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  1. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Spirit Consultations
  2. prince knew about osama in 1998 ?
  3. Alfred Lambremont Webre, J.D., M.Ed. Latest Videos
  4. Intense and controversial
  5. How to Spot Psychopaths: Speech Patterns Give Them Away
  6. The Pope is losing his grip!!!
  7. I found this to be so beautiful, that had tears in my eyes.
  8. For those who do not know - Windmakers - I find it somewhat very logical
  9. "Comfortably Numb" _ Newbe here, Is there a prayer line on this forum?
  10. The Moneylending Con
  11. I want to go home....
  12. how many are hypocrites?
  13. Introduction to intervention - lloyd pye
  14. Mass Alien Abduction Experiment In Los Angeles
  15. Naked Science: Man Made Disasters
  16. Intentionally misleading title!!!!! OMG
  17. Through the Wormhole: Is There an Edge to the Universe?
  18. A 1st Person, True, Ghost Story Thread
  19. Peter Schiff Occupies Wall Street
  20. Peace be with us all on the last day of the ninth wave and forever more
  21. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Occult & Predictions/ Internet
  22. Earth is not revolving around the Sun!
  23. Fibers falling from the sky (chem webs?)
  24. Insomniacs-Middle of the night game
  25. Occupy Wall St. Kitchen Reportedly Set to Cut Back Meals Because of Freeloaders
  26. pearltrees
  27. Well, it's the 28th?
  28. Constellation Birthmarks....
  29. Muammar Gaddafi - The Truth & Libyan Coup - The Truth!
  30. Alien Base Found At Chinese Pyramid
  31. Police Brutality Oakland is an Act of Terror can Trigger Civil War! says Gordon Duff
  32. Need some help with a fluoridation theory.
  33. Military Vets Won Their Disputes fighting Korean Riot Police!
  34. Red night aurora bursts
  35. A Forgotten Day
  36. How did you opt out of the system on the 28th?
  37. Magnetic Storm
  38. One Voice
  39. The Big Bang Machine
  40. 10/28/11 -Begin Creating The Reality You Want To Experience
  41. Time: Chronos vs. Kairos Time
  42. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Satanism & Black Magic
  43. The Silent Revolution of Truth ."Billy" Eduard Albert Meier
  44. “Something Is Coming”
  45. Wanted to share these 2 videos with you all, Hope you like
  46. I hate facbook - what am I doing wrong?
  47. The history of EVP
  48. Sky Noise Phenomena Continues Into October - Latest Examples
  49. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tsunamis
  50. OWS a front to get us into Martial Law?
  51. Sally Morgan challenged to prove her psychic powers on Halloween
  52. Sort of off the grid request....Don't really know where to post...
  53. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Unexplained Crime Stories
  54. Drunvalo with Lilou: Update about Mayan Codecs, Crystal Skulls Journey, Reptilians...
  55. 1000 New Mayan Codices Found and are Being Analyzed by the Maya
  56. Nasal Chakra Awakening
  57. The Australian Light Horse at Beersheba, October 31, 1917
  58. Tiger: Spy in the Jungle
  59. A quote from Orwell
  60. Anyone felt possessed lately? Something to do with a Past life?
  61. 12 Reasons Why TSA Scanners are Bad Unsafe Unreliable Expensive Unjust Criminal
  62. King Arthur - Is It Real
  63. Billy Meier interview 3rd July 2011
  64. Tools of influence by the individual that have actually worked.
  65. Older German Cars
  66. An Invite from Steve Beckow
  67. "Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow." Steve Jobs' last words, with his family surrounding him
