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  1. 2012 Nexus Global Meditation...All Welcome!!!
  2. Number Sequences from the Angels
  3. You are all on your way home
  4. Poems, words for the soul
  5. Message from Mother GAIA
  6. A Parallel Reality
  7. The Butterfly Lady - A True Story of Love
  8. Healing the sub-concious
  9. Marcel Messing: The Wake-Up Call...Interview by Bill Ryan
  10. Cymatics sound restructure of our DNA
  11. Just one way of my spirituallity and the pictures show it
  12. Bodhisattva Panden Dorje speech video
  13. 'Junk' DNA - the human blueprint
  14. Spirituality and Tarot and your personal cards (long post)
  15. A Spiritual Diary
  16. Tim Freke - the absurd notion of one...
  17. Where does a Spirit come from?
  18. Strengthening Lightworkers
  19. Field of Dreams
  20. Beam me up Scotty...
  21. Love is the Currency of the 21st Century
  22. Smile
  23. the backdoor to enlightenment - za rinpoche
  24. Negativity - I Hate It!
  25. What is really important - eternaly important
  26. The separation has begun...
  27. The same old argument...
  28. Wisdom of a Native American
  29. The Great Lie is John 3:16
  30. Arizona's Ancient Site
  31. Mystical Experiences
  32. The Secret of Brain Wave Vibration
  33. What is Consciousness... How I Define it...
  34. The Collective - The Coming Ascension -- 22 March 2010
  35. 111 and 1111 Continuously...
  36. Evacuation...what to do...Message from the Ashtar Command
  37. Attitudes that heal and awaken the DNA
  38. A negative experience during meditation
  39. Enlightened Love Relationships....How to keep them Healthy...Pls Post Positive Tips
  40. Meditation for Opening Third Eye Chaka Point
  41. Earth Pilgrim
  42. Nazi vampire attack
  43. Michael Tsarion
  44. Zen Biology Lesson for Enlightenment
  45. Pre-Death Encounters.Coast to Coast. When we DIE
  46. You are a Light Worker
  47. Mayan Astrology Readings
  48. Define "love and light"
  49. i choose love
  50. 23rd of April 2010
  51. We are the Children of the Sun...
  52. Enlightenment and related matters.
  53. How would YOU Heal the Earth... What could you do... What you need to understand.....
  54. Where Mind and Matter Meet....
  55. Myer-Briggs Personality Typology
  56. 2012 Toolkit
  57. psychic attack
  58. How to protect yourself
  59. BODY Snatchers...
  60. Fruitarianism/Breatharianism/Initiation into Higher consciousness (NOT FOR THE WEAK!)
  61. Usage of Free Will...
  62. Next step (from breatharianism, fruit...)celibacy.
  63. Nonlocal Universe - Reality as a Dream
  64. The Parable of the Rope
  65. Connecting to your Higher Self.
  66. Dr. Bruce Goldberg - Techniques don't work for everyone... Anyone know why?
  67. Drunvalo Melchizedek
  68. The Universe as God - A Challenge to your Imagination
  69. Drawing Heaven
  70. Almine - Mystic, Healer and Teacher
  71. Manly Palmer Hall Lectures
  72. Freewill, Reincarnation & Conscious Co-creation
  73. Where do we go when we die??
  74. Latest Matthew Message...
  75. Karma -
  76. the moon matrix control and expanding conciousness
  77. You Create Your Own Reality - is that so?
  78. The Rapture...
  79. You are a Creator
  80. Avalon Opinion Poll: Should our Spirituality Forum be publicly viewable?
  81. Keep Riding The Wave
  82. What happens when we ascend? Are we still going to be in an illusionary world?
  83. Closing that which should not have been opened (OIL LEAK)
  84. Freedom!
  85. Discovering your past, and knowing why you are here.
  86. People who inspire
  87. Sidereal time and ESP/meditation
  88. What is the true Matrix? How do we know if we are still there?
  89. Infinite Love & Consciousness
  90. Lisa Renee May ascension update
  91. A thread to put your experiences of submerging with Oneness
  92. PCFN may 10 update/wake up call..major changes ahead
  93. Wayne Dyer - Ambition to Meaning - The Shift
  94. Dwyani Ywahoo aka Diane Fisher
  95. Question about ascension process everyone talk about
  96. don't be against, be for
  97. dreams...
