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  1. US Military blocks Infowars.com
  2. CITY OF LONDON and Rothschilds behind the balkanization of the Middle East.
  3. Detroit appeals to UN for humanitarian assistance
  4. Americas increasing police state
  5. Would ET contact challenge religious faith?
  6. Two north and two south magnetic poles (vid)
  7. Lucifer Is NOT Satan. (Biblical Proof)
  8. 'Lost' in the Forest?
  9. UK Column Wireless - 27th June 2014
  10. Collective Consciousness
  11. EX French President under police custody
  12. Ebola Outbreak Spreading.
  13. Genetically Modified Corn Study Reveals Health Damage and Cover-up
  14. The glyphosate toxicity studies you're not allowed to see
  15. Is mass murder America's leagacy to the world
  16. Signs Of Change The Past Month Or So 2014 - June (6)
  17. Prince Philip: Is this the sickest man in the UK?
  18. Genocide, Our Crime of No Consequence: The Great Obfuscation Carries On – And some thoughts on what comes next
  19. Ballistic behavior over not getting her McNuggets!
  20. Soviet Era Giant Henge
  22. Micro chipping to become compulsory... of cource for the greater good... like hell...
  23. muslim-terrorists-are-paying-50000-to-sneak-across-us-southern-border
  24. John B Wells interview downloads (Barrie Trower, Jim Willie, Andy Basiago, and more),
  25. Data Emergency: Clear evidence Govt owned by corporations
  26. Living (and swimming) in Kansas may not be as safe as one may think
  27. BRICS Announce $100 Billion Reserve To Bypass Fed, Developed World Central Banks
  28. Murrieta Mutiny: Border Patrol will not obey unlawful orders
  29. Malaysian Plane MH17 shot down with over 295 on board. But by who?
  30. This world is insane
  31. BUSTED! 'Fresh Passports' Pulled From Truck at Flight MH17 Crash Site!
  32. The Real Reason "Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17" Was 'Shot Down' Over Ukraine!
  33. Neil Keenan Urgent Update - cabal moving fast. 240 metric tons of gold being stolen NOW.
  34. Surrender, Brooklyn: Mysterious White Flags Top Brooklyn Bridge
  35. Ron Paul Blames 'Malaysia Airlines Disaster' On US-Backed Overthrow..
  36. Malaysia Flight 17 Exposed! All The Evidence of A 'False Flag' Event!
  37. Israel Deliberately Targeting Children, Whole Families, Too Many Dead, Too Quickly to Count
  38. Jon Snow: Where our world 'leaders' have failed
  39. Letter from the Chicago Archbishop and a Response
  40. How to break Archon programming
  41. Netanyahu, "we need to prolong the massacre"
  42. West's Pushing On Ukraine Will Lead To Global Military Conflict - Joaquin
  43. VT - Has "Pricked An Open Wound"
  44. Even if a Million Gazans Die - Morris - Nothing Can Stop Israel
  45. The uncontrollable terrorist State of Israel
  46. Israel has gone mad..someone has to stop them!!
  47. EBOLA - A Manufactured Crisis in 2014, Dept of Defense Bio Weapon
  48. WoW! Mysterious Lake Appears In The Middle of Tunisian Desert!
  49. Interview with Helen McLibel
  50. Complicity In Genocide! Russia Slams US Collaboration With Ukraine National Guard!
  51. Barry King needs healing now
  52. Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio has passed
  53. Russell Brand accuses Sean Hannity of fueling prejudice against the Palestinians
  55. Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out
  56. Coast 2 Coast interview with David Wilcock 7-31-14 plus new Update
  57. News crew from Saratoga threatened with arrest for filming near fema camp area
  58. US Resupplies Israel with more weapons!
  59. Related to BRICs and the preferred projected view of a cabal held "information" source
  60. Santos Bonacci speaks after court - exposes entire legal fraud to news
  61. Iraq Crisis: Islamic State Threaten to 'Raise the Flag of Allah in the White House'
  62. Home of the brave, Land of The Free
  63. Signs Of Change July/August 2014 - Concerns Of Uncertainty
  64. Joan Rivers Obama Tom Watson and Jedi knights of the west
  65. "They" Are Up To Something
  66. Russian Navy 'Forces US Submarine Out' of Arctic Boundary Waters!
  67. Exposed! Genocidal Leader of the UN, Ban Ki-moon!
  68. Mark of the Beast! Coming Sooner Than You Think!
  69. World is on fire: US UK to send aid
  70. The world isn't working
  71. Mayhem in Missouri Breaks Out
  72. A Secret American Civil War
  73. Full-Dr. Cordero: US Judges Rogue - 99.82% complaints dismissed; US Justice Sotomayor hides assets
  74. Oooops... Trouble in Paradise...
  75. Asbestos Pushed In Asia As Product For The Poor
  76. Peter Jukes - hacking
  77. Woman Has Nearly $41,000 Stolen at Airport by Government Thugs
