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  1. What do you do now?
  2. Jim Humble
  3. ALL WAR is a RACKET
  4. I dunno... what DOES it mean to dolphins?
  5. So, do you " Get It ".....
  6. The Matrix and the U.S. Constitution...
  7. I know it's a dog eat dog world out there...
  8. Fly With The Blue Angels
  9. Onions...
  10. Tucson, Arizona, to get to get the New F-35
  11. Another aeroplane dream
  12. Graham Hanconck C2C - Ancient History "just a fairy tale"
  13. Paranormal Creatures!
  14. What your local Police are using to protect your Neighborhood...
  15. Post your ET dreams
  16. What is your perception...?
  17. What Does the Word PSYCHOLOGY MEAN? ....
  18. The Secret A-12 Spy Plane Unveiled at CIA Headquarters....
  19. The Chilbolton Event
  20. TOP GUN ... engage your soul ;)
  21. Now's the time for dirty tricks...
  22. The Eye of a Storm
  23. Hill of Tara
  24. The Mystery of the Cumberland Spaceman
  25. Getting WISE About Nemesis
  26. The Bloop: A Mysterious Sound from the Deep Ocean
  27. What is a "warrior of truth"
  28. what happened
  29. Dual Torus, Galaxies, Wormholes, 2D, 3D.
  30. Society Patterns
  31. A surreal dream I had
  32. scratches, odd cuts found on my body
  33. Jesus Christ May Not Have Died on Cross
  34. lets play
  35. Record Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere Puzzles Scientists
  36. When the real insiders are worried, there must be something wrong.
  37. Black Parents Shocked to Give Birth to White Baby Girl
  38. Ive had some really intense dreams
  39. How much do you know about the universe... Black Holes... Watch this video....
  40. What America with a Collapsing Empire, Looks Like...
  41. Economics Orientation
  42. Dollars for Gold
  43. A prophetic dream (Disease hitting the meat food supply)
  44. * * * THE CORPORATE SHELL GAME - And How It Works ... * * *
  45. Lacerta - one of those !
  46. Insights, anyone? dream interpretation
  47. Hyper-inflation in America article
  48. Huge towers in our solar system
  49. Just to be clear....
  50. Voice2Skull or overactive imagination?: U.S/Israel War
  51. Dream Connection to the move Skyline?
  52. A question about dreaming
  53. Could We be Nearing an End of a Wikiera?
  54. Is it some kind of satanic curse?
  55. CEO of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer unexpectedly resigns
  56. South America entering the Fray
  57. Is there an explanation for this sensation?
  58. Patents for chem trails found???????
  59. The Internet: Can The Gov Shut It Down? YES!
  60. Thought-Provoking Dream
  61. another very interesting dream...
  62. Victoria's premier aims to abolish suspended sentences (Australian news)
  63. Sinister Sites
  64. The Stargate of Aramu Muru, in Peru
  65. 120* Arcs at 4 Continental Centers
  66. "The Matrix", usage and history of the term
  67. A recurring dream that i have
  68. Are blue-eyed boys and girls more brilliant?.
  69. Black light/frequency ...
  70. Radiation Worms
  71. vortex based maths - Randy Powell
  72. Has Anyone Else ever really paid attention to this Van Halen song?
  73. 2011 - A Trigger Year
  74. Federal Aviation Advisory Brunswick Georgia
  75. How does my experience fit into the scheme of things?
  76. Division the oldest and best trick in the book!
  77. Forums: Are they Self-validation and psychotherapy?
  78. The Number 222
  79. Question regarding an Alien dream and spinal fluid
  80. New 2012 twist and shout
  81. I had a very vivid dream over the weekend.
  82. Born with a Tail/looking for answers
  83. Same dream but different
  84. Heather etc.
  85. A strange experience I had...
  86. Tricks used to fall asleep when I was very young ... now seem very odd
  87. Numerous new ghost cities in China....
  88. WTF SOHO - Can someone please explain this to me!
  89. Sleep Warriors 'R' Us.
  90. Japan cuts short whaling season
  91. the urgency of importance
  92. Poll for Blood Types: -ve or +ve
  93. World's Deadliest Towns- Man-Eating Elephant
  94. Lets talk about Miracles
  95. What's up with the moon...?
  96. Pine Gap - Australias Area 51? and other insider informaton
  97. FEMA RFT for 420 million meals - stock piling
  98. What would it mean.. to be killed on a universal scale?
  99. A looming sense of anticipation...
  100. Lights in my eyes, what does it mean?
  101. Mini Humans
  102. Saddam Hussein's last poem mentions the planet Saturn, why?
  103. Very Disturbing [Jay Weidner - Sacred Mysteries video (removed)]
  104. Eye on Atlanta--Who's who on Planet earth?--1 of 5
  105. Why do we search?
  106. Upsetting childhood phenomenon - any insights?
  107. Was there more than one Ron Hubbard?
  108. Phone calls
  109. David Bowie's lyrics
  110. What's wrong with that picture?
  111. What's a "nugget?"
  113. Avalon members petition drive to bring disclosure
  114. 5.8m Israelis get $100bn from US while US states are falling apart
  115. weird ad on reuters
  116. Popular, nerd or fat
  117. City of London is legally separate from the UK
  118. My Dreams & Pops of Light and Shadows? Please help
  119. Android technology
  120. Fatima Today - Sun Anomaly
  121. Melbourne NOW
  122. Non-response to (emotional) propaganda in Movies
  123. The Symbol -
  124. Fallen Angels
  125. NWO Coin unveiled at G8
  126. SPIRIT STONES - A fascinating story of an extraordinary phenomenon
  127. BODY, SPIRIT vs Aliens
  128. Reversable negativity
  129. EXTREMISM....What does it mean.?..
  130. There will be no apocalypse
  131. The Real Revolution
  132. Project Avalon and Camelot logo.
  133. Interpretation melancholy hill
  134. Nesara= Unavoidable?
  135. Alum Crystals? what does it do
  136. Odd vision issue. Any rational explanations?
  137. Scott Onslott - Secrets In Plane Site
  138. Encounters with reptilians/strange beings in dreams
  139. Not Funny
  140. Just When You Thought Everything In Life Made Sense
  141. Clones/Cloning
  142. Philosophy : The Guide to Happiness
  143. Wands of Horus - its technology, Seeking for more information
  144. Disney's Club 33
  145. New American Socialism
  146. Calling all Governmental Intelligence Agency Witnesses, Workers and Whistleblowers:
  147. what´s the real function of "chills"?