  98. How to kill a serpent
  99. Coincidence or creating reality.
  100. Maharic Seal
  101. AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ - George Kavassilas
  102. Chris Everard interviews Ben Janssen - Shamanism, Voodoo and more
  103. The Knowledge Book - The Alpha Channel - The Golden Age
  104. Ascension and genetic pathcutting..Lisa Renee vid
  105. Aluna Joy:Crop Circle and Vision Confirms that the Dimensions are Merging
  106. Asolaris Liberalis interview with Kerry Cassidy
  107. Our Pets and Ascension
  108. The End of Duality..............
  109. The infiltration of the New Age Movement and Andrija Puharich
  110. H.P. Blavatsky
  111. Soul Catcher: The Strange Deathbed Experiment of Dr MacDougall
  112. Method of Developing Lucidity
  113. Allan Watts - Who Am I? and other enlightening works
  114. "Don't seek Enlightenment. Just bow"
  115. Timeless Story of Guru Dattatreya and how's got 24 teachers ..
  116. I need your help...
  117. The idea of past lives + red wine = epiphany?
  118. The People I Thought I Knew
  119. Power of Song
  120. Lisa Renee June ascension update
  121. Spiritual Music
  122. How the Game that "God" and "The Devil" play ends.
  123. The Lie is the Illusion of "Hell on Earth" - "Heaven on Earth" comes from Truth.
  124. "Proof" of God.
  125. How Do You Love Yourself?
  126. The Idiots Guide to Ascension
  127. Polarity is necessary up to a point
  128. the Flaw in creation
  129. Natualy Life has Needs,Should you just give up and die? Or try to pick apart the lie?
  130. God is not the Creator, claims academic
  131. decisions to be made
  132. The Human Aura ( Real or Imaginay )
  133. Lost Tradition of the Sacred Bee
  134. Spirituality vs Religion
  135. Great new video from Drunvalo! "The Birth of a New Humanity"
  136. Man & nature - Gulf Oil spill lesson
  137. Red Ice Radio: Leo Rutherford - Religion, The Greatest Fraud Ever Sold
  138. The Seven Secret Truths Inventory
  139. Want to find your mind? Learn to direct your dreams
  140. My spiritual experience on June 15
  141. Conversations with a Blue Eyed Mystic
  142. These are so BEAUTIFUL!! From Wingmakers.com Happy Solstice!!
  143. Letting go
  144. Transduction, empaths, and the human body
  145. Chocolate Wisdom
  146. facing reality,ascension and spirit
  147. understanding freedom teachings
  148. Answers to metaphysical questions,,,not new-agey dogma
  149. Understanding the Grand Cross Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of June 26
  150. ASCENSION...acronym..ASC
  151. (What is) Ascension: Yes or No?
  152. a significant step towards spiritual maturity
  153. Sacred Geometry & Esoterics
  154. First Half of 2012 Part 4: The Illuminatiís Plan for the Star Seeds
  155. Spiritual encounters of all kind - war for souls
  156. Spiritual training in Peru?
  157. dare to dream
  158. The Evolution of Indigo Children, Indigo Adults and Crystal Beings
  159. Dolores Cannon - "Volunteer" Souls & Lost Knowledge
  160. Niger Delta oil spills dwarf BP, Exxon Valdez catastrophes : A PERSONAL RANT
  161. the nonduality of duality and nonduality...