  78. VIDEO - Missouri news crew GASSED & ROBBED of equipment by police at gunpoint!
  79. Final Answer (Wings of Prophecy)
  80. Missouri teen shot dead after jaywalking; witnesses say with hands in the air
  81. Asking for thoughts and prayers
  82. Common Law Jury ruling press release video
  83. Student arrested and suspended for writing about shooting neighbor's dinasaur
  84. Earth sometimes called Crying a lot
  85. Wisdom council
  86. Humans Need Not Apply
  87. Space Observing System (Schumann resonances)
  88. BioEngineering - the potentials of brewing Opium using Yeasts (Stanford College Project)
  89. More documents released Cdc Whistleblower Dr William Thompson
  90. F-15 goes down just outside of DC
  91. David Wilcock comments on Fulford's latest Update from 8/26/14
  92. 2,160 Year Astrological Alignment Marks The End Of Patriarchy
  93. Brain Eating Amoeba Alert in one Louisiana Water supply
  94. Had they simply been mis-informed, or.. something else - Ebola IS MUTATING at a rapid rate
  95. Max Igan with Lisa M Harrison at BOOM Festival 2014 Portugal
  96. UK Threat Level raised to SEVERE
  97. Valuable Info Worth Noting - You NEED To "C" This...Pass It Around
  98. Teacher Fired, committed to psych hosp for questioning Sandy Hook official story
  99. Biblical Swarm! 'Millions of Locust' Descend Upon Madagascar's Capital!
  100. Independent Ukraine Is A Crimean War 2.0 - Sheikh Imran Hosein
  101. Cuban Missile Crisis And Indonesia The Untold Story - Sheikh Imran Hosein
  102. Divine Cunning Will Not Allow a Khalifa to be Restored - Sheikh Imran Hosein
  103. Last Days Prophecies BRICS Volcanoes & Gold - Sheikh Imran Hosein
  104. Muslim Brotherhood's Foolish Shortsightedness - Sheikh Imran Hosein - The constitution divided Egypt
  105. Stopping the Epidemic NOW is possible - practically ZERO COST too !
  106. Israel makes a new expansion
  107. All the conker trees are dying
  108. The Time Is Ripe For A False-Flag Attack On American Soil
  109. The Ministry of Truth
  110. Branded a racist at 7 years old.
  111. Xenon, Argon Banned for Athletes. Is Krypton Next?
  112. New Dr. Jim Willie interview video
  113. Top level intelligence people call B.S. on Russian invasion
  114. Tony Blair Philanthropist Man of the Year
  115. Military Intervention being discussed to stop the spread..
  116. A message to the people of Scotland
  117. Welcome to Calais and land of the heartless
  118. Texas Border Farmers Tell About What We're Not Being Told About "Illegal" Activities And DHS
  119. Scottish Independence YES!! ahead in polls
  120. SPEAKING OF SASQUATCH - Episode 6
  121. "New" Respiratory Virus Rocks US Midwest, Targets Children - CNN
  122. ET contactee show - Ray Kosulandich, & Katerina Edwards Roy Sun, Sep 7, 2014 11:00PM UTC
  123. OMFG!! Osborne breaks election purdah laws..#indyref
  124. Royal Baby:5 families same wealth poorest 12M
  125. Video - Scientists Map Laniakea For The First Time Showing The Position Of The Milky Way
  126. Scottish Independence will be won by a landslide
  127. Scotland rejects Cameron Miliband and Clegg
  128. 3 stooges 3 patsies on their way to Scotland
  129. This is your time Scotland
  130. Australian Govt. sends out "FALSE-FLAG" WARNING..!
  131. The British Establishment is hanging by a "Bawhair"
  132. People of Scotland- please vote No... I mean YES!
  133. Conspiracy: The Mystery Mid-West Illness
  134. Obama orders U.S. airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State
  135. Scotland..people v bankers/westminster RBS tactics are a disgrace
  136. Light Bending Magnetic Field
  137. Found it - The latest Simon Parkes interview via YouTube
  138. Owen Jones: Scottish Independence Establishment War machine
  139. How An American F-16 Pilot Was Given A Kamikaze Mission On Sept. 11
  140. EV-D68 Illness: Fruit Of MMR + Polio + Flu Vaccines
  141. Which country is the most educated in the world?
  142. OMFG!! Police called on UKGov+No.10
  143. This is it Scotland this is everything!!!
  144. Scottish Independence or Scotland In Dependence? - Geneva Business Insider
  145. $100,000,000 Annually LOST by Trade Sanctions
  146. Jim Stone's latest 9-15-14
  147. Ken O'Keffe PressTV Interview - Syria The War of Deception
  148. Ancient High Performance Electric Motors Discovered….That Are Still In Production!
  149. INDONESIA: APE MAN creature shot down in Borneo jungle
  150. Final Humiliation: UK Gov pledge/beg to keep Scottish resources
  151. State Dept shreds Benghazi evidence
  152. SR #305 - ICE Flies Illegals With No ID
  153. "Mainstream" Science Creates "Solid Light"