  68. History is repeating itself-The bankers manifesto-
  69. Hoaglands take on YU55 Nov 9th onwards...
  70. Various '7 billionth' babies celebrated worldwide
  71. The Poltergeist
  72. Carly's Voice, Changing the world of autism
  74. Stolen priceless historical artifacts
  75. Home
  76. Tribal Wives
  77. Occupy My Tear Gas You Will EXPOSED! Get the word out. These are staged !
  78. Is it better to just NOT know things?
  79. Wise beyond his years
  80. Within a hair of Bigfoot
  81. Tonight on Ghost to Ghost
  82. I Smell A Big Rat!!!
  83. Any one got a map
  84. The Illusionist uses misdirection
  85. Media bias in covering OWS vs Tea Party
  86. Ron Milione on the Philadelphia Experiment
  87. Movie/TV and Disclosure.
  88. Imagining the Tenth Dimension
  89. are you one of Nikola Tesla's ambassadors
  90. Heyókȟa
  91. Avebury and The Tower of the Winds in Athens, Greece. Stargate?
  92. When I saw this ‘Killer’ Asteroid article it Reminded me of the X Factor Intro..!
  93. Oct.28th-Where I just happened to find myself being given answers-
  94. Virtual Reality in Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX
  95. Group seeks global currency to replace each nation's financial system Read more: Nex
  96. World Wide Invasion, the NWO
  97. DW next incarnation ... have at it
  98. The Reptilian Pact
  99. John Lennon
  100. Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human Genome - BBC Horizon
  101. From zero to one hundreth
  102. Relief from some energetic symptoms
  103. Today's status update from Dalai Lama
  104. Max Igan Trust Law, Equity, Birth Certificate and Simple Human Kindness
  105. They Want Us DEAD! Genocide Outlined!
  106. Gadzooks! Exclamation Marks! Raise the threat level to Midnight!
  107. Tremors in Lancashire, uk
  108. The Revolution Will Not Be Pasteurized
  109. Disturbing video on our changing bodies.
  110. Hypo real estate bank accounting error – 55.5 billion euros found
  111. The Corporation of the City of London
  112. Experts — Unthinkable Poised to Happen on Wall Street
  113. Chernobyl Heart
  114. Natural World: A Farm for the Future
  115. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Is Israel getting ready to attack Iran
  116. Earth Vs. Flying Saucers With Cloudbusters
  117. Unity in Knowledge and Determination!
  118. The time could be running out for them...
  119. Am I colour blind or there was something going on??
  120. FREE ENERGY: Invention Secrecy Still Going Strong
  121. WORLD COLLAPSE 2011 This is How are GOVERNMENT got us into DEBT
  122. Railroad Found on Mars?
  123. Strange feelings
  124. ROMAN has left...
  125. Super wi-fi routers everywhere... safe or not??
  126. Scientific Study to Prove Earth is Alive
  127. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Searching for Atlantis
  128. Philosophical question that I would like to share
  129. Losing Hope, And distaste for Human Life.
  130. Anonymous Group's Message to Child Beating Judge William Adams
  131. Satan!!!! Exposed!
  132. Light + Dark = All = LOVE
  133. Using a Ouija Board
  134. 333?
