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  1. Benjamin Fulford 2014
  2. Look who's paranoid now!
  3. GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET – New 'INTEL' From Pastor Lindsey Williams
  4. Warning: If you take photos with your cell phone
  5. We want a United States of Europe says top EU official
  6. The 'Sugar' scare in MSM - another con for aspartame type poisons
  7. State of emergency, water ban issued in West Virginia over chemical leak
  9. Fukushima first Responders
  10. News stories: Afghanistan/Libya/Syria/Palestine/Somalia/Iraq
  11. OffPlanet Radio - Recorded 12/08/2013 - Randy Maugans with Duncan O'Finioan & Miranda Kelly and guest, John Stormm
  12. NutriMedical Report - Dr Deagle Hour 1 - Fukushima / Ariel Sharon / Kaduri Prophecy - 13-01-2013
  13. SkyView Academy Near Columbine Evacuated
  14. Keiser Report: Let's Encrypt the Internet! (NSA, TTP, Bitcoin & Kim Dotcom NZ)
  15. Day of the LORD: Instantly & Suddenly (Video)
  16. Google is using ReCAPTCHA to decode and digitize street names and numbers
  17. 37 nuclear missile launch officers involved in drug, cheating scandal, Air Force Secretary says...
  18. Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police
  19. NSA collects millions of text messages
  20. Satan's Rebuilt Kingdom - Marduk Returns (Video)
  21. Soren Dreier: Four Habits Of Happy People
  22. Who Was First? Here We Go Again...
  23. We All Have At Least Three Eyes
  24. Mystery Rock 'Appears' in Front of Mars Rover
  25. Economic Recovery My A$$!
  26. Quantum Science in Support of Theory of Consciousness?
  27. NutriMedical Report - Dr Deagle Hour 3 - 01-21-2014 - Guest: Mark Blitz - Four Blood Moons (Video)
  28. Big hole in Curiosity rover wheel.
  29. 2014 Biblical End Times - Finish the Race (Video)
  30. Ancient Mars May Have Been Habitable for Hundreds of Millions of Years
  31. Stephen Hawking: There are 'NO' Black Holes..!
  32. What do you think- is it time to holiday?
  33. Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness - Real World Evidence (Video)
  34. Capricorn Radio - MK Ultra Super Soldiers - Duncan O'finioan & Miranda Kelley (Video)
  35. Ukrainian Protesters Encircle US Embassy: ‘Yankees Go Home!’
  36. Japanese Stock Market Opens ... Down but no panic ...
  37. Listen Up! Why Google Chrome & Facebook are being pushed! (Video)
  38. bubonic plague outbreak in Madagascar PETITION
  39. Pete Seeger: US folk singer and activist dies aged 94
  40. Why Do People Commit Suicide by Fire?
  41. Huge news: Bankers and Feds work together to spy on anti-government protesters. Leaked emails.
  42. Jerry Wills on Lost Civilizations - August 17, 2013 (video)
  43. Alex Collier - The Unicus Radio Hour - 01-05-2012 (Video)
  44. Allah 666 Abomination of Beyonce & Katy Perry (Video)
  45. Have you considered making Avalon forum app for smart phones and tablets?
  46. London Meet-up in March
  47. Who gave the govt permission to tell us what we can and can't do?
  48. Vitamin E, Other Antioxidants Linked to Lung Cancer
  49. Shall we mourn Coast To Coast AM?
  50. The Hidden Hand - Spiritual Wars (Video)
  51. Is Violence Contagious?
  52. This is America, not Burger King (video)
  53. Some Sheep follow Blindly...Others Question! (Video)
  54. Duncan O' Finioan talks to Freedom Central (video)
  55. Ecuador - orange alert issued in areas of influence of Tungurahua volcano
  56. Sugar Batteries have more power than Lithium
  57. Go Humans!
  58. Mike Adams interview: Touches down on a multitude of conspiracies relative to you as a citizen... This guy is a real info pioneer. I'd love to meet him.
