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  1. The Drake paperwork is posted - FreedomReigns
  2. Crystal Clark on Offplanet Radio | Sacred Science, April 25, 2012
  3. Won't stand for the Censor crap
  4. My shame can liberate the world
  5. Really disturbing nightmare tonight?
  6. Be careful with what you wish
  7. Gripping documentary about alzheimer's in America.
  8. Guy looks like Bill ryan's younger version
  9. All the hoopla..let's get together
  10. CISPA and Project Avalon
  11. Invisible soldier...
  12. Freedoms we can take back now!
  13. Language Spoken by Alara Blackwell
  14. Through the eyes of an enlightened being.
  15. John Kettler intrview with Kimberely 4-24-12 ET/ED assistance for 2012 transformation
  16. Guy builds real Star Trek phaser
  17. Window of opportunity for mass arrests is May 5 to June 5. Drake says end of May.
  18. How to understand the bigger picture
  19. This is probably the enemy!
  20. Why Drake doesn't matter!
  21. Marie Kayali
  22. WOoW
  23. Geisha, Britain's got talent, very strange
  24. free heat for your home - video
  25. I need some help
  26. Very strange astral travel <?>experience......
  27. Missiles on the roof!
  28. What fun, cool, practical, useful, abilities/objects do you want? Futuristic Stuff.
  29. The Drake Playoffs
  30. That Feeling of Being Watched
  31. Corruption Aussie style....
  32. The CABAL: Theoretical Functional Relationships
  33. The Elite’s Secret Plan to Artificially Provoke Dec-2012 Cataclysm Revealed…?
  34. What can a Smile Achieve?
  35. ZMOVIE (free online movies)
  36. Amazing awakening programs on TV
  37. Cloud of depleted URANIUM heading towards Hawaii and West Coast?!
  38. Speechless
  39. The Unspeakable Perversion of the Elites
  40. $15 Faraday Cage
  41. "Peace: Illumaniti or just one of the guys?"
  42. For the notice of TPTB
  43. Feminism is a NWO agenda to split the families
  44. Why don't we cry?
  45. The misandry bubble since 1960s, how it's men rather than women who are oppressed.
  46. A HIP-HOP conspiracy
  47. Kerry to Interview Keenan and Scott--Attorneys Who Filed the Lawsuit!
  48. RE: We Iranians Love You Back- Israel/Americans
  49. A metaphysical way to defeat the cabal?
  50. You are all suspects now. What are you going to do about it? -- JOHN PILGER
  51. Arrest Warrants issued to G7 Central Banks
  52. Merovee on the 2012 Olympics and Sirius
  53. Proof of Soul. Near Death Experience by Cardiac Surgeon.
  54. Biological " testing" in Boston subways this summer
  55. Bill Ryan WILL eat his hat -- guaranteed.
  56. open notes
  57. Karma In Action Now!
  58. London Olympics Military Security
  59. What's new?
  60. Read climate and env. FUKUSHIMA thread and Alt. Meds and SC radiation countering
  61. WORLD LIBERATION DAY 5-5/6-2012 Banker Arrests, Cabal Arrests, Mass Arrests
  62. The Afterlife Investigations - A scientific look at the ethereal.
  63. Personal Protection Ruger SR 22
  64. “Coalition of 138 nations”? Anyone have a list?
  65. Take back your powers and seek truth
  66. Posting Pet Peeves
  67. Humanity vs. The Cabal
  68. Age of Deceit indeed - or how they're trying to turn you back to religion
  69. David Wilcock-2012 The Enigma(Full Length)
  70. sharing my frustration about all these 'endless waiting' for REAL CHANGES to happen!
  71. avaaz under attack
  72. You-CAN Make a Difference!
  73. Occupy Minnesota - Cops picking up sober Occupiers and drugging them for 'training'
  74. Royal Society report 'people and the Planet'
  75. "Star Wars"-The Real Facts !
  76. Drunk Spray - FOR REAL
  77. Statin drugs kill one cell at a time! Plz share this information -It will save lives!
  78. Spiritual Attack or Encounter
  79. April 4 2012. Bill Wood, The Seal Team 6 Cover Up, How America Created Its Own Enemie
  80. Dr Robert Gallo created AIDS
  81. meeting someone - feeling good
  82. Don't take life too seriously - play the game
  83. To those who say there is no evil only experiences.......
  84. Interpreting dreams.
  85. What is the "genes for success"?
  86. A Canadian political party endorsing Ron Paul's policies
  87. A Little Detail That Sent a Chill Up My Spine...
  88. !!! Please Join us LIVE NOW for World Transformation online gathering!!!