  154. Bill Gates developing the "DEATH-SEX" Condom..!
  155. Where Attention goes focus goes!!!
  156. Boom! Proof 'scotland independence vote' was rigged!
  157. Police Probe Scotland Independence 'Voter Fraud' Allegations!
  158. No surrender to "fear over hope"
  159. The philosophy of going nowhere
  160. Mindfullness Therapy/Meditation Contrindicated?
  161. Westminster lies to Scotland shocker!!!
  162. Scotland ..cheated and lied to by Westmonster
  163. Ted Cruz's message
  164. Lamestream Medias in Violation of FCC Regulations!
  165. The Georgia Guidestones have been updated w/ 2014
  166. “ISIL completely fabricated enemy by USA”, former CIA Contractor
  167. Putin sends Warplanes - To the western coast of Alaska
  168. Missing 3 Year old William Tyrell from Kendall Australia
  169. Sweeping new anti-terror laws to be introduced to Parliament on Wednesday will give ASIO the power to kill suspects
  170. Best video on UK Party politics democracy ever!!!!!!
  171. US Congress - The 'End is Nigh' for Obama's (CRIMINAL CABAL)...!!!
  172. Rockefellers sell all fossil fuel investments and switch to clean energy $50 billion
  173. CHEMTRAIL and FLUORIDE link!
  174. Scotland proved Westminster a cesspit of lies+corruption
  175. Had MH-370 Been Sent Into A Portal By ET's? Satellite Images May Have Caught This In Action?
  176. Intel Which Summarizes All We Have Been Working Towards- Be Prepared
  177. Question: How 'Obama' together with the 'MSM' Cover-Up the 'CRIMES' of Eric Holder..?
  178. UNBELIEVABLE DRACONIAN - Spy laws passed in Australian Senate: ASIO given 'New Powers'..!!!
  179. Sting Confronted on Saying Obama Came From God.
  180. Calls for Revote in Scotland Vote Fraud Case
  181. FAITH IN REASON with Richard Dawkins
  182. Rumor Mill News "attacked": All Posts and Archives Deleted
  183. The pure utter madness of War
  184. True face of World at War with Itself
  185. World War 3 has already begun
  186. James Traficant Passes away, Sept 27, 2014
  187. Russia at U.N. Accuses U.S. Allies of Bossing World Around
  188. War is a lie..bombs don't make the world safe
  189. Tory Party loathsome self serving heartless and cruel carpe
  190. Electric Sparks Shape Lunar Surface
  191. 400,000 yr Old Skeleton Reveals Alien DNA
  192. CDC Warns Universities to Prepare for Ebola Pandemic
  193. What is the Pentagon’s secret space drone doing?
  194. BT Broadband is **** 2014 update
  195. Report of Racketeering and Other Crimes Obstructing Courts in Kansas and Western Missouri
  196. Duncan O’Finioan Interview: Falling Darkness – Part 1
  197. Signs Of Change Aug/Sept 2014 | Flood Of Extremes
  198. Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned -by Preston James
  199. Russia Orders Obama To Disclose ET Info "Or We Will"
  200. Anyone in the World want to hold the Olympics? NO
  201. US could topple my government, kill me: Argentina's Kirchner