  59. Arab Spring 2.0 and Cold War 2.0
  60. Rod Class ordered for Psych Evaluation
  61. Zimmerman Exploiting His Murder of Trayvon Martin For Celebrity Boxing "Fame"
  62. Israel using Palestinian children to gather intelligence
  63. Three-Rotor Copters Set to Change Civilian, Military Helicopter Designs Forever
  64. Woman gives 3 waitresses $5,000 each in tips
  65. Pentagon "knows" the importance of placing brain implants in soldiers
  66. Oldest known star in the Universe discovered
  67. Bibliotecapleyades weekly update
  68. Hungarian Jobbik Member of Parliament 'Throws Away' EU Flag..!
  69. Milk Of Consciousness VS The Galactic Abortionists ღ Bill Deagle w Jeff Rense 02-13-2014
  70. Ecuador and China say YES to new OIL/Chemical refinery in Manabi
  71. NutriMedical Report - Dr Deagle Hour 1 - 02-17-2014 - Guest: Deborah Tavares- www.StoptheCrime.net
  72. Hearts On The Ground: Bring Lakota Children Home (Video)
  73. The MTT-136 electric vehicule, a good prototype invented by a Canadian from Quebec
  74. New Santos Bonacci interview - from the Vinny Eastwood Show
  75. All hail old money. Wall streets value of entertainment
  76. "BUSTED">Tony Blair advised Rebekah Brooks on phone-hacking scandal, court hears
  77. Robbert van den Broeke about the God consciousness, Joran van der Sloot and forgiveness (Video)
  78. Volcanic Eruption - Ecuador, Reventador 2014
  79. Where do you go when you're 'Sacked As PM' after racking up $400 Billion+ DEBT..?
  80. Sandy Hook - GAME OVER: NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record
  81. Gulf War vet testimony Published on Feb 23, 2014
  82. Andrew Basiago - Jesus Crucifixion & Resurrection seen on a screen using Timetravel Technology (Video)
  83. The $12 Million Receipt: Mysterious documents found - Arrest Warrant for Ukrainian president issued..!
  84. UN Plotting to “Dramatically Alter” Your Views and Behavior..!
  85. America's Native Prisoners Of War
  86. Termination Squads Targeting Veterans
  87. The Common Law Grand Jury: The mission, regaining Sovereignty...
  88. Exxon CEO: fracking is safe but not in my backyard
  89. Genesis of Mankind - Duncan O'Finioan (Video)
  90. Mada’in Saleh, the alternative to Petra (Pictures)
  91. UK spy agency intercepted webcam images of millions of Yahoo users
  92. World Wide Smudge In on March 21st at Noon!
  93. Obamacare: Now Appearing On Your Restaurant Bill!!!
  94. Yesterday's latest WHITEHAT Update: Drake Bailey on Blogtalk Radio!!!
  95. Russian special forces engaged US ground troops in the Ukraine
  96. WIPP - ongoing plutonium contamination "incident" in New Mexico
  97. Whistleblower alert - bob gaskin -
  98. Article claims Russians suspect HAARP caused recent earthquake in Crimea (Ukraine) region
  99. Another protest rally - this time in Jerusalem
  100. Guagua Pichincha - Ecuador - Volcano seismic activity status
  101. CotoPaxi Volcano - Ecuador seismic status
  102. Earthquake Strikes Crimea; Russian Troops Blame U.S. HAARP Attack
  103. Bitcoin creator revealed!
  104. The Truth About "RT Host" Liz Wahl’s Resignation..!
  105. Testimony from Heather (Video)
  106. Nutrimedical Report - Dr Deagle Hour 3 - 03-10-2014 - Guest: Dr Ted Broer (About Flight MH370 )
  107. Hidden Fortress Discovered Beneath Alcatraz
  108. !!Check Your Utility Bill For Fraud From This New Scam!!
  109. Victoria in Australia makes protesting illegal
  110. Latest update: Oil rig worker believes he saw Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 go down
  111. Possible first hint about Bilderberg 2014 location?
  112. Farsight Planet 2014: Great Pyramid of Giza
  113. Malaysia recruits witch doctors to find missing Boeing passenger jet
  114. The Freeing Of Humanity
  115. RussiaToday Youtube channel suspended
  116. 231134421 part 2 BE READY?
