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  1. Something Good ~ From Something Bad
  2. Is there an importan messaged buried within COLDPLAY MYLO Xyloto - I think YES!!!
  3. Individual Sovereignty, Harmful What Some Share
  4. A Precise Picture of Our Predicament
  5. The need for recognition
  6. Fox Pundit Says Women In The Military Should ‘Expect’ To Be Raped..???
  7. The time for ACTION is now!
  8. Gaak ... coming to friendly skies near you ...
  9. NDAA - Rhode Island Rebelling? More States to follow? New American Revolution?
  10. Project camelot: Skynet : Ai, nanotech & the terminator
  11. Parenting. Should it be this frustrating and stressful?
  12. Sympathy For Average Joe, Skeptics and non-believers
  13. A Very Sad Time
  14. A Cancer Treatment/'cure' for Charles (and others) to look at
  15. The Higher They Climb The Harder They Fall ~ Spacemuffin ~ February 15, 2012
  16. F16 in dogfight with UFOs?
  17. Pre-2012, What's the point to everything right now?
  18. Triangle UFO Over Bolivia During Thunder Storm, Looks like a TR-3B, Video Jan 17,2011
  19. Nightstalkers and Black Helicopters
  20. Welcome to Earth - Universal Time-Lapse
  21. Hidden places
  22. Please Help! This #Anonymous friend needs our advice and support
  23. Robert Redford ...sod the oil barons and bring on clean energy...
  24. Disclosure Daily Mail ... President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens.
  25. Exposed how prevalent paedophilia, sacrifice and rituals among the Reptilian Elite
  26. More truth revealed by bill wood (bill brockbrader)
  27. Drs. firing patients for rejection vaccines
  28. Swiss to launch a space "janitor'
  29. Free Energy
  30. The man behind the curtain.
  31. Hey made a video about the NDAA bill
  32. 37 communities vote to end flouridation
  33. Is kerrys interview down again?
  34. My name is Borden
  35. Greek Myths ?
  36. My name is Clif High...
  37. YouTube Is Deleting Thousands Of Subscribers And MORE!
  38. John Kettler interview by Project Camelot
  39. GMO food and the CANDIDA epidemic
  40. Tonglen for Pila, WhiteCrowBlackDeer, and Avalon
  41. Anonymous ILLUMINATI VIDEO
  42. TOPIC: ***Bill Brockbrader (Wood) NEW E-MAIL SENT TO ME TODAY!*** *
  43. Death bed confessions that you have to hear!
  44. Would be bomber arrested in DC
  45. Cat Owners Beware.......
  46. I'm Confused About Law of Attraction..?
  47. Weekly Intel Drop
  48. The Social Conditioning Ride
  49. weird glow in the sky
  50. US and Congress consultant admits official ET contact
  51. More Bailouts Now Hidden Via Postal Hike(s)
  52. Hair from CHINA is in our bread- GROSS
  53. ghost or an angel or something else
  54. Incredible human looking robot!!
  55. good internet talk radio stations?
  56. The next solar eclipse
  57. Questions for John Kettler
  58. Revealed: The Occult Obsessions of 'Britain's Greatest Scientist' Sir Isaac Newton
  59. We should all move to Iceland...
  60. Jay Weidner: Smoking Out The Monster
  61. Do You or a Loved One Suffer from Red-Pill-Itis? There May be Help...
  62. Top 10 Places You Aren’t Allowed To Visit
  63. Saying You're Awake Means You're Not
  64. Where can I find? Frequently Updated Satellite Imagery?
  65. This Morning on UFOs Feb 9th 2012
  66. Disk shaped UFO over UK, Feb. 2012, analyzed & enhanced
  67. Satoyama I Japans Secret Watergarden
  68. I found one awake!!
  69. An Excellent Article On Bill Brockbrader (Woods) By Randy Maugans
  70. Atacama City on Flood Alert After Unusual Desert Rains
  71. Become your own Discloser Project
  72. Worlds First Test Tube Hamburger- : O
  73. Weekly Reality Update
  74. A bad birdwatchers view on unity
  75. Santos Bonacci guest speaker at Melbourne Avalon meeting 6-March-2012
  76. POOF Report February 19 - The Change Has Come
  77. The Largest Sea Evacuation in History ... !
  78. Internet vulnerability: surviving a DNS attack.
  79. Massive Bank and High Profile Resignations Across the World
  80. A March 31st deadline has been delivered to the committee of 300 by kauilapele
  81. Decorah Bald Eagle Webcam
  82. Whitney Houston's death and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual
  83. words from a gifted 5 year old
  84. What role will China play in Extraterrestrial Disclosure?
  85. The End Result of 2012?
  86. oh oh! did we really do that?
