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  1. FIINALLY- Plasma Ball Drone UFOS on Mainstream!!!!!!!!!! It's about time
  2. Oxford University Is Hunting For the Yeti
  3. Alex Jones deception? Prove me wrong!
  4. RAND PAUL offers Suprise Amendment to Reign in FDA Abuses
  5. BBC Covers the New World Order
  6. William Cooper destroys nazi caller in debate! Have you guys heard this? Awesome!
  7. VP Joe Biden, I promise you the Pres. has a big stick
  8. Easter Island "Heads" May Well Be THE Oldest Sentient-Being-Made Structures on Earth
  9. Kerry Cassidy interview with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
  10. The Secret book of James
  11. Who Fears
  12. Handling psychopaths
  13. Notice Things Happening Out Of the Normal?
  14. On Spoken Language
  15. Commentary on the NATO Summit, Chicago 2012
  16. Another huge sphere close to the sun!
  17. Shakespeare`s dillema in our lives or just -How about you?
  18. Have you Met this Whistleblower - Charlotte Iserbyt? Must See Video
  19. Strange things people are doing nowadays
  20. Are we ready?
  21. ET Guides - THE GWB inthe Andes and Lake Titicaca 1/11
  22. What We ALL Are Capable Of... A Story
  23. Potent new psychotic (mix) drug let loose on the world?
  24. That's Impossible - Episode 6 MIND CONTROL
  25. Bill Brockbrader/Wood is under arrest.
  26. Zombie Apocalypse Developing NOW?
  27. The many Shades of Earth - How we stand
  28. Students in Texas to be monitored with microchips
  29. Chemtrail category or subcategory
  30. Psych drug addiction epidemic-Documentary
  31. Tell us all what you believe.
  32. A Question for Bill Ryan re: Kerry Cassidy/ FWHO/Randy Maugans and Duncan O ' Finioan
  33. New World Order Agenda CoastoCoast am 05-27-2012.mov
  34. Co-operative games and playful activities for everyone
  35. Spaceships showing up as clouds
  36. inaction boiling over to create thunderous rage
  37. Captain “USO” Robert McDonald´s tsunami of false claims
  38. For Those Of You Who Are Weight-Challenged And/Or Obese -- This Is A Must-Read.
  39. Rockefellers and Rothschilds unite
  40. NEW AIDS OF AMERICAS - Latest unleashed upon americans??
  41. What Is Your Favourite Sacred Site?
  42. Hearsay and Truth – Wild Speculation or Common Sense Logic
  43. This is priceless...a less than 6 minute video...Enjoy!
  44. My Prayer For The Brave Jedi On The Eve Of Engaging The BilderBorg
  45. Volkwagen Hover!
  46. Monetary Policy for the 99%!
  47. NWO Satanic 'Shills' Jay-Z & Kanye West incite 'RIOTING'..!
  48. Koch Whistleblower - New Chemtrail Sprayer...
  49. Terror plot outlined and controllers are vetted...........
  50. Disclosure Imminent - In 6 to 10 days?
  51. Without language, there is no thought.
  52. June 6 Mass Intention Event
  53. Melbourne Meet Up With Lisa Harrison on Skype, Tuesday 5th June
  54. Navy VLF: Responsible for Animal Deaths and Possibly Strange Noises??
  55. Top Five Regrets of the Dying
  56. Milky Way to crash with Andromeda (but not quite yet)
  57. Drudgereport
  58. The bad bird watcher has left the planet !
  59. MMS...where's the thread?
  60. Ongoing UFO analysis - interesting case
  61. "The Truth for Dummies" Handbook
  62. Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted ~ Martin Luther King
  63. super soldier summit last night?
  64. Forum in flux (eclipse cycle/venus transit)
  65. a dilemma: the price to pay to seek the Truth (swallow the red pill/go down rabbit ho