  117. MH370: A Startlingly Simple Theory
  118. Moldova asks to join Russia
  119. Fred Phelps Meets His Maker
  120. Navy database tracks civilians' parking tickets, fender-benders, raising fears of domestic spying
  121. Gerald Celente: Banker Suicides the Prequel to Global Collapse..!
  122. YouTube Gives Government Agents "Super Flagging" Ability to Remove Videos and Channels.
  123. The Malaysian Airliner Is NOT Missing & Much More
  124. Facebook and Monsanto: Top Shareholders are "Identical"..!
  125. Looks like the people of Sandy Hook were bought off to keep quiet
  126. Stop the biggest mass execution this century (Petition)
  127. The re-set is coming...
  128. Turkish government blocks YouTube in desperation
  129. We Are The World, We Are The Childre (Blog post Beyond the Physical Realm)
  130. Budget Day 2014 and the Campaign to Reintroduce The Bradbury
  132. The Trial of Pope Francis
  133. Warning - Massive Outbreak - Dairy (Video)
  134. Fukushima: U.S. Class Action Lawsuit Against TEPCO - Part1 from Earthfiles
  135. URGENT: 5.0 in YELLOWSTONE !
  136. Moving global military dominance from the US to Asia
  137. Govt Paid Trolls
  138. ExoNews TV 2014 Trailer
  139. Sacred Matrix with Sasha and Janet Lessin guests ANDREW BASIAGO
  140. Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt - Is Wall Street Rigged?
  141. Crowds Flock to Basilica After Holy Grail Claim
  142. Shock-absorbing 'goo' discovered in bone
  143. Shooting at Fort Hood - 2nd April 2014
  144. Veterans Today- Secret surveillance
  145. Supreme Court struck ruling for the 1% to shop candidates for system of legalized bribery yesterday
  146. New Humanity Movement Conference Promo
  147. Man claims to have photographed Fairies
  148. New Humanity Movement Conference on 11th, 12th and 13th April 2014
  149. Spin and Lies - Less profitable for MSM
  150. Bases at bodenham manor april 27th 2014
  151. Benjamin Fulford, April 8 2014
  152. The enemies within - urgent message, please forward
  153. Bases at The Barge
  154. Support for Windows XP ends
  155. The death of celebrity Peaches Geldof
  156. Diego Garcia: Not just an Underwater base but a underwater city!
  157. Bases Update Fast Blast 011b
  158. Chemtrail corporate psy-op
  159. The OpenSSL bug "HeartBleed" - a serious web security issue (see Update in my Post #14)
  160. Mark Gorton - Wall Street Genius and Conspiracy Whistleblower?
  161. Laser Weapon System
  162. What's all this talk about "a Luciferian Philosophy Conspiracy??
  163. "The Beautiful Side of Evil": The Book That Saved My Life (Blog)
  164. [Solved] Do Android devices allow application installation without any kind of confirmation on the device?
  165. CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson resigned last month over "unprecedented ... influence on the media"
  166. Ohio Earthquakes Linked To Fracking (how shocking!@@), A First For Region
  167. What's really going on at the Bundy ranch in Nevada?
  168. Standing at the Red Sea! (Video)
  169. Jordan Maxwell Kickstarter Fundraiser (Video + links)
  170. choose a location on Mars to be photographed (Sky at night competition)
  171. Bases at The Barge Update 011c Mikkaal
  172. An email from Avaaz.org, it's the results of a poll
  173. Latest at the Bundy vs BLM standoff by Col Potter
  174. Children can now lodge complaints with the UN about violations of their rights
  175. Colonel Potter weighing in now in Bunkerville, NV
  176. Provable Predictions...seeing the future? [Steve Johnson New Horizons 2014]
  177. Why Facebook's banking aspirations have Canadian banks shaking in their boots
  178. Bases 36 Mikkaal Part One&Two
  179. Sheriff DeMeo of NYE County Nevada tells about how he handled the feds in the past
  180. The message remains the same: technology is from the head, oneness is from the heart
  181. First Round Case Summary - People vs Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby and others charged with global child trafficking and ritual murder