  148. another contact with extra-dimensional beings
  149. White Orb
  150. organic portals
  151. meditation becoming stronger
  152. Suggestions of research material: is there more to life beyond this physical being
  153. Music in dreams, does it happen to you to and what does it mean?
  154. Are we ready to change the World ?
  155. Sinkholes, the punched through kind
  156. New Internet 2
  157. Mass Extinction Easier to Trigger Than Thought
  158. Last night i met my first Alien in a dream.
  159. I just want to know the truth and now I'm confused
  160. Breaking the Wheel
  161. What´s happening with creativity?
  162. Lucid Numbers Dream
  163. Sweating during the night
  164. Strange sensation
  165. Patterns in Dreams and Current Dream
  166. The Train Crash Coincidence
  167. Russian Scientist: UFO Crashed Into Meteorite to Save Earth
  168. What Do You See, When You Close Your Eyes??
  169. connection between your name and yourself
  170. Falling Asleep the Last Few Days
  171. The Enigmatic Solid State Gravity Box
  172. Perfect Storm - The England Riots Documentary
  173. Meme stuck in my head
  174. Illuminati Countdown
  175. Anyone know what this is?
  176. Plain & Simple Truth
  177. Help to decipher a strange logo
  178. Pay Heed - When the China Bubble Bursts
  179. Would you like to share your ancestry?
  180. What significance does this phrase have for you?
  181. Afterlife .......... the FILM...........
  182. Horses In My Front Yard????
  183. Will the Real Candidate Please Leave the Room
  184. Days Months years and minutes : SIREM IDEAS :
  185. Hidden in full sight or am I paranoid
  186. Bank of America Plans $5 Debit Card Fee
  187. Federal Government Will Begin Regulating the Intenet on November 20, 2011
  188. The Silly Hat is ON..!!
  189. Documentary: Philosophy and the Matrix(movie)
  190. The True meaning of the 2012 Galactic Alignment
  191. 10-16-18-25-42- 20 & 5-10-11-26-33-- 28 _ US POWERBALL&_Megamillions
  192. The Skinwalker Ranch
  193. Huge treasure trove discovered under southern Indian Hindu temple
  194. What drives fear mongering and doom & gloom propaganda?
  195. Let's stay out of the raging river....
  196. The chess of the little angels
  197. The Impossible Alternative: What Comes After Money
  198. Atoms to Universe, pattern of nature, and consciousness.
  199. I am not yet born
  200. The Dyatlov Pass Incident
  201. I had a Midday Dream of the Sun
  202. Robin Copeland, 46, Energy Department official
  203. Love.. do I need it?
  204. Facebook
  205. Levi's Private Blog for Free, a once off...
  206. Revo-Looshin'
  207. Crazy Weather Happening in Scotland Today
  208. How to spell MASON
  209. I feel so bad :(
  210. Dream message - wang ging (or jing?) qi
  211. Daughters of the Pheonix Rising
  212. Reptilian News Reporters, Garbled Speech Explained Serene Branson etc.
  213. How to Levitate Stones (Coral Castle)
  214. Occupy Psychopaths
  215. cant stop having this dream about blood
  216. How bout them spaceballs!
  217. Mysterious Sights
  218. Significance of a full moon on your birthday?
  219. Dreamtime Healing - Using Holographic Kinetics
  220. 1.618 Phi, The Golden Ratio, God Creator of Heaven and Earth..
  221. Third Eye Colorama
  222. Unusual child in China has blue 'cat's eyes' and can see in the dark
  223. Power of Hypnosis and Free Will
  224. security callout fee issue...
  225. BBC Supernatural 'Raining Fish!' — Video
  226. Jubilee 2012/ forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors
  227. A shift taking place?
  228. Way Of The Infinite Explorer by Neil Kramer
  229. Historic origin of the Green Man
  230. Forgiveness
  231. What is the meaning of this symbol ?
  232. Bizarre experience several years ago.
  233. Like a well worn glove - Disillusionment
  234. Creepy dream this morning.
  235. Sarcophagus Central
  236. This Higher dimension business............
  237. ION INSPIRED ART Sheila Kern-Artist-Art of a New Alchemy.....On James Martinez....
  238. Are the pets in are lives evolving
  239. Anybody know what these symbols mean?
  240. This appeared OUTSIDE my friend's fourth-story window today???
  241. DNA in the AIR!?
  242. If a picture = a thousand words and a symbol = a thousand pictures ...
  243. Interesting dream this morning / "Blood and Air"
  244. From plasma crystals and helical structures towards inorganic living matter
  245. Chinese army on US border with Mexico
  246. Curious Case of Criminal Last Names
  247. What does the World Bank ~ Dartmouth College And a frat house have in common...
  248. Quakes HAARPed on Scientology Holidays & Christian Holy Days
  249. Nostradamus and the Great Earthquake of May 20, 2012
  250. History of religion in a nutshell...