  202. Governments seize colloidal silver being used to treat Ebola patients, says advocate
  203. Ironically Funny - Cameron's Conference Rap
  204. Tory Party: we literally hate the poor/class war
  205. Cameron speaks for corporations to nation subdued
  206. They Live We Sleep
  207. The Goldman Sachs Secret Tapes Interview
  208. When These People Go Into Hiding, It Is Time to Pay Attention
  209. Tories David Cameron Boris Johnson Public enemies No.1
  210. Prophetic Msgs: The Time Has Come and The King is Coming (Video)
  211. The City of London Corporation: the beginning of the revelations
  212. When False Flags Don't Fly
  213. What would you grow in a lab if you had the choice?
  214. Space Experts Discuss the Search for Life in the Universe at NASA
  215. The Depopulation Agenda? , no need ! (Good News)
  216. Nick Clegg "I am not sorry" speech
  217. The middle east..even if you thought you knew the truth
  218. America Narrowly Avoided Fukushima Event
  219. David Wilcock Responds To Ben Fulford's Latest Post 10-6-14
  220. The World is in crisis..it's hanging by a thread
  221. A letter to God
  222. Ken O'Keefe Decimates NWO Shill On Press TV
  223. US Dollar's Unsustainable Fruad
  224. EBOLA HOAX: Only First Few Cases Were Real - No Pictures from This Outbreak
  225. Are Human Beings Robots? | Interview with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake
  226. China Just Overtook The USA As The World's Largest Economy!
  227. It's Official - 'Lost in Space’ TV Reboot in Development
  228. There is a prayer request for Obama on this radio show (Important!!)
  229. Largactyl shuffle Cooltan Arts
  230. NHS Nurses begging Westmonster for 1%?? Payrise in the rain
  231. MIPIM massive Govt corruption public assets
  232. Carrie Reichardt Angola3 Zulu prison
  233. Thoughtful Graffiti in Oxford
  234. The Wheel is Turning...Why and How and Where?
  235. Putin Warns of "Nuclear Power Consequences" If Attempts to Blackmail Russia Don't Stop!
  236. Elon Musk: We'll Have Driverless Cars by 2023
  237. NBC’s Ebola Victim’s Has Strange Connection to Obamacare and CFR
  238. Donald Trump goes to 'War' with Russell Brand..!
  239. Gaza UKIP compassionate Tories media lies televise (chunkymark, the artist taxi driver)
  240. Yousef Gaza (chunkymark, the artist taxi driver)
  241. Britain needs a pay rise (chunkymark, the artist taxi driver)
  242. Occupy democracy (chunkymark, the artist taxi driver)
  243. X-37B: Conspiracy theories surround top-secret space plane mystery
  244. An open letter to Bill Ryan, Mods and members
  245. Parliament isn't Working #occupydemocracy (chunkymark, the artist taxi driver)
  246. Ebola tested on Humans
  247. Bloody Bull of Ebola - Truthiracy
  248. Ole Dammegard: Ebola-"news" psyops; CDC-CIA proprietary; Bilderbergers-JFK kill; 911; EbolaGate
  249. Rogue Element Within The Intelligence World
  250. Occupy is the revolution..kind hearted people (chunkymark, the artist taxi driver)