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  1. I think I may have entered an altered time line.
  2. The only Mainstream News site worthy of watching
  3. Amazon belongs to Brazil - More US propaganda to steal the Amazon forest
  4. StarworksUSA Glen Rose Texas 2012
  5. The Three Degrees of Truth Perception...
  6. Veggies live longer and look great...
  7. Should we vote to keep or ban a member ?
  8. Strike and protests today in the U.K
  9. Night Of The Lion
  10. Alien Insect: Praying Mantis
  11. Are Dyson Using Free Energy
  12. Zombies are real?
  13. One of the greatest posts on youtube so far!
  14. A Spirit of Peace!
  15. Central banks move to support global financial system
  16. Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
  17. My UFO encounter
  18. 999 - So what IS the significance(or symbolism) of the number 9 anyway?
  19. Radio program on consciousness and politics
  20. Another lie about libya ?
  21. Get Ready For A New Human Species
  22. Thinking Outside the Box
  23. EX0MATRlXTV Reviewing Lyrics New Truther Music called 'Control' by PhantomSociety
  24. Russian Space Defense Troops launched
  25. I've got a hangover woohoo
  26. Man arrested by Hadron Colloider from the future !!
  27. The Face Parade
  28. Ring of Power: Empire of the City-Full Length Documentary
  29. Financial Professionals Sounding The Alarm, Economic Disaster Is Coming
  30. Latest Pyramid Discovery - Java
  31. Canada's Worst handyman
  32. Simon Kimbangu and Simeon Toko, African Avatars
  33. Meet the world's heaviest insect!!
  34. Question about forum moderation
  35. Are We Receiving Help From ETs?
  36. Another great tunnel system in China proved
  37. Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior
  38. Assange on mass surveillance: 'You are all screwed!'
  39. Indefinite Detention’ Bill Passes Senate 93-7
  40. We, humans, are amazing beings indeed...
  41. Is it possible to access memories when you meditating?
  42. New Extraordinary Claims Of A Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough In Australia
  43. Great meditating sounds
  44. Masters Of Camouflage
  45. Study (Proves) Fluoride Brain Damage..!
  46. Mayan Tablet (Does Not Predict) End of the World in 2012, says expert..!
  47. Latest form Dutchsinse
  48. we need this guy for president
  49. Jagman signing off!
  50. Americans Comfortably Numb on the Highway to Economic Collapse
  51. Manufacturing in Excess
  52. ***INTEL UPDATE*** 30 Days to Showtime
  53. Priest says Hell is an invention of the church to control people with fear
  54. Brad Meltzer's Decoded - Secret Presidential Codes
  55. Hitler's Escape
  56. Mitchell Coombes: Does he really have access to insider info?
  57. Merry Christmas Everyone
  58. Opening your printing horizon, and saving big bucks.
  59. Emergency prayer request
  60. Moon secrets (in German)
  61. Digital Christmas Story
  62. Fracking
  63. Secrets of the Star Disc
  64. Un-Fooling Ourselves
  65. Be!
  66. Fate vs Free Will
  67. Silance broken!
  68. Dutchsinse spells it out ... give it a listen.
  69. Did You Know? Mayan pyramid in Tabasco, Mexico, has possible Roman links
  70. Cave diving in Mexico 2011
  71. Alternative to Gmail
  72. Facebook under privacy watch for 20 years, Zuckerberg: we've made a bunch of mistakes
  73. Hall of Records Location Discovery
  74. End Civ - End Civilisation - Resist or Die
  75. George W. Bush cancels visit to Swiss charity gala over fears he could be arrested
  76. Bruce Sterling Closes the 2011 A+E Conference
  77. Living Free in an Unfree World: Stefan Molyneux