  89. Avalon Forum Stats
  90. The cost of fat
  91. Wizard of Oz: An Allegorical Odyssey
  92. Let’s help Drake & Co! “Ask not what… snip… ask what you can do for your country” JFK
  93. Anybody want to quit smoking?
  94. Oh really? Mass arrests? Mass bank flops? A thread for evidence / proof
  95. Kill Shots from our SUN!
  96. Hollywood Actors speak out against Government Tyranny and Control
  97. Sovereignty, Rule of Law, and A New Paradigm
  98. Neil Patrick Harris is President of the Academy of Magical Arts
  99. Official Bankster Dictionary -- Smart Humor
  100. Never Forget.
  101. The One Trick Pony
  102. Sometimes, do you have to just kick a dog?
  103. Project Camelot Website's New Look ... WTF?
  104. The most precious resource we posses
  105. A Question for Computer Geeks from a Computer Illiterate
  106. US Marines "Urgently Request" British silk Underwear
  107. White Hats Report - May 6, 2012
  108. Breitbart's information is still not released..... we were distracted
  109. FBI Raids “Domestic Terrorist” Camp in Florida
  110. Tonight on Coast to Coast/ Disclosure Scenarios with Richard Dolan
  111. Council of 21?
  112. A seed. A tree. A branch. A ripple.
  113. Heads Up -- David Wilcock on Coast to Coast to Talk About Divine Intervention
  114. Breaking News Re: Keenan Lien Case from David Wilcock in this Update
  115. James Martinez -- 5/8/12 Broadcast
  116. Avocadess' updates.
  117. Tolec Promises Video and Complete Report of Reptilian Base Take-Downs
  118. Russian Troops to Target Americans
  119. Do you think we regularpeople have the right tocontact our highlevel representatives?
  120. Simulation.
  121. Shut Down the Nukes White House Petition
  122. The Lone Ranger and me
  123. Expanding the Consciousness of Teenagers
  124. Conspiracy Theory Cafe - Panoramic Mural by Straker
  125. What's your greatest challenge?
  126. How to you tranform fearful thoughts to trust?
  127. Hope to catch up,if your into it.
  128. This thing is weirder than aliens!
  129. PSCINET Updates
  130. Mohawk Nation News -- 'Mohawks Strike Terror'
  131. Insider information about planned civil war / race war in America
  132. This is so weird.....weird face experiment
  133. *Divine Intervention*: ETs Defeating the Old World Order
  134. This is unbelievably beautiful (magnified grains of sand)!
  135. Visualize Gasoline
  136. A very inspiring story
  137. Why do you come to Avalon? What are you DOING?
  138. Cops beat homeless man to death for fun
  139. John Moriarty and Tommy Tiernan
  140. 'Sonic weapon' deployed in London during Olympics bbc
  141. YouTube may be blocking David Wilcock's videos
  142. Fake It Until You Make It
  143. The Militarization of American Police – and Shredding of Our Constitutional Rights
  144. Al Qaida is a false flag lie
  145. Could Romney be disqualified due to fraud?
  146. Is this proof of more planned civil unrest?
  147. Where did religion come from??
  148. The "Thanks" Button
  149. Benjamin Solari Parravicini: London 2012 prophecy
  150. A Challenge
  151. new VT article...very interesting and should be read by all!
