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  1. Are we different from ten months ago?
  2. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly....
  3. Calling for Energetic Help for ECETI Ranch
  4. Here is how the Greeks are handling the financial crisis :)
  5. Celebrate the Magnificent & Radiant Life of Flowers!
  6. Flow: For Love of Water
  7. End: Civ Resist or Die
  8. What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire
  9. Full Disclosure: Would YOU believe it?
  10. I met Sheena at the Drug Store.........
  11. Investing in silver
  12. MICHELE BACHMANN outlines her campaign strategy
  13. Evidence Of Chernobyl Genetic Mutation Passed Down To Future Generations
  14. Energy flows where attention goes
  15. Mental Self Help
  16. See what happend to this child...NATO & Rebels Crimes in Sirt
  17. Siberian region 'confirms Yeti exists'
  18. Immortal Technique speaks out at Occupy Wall Street
  19. Case Orange: Chemtrails Fully Exposed
  20. Greetings Avalonians!
  21. The Horror, The Horror
  22. Open season on predators
  23. Slavoj Žižek speaks at Occupy Wall Street
  24. How lucky are we to live here?!
  25. US ties Iran to (Illuminati?) plot to assassinate Saudi diplomat
  26. Project Bluebeam: LG Optimus Hyper Facade In Berlin!
  27. Navy’s Distinctly UFO-Like X-47B War Drone Makes First Flight in Cruise Mode
  28. Contagion (the movie) - yet another slap on the face of the Alternative Media
  29. Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race (March 2010)
  30. Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street
  31. The Return of the Sacred Feminine
  32. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Zetas Special
  33. Truth, Changes, & Origins
  34. The Occupy Movement.
  35. 2012 - Choice Point - The Movie
  36. Lying Scientists
  37. Does anyone know any good builders?
  38. Why don't you use your powers.??
  39. Interesting 9/11 lawsuit info
  40. Anger and emotions.....
  41. Why so many false predictions?
  42. Why I Joined The Forum and...
  43. Met a mischievous psychic yesterday...
  44. The Story of One
  45. Face to Face with Annie Machon
  46. Cities of he Underworld - Maya Underground
  47. The New Nazi Bell
  48. How's this for a conspiracy: Blackberry, Steve Jobs, doppelganger and Tech Wet Dreams
  49. IT sounded like a half dozen B-2 flew over!
  50. Co-creating our reality - Learning from others
  51. End the Great GMO Cover-up: Demand Labeling NOW..!
  52. is this happening to you too
  53. London meeting before Stock Exchange protest......?
  54. Free Energy?! No way in hell!
  55. Free Energy: Transition plans for Earth
  56. The Greatest Scam on Earth
  57. "Break on through.. to the other side"
  58. Is the 'Global Economic crisis' just a poor attempt to disrupt consciousness shift?
  59. Confused about Ascension?
  60. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Spiritual leader Deepak Chopra vs Caltech physicist
  61. Siberia claims to find evidence of yeti
  62. ION and assension update..
  63. I talked to George Noory Last night.
  64. Aliens or Demons.
  65. Occupy Sydney
  66. Time traveller !!!
  67. Shasta ~ A New Star is Born!
  68. BREAKING: OCCUPY WINS! Bloomberg backs down!
  69. Feds: States Have *NO* Rights!!!
  70. Are you ACTING AS IF?
  71. We fabricated drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas, former dete
  72. Avalon Membership growth rate?
  73. I Want The "E Ticket"
  74. Secrets Of The Ancient Vimana Flying Crafts
  75. A Strange Sunrise Over Argentina Has NASA Baffled
  76. Can our minds be manipulated this easily
  77. A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy
  78. Well earned rest
  79. Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and beyond is currently in production for release next