  87. Paleo Diet
  88. Is this a ChemTrail?
  89. Tonight on Coast to Coast/ Genetic Manipulation & Prophecy / John Glenn
  90. Learning now from environmentalism's failures
  91. Build your own YOUTUBE File
  92. Benevolent Or Malevolent, Who Is Who In The Great Abyss
  93. Nanny State mimicks life online or is it life online mimicks the Nanny State?
  94. Bases 13 John Urwin Part 1 Ver 002.f4v
  95. Extraterrestrials: China Releases Moon Footage Of Alien Bases
  96. Consequences Of A War With Iran
  97. What if Jesus Would Have Had an Agent?
  98. The most glorious time sequence of a planetary cycle...now.
  99. Why Pacifists Should Support Private Gun Ownership
  100. The Power of Now - Love and Relationships
  101. Amazing pilot "Touch" on hulu and fox
  102. Pop singer Chris Brown tweets ALEX COLLIER VIDEO.
  103. Buchanan Unplugged ...
  104. Enough ... at what point do we finally say ENOUGH!!!
  105. The Future is Better Than You Think
  106. NWO Dismantling Here Begins Tonight! John Kettler.
  107. Miracles of nature!!
  108. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Earth Changes & Safe Havens
  109. Fugates of Kentucky: Skin Bluer than Lake Louise
  110. Corrupt Banking at the highest levels..
  111. Extreme Engineering Tunneling Under The Alps
  112. The Lightbringers: The Emissaries of Jahbulon
  113. This is why i haven't been on lately
  114. Did anyone else notice a shift today?
  115. Buddha and their meaning
  116. Former CIA Boss Says Iran Will Attack Statue of Liberty
  117. Are you a Strawman? a.k.a MR JOHN DOE
  118. The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi
  119. Ron Paul's VP choice???
  120. Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles: An Extraordinary Connection
  121. Happy Birthday Bill
  122. Meritocracy Vs Dumbocracy
  123. Ruins 96 Years Einstein Relativity
  124. (SP)OIL executive son's powerful testimony last week...
  125. self evolving machines
  126. "IRAN IS NOT MAKING NUKES"...Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff
  127. A bad birdwatchers view on Texan fireworks
  128. 3 Reasons Why You Need to Reconnect with the Earth
  129. We are a great race of intelligent Bio spices.
  130. Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine
  131. Brain fart of the day :)
  132. Disclosure
  134. OMG New Movie John Carter uses music from truth films
  135. NSA voices concern over power grid attack.
  136. NASA Discovers new type of planet.
  137. Occupy Area 51!
  138. Crop Circle reveals massive Earthquakes in March.
  139. Free planet
  140. The ending of time by j. Krishnamurti & dr. David bohm
  141. Monsanto: Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning + 300k US Farmers Prepare Lawsuit
  142. Head of DEA: "CIA are drug smugglers"! Afghan drugs bring $50 billion/year
  143. FBI Coax Muslim Into Bombing US Capitol + Top US Fabricated Attacks
  144. The effects of long-term use of anti-depressants - horrendous
  145. Another nauseating example of fascism gone mad
  146. False Flag February 24th -The Kids Are Already Dead, Slain By NATO Death Squads
  147. Inspirational Stories... Boosting Your Spirits
  148. Social Conditioning & The Georgia Guidestones & the new Heresy.
  149. On PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder [everyone has it])
  150. He says Peak Oil is a Hoax !
  151. The Secret behind “The Secret”..?
  152. NASA Admits Strange Fireballs This Month… Compilation Video – Feb. 2012
  153. Symphony of Science
  154. Accountability Hold On To Your Hats! The Dominoes Are Falling and Falling and Falling
  155. Greece...111 tons of Gold about to be wiped off??
  156. How we forget
  157. Timeline Creation Experiments: What News Headlines do you WANT to see?
  158. One Man's Wilderness (Alone in the Wilderness)
  159. Our membership is growing
  160. Chemtrails and Depopulation – An Insider Speaks Out..! (Stale fear porn)
  161. interesting Astrology video for March 2012
  162. James Martinez ...A Fire side Chat...18th feb...New solutions...
  163. The Shift in Consciousness - Expanding the Human Experience
  164. Listen to the animals
  165. Project 10:10:10 – Pill or Perception?
  166. The Oiling of America - Saturated/monounsaturated/ polyunsaturated fats & Statins
  167. The Psychological War Against Us.
  168. Good Things in the World!
  169. Landslide in Brazil (can you believe this?)
  170. The Pale Blue Dot
  171. I have started to notice something is missing...
  172. Blue People of Old
  173. credulous fake spirituality and blank denial
  174. ET Disclosure_The Phil Schneider legacy
  175. What comes next, I must do alone- FINAL POST
  176. 2/20/12 John Lear Interview with Patrick Timpone
  177. There is no moon in the sky.
  178. Movement "I DON'T PAY" is spreading across Europe (english subs)
  179. New White Hats Report #37
  180. Request to Review Process on Channeled Message Threads
  181. Entities appear in video.
  182. Have FUN
  183. More from Duncan and Miranda
  184. Message From Sa~Ni~Ti
  185. Do I come from mars????
  186. Have you thought about your food today?
  187. Video of Two Jet Fighters Escorting UFO
  188. John Kettler 1st Interview Transcript Now Online
  189. PETA Killed 95% Of Dogs, Cats In Its Care Last Year..!
  190. Kerry's public message to Light Workers who serve the dark
  191. So, I had this dream where I awoke in a dark room.
  192. American Kabuki ~ 81 Resignations ~ Musings on the Finite Statist Machine
  193. Uncanny vatican anomalies.
  194. Reel Wisdom Lessons From 40 Films In 7 Minutes
  195. Whistleblower speaks against Galactic Federation
  196. Magnetic Pole Reversal Starting To Happen?
  197. Interview with 108 year old Alice Herz Sommer
  198. Memory is changed based on the time (and various other factors) of recolection
  199. Check out this new website
  200. Tonight on Coast to Coast/ Secrets of Giza
  201. My Fear
  202. Singing Bowls - Safe for Meditation Novices?
  203. David Talbott - Seeking The Third Story
  204. Architects of Control Program One - Mass Control & Future of Mankind
  205. Remote Viewing Weaponized
  206. Interview with Dr. Michael Mau, Ph. D.
  207. Submarine "Lawn Darts"
  208. "Back To Mars" Slips By 2 NASA Officials
  209. Proof of ETs in our past may finally hit the public if Lloyd Pye is correct
  210. Is it channeling; is it telepathic (was: Submarine "Lawn Darts")
  211. The Enigmatic Walter Russell
  212. just need a quick hand
  213. Alien Seed
  214. Brockbrader in interview now with Randy Maugans on wolf spirit talking about KC
  215. Perspectives on being a Singularity.
  216. Timeline 3, Pod People are Victorious!
  217. 10 Shocking Myths Often Believed To Be True
  218. I'm Under Arrest For WHAT? Fifty Bizarre U.S. Laws
  219. Geithner Is A Criminal!
  220. Predictions And Prophesies Or Are They
  221. Why the GFL offer NO PROOF
  222. Nassim Haramein: Fraud or Sage?
  223. Open source Bible
  224. Andrew Breitbart dies at 43 of natural causes??? (had threatened to expose Obama)
  225. Middle school girls hoops player benched for a game for saying ‘I love you’ in native
  226. Lucifer means Light Bringer in Latin, and Jesus not an emissary for War God.
  227. Corporate Media Officially Stops Covering Paul Campaign
  228. Israeli Officials Call for Starving Millions of Iranians
  229. (relatively) safe browsing tips
  230. Tonight on Coast to Coast/ Neil deGrasse Tyson
  231. My youtube watch list has been completely erased
  232. What Role Will Extraterrestrials Play In Humanity's Future?
  233. Feds raid concert venue
  234. Social Norm And The Standard Of Craziness
  235. A pill to forget, Is this what the greys use to block our memories?
  236. Former Canadian Minister Talks About Importance Of UFO Disclosure To Get Free Energy.
  237. How to increase your psychic/intuitive abilities by up to 400%
  238. America's name may have derived from the Peruvian Amaruca: Land of the Plumed Serpent
  239. Facebook has been accessing and reading the personal text messages
  240. Paul Hellyer: What do UFOs have to do with Saving the Planet?
  241. Chinese UFO "Up Close"; Uploaded Feb 27 -- debunk, or vet?
  242. Zbigniew Brzezinski's book BETWEEN TWO AGES.
  243. Threatened
  244. Making A Point Via Example Of Sovereign Movements Failing
  245. Solving The equation?
  246. The Standard Of Craziness Continued
  247. Why Earth Is Not Orbiting The Sun As We Are Taught
  248. A Canadian Concern? Inferring that Freemen are a kind of radical terrorist
  249. List of CIA-induced heart attack/cancer assassination methods revealed
  250. Avalon Souls United