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  1. A day before the sign of the Beast = 6.5.06
  2. bad thoughts in my head...............
  3. An Apology (and a Rant!)
  4. My experiences with Archons
  5. A Most Important Video, The New Age Bull$hit, The Truth and The Reasons
  6. Will take break from forum......
  7. Sabbaticals (or taking a break)
  8. Defining service for self vs. others
  9. Amazon Local - Hypnotherapy practitioners course
  10. MAKE THIS VIRAL! Peace Portal Activation August 25th, 2013
  11. A Proper Introduction
  12. Fun at a Spanish Pentacostal Church
  13. We ARE One (a quick one here, I promise)
  14. Fears vs. Prayers on the Grand Scale (a long one)
  15. The primordial sound
  16. The Mill Stone - 3 Strands in 1 (Video)
  17. Supreme Being?
  18. For your Positive Meditations
  19. A Theory and Practice of Prayer (Hylozoics Perspective)
  20. "God is God is God"
  21. A Rare Gem From A Religious Text
  22. ... On Love ...
  23. Is it depression or is it spiritual empathy to the true state of man?
  24. I asked for an OBE, and guess what...!
  25. The story of the persecuted hat and other religious metaphors
  26. Forcing the Pieces to Fit
  27. The occult vs Esoteric teachings
  28. Being 'In the Zone' - How does it work?
  29. Default Fear less: Anthem for the new age (video)
  30. Wing-Makers, Looking within for the Divine
  31. Astral Pulse
  32. Questions on lucid dreaming
  33. The Gospell of Philip:Lucifer Who is Enki Who is Ea
  34. The Ego
  35. Perserverance
  36. Religiō. Religion = Bondage
  37. Strange Spritual Energy
  38. Does anyone have experience w/ Helane Lipson?
  39. A Tow Truck being Towed (an Analogy)
  40. A beautiful moment, thank you Guinness for such a wonderful commercial
  41. Jim Carrey Rolls Out a Children's Book - And it's Spiritual
  42. Hero Rescues Mom and Daughter Trapped in Turbulent Flood and Hail Storm : Faith in the Human race prevails
  43. The Houses of Ego- a Pretty Good Model to Help Understand the Problem
  44. Death and the Quiet Miracle
  45. Go Humans! Returned Wallet Sparks Dozens of Similar Stories
  46. REVIVAL (notes from a sermon)
  47. Denise Le Fay - Third Trimester Recap (to 22nd Sept)
  48. David Wilcock update 2013-09-16: Explains Cycles of History on NEW Radio Show!
  49. On Anniversaries (notes from a Sermon)
  50. Woman Chooses Politeness When Bike is Stolen - Gets Great Results
  51. Homeless Man Turns in Lost Backpack Stuffed With $42,000 - And Donations Pour In
  52. Spiritual minimalism before material minimalism?
  53. An Imaginative Interpertation of Christianity and the Bible
  54. quality of life
  55. I <3 [my belief system(s)] (notes on a sermon)
  56. The 12 Laws of Karma (that will change your life)
  57. The Laws of Eternity (Anime)
  58. Greengasm : Tree planting as Enlightenment
  59. Bystanders Cheer While Firemen Revive Man's Life
  60. Everything has shifted for me
  61. Theosophy teaches ... (12 ideas for seekers)
  62. On sin, the fall, and good and evil
  63. discovering your shadow self...shadow work.
  64. Amazing Interview With Akashic Reader
  65. Removal of soul contracts
  66. One Step Away From Eternity (notes on a sermon)
  67. Fallen Angels (and their distractions)
  68. Stream of Consciousness insights
  69. S.N. Goenka has died
  70. "God is simply everything ..."
  71. An Earnest Request ...
  72. ॐ OM: The Song Of The Sun. All Creation Is Praising The Creator.
  73. Thoughts on Christianity (no pushing)
  74. Dhamma Father Goenkaji left the building
  75. Notes from a Prayer Service (last one)
  76. Becoming Like Little Children
  77. Sevan Bomar
  78. ideas Ideas IDEAS (Knowledge and UNDERSTANDING) ... and aliens
  79. Do You Believe in Miracles or Magic?
  80. Unconscious Manipulation
  81. A new way to look at what it means to serve.....
  82. The Phase, OOBE, who stunted human development.
  83. What does the creator want from us?
  84. Holy Echoes and Other Strange Ricocheting Spiritual Objects
  85. Frequencies of Light - Pleiadian Energy Sistem
  86. Science of the Heart - Howard Martin - (Heart Math)
  87. Empaths
  88. How transparent are you ?
  89. The hidden forum
  90. Differences
  91. The path of the fool, the crazy monk, and the sly man
  92. Mayan Sign?
  93. Psychotherpy and Spiritual Development at the Leading Edge
  94. Your support appreciated
  95. Life after Death and God ( ALL ) from the perspective of my understanding of Quantum Physics
  96. The beginning of human personhood
  97. Most Inspiring Videos
  98. Anita Moorjani - 'Dying To Be Me' - Interview by Renate McNay.
  99. Becoming Me: a story of God (the Greatest Creator)
  100. Jesus and Buddha as Brothers
  101. "These headlines taste like moldy fishsticks"
  102. An Experiment : MUST SEE - The Answer to Everything !!!
  103. Religion vs Spirituality: Control vs Freedom
  104. Dealing with negativity.
  105. Rob Skiba's Take On The Early Bible And Biblical Giants
  106. Infinity: Lifetimes of Calibration
  107. The White Light ... (and a brief introduction [again])
  108. Latest shift in consciousness posts from Karen Bishop
  109. sushilsutram
  110. Crying with Love as I Tenderly but Invigoratingly Rolled the Earth around in my hands
  111. Only Your Mind is Agitated
  112. Entanglement/Interference
  113. Awareness to Transcend
  114. VIVIANE CHAUVET - Arcturian Hybrid Pt 2 of 2 (HD) Energy Healing
  115. Any astrologers here?
  116. The importance of morality in spiritual life
  117. The Search is Over (Video)
  119. The Magic of Clouds
  120. Center yourself...
  121. Russian Scientist Photographs The Soul Leaving The Body At Death
  122. *Notes From Crazy Louie
  123. Destiny, Karma and the Law of Attraction
  124. The Meaning of Life
  125. The Universal Mind
  126. Latest interview with Drunvalo: Oct 2013
  127. Are we Natural Born Sinners
  128. Cells Sensing Heart Field
  129. Synchronicity O' the day (2013-11-7)
  130. Justice for All and Love and Light : Metal Against Oppression
  131. Orgasms
  132. Free sharing of Source energy
  133. How Demons are created.
  134. Percieving with a Tele-vision Mind
  135. Being swept over, end of reason
  136. Was This Boy His Own Grandfather?
  137. Truth. Not new. Just true.
  138. The Second Coming
  139. The Travail Has Begun: 2008 Prophecy Realized (Video)
  140. We cried for Flesh, Mirror Mirror (Video)
  141. The Ascension & The New Earth - It's Literal! (Video)
  142. A reminder of just how beautiful we are: People Saving Others
  143. Mother Meera in Australia
  144. Hymn of the Robe of Glory
  145. End times in current events and John Kerry's epic fail
  146. The Experience of Merging and Transcending of Opposites
  147. Into the Eye of the Storm (Video)
  148. The Mysteries of the Book (Video)
  149. Does biocentrism prove there is an afterlife?
  150. A Vison at a Church, and my Rapture.
  151. Supernatural Power
  152. The Mystics - 13-part series on the history of mysticism
  153. Stars to Rule the Night - The Sandman - You think it, it BECOMES (Video)
  154. Ken Wilbur and the Monumental Task of Understanding Spirituality
  155. Embracing the shadow
  156. Letter to Bright Garlick
  157. Russell Brand Compilation
  158. Shadow People
  159. Doctor and Mediun Waldo Vieira (worked with Chico Xavier) explaining Projectiology & Conscientiology
  160. Demonic Entities
  161. Nothing is Certain
  162. Who are your heroes?
  163. Drunvalo Q&A update 2013-11-26: Hangout with Drunvalo Tuesday November 26th at 7:00 am
  164. Awe-Inspiring Scenes Triggers Belief in God
  165. The Inspiring Story of Jason Becker - The Man Who Makes Metal with his Eyes
  166. 2014 year of more Instant Karma?
  167. All the things we think are true...
  168. The Nature of Desire
  169. The Joy Of Being A Stone
  170. How to astral project without all the hoopla.
  171. Elevate Your Mind (Awakening Music)
  172. Kiran - Mystic Girl in the City - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview (Video)
  173. How to live a good life
  174. Favourite Christmas Carols
  175. Dreams: David Wilcock
  176. Prayer request (I have heavy feeling of being down)
  177. My journey to ascension
  178. Religion
  179. Bow & Arrow Consummation Rejoice O Israel! (Video)
  180. Why are we here?
  181. In Defense of Hell, was "religion"
  182. Midwife to the Future
  183. Theory of Light and Dark
  184. Did Life Begin Underground?
  185. Blood moons & Bible codes...as predictors
  186. Jesus Christ, Super Star=Sun (Video)
  187. What Is A Starseed? Indigo Children, U.F.O.'s, E.T's & More!
  188. YOU WILL DIE and EVERYTHING will kill you !
  189. Get a Life and not a reputation
  190. The Information War and the Power of the Mind
  191. Meditation, Non-Meditation group.
  192. I fell in love with ...
  193. No accountability
  194. Have You Ever Committed Suicide In A Dream?
  195. Is atheism a religion?
  196. The Re-Awakening Of Christian Mysticism (Powerful Podcast!!!)
  197. The gift I was given
  198. Suicide of the soul
  199. Journey of my dream: It's the biggest nightmare. Please help :)
  200. Three Pictures of Offering Good & Evil- Spiritual "Warfare" (Video)
  201. Interactive ZEN website
  202. Happy Yule!
  203. How to recognise our previous incarnations.
  204. To those who are here to help us ...
  205. Why can't I see my old dog?
  206. Christmas strangeness
  207. We Were Made for These Times
  208. A Great Meditation Excercise
  209. The enlightened ego.
  210. Druids working round the clock to restore ley lines
  211. I just found out, I might be a psychic?
  212. Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014 - Dana Mrkich
  213. The Hidden Laws Of Nature, By Mark Passio Dec 2013
  214. The Awakening
  215. Starting Meditation
  216. The biology of religious behavior
  217. Requesting Pet Psychic/Healer Assistance - urgent
  218. Christian or Nazoraion?
  219. Putting on Fake Mask..
  220. Inner worlds, outer worlds - stunning documentary
  221. Technology and Spirituality
  222. Men Overboadr Bill Donahue
  223. Moving through the levels
  224. using spirituality to become smarter
  225. Synonyms for Peace and Love
  226. Trying to find alternate ways of health and healing.
  227. A Warning to the Watchers....
  228. I had a vision of Reincarnation and the After Life. and it is recurring. Life Changing Meditative Experience
  229. On Shadow work (Robert Bly)
  230. Triad Color Test
  231. For those just awakening.......
  232. Ask for your mission and you get it.
  233. "Spirituality," "Conspiracy" theories, and "Cyclical" changes
  234. John Van Auken on Reincarnation (from Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. )
  235. Indonesian President Acknowledges Belief in Witchcraft
  236. Healing vs. Enabling
  237. The Enigma
  238. My Sensory Deprivation Tank Documentary
  239. Interconnectedness
  240. Your New Name - The Divine Appointment - Your Destiny is Stardom! (Video)
  241. How the Illuminati Are Poised to Strike and Why They Will Fail (Part 1)
  242. Cell Biology/DNA/Astro-Theology/Alchemy vs. Scripture - A Case Study
  243. The Mechanics of the Soul
  244. Dear Humans - The Awakening Mind
  245. Spirit Trance Experience - An evening with Michael Roland
  246. Michael Tsarion's—Path of the Fool 22 Part FREE Web Series
  247. Beware the Tea Party Dominionists- Chris Hedges
  248. Pink Cloud over - "the EGO" returns
  249. Death is beautiful
  250. A question about our spiritual evolution - reincarnation