  80. Looking for someone very good at math, and well versed in astronomy, & estimation
  81. House Bill Would Criminalize Satire of TSA
  82. FYI: Why Do - 70% of Doctors & Nurses Avoid Flu Vaccines..?
  83. The Meaning of "Austerity" & How it Affects YOU..?
  84. On 14 May, 1988 a Puerto Rican man abducted by aliens Told About Meteor Hitting Earth
  85. The Living Dead
  86. Why have trees and plants never evolved
  87. The moment haunted house visitors encounter the scariest sight of all... their own
  88. People's Revolutions are FAKED!...(don't be dummies)....
  89. Advice sought (Is the Awakening real?)
  90. Koch Industries EXPOSED: Koch Cancer Plant of Georgia
  91. I dont think Religion should be discounted....
  92. Dissolving the Fear Matrix Through Self Empowerment ~ Joe Weaver
  93. Foot in the Mouth
  94. Weekly LightBlast: Knowing Divinity ~ Jamye Price
  95. Nature’s Colors With The World’s Greatest Music
  96. An Experiance at Awake & Aware ...2011
  97. UNGRIP, inspirational movie
  98. Dylan Ratigan (rightfully) loses it on air
  99. Temporary London Accomodation Needed by Single Woman
  100. What is your "Big Picture"?
  101. Remember the 5th of November
  102. Space travel: Returning from the moon
  103. Book Claims Hitler 'Died In Argentina'
  104. Kerry interviews James Martinez
  105. Money matters............!?
  106. Anxiety and Worry- How to get rid??
  107. Are you a Trickster?
  108. The Core
  109. Dangerous Knowledge (Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics)
  110. Dying To Have Known
  111. Any Changes In Your Body?
  112. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Bible Prophecy
  113. A Personal Revelation
  114. The Four Aspects of Experience and their Application
  115. Is there a Creator of our Consciousness?
  116. First Spaceport Opens Is A Giant Leap For Branson
  117. Huge Lake in Chile Disappears Overnight
  119. The Taos Hum
  120. Some Excellent ‘Words of Wisdom & Insight’ from Bill Ryan on (TPTW)..!
  121. Miracles and Other Psychic Phenomena
  122. Fairy!?! Pretty kewl
  123. Planet Earth: Amazing nature scenery
  124. Tonight on Coast to Coast/ Erich von Däniken,
  125. Mckinnon Betreyal
  126. 300k Babies Stolen By Catholic Priests In Spain
  127. The problem with blanket Anti-Semitism
  128. simple
  129. Lord's Prayer in original Aramaic
  130. I wouldn't normaly ask this from the community but.........
  131. All Live Streams in The World
  132. Intervention Theory By Lloyd Pye
  133. What are you planning for oct 28?
  134. Occupy wall st and so on flat hierarchy
  135. Anyone in the UK going to the ...........
  136. 40 Trillion & Ticking:
