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  1. Big Pharma & the Australian Govts 'Little Secret' - Shoosh..!
  2. The Meritocracy Manifesto~The New World Order Up For Discussion
  3. Is WWF just a fraud?
  4. Fallen Angels, Demons, Aliens
  5. Rick Santorum for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination endorsment!!!
  6. Tonight on Coast to Coast/ Cosmology & Creation
  7. Jiddu Krishnamurti
  8. Strange ringing in ears?
  9. Brown Rice 'n' Beans, Not Required
  10. Who's Behind the "GREEN" Mask..?
  11. You don't belong here
  12. Gamma Alpha Waves
  13. Bob Dean meets the GF
  14. Moscow skyscraper is on fire
  15. Whitley Strieber interviewed by Randy Maugans plus RANT with Dave Corso
  16. The GREEN energy scam !
  17. Goodbye my Brother and Sisters
  18. American citizens: Become aware, then prepare!
  19. New World Order explained by themselves
  20. Goodbye Avalon
  21. December 21, 2012 and the 11:11 Phenomenon
  22. John Taylor Gatto book free online
  23. It's all about whats in your heart...
  24. Request for Camera options, extreme documentation and research
  25. No! I'm not going anywhere!
  26. I Wouldn’t Chastise a Toddler for Trying on New Hats
  27. Green fascism move is a desperation act by the globalists
  28. Google Art Project
  29. Grow These Wings Larger
  30. Which World Did I Sign On For?
  31. Divide and Conquer, all races have the same common enemy
  32. Hit the Restart Button: Decide by Design
  33. The Vibration of thought and intention VS Actual spoken words
  34. Request - Rainbow Gathering Experiences
  35. The Agenda of the powers that be
  36. Anyway
  37. Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff 
  38. You are your best asset!
  39. John Kettler on Unicus Magazine Radio Hour this thursday
  40. "The Relief Without The Grief of Returning"
  41. Petitions for Positive Change
  42. Dr. Wayne Dyer - New PBS Special - "Wishes Fulfilled"
  43. Is Your Language Limiting You?
  44. google augmented reality glasses
  45. Understanding the Sovereignty Issues in the Drake Interview with David Wilcock
  46. Dutchsinse's Mad as H*** Video Cut
  47. A youtube about a Crazy Global Warming professor was banned
  48. What the Frack? USGS reports on man-made quakes
  49. 11:11 Solved!
  50. Calling all you Angels!
  51. Sleep paralysis
  52. MEMO TO: David, Drake, Ben, Alexander, Chodoin; RE: Plan for MASS ARRESTS 2012
  53. Aldous Huxley – The Ultimate Revolution
  54. Mass Arrests -- Drake / Wilcock interview -- TRANSCRIPT!
  55. "The Resurrection"
  56. Karen Pletz found dead
  57. Kennedy's secret service agent breaks silence
  58. "Past Life Experience"
  59. Good Friday.
  60. Happy Anniversary
  61. The smple trick the Elite are scamming the public
  62. CALAMITY upon 'THE EARTH' Within the First 3 Months into 2012
  63. Happy Easter Everyone!
  64. Irish demonstrate use of common law to stop bank repossession
  65. Teeth
  66. Cobra: Galactic Codex
  67. Daily Chemtrail ALERTS
  68. "An Alien Encounter"
  69. Information from the reptilans and the Pleiadians
  70. Wanna go to Prison Island?
  71. Donald Trump links autism with vaccinations
  72. Project Avalon – Is it a Microcosm of a particular Macrocosm?
  73. An Open Letter!
  74. Connected, but alone
  75. The Corporate Matrix Revealed
  76. Something to make you laugh
  77. For John Kettler, Request for In Depth Text Interview/Podcast
  78. How do you improve astral vision?
  79. Vitamin D beats vaccines every day
  80. Zeitgeist: The Movie
  81. Barbara Marciniak Full Audio Books Available
  82. What Alien race are you?
  83. Observing people and their actions today.......
  84. "The Independent Soul". Would love some feedback! :)
  85. 'The Materialists'
  86. Poorly-thought-out financial positions?
  87. Kauilapele`s blog, Poofness updates
  88. Sovereignty - An analysis of the Wilcock interview with Drake
  89. GREAT NEWS! Global warming scientists surrender?
  90. 'Who' is disinfo - spotting them here....