  66. UFO Sighting - aircraft footage
  67. Mubarak sentenced to life
  68. Monkeys in the jungle
  69. Juice News: A News Hope - Julian Assange vs Rupert Murdoch
  70. Hurricanes are coming so be a terrorist!
  71. Eye of the sun
  72. Top of the World - Amazing
  73. The differnet paths we walk
  74. Warning to Avalon members about TRUTHOLOGY - SCAM ALERT
  75. Moon picture disclosure!!!
  76. USDA Admits Exterminating Birds, Crops, and Bees
  77. Two Minute News for June 3rd
  78. Know thyself
  79. The Most Epic Marriage Proposal In History
  80. High School Jailed Jail for Missing School
  81. Disparate charity orgs CEO salaries
  82. Interview I did with McKay Coppins
  83. North Korean Film On American Propaganda
  84. Secret Spacecraft in space for a year now
  85. Any Decent Gasoline Companies?
  86. Are you a sports fan?
  87. Special Effects in Movies Explained
  88. Let Us Take a Minute And Send our Love and Healing Thoughts to Japan
  89. The War On Kids
  90. Perpetuated on youtube by NASA
  91. Brussels wants e-identities for EU citizens
  92. GMOs and Glyphosate Linked to Infertility, Botulism and SIDS..!
  93. GMOs and Glyphosate Linked to Infertility, Botulism, and SIDS
  94. Strange feeling/experience last night :)
  95. Mayan Calendar, 12.21.2012.. What we Don't/Do know!
  96. Bill Brockbrader story on CBS TV in Norfolk, VA (w/Bill R, Kerry, & David W cameo's)
  97. What is the weirdest thing that has happened to your stuff
  98. End of the world as we know it': Kaspersky warns of cyber-terror apocalypse
  99. Singing Plants at Damanhur
  100. Ray Bradbury - In Memorium
  101. a strange week for me
  102. 3 Minute news June 6th
  103. Tonight on Coast to Coast/Heal America Intention Experiment
  104. Facebook Warns hundreds of thousands of possible internet cease in July
  105. World Politics & Maneuvers - Webster Griffin Tarpley
  106. Concussion activates a man's dormant talent...
  107. Disclosure Imminent - Breaking News: Baltic Sea Anomaly
  108. Gold-backed money: good common sense, or the next trap by the Financial Elite?
  109. Deception...
  110. Project Camelot now paid membership only??
  111. Mass Arrests / Divine Interventions (New Briefings) Finally! ~~ Wilcock
  112. Fallen Angels
  113. The US FED Reserve's 99 Year Lease On America Ends EXACTLY on 12/21/2012 !!!
  114. Kindness
  115. John Anthony West is live right now
  116. June 8th; 2 Minute News
  117. latest from David, make of it what you will.
  118. Idiot predications.
  119. Most Of You Now Have Nano-Bots Inside Your Bodies / Brains Via Chemtrails
  120. Barry King, Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly on Offplanet Radio, June 9, 2012
  121. I'm All In. Are you?
  122. WiReD: The Arsenic Diet
  123. Australian Govt. now 'Targeting' 3 Year Olds..!
  124. Is this how we treat our children?
  125. An inspired "essay" that I feel i must share!
  126. Happy Anniversary
  127. Inter-Species Love--- Incredible
  128. Puppet OR Human, what are you?
  129. The Falling "Towers" of the City of London & Vatican City?
  130. gilr forced to marry her rapist commits suicide-
  131. DEEPAK CHOPRA "Revisited" rebooting focus
  132. It's New and Improved!
  133. Dmt
  134. Coast 2 Coast 2nd hour frday night June 8 2012 Sasquatch
  135. Reminder:
  136. Tap on, Tap off, the tapper.
  137. Today's Problems & Solution by Webster Tarpley - I Recommend this Video
  138. Welcome wagon
  139. EMVs, ETs and the Future of Humanity - Randy Maugans interviews James Horak on Offpla
  140. How to conduct a healthy discussion
  141. New Crop Circles June 2012
  142. Certain Sub Categories On Avalon Are Invisible To Non-members.
  143. Dunno about you people but I think we are making a big mistake.
  144. Don't dare tell me ETs are helping...while Fukushima melts down.
  145. Here's why I am thinking about turning off the internet in my home.
  146. Cobra's first audio interview on "The Light Agenda" with Stephen Cook
  147. My Crop Circle Theory
  148. Curious Prediction - God Particle Will Be Found (or Not) by the End of 2012
  149. soul age?
  150. Back in Time ... The Jekyll Island Club Originates the Federal Reserve
  151. Humans may have evolved from sharks...
  152. Slave On Slave Action
  153. Baby hatch boxes
  154. What The Hell is Going on in Michigan? A UFO landed in O'Hare Airport?
  155. Eben Moglen"Free thought requires free media"
  156. COBRA - Resistance Movement - First Radio Interview!
  157. Astral traveling back in time?
  158. Sometime You Just Gotta
  159. Keeping Your Center & Being Aware
  160. johnurwin.com: video about 9/11
  161. Chinese debt to Americans
  162. The Miracle Worker
  163. Syncronicity- What does the numbers 22/33 mean?
  164. Incarceration as a form of