  152. It's not the truth.
  153. The Time is Now
  154. Can someone help me please?
  155. Lets get the facts straight regarding 2012 and what's really gonna happen
  156. Embracing December 21 2012
  157. The reality and spirituality of Life in the Universe
  158. How many souls are currently incarnating on Earth?
  159. The Secret Music Industry Meeting That Changed Rap Music
  160. Illuminati Training Video Leaked.
  161. Happy Mothers Day and happy extended breastfeeding.. :-) Men welcome to read this :-)
  162. John Carter wants You to Leave Prison Planet Earth - Earth is Not Your Home
  163. Crime Of The Century - What will it be?
  164. Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Inside Story
  165. Is the Rothschild family being wrongly blamed?
  166. Building trust - How to spot a liar
  167. Hitler's Escape - Coast to Coast AM 13.5.2012 - with author Peter Levenda
  168. PSCI-OP 2012 - May 20th - Grid Reboot
  169. Some in here want to control and destroy Alternative Media ..
  170. Operation "Wake Up Earth". What will work to wake up the General Population?
  171. Being duped
  172. Aliens and the Vatican Connection
  173. Paying to be a member?
  174. drake, cornbread, and the crusty crab
  175. Achieving facial symmetry
  176. The world is watching and so are Americans. Police brutality has to stop now
  177. how about Suicide and Torture cases? is it written in 'Divine Plan' too?..
  178. How Will these Major Events Shape 2012?
  179. The Case of the Missing Terrorists
  180. Video of American Peace Officers
  181. A possible solution to Fukushima (if it's possible)
  182. How to be the Greatest Forum on the Entire Internet
  183. Does anybody know where this symbol originated?
  184. New John Kettler Interview Tonight!
  185. Aircraft Chem-Trailing over Dorset, England
  186. The Venus Transit of May 20 through June 5th/6th
  187. One Soldier's view
  188. Who is Blythe Masters
  189. http://www.projectavalon.not
  190. The US had 110 Trillion listed for 2010 Financial Report (2nd set of Books)
  191. JP morgan quickly fallling apart
  192. Obama's accomplishment
  193. The wisdom of Chaplin
  194. Time to live and build a better world
  195. Call for authors!!
  196. The unbelievable truth.
  197. Predictions that never happened!
  198. The Time May Be here
  199. Trauma in the Subtle Information Body.
  200. Question about the 150 MPG carburettor
  201. Shining light on Liberal Socialists
  202. “I am who I am, well who am I?”
  203. Deliberate Setting up For FAILURE- Domino Effect
  204. Credible NWO Article from Veteran's Today - Good to Share
  205. Cobra -- An Interesting New Source of Intel Working For The "Resistance Movement"
  206. Fun With Passive Resistance: The Intention Weapon and How To Use It
  207. Awen Command
  208. My grief with you tube, censorship
  209. Outcast
  210. Veterans today intel-dump - fascinating
  211. Global intention for may 20, 2012 to dissolve the matrix
  212. New weapon used in Iran?
  213. Becoming what we desire
  214. Illuminated "winged beings".
  215. So, is Mitt Romney a Natural Born Citizen?
  216. Liberal Teacher revealing intolerance and typical behavor expected of them
  217. Origins of the New Age
  218. How do you feel about the Vatican, Politicians and Illuminati?
  219. Fish guts in wine blech!!!!
  220. One must Rebel against human family to Evolve Society.. US had lost its Rebel Spirit
  221. Solar Eclipse
  222. Police: 3 terror suspects at NATO summit were plotting to hit Obama's campaign HQs
  223. Stunning Moon Annunlar Eclipse Photos
  224. Very INSPIRING 15 year old ...where ever you are this will help
  225. Deceptive NGO's and their purposes
  226. Brainwashed
  227. Possible New Evidence That Earth Is A Giant Living Organism
  228. The Day and Hour Unknown
  229. Youtube Censors Channeled Material
  230. Intolerance and double standards
  231. David Wilcock's False Predictions
  232. June 5/6, 2012. The last Venus Transit of our lifetime...What is its significance?
  233. crazy genetics
  234. Build a Pyramid
  235. The Drake Plan= The Civil War Scenario.
  236. Mt Shasta, the Solar Eclipse and Odd Happenings
  237. Earth's Resources r Unlimited.. Lies taught in Universities to perpetuate Fake World
  238. NDAA ruled unconstiturtional (prelim. injunction) in US federal court
  239. New Dangerous Toys
  240. Cures for the evil eye.
  241. Planet Infowars (BETA) launched.
  242. Tolec's latest interview- Emotional Healing
  243. Documentary on Who killed Andrew Breitbart
  244. Were Asian women created by an Alien race?
  245. Make a difference
  246. FIINALLY- Plasma Ball Drone UFOS on Mainstream!!!!!!!!!! It's about time
  247. Oxford University Is Hunting For the Yeti
  248. Alex Jones deception? Prove me wrong!
  249. RAND PAUL offers Suprise Amendment to Reign in FDA Abuses
  250. BBC Covers the New World Order