  78. We are not slaves, we are share croppers.
  79. Request to you with healing abilities - urgently needed help
  80. Is German Chancellor Angela Merkel the daughter of Adolf Hitler?
  81. ... one Avalon
  82. In marshmallows we trust!
  83. The House Without Limits
  84. Re-Incarnation ! Is it really a done deal? Watch this and you decide.. :)
  85. "Calm down......, its only a commercial"
  86. How is being awake going to help us in the long run?
  87. Ray Mears - Northern Wilderness
  88. The PTB/W are clearly scared sh*tless
  89. Would you pay for something that doesn't work??
  90. Identifying mysterious ingredients
  91. 85-Year-Old Grandmother Says She Was Strip Searched at JFK Airport
  92. Alex on C2c talking about National Defense Aurthorization Act
  93. What spirit will you show?
  94. Unity not Occupy or Tea Party
  95. Need info about a Microwave / Telecoms mast, please
  96. Fireball/Meteor Over The Moon: 12-4-11 Japan
  97. Zip-Line Bulldog
  98. Remember me tomorrow in thoughts and prayers...
  99. Crop Circles....who dunnit?
  100. 45 Powerful Images of 2011
  101. Its the Corporations & Their (THINK TANKS) Who are (DESTROYING) our World..!
  102. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg becomes a Victim of (Privacy) Glitch..!
  103. Ark of Covenant 'To Be Revealed' After Leaking Roof In Ethiopian Chapel
  104. RMorgan´s thread
  105. Bringing a species back from the dead
  106. (Word Magik) The Freeman and Strawman Explained (Who Owns What & Whom)..?
  107. The future feels strange?
  108. The Periodic table and unknown elements
  109. Cloaked ship revealed by Solar Flare?
  110. Flyboard - Flying Surfboard
  111. M.A.S.H. Harry Morgan dies at 96
  112. Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World
  113. Secrets of the Parthenon
  114. Prayers Please
  115. Immortal Jellyfish
  116. We have what we have created.
  117. (sarcasm: ) 2011 Metatron is coming!
  118. The New World Order is finally breaking down
  119. NWO seeks to divert us from the truth that Love is all
  120. Gaia
  121. Some Millionaires Made A Video And This Is What They Said
  122. The Truth About Hair and Why Indians Would Keep Their Hair Long
  123. The greatest lie in government
  124. Ex-China (Foreign Ministry Official) says (Extraterrestrials) Live Among Us..!
  125. Iran intercepts a RQ-170 sentinel from USA
  126. 12/07/2011 Kerry's very special guest tonight was Alfred Lambremont Webre
  127. 1789 volunteers needed. Dec 18th
  128. Debt and Democracy, the relationship.
  129. Fusioneer
  130. Gamers could be war criminals, Red Cross says
  131. Tip: National Guard Unit Stands Down After ‘Firing on Americans’ Questionnaire
  132. Change For a Dollar..............
  133. Pearl Harbor photos left in camera for 70 years
  134. What are you?
  135. Medjugorje Deception or Miracle?
  136. Time Travelers
  137. DNA cross section photo
  138. Avalonians we are all needed to join in
  139. The Danger of "Electronic" News
  140. The original purpose of the Avalon Forum
  141. OK to call someone EVIL, but not Nugget
  142. Eclipse Tomorrow
  143. FOX News caught using fake video of riots in Russia
  144. The call to release Nikola Tesla's Research
  145. John Lear quote.......
  146. Recipe for a better world
  147. Darkness Matters – Twisted But True
  148. Raves and mind control
  149. FE included in David Childerly's "Occupy Your Secret Wealth" video
  150. Ann Barnhardt on the MF Global collapse.........and her warning...........
  151. Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody)