  182. Trigger happy cop who doesn't care about his victim
  183. Easter Proclamation Abolishes the Papacy!
  184. Women in California prisons being sterilized...
  185. NASA tries ending ISS live streaming after UFO docking incident (S02E04)
  186. U.S. intelligence chief bars unauthorized contacts with reporters on all intel-related matters
  187. YouTube : Something Very Strange Is Going On
  188. American Troops Have Arrived in Poland
  189. Putin's annual Q&A session 2014 (FULL VIDEO)
  190. Fukushima disaster: Tokyo hides truth...
  191. Mainstream Media in Germany Falsifies Article about Monday Demonstrations and the FED
  192. How to Discredited a whisleblower (Video)
  193. NY Judge in Largest Bankruptcy case in History Receives IRS & SEC Whistleblower Filing
  194. AmericasVoiceNow.org | Napolitano: All Federal Land Ownership Is "UNCONSTITUTIONAL"
  195. The Agenda Behind Project BLUE BEAM Revisited through J. Haines
  196. Mt. St. Helens - potential activity?
  197. Jesus Christ Not Crucified?
  198. The United States is BANKRUPT!!!
  199. Bases at the Barge
  201. May 4, 1970, Anniversary of the Kent State massacre,
  202. Empowerment now!
  203. 23 Million viewers and still counting - THRIVE the Movie
  204. Cosmic Truth with Madeleine Walker - Animal Communicator & Author (Video)
  205. UK Column News - 7th May 2014
  206. Acid-spewing beetles inspire new defense tactic for ATMs
  207. Killer robots to be debated at UN - BBC
  208. Petition to ban chemtrails in the UK
  209. Bentley: The People STAND
  210. Bring Back Our Girls !!! My 5 cents, what's yours?
  211. Ecuador/Colombia - Chiles Volcano possibly coming to life
  212. NASA Installs LITO Technologies' Innovative Perimeter Monitoring System
  213. Priesthood - Gods of Fire (Video)
  214. The End of the Bridge - Aleph/Tav (Video)
  215. What's happening with silverlegion.org?
  216. Signs Of Change The Past Month Or So 2014 (4) April/May
  217. Carlsbad fires...
  218. Piers Corbyn on the Myth of Man-Made Global Warming | Space News
  219. Dept of agriculture orders submachine guns with 30 round magazines
  220. My Dreams and visions of end times in America (Video)
  221. Cosmic Top Secret - Robert Bob Dean (Video)
  222. VIDEO: Cabalist Media Puppet, Rachael Maddow Makes a Mockery of Operation American Spring
  223. Too Classified to Publish: Bush Nuclear Piracy Exposed...by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, VT
  224. Thailand's military now officially in charge.
  225. We'll Find Alien Life in This Lifetime, Scientists Tell Congress
  226. Net Neutrality Rap News
  227. Will Pichincha or CotoPaxi be the next Ecuador erupting Volcanoes?
  228. UK MP's accept they need to regain public trust
  229. Child Sexual Abuse in Tibetan Monasteries
  230. Bases at AV5 Guy Taylor Raid on Bodenham Manor
  231. Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So 2014 (5) - May
  232. How The Government Will Steal Your Wealth
  233. 12-Year-Olds Accused Of Stabbing A Friend To Meet 'Slenderman'
  234. Red ice radio downloads
  235. Canada, New Brunswick, Shooting, 3 Dead Police
  236. NSA Can Bug Your Switched Off iPhone: Here Is How To Stop Them
  237. SATIRE: All of Vaticans wealth will be distributed to the poor of the world!
  238. GMO And Related Stuff
  239. DId we just prove the start of AIs?
  240. Naomi Wolf - The End of America revisited
  241. THE REALIST REPORT with John Friend
  242. Declassified report: Two nuclear bombs nearly wiped out North Carolina
  243. Do Islamic Fundamentalist "Terrorists" use English as their first language?
  244. Wider Insect Decline
  245. 13 aircraft disappear from radar??
  246. QEG Germany has achieved resonance
  247. CNN: Richard Rockefeller, great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, dies in plane crash
  248. Eric Williams: Sovereignty, Personal Freedom, and the Grand Jury
  249. Facebook down worldwide
  250. Here they go again... Illuminati in Denver Human Sacrifice Alert!!