  91. Dragon family screwed us over?
  92. Bill Brockbrader and Eva Moore Interview on OffPlanet Radio
  93. FALSE FLAG 'Alien Invasion' on the MSM News in Australia..!
  94. Spirituality and Money
  95. IMPORTANT-How Statin Drugs REALLY Lower Cholesterol (And Kill You One Cell at a Time)
  96. Just got through reading "Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor.......
  97. I don't know what to say but things just get worse here in China
  98. Links to Drake
  99. The Jimi Hendrix Prophecies
  100. The beginning of the arrests?
  101. What's with Drunvalo?
  102. finally proven (Science tests republicans)
  103. A Distraction for Baby Boomers - More 60s Music Conspiracy
  104. 5 real life weapons......
  105. Rudeness and lack of curiosity in people is mind blowing.
  106. Drake Q & A 2 hours...Must Listen :-)
  107. Differences between Dimensions, Densities and Frequency explained.
  108. Blast From The Past
  109. Mark Boyle-Life Without Money!
  110. MSM Disclosure? Welcome to our new lizard overlords
  111. Strange Sounds in Oregon
  112. That's why the west was against Gaddafi
  113. U.S. Census and Civil Disobedience
  114. Richard Stallman - Facebook and Google+ Mistreat Their Users
  115. How do we get those in charge out?
  116. 12 Yr Old Girl Explains Global (Reserve) Banking System..!
  117. REAL subliminal message ‘KILL’ caught accidentally on the MSM News..!
  118. It isn't george senior that is the link to evil, it 's barbara
  119. Trapped by knowledge?
  120. Tim Rifat on the Jeff Rense Show 11/4/12 - The Rothschild Zionist Matrix 2012
  121. Ancient Aliens/ The Da Vinci Conspiracy
  122. Deliberate addictions of the US TROOPS
  123. MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks
  124. What Next..? Australian ABC (666) Reports - US Nazi becomes lobbyist for 1st time..!
  125. We have a Visitor in our Solar system. This Object is Massive and Heavy - HMO
  126. Exciting times.
  127. Tell Your Story
  128. Do intelligent dinosaurs really rule alien worlds?
  129. Pictures and Cartoons are Worth a 1,000 of Your Words in Posts, Yes?
  130. Confessions of an Economic Hitman
  131. Was Chernobyl Revenge for Russian Woodpecker????
  132. 13 Freaky Facts About Friday the 13th
  133. Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix
  134. Finger grows back after amputation
  135. 911 calls being asked if they have arms?!
  136. A look inside hedge funds (easy to understand)
  137. Drake: Updates, clarifications and more
  138. What are YOU doing to change the world?
  139. Restructuring Belief Systems
  140. Be aware
  141. Using a PENDULUM but having great doubts......
  142. Post to Angels
  143. Wise words from a young man.
  144. Difficult to ask...for me...
  145. Interesting Article About Brainwashing
  146. Mass Arrests – But What Then?
  147. Testimony of a former Illuminati
  148. Charles Hugh Smith - a unique and revolutionary perspective... on economics/politics
  149. American Jim Yong Kim chosen to lead World Bank
  150. WOW: TRUTH OR FICTION? Tesla, Fish Gods, Popes, Prime Ministers, & More
  151. Hologram of Tupac to go on tour. This is not a joke.
  152. Moon Hoax Controversy
  153. Anybody else noticed this forum is not as busy as it used to be?
  154. The Real Story of Spartacus
  155. Your Strangest Experience?
  156. The Netherlands
  158. The Answer My Friend, Is Blowin in the Wind (the Wind of Change)
  159. Day time t.v show This Morning debates U.F.Os
  160. Visit 277 Great Sites from all over the world!
  161. Do you have to extreme underplay yourself?
  162. What's going on with George Kavassilas lately?
  163. Fracking hell
  164. "Do you believe in God?"