  152. Which country's debt is 1000% of GDP?
  153. Could This Be Evidence of the Brown Dwarf
  154. Visual Proof of what's wrong in America
  155. Im questioning the idea of ownership
  156. Survey
  157. Strange sounds and shaking in NC
  158. Life Has A Way of Reminding You of What is Important
  159. Evidence Of Lost Continent Of Mu Found
  160. What A Wonderful World - David Attenborough
  161. Crafts
  162. Is Solar Activety Interferring with Communications--or is it just me?
  163. John Corzine Spills His Guts to Alex Jones
  164. Waking up!
  165. Message to the People ~ Knowledge is Power ~ Unity is Strength
  166. Using Climate Politics to Establish NWO Banking Strangleholds
  167. Is Project Camelot becoming obsolete??
  168. Amazing video. Andrew Faust - Permaculture - Occupy the Economy
  169. ...about the 'Welcome page'
  170. Discovering Who You Are
  171. One Tin Soldier
  172. Video: Truck Runs 100 % On Water - Lets Do It World Free Energy. Obama Opposes
  173. Misuse of authority
  174. Pentagon provides military grade weapons to local police
  175. Thank You Bill
  176. Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?
  177. Are you helping?
  178. Current Solomon Islands Giant Expedition
  179. Open Minds...
  180. Video of Stephenville UFO sighting 2010.
  181. At last a practical way to save the world.
  182. What the Human Seeks
  183. Semjase's Beamship During a Demonstration Flight
  184. Speculative, Esoteric Metaphysics
  185. Global What?!?
  186. New acronym for the ndaa
  187. Taxation by Citation.................
  188. The Chosen Criminal Elite
  189. 'How to Get Expelled': Climate Sceptic Recruits Kids...
  190. The Transformation of Our DNA Is Leading Us to Universal Truths
  191. How do people really see us?
  192. Fireball
  193. What is your most positive experience in 2011?
  194. Why is Inelia on this home page?
  195. Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ...
  196. Ending Weather Prediction
  197. December's 'Miracle Gateway' Ushers Love, Blessings and Accelerated Manifestation
  198. How to conduct yourself in police custody in the UK.
  199. Do you have an iPhone or HTC or smartphone? ...you might want to watch this
  200. Why is privacy important?
  201. Ancestors
  202. Dr Scott McQuate
  203. The Government and the Greys
  204. The Universe: "Ascension vs Knowing" - What's the Difference & What is it Really..?
  205. Life is a Stage!
  206. Utilize your Infinite Potential to create
  207. MUST SEE!!! NEW Ancient Mayan artifacts found!
  208. Self-flagellation thread!
  209. The Divine Feminine
  210. Does voting effect change or do the so called elite get what they want each time?
  211. Achieving democracy in forums
  212. Request for healing energy
  213. Newt gingrich
  214. Something weird about Max Keiser...
  215. Here's what you can do to change the world
  216. Scientists: Our DNA ~ Humans Are Mutating As We Speak!
  217. Rise of The Phoenix
  218. Warning - Blue Gold and Water Rights
  219. I just graduated college
  220. Brad Meltzers Decoded
  221. Dutchsinse is "going out of business". :(
  222. A serious question about Gold.......
  223. Inelia Benz 12/12/11, interview & video
  224. LASCO c3 Now.. What is That?!
  225. Indefinite detention bill passes in Senate
  226. Dutchsinse - Taking a break?
  227. The deadliest virus ever created by man
  228. Writer Christopher Hitchens dead at 62
  229. Common Purpose...see how they run!
  230. A big wet seasonal kiss to you all!
  231. Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried
  232. Silent Sound weapons digital TV
  233. 33 proven conspiracies
  234. I just wanted to say
  235. 40 Brave Soldiers for Christ
  236. Cosmic Journeys: When Will Time End ?
  237. Message to the e.t
  238. http://www.ufo-contact.com/
  239. Q&A with Duncan and Miranda - The Council, Souls and Psychic Self Defense
  240. 2001 Giants With A Dinosaur/Mind Blowing Eyewitness Account
  241. War with the fourth dimensional Orion-Greys and Draco-Reptilians is over.
  242. is this really a comet?
  243. Internet Wish List
  244. Quantum Language by Judge: David Wynn Miller
  245. Want do you want to create... Positive or negative?
  246. Welcome Confirmation
  247. Answers of an alien from andromeda
  248. Death Threats vs Boredom
  249. Earth Friendly Homes and More - Designs of the future
  250. Its snowing on google