  135. Slug thing in my garden
  136. Out of Body during semi sleep state + unbelievable coincidence!
  137. 11/9/11 Rebooting the Internet after Emergency Broadcast
  138. What Does China Want From Euro Bailout Deal
  139. Are you having a bad day ?
  140. A universal declaration of resistance to mandatory vaccinations
  141. Does a Machine/Spaceship like this orbit the Earth?
  142. Was Jesus a mushroom?
  143. How to prepare for 2012
  144. Who stole the "A" note? And why?
  145. What does it mean to be Honourable
  146. Where do I begin my search, my journey?
  147. WWIII, forgone conclusion?
  148. So that is what is happening on 11/11/11
  149. Wake Up World: The (Euro) was 'Designed to Fail' to bring in 1 World ECurrency..!
  150. Two unhappy cats
  151. Find the Key
  152. Is there such a thing as Evil? Is this live a grand play? or test?
  153. Jamie Maussan; Creature of Metepec; Mexico UFOS (video)
  154. first heavy chemtrail event in my area
  155. The impact of the film Move your money !
  156. Love, Appreciation and Gratitude are Keys to Fifth-Dimensional Realities ~ DL Zeta 
  157. A spirit having a human experience ??????
  158. Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies
  159. A lesson on 'Planet Earth'
  160. Records show Boy Scouts Knowingly Failed to Report Abuser
  161. 5th November
  162. Jesse ... you go man ....
  163. Is anyone else having their mind blown by Nassim Haramein?
  164. Premonition of Death?
  165. USA - Destruction from Within
  166. No Alien Visits or UFO Coverups, White House Says
  167. Illuminating Angels and Demons
  168. Seeking a thread in Legal style on Proof from evidence of Alien Existence
  169. Dutchsinse Youtube Channel Taken Down!!!!!
  170. Anunnaki, Monoatomic Gold and the NWO - a Primer
  171. What is religion for you?
  172. Calling all Lawyers!!!!
  173. Something kewl happened....
  174. Secret Bible
  175. (Sloppy)National Geographic debunking of the Crystal Sculls
  176. Strange symptoms ... planned poisoning
  177. What Made You Happy Today?
  178. (Debate Heats Up!) Monsanto GM 'Freak Foods' Threaten Our Health And Planet..!
  179. Sean David Morton
  180. UN Lies Created China's One-Child (Infanticide) Policy
  181. Messiah revealed?
  182. Your music! And mine...
  183. Free Energy... Visualize It
  184. Easy solution to worldwide financial crisis
  185. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Alex Jones
  186. 5 Terrible Ideas That Solved Huge Global Problems
  187. Stalking the wild Pendulum
  188. Prayers for The Animal Kingdom
  189. A journey beyond belief!
  190. Armed Avalonians?
  191. Eating Gaia????
  192. More than duality.
  193. Coffee: Good or Bad for Us? The Verdict is IN...
  194. Living Bridge
  195. The Way of Wyrd.Anglo Saxon Shamanism
  196. Berlusconi To Resign After Budget Vote
  197. George Noory and Coast to Coast
  198. No Western Government Has Ever Claimed The Power To Do This, Not even Hitler
  199. Hold on to the Earth - Survival Information
  200. In regards "Was Jesus a mushroom" ...
  201. What's So Special About 11-11-11..?
  202. Significance of Multiple 11's
  203. Dark Rift
  204. And YU55 passed peacefully away....!
  205. Color of our names - why it is the one it is
  206. Expressing Gratitude to Avalonians - Praise Thread
  207. Nice speech by Charlie Chaplin :)
  208. Excellent article on Pravda about the BIG 4 who control everything
  209. James Gilliland: YU55 and Agendas
  210. Benjamin Fulford's latest as of 8th November 2011.
  211. All the money and wealth means nothing if we lose sight of who we truly are.
  212. Noah’s Flood
  213. Read this one without crying, I dare you
  214. "The Gherkin", London
  215. WE are the Three Days of Darkness
  216. The Greatest Speech Ever Made
  217. IMAGINE - A Young Man's Dream
  218. Kakaram
  219. None of it is real
  220. Tonight on Coast to Coast/ Mysterious Creatures
  221. Shock Value... is it needed?
  222. 11/11/11 One Last Thing
  223. Disclosure Won't Happen Until After False Flag
  224. Facebook has 'Stolen' my (SOUL)..!
  225. "Puzziling structures" found on YU55
  226. Defamation
  227. Letter to Mr Cameron (Prime Minister UK)
  228. Trying to get an understanding....
  229. "I Am A Fishead" (2011 Sept 11): A Review
  230. Future List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events
  231. (Canary Islands) El Hierro Now Has World Alert System Notification For Eruption : 11/
  232. Tibet's cry for help
  233. Kind of new - Just so you know me a bit better...
  234. Everything is Upside Down!
  235. Rothschild-owned Central Banks
  236. Penn State Debacle
  237. The Art & Science of Manifestation: How Do Dreams Become Reality?
  238. Blue Kachina ?
  239. Taking the First Step
  240. Global Meditation 11.11.11
  241. "Live simply so other people can simply live"
  242. Talking To One's Past Self
  243. Reality ... What is real ?
  244. Do you feel safe now
  245. Blue Star Kachina??
  246. IMPORTANT 11.11.11 energy update
  247. Sometimes we can learn a lot from animals!
  248. The Control Paradigm Workshop, Perth, Western Nuggetland
  249. USA Obituary
  250. Creating a New Paradigm