  165. Human Ascension - In High Def.....
  166. Over 6500 Veteran Suicides Per Year
  167. A prediction about Wilcock
  168. Do you have an Reptilian/alien attachment that you want to get rid of?
  169. My story (Setting the record straight)
  170. Dolores cannon: How the earth is being saved by volunteers
  171. On human's ultimate goal dilemma: what about the non-spiritual GOOD people?
  172. Drake and Teri - a contrary view.
  173. Check out this contrived BS! [US Govt/CIA Propaganda Piece]... very effective!
  174. Grocer demands I.D. for 14 yr old-True Story
  175. EARTH DAY - April 22, 2012
  176. Dick Clark is Dead --- Any Thoughts about His Positive or Negative Involvement?
  177. Collapse of the Astral Realms
  178. Wearing Sunglasses Can Affect Your Pineal Gland
  179. Mind Control Through the Digital TV- Here Is Your Proof !
  180. Free man/woman movement
  181. The American Who Quit Money to Live in a Cave
  182. The Effects of Fluoride on our Pineal Gland
  183. What the Derivatives Bubble Looks Like
  184. The value of Higher/Inner Sensory Awareness
  185. Experiencing the fourth dimension as time and space
  186. Sleep changes anyone?
  187. Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’: Using Music Videos to Recruit New Soldiers
  188. I Have Returned !!
  189. How To Beat The System
  190. A Rejected Experience
  191. Inside info. Good news
  192. Environmental Problems, Libertarian Solutions
  193. Can anyone, please, shed light on the "experience" I had when I was 6 years old?
  194. Confused About Potential MKUltra Mind-Control - Can You Help?
  195. It Starts with a Rumble!
  196. "Winning"- Let's Beat This System Now !
  197. Know Your Enemy - "Committee of 300" Membership List
  198. Still talking sense - They want us to think he's crazy
  199. Creating a Wizard's Staff! - crystals, geometry, images, alignments - considerations?
  200. Two Suns in 2012
  201. Question for those that have been awake for 13-30 yrs or more!?!?
  202. Planned Nuclear War - The PTB are creating the crisis for the NWO to come to fruition
  203. Involuntary thoughts and strong emotions, why not get rid of them??
  204. Suggestion Box
  205. Rik Clay... Was He Murdered for Exposing 2012 Olympics?
  206. DEALING WITH OUR FEARS about all of it
  207. Rubber Chicken Travels to the Edge of Space
  208. Who would have thought!!
  209. OK... So what if all of our wild cards fail us?
  210. an open letter
  211. I feel engulfed in energy sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night.
  212. Banking History of the United States
  213. Mind Blowing Events, And Do They Matter?
  214. STAR TREK & the Harmonic Wave Template
  215. The Weather Underground...
  216. Meteor impact at Northern Neveda
  217. How do you think the soul promotion(5D) will happen?
  218. Random Monday Morning Thoughts........
  219. What if “the Plan” actually and tangibly begins to occur?
  220. Do you have any questions for John Kettler? If so here is your chance to ask them.
  221. DRAKE / DEATRA / FREEDOM REIGNS SHOWS - New Schedule & Thoughts
  222. Good news: Breaking! Head Climate Monger Jumps Ship:
  223. Black Spy Plane
  224. Nicki Minaj Reptilian Shapshift Caught In Motion (debunked)
  225. Our Future - can it boil down to one of these 3 Possibilities?
  226. Gordon Duff - Intel, Disclosures & Gossip
  227. MMS on Trial
  228. One. very. Small Step (for Gaia) Plastic2Oil
  229. Two Very Bright 'Stars' Over Japan Volcano ~ Identify, please?
  230. Something to think about.
  231. ANZAC Day 2012 At The Going Down Of The Sun, I Remember
  232. $1,030,000,000,000,000,000,000 -- Bean Counter ALERT
  233. How low can you get , a fathers true story
  234. 'Skipping Across the Globe' Game
  235. Unsolved Mysteries
  236. Wireless power could revolutionize highway transportation, Stanford researchers say
  237. The BIG secret to power in 3-D space/time.
  238. 3:13 am
  239. U.S. Rothschild-Controlled Media Blacks Out Debt Forgiveness in Iceland
  240. Needing support
  241. The Suppressed Illuminati Timeline: General Chronology of Events
  242. FBI Warning Public of Massive Computer Virus
  243. New Spying Complex in Utah
  244. John Titor
  245. Drake Supporters
  246. URGENT STOP the BEE kill off
  247. Actual Full Plans or Solutions to Thwart the Dark Cabal (Not Just Metaphysical)
  248. Is Atlantis real? any real, solid proof?
  249. Greatest Sales Pitch Ever... Funny.
  250. Tin-foil-hat parties - Perhaps a fun way to wake people up?