  137. "Transcendent Man" Movie on Netflix
  138. Why Eckhart Tolle isn't a member of Avalon ?
  139. OCCUPY - Dig This Legal Info
  140. Earthlings
  141. Discovery Atlas: India Revealed
  142. War in the USA - US Senator, Bernie Sanders
  143. Computer program to reveal who wrote the bible
  144. I dont think the aliens will come when we are in the 3d world?
  145. Circle of Concern - Circle of Influence - Circle of Control
  146. Psychics wanna play?
  147. URBAN SHAMANISM (part 1)
  148. Portuguese army to take sides!
  149. Starting to sound like a science fiction movie
  150. Message To Humanity: The Time is Now - The Revolution Is Coming!
  151. Gaddafi Captured
  152. Police kills 49 animals released from a private zoo
  153. Libya & Gaddafi - The Truth you are not supposed to know
  154. ‘No Food Rights’ Judge Quits to Work for Monsanto Law Firm
  155. Will this induce fear?
  156. Extreme Prejudice - CIA Whistle Blower Susan Lindauer PDX 911Truth
  157. Seeing Stars
  158. All British people read.
  159. Off The Grid
  160. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Crystal Skulls Special
  161. MIT Researchers Develop Device That Sees Through Walls
  162. UFOs, Chemtrails and Ravens, Oh My!
  163. The nature of racism (and other "isms")
  164. A Bad Sitcom Predicted Gaddafi's Death in '87
  165. The Age of Transitions (full length documentary)
  166. Lost Lightning: The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla
  167. 'The Real 4400' UFO-Contactees & Abductees Worldwide
  168. Internet Forums: Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control...
  169. I am done.
  170. Something Extraordinary at Occupy SD
  171. Sighting the Unseen: Transparent UFOs and Transformation Optics Oct 18th in UFO Pheno
  172. Tonight on Coast to Coast
  173. The CATCH-PHRASE Management Thread
  174. Meditation Centres?
  175. Can anybody help?
  176. The Unconscious Assassin: Derren Brown
  177. 2Pac - Changes
  178. Official NASA HD footage 'Nasa Anomalies' part of Ancient Moon Ruins?
  179. Masonic Hand-Sign Obsessions in new Duck Sauce Barbra Streisand Music video?
  180. Project Avalon Banner
  181. Sports-My view
  182. (Canary Islands) Alert : El Hierro Volcano Magma May Be Moving, Rising! October 21, 2
  183. Drain the Ocean
  184. Why in the world was "If Women Ruled the World" thread closed?
  185. Homeland Security training for law enforcement
  186. A New Convert To David And A Question
  187. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Ghosts & Spirits
  188. 12-Year Old Music Prodigy
  189. URBAN SHAMANISM (part 2)
  190. CIA Mind control Techniques......
  191. Children Full Of Life-Please look at this.
  192. CIA and Drugs
  193. Mohammad Mansouryar on Faster-Than-Light Travel
  194. Chile volcanic photos and a question
  195. New OWS Protest Song We Are the 99% - EndTheFed Corrupt Fiat Money Ponzi Scheme!
  196. One degree matters — Full movie
  197. Brazil - An Inconvenient History
  198. Who is Peter Joseph
  199. Police Brutality - getting involved
  200. Thousands of dead birds to be removed from Ontario shore
  201. Tonight on Coast to Coast/ Visionary Experiences & Sci-Fi
  202. How will this end???????
  203. All is not lost: Inner peace versus outward struggle
  204. The dog
  205. British hidden history
  206. Hotmail and viruses
  207. Things are looking good.
  208. We are one.
  209. Our Infinite Potential, A Story
  210. I think that first contact by aliens might be a plot by the illuminati.
  211. Atlantis
  212. Do you think we will wake up one morning and will have ascended?
  213. Libya-real journalism
  214. Rapidly Inflating Volcano Creates Growing Mystery - 6.000m high in Bolivia
  215. Why are you here, what are you searching for?
  216. Lets get together - for members living in Cyprus
  217. Jim Jones/Georgi Stankov
  218. Revelation of the Pyramids
  219. Do You Know What Time It Is
  220. Fuel
  221. San Francisco in 1906
  222. Will You Help "Shut It Down" On Oct. 28th?
  223. Occupy Revolution Education RonPaul2012Revolt +New Big ESM EuroFed Scam!
  224. Awake & Aware 2011 videos
  225. Planet-size UFO "shooting laser" near the Sun
  226. Were the moon landings hoaxed during the cold war
  227. Extraordinary People: The Million Dollar Mind Reader
  228. Can't believe what I heard on CNN this morning.
  229. Health Warning: The risks of soya
  230. Avalon members, The Future of a movement!
  231. Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not
  232. Bio-weapon on civilian populace as doomsday event looms?
  233. Mysterious 'Copiale Cipher' Cracked After 300 Years, 18th Century Secret Society
  234. I hope your all Crazy!!!!!!!!
  235. Is It Real
  236. Kymatica
  237. Remote Viewing an Abduction: Searching for Christina White
  238. Mindshock Transplanting Memories Taking over Habits of a Stranger? Spiritual Paradigm
  239. A masterpiece on the Hypocrisy
  240. Mandatory Vaccines 1983 vs 2010
  241. UNESCO posted Drill for Tsunami????
  242. 100,000 to Die at the London Olympics ??
  243. The most weird Deja Vu experience
  244. KGB Agent tells you what the illusion is
  245. Who wants to live forever ?
  246. Updated and finished version of a theory I posted a while ago, hope you like
  247. Female teachers: Pema Chodron
  248. Richard Feynman: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
  249. Find the Beauty - Share the Beauty
  250. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Spirit Consultations