2012
  29. Broken Dreams, Or Awakened Dreams?
  30. Attacks on the New Age.... isn't that interesting?
  31. How Hygiene Expels Parasites On Every Level
  32. The Buddha within 'me'.
  33. Spit-balling
  34. What Do You See in The Mirror..?
  35. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's view on what spirituality is....
  36. In a babies DVD they are talking about wishfull dreams
  37. The Negative Space
  38. Word of Advice on Astral Travelling
  39. Reincarnation - a fundamental truth?
  40. My Friend Lester Levenson
  41. The Most Important 20-Page Read of Your Life, Ever
  42. How to reduce world-wide suffering in the days to come
  43. How To Change
  44. Final Realisation to Potential
  45. Glossolalia(?)
  46. Weird Experience from Last Year - The Burning Heart Omen and an Event in Syria
  47. To me, the idea of living forever seems ridiculous.
  48. Samson, Strength, and Dead Lions: The Strange Saga of Leonard Meuse (Cafe Racer Shootings)
  49. Another Word about Wade Michael Page, and a Strange Page from an Art Diary
  50. Truth and Honesty
  51. The Hopi Blue Kachina/Red Kachina Prophecy.
  52. Awareness Watching Awareness, An Open Link from Our Bob.
  53. I don't see pure awareness!
  54. Their Mind, Your Mind, A Solution
  55. Consciousness Reality and Quantifiable Normality
  56. Talking About Time and Space Travel in the Context of the Biblical Mount Tabor
  57. I'm trying to love you.
  58. Seeing the cause of our problems as we create them (Miriam Delicado's strong new video)
  59. Change the world by changing yourself.
  60. The Sacred Circle
  61. Did Corvids (Crows and Ravens) Comprise the First Earthly Civilization? Creation Myths and Musings.
  62. In defense of the realm
  63. Guardian Angels
  64. Focused
  65. Sharing your energy.
  66. NDE testimonies (Near Death Experiences)
  67. Beingness and Mind. A Practical Survival.
  68. What is it that is required of you?
  69. Christ's Way
  70. What does it mean to put something in God's hands?
  71. An Adventure in Remote Viewing: A Haunting May Day Message, Year Before Events
  72. What A Wonderful World
  73. The Intenders - Straddling the Stream
  74. Dolores Cannon Presents Moving into the New Earth
  75. To have, give all to all (ACIM/ A Course in Miracles)
  76. justoneman's blabberings of the day - for those who dare
  77. Once She Died She Realized How Perfect Everything Was, 'Dying to Be Me' (Video)
  78. One Week With Lakota, Film by RT
  79. Split thread - Digression from "One Week With Lakota, Film by RT"
  80. Are We Really "Doing" Nothing?
  81. Have you had a perplexing, paranormal experience lately?
  82. Psychic attacks (what are they?)
  83. Satan is necessary.
  84. Unlikely Teachers And Reminders
  85. Re-think your Life
  86. Jesus and Buddha.
  87. What is the anatomy of the soul?
  88. Activated Superhuman: coming to a universe near you!
  89. American Indian Culture and The Native Flute By R. Carlos Nakai
  90. Smile and relax
  91. Dare To Fly
  92. A beautiful Ayahausca experience - very moving.
  93. The Box
  94. Leading scientists shocked by the achievements of Russian indigo-children
  95. What if you die before 'it' all happens?
  96. A message from Saturn
  97. Ghosts
  98. Are we prepared?
  99. Dimension of Scientology
  100. Michael Tsarion's "Psychic Vampirism" 1 & 2
  101. Had a dream my third eye had become active.
  102. critical question about power of Mind, and Law of Attraction (LOA) 'trend'
  103. Eros...Love
  104. Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control (an interview with Jose Barrera)
  105. My Holistic Medicine Cabinet
  106. Get Your Houses In Order
  107. Change your thinking and change the world
  108. The God Particle Is Now Confirmed
  109. Within
  110. What is your spirit animal?
  111. The deepest realms of super-physical existence
  112. Ghostly encounters and other phenomena
  113. Sense of Unity by Alan Watts & Terence McKenna
  114. Sit down. Relax, take a deep breath.
  115. Fasting
  116. The Battle We Didn't Choose
  117. The simple way
  118. A true story from Drunavlo
  119. Evening Zen
  120. Inelia Bentz Interview: Spiritual responsibility and manifestation
  121. Interesting spiritual experience I thought I would share during meditation
  122. 7 Day Chakra Overhaul - Very rewarding experience
  123. Pros and Cons of using drugs to experience altered consciousness - a discussion
  124. Warning: A Potentially Not So Beautiful Disaster
  125. No one rocks like Tim Freke (IMHO)
  126. Sun Gazing update.
  127. Discernment
  128. William Buhlman | Adventures in the Afterlife, April 4, 2013
  129. Hatred and Love are interesting
  130. Who Needs A Brain?
  131. Being an indigo
  132. What is 'ASCENSION' really..?
  133. Are We Living In The Past?
  134. Modern Day Mystics and the Blissful Ignorance Theory of Existence
  135. So You Think You’re Awakened: What next?
  136. THE ASTRAL CITY - Movie of the story of a doctor's odyssey in the Spirit World after death.
  137. I feel so phenomenal I could die
  138. The Timeline Jumping Mission
  139. Dr. Michael Persinger: God's Helmet - Neurotheology and Neurobiology
  140. How to meditate
  141. Brazil: cradle of gold, the Central Plateau and Midwest
  142. a poem from "Lyn"
  143. *INSPIRING!!* Dashcams can capture the good in the world
  144. Being Pushed
  145. Billy Meier: 'As the Time Fulfills'
  146. Latest Drunvalo interviews. April 2013
  147. Some Grow Young, And Some Grow Cold
  148. MOVIE - The history of the Brazilian medium Francisco Cândido Xavier (Chico Xavier).
  149. Fear
  150. Dana Mrkich - May Monthly Visions
  151. A Blessing of Love for the Earth
  152. Spirituality, need for fear.
  153. The devil, lucifer, satan......
  154. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
  155. For those who are able to open their mind further
  156. The Mountain at the Center of the World
  157. Transitions-May 2013
  158. Does every soul have the same goal?!
  159. The Mudra Thread , Discussion , Examples , Experiences. . .
  160. Pet Reincarnation
  161. My nickname was born with a dream
  162. Karen Bishop & Denise Fay's take on what's happening now
  163. Taking time out from the illusion.
  164. Practical Non-duality Pure and Simple
  165. Vipassana Meditation Centre : Preparing for my 12 days away: starts Tuesday
  166. Solipsism, the biggest spiritual Con.
  167. Energetic Synthesis - Ascension Information - Sharing a website
  168. Spiritual Counseling from a Near Death Experiencer John Kuhles
  169. Wes Annac on the growing indications of real change
  170. Breaking the (fake) 'Peace' is better than total apathy or conformism! [rant by John Kuhles]
  171. The Pleiadian Prophecy - TrueDivineNature
  172. Consciousness Synchs Holographic Kaleidoscopic Healing
  173. Instructions to Illuminati.
  174. Proof, The 'Second Coming' Is You!
  175. Robert Schwartz about how we plan our lives before birth (Video)
  176. To See The Farm
  177. The Monster within.......
  178. need some space clearing procedures
  179. Spiritual Jokes
  180. was the light here first-stone circles
  181. Are christian bibles nothing but lies?
  182. The Keys of Enoch on Coast to Coast
  184. The Truest Spiritual Teachers
  185. Back To The Farm
  186. (Important) Every Human Being Should Own And Read This 90 Page Book Daily
  187. Maurice Cotterell on Red Ice Radio - increasing soul voltage, reincarnation, etc.
  188. Grand Master Pyram Solom One Part 1
  189. Momentary Awareness - Shifting my small point laptop awareness back to Infinite awareness
  190. Neuroplasticity and Reptilian brain.
  191. What Evil Fears.
  192. Wetiko
  193. Is Meditation Demonic?
  194. Dr. Turi Issues a Cosmic Warning; July 6,7,8, 2013
  195. 12 Rules of 3rd Dimension Earth : On being Human
  196. How I got my awareness of things up a notch......
  197. I am a Wanderer from Andromeda, any others?
  198. The Peace Meditaiton
  199. Red Light
  200. The Wisdom of Anastasia - Quote from Book 2 - Ringing Cedars of Russia
  201. Discovering an untruth.
  202. There is no bad meditation.
  203. A butterfly came on my path today ! What a great message from life !
  204. Teaching those that are awakening......
  205. I'm feeling it, but it probably won't last long.
  206. Spirit trap
  207. You are a musical instrument...
  208. Philip K Dick's- Ten Major Gnostic Principles
  209. Good beings List (dead or alive).
  210. You Can Not Stop Ascension (For those who believe in this)
  211. Ghost Clippings
  212. Aberrant elemental beings at Thirlmere Lake.
  213. 33º Scottish Rite Freemason Manly P Hall - Mental Control of the Energy Fields of the Body - Brain & Release of the Soul - Exploring Dimensions of Consciousness
  214. Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite - Albert Pike
  215. 29 videos 38 hours on Mind & Meditation
  216. Am I really responsible for everything that happens to me?
  217. Star of David – Merkaba – Grand Sextile Portal on July 29th 2013
  218. "Yoga is Satanic Witchcraft" -- TVC Mario interviews X-Yogi Purvi
  219. Jonathan Kleck's Personal Testimony (Video)
  220. Bob Dean on Friends in High Places (August 2011)
  221. Remote Viewing - Military & Open Source Methodology
  222. DMT - Dimethyltryptamine - Before & After - FULL EPISODE
  223. The dead, their minions, and their dogs
  224. A Round Trip Journey In Your Head
  225. The Cave An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay
  226. Mark Passio of WhatOnEarthIsHappening on subversive symbolism and the hypercube (June 12, 2011)
  227. Carmina Burana O Fortuna
  228. The Kundalini Is The Holy Spirit! What Your Church Doesn't Want You To Know
  229. Lucifer Is NOT Satan! Biblical Proof
  230. Need help- what do I do?
  231. Spiritual Warfare Tactics + Tips: Battling Demons! (Video)
  232. End Time Dreams before & after she believed in Christ (6 short Video's)
  233. The Shift - From Ambition to Meaning - Dr. Wayne Dyer
  234. Two suns may not be so bad
  235. Hall of Mirrors (Video)
  236. The paradox of moving from Point A to point B
  237. Homosexuality, being Gay – the spiritual paradigm, and my Truth
  238. The Human Carnivore Myth
  239. My OBE Last Night
  240. An Invitation to HYLOZOICS
  241. Sermon on the mount and The Lord's prayer
  242. Mary Magdalene and the Return of the Divine Feminine
  243. Spiritual warfare in the trenches.....
  244. A Place for Prayer
  245. Time Dilation Fields
  246. The Beautiful Mystery and the Greatest Magic of All
  247. The Pleiadian Prophecy - Matt Kahn
  248. News World news Pope Benedict XVI Ex-pope Benedict says God told him to resign during 'mystical experience'
  249. Spiritual vampires and their victims
  250. Psychic Vampires and protecting yourself