  162. Michael Newton-Past Life Therapy-Journey Between Lives
  163. The Egg-Short Story
  164. woman shares her keylontic science experiences on youtube
  165. Infinite Possibilities
  166. random acts of kindness and being there for others
  167. Symphony of Science - 'We Are All Connected'
  168. catching up with source
  169. Regarding Galactic federation
  170. Fallen Angels,ET's and Annunaki
  171. where do beliefs and freewill come from?
  172. Everything is spiritual
  173. Proj Camelot interviews Anunnaki researcher
  174. Where do I come from...?
  175. Carl Calleman Rare Video Interview Concerning July 17-18 Harmonic Convergence
  176. stargate in the centre of your brain...
  177. Love is the Key!
  178. Club Dance Music For Your Soul/Chakras
  179. All souls are a part of the source?
  180. DMT - The Spirit Molecule
  181. Mythicism - an author view!
  182. I Forgive The Part of Me...
  183. Ascension Guidelines (Video)
  184. Another interesting dream..
  185. Past Life Regression - Brian Weiss (So many questions)
  186. Moving Towards Connected Consciousness For Survival
  187. What motivates us..?
  188. To Ascend Or Not To?
  189. H.H. Dalailama' 75th Birthday Anniversary
  190. Dowsing in time
  191. theres only one way of life...
  192. Psychic Self-Defense From Energy, Entities and Much More
  193. You choose to be here..... Freeman
  194. Astrology and Being a Spiritual Warrior ?
  195. Love signal, music & frequency 528 Hz
  196. Releasing the Human Ego-Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
  197. Three Seeds
  198. Another dream....possibly about the solar cycle we're currently going through?
  199. Blood of the Gods
  200. Guidelines to changing your 'Timeline' ...
  201. Ron Wyatt - God's Archaeologist
  202. Powerful Spiritual Pep-Talks - Abraham-Hicks
  203. Lisa Renee ..the ascension cycle timeline..vids
  204. Extraterrestrial Technologies and Viable Counter Strategies
  205. Author claims to identify UFO on 3000 yr old Egyptian Papyrus
  206. The Unknown Lightworker: The Lightwarrior
  207. Welcome to the Grand illusion !
  208. Awesome God
  209. infinite and finite...
  210. I claim my freedom.
  211. Spiritual integrity
  212. What will it take for people to wake up and smell the pepperspray
  213. Dolores Cannon Interview 1/6 Awakening to Current Shifts in Consciousness AUGUST
  214. Birth of Holy Roman Empire and its Destruction in the last day at the hands of the Ki
  215. Imagine Peace Tower
  216. Self-control your mind
  217. Lisa renee discusses ET's,DNA,ascension and more..vids
  218. Are We Living Inside a Brain?
  219. always watching over you
  220. your thoughts 2012 ascension
  221. meaning of the revelations in the bible
  222. Do evil spirits exist?
  223. Raising Conscious & healthy families (with children)
  224. the new-age movement...naive
  225. Cliff High on the artificial moon
  226. Ascension, Dolores Cannon: Splitting of Earth into two Earths
  227. When Were the Gospels Written?
  228. "Now"Age...Because there's nothing new about it..
  229. The "Galactic federation of light" deception
  230. Enlightenment is the process of facing yourself
  231. Global awakening news september 2010
  232. The physical part of energy/spiritual development
  233. An utterly simple question
  234. Am I under attack??
  235. indigo's and the awakening
  236. You'll Love This Testimony
  237. Confusion
  238. The way of waking up....Alan Watts
  239. SMR: Jessica Schab on Inner Dimensions of UFO Contact August 04, 2010
  240. Jessica Schab (Title is in spainish) 22 semptember 2010
  241. Ascended master teachings: Kuthumi
  242. Never mind the circumstances
  243. The possible intimate relation of Harmonies between Humans and Animals
  244. The work of James Wingmaker
  245. Escaping the Matrix - Part 1
  246. Awakening as One.
  247. Science And Spirituality
  248. DR. Mickalle Dougherty On The Works Of Gopi Kirshna
  249. Who is Lucifer - Bible & Freemasons mysteries
  250. the current "ascension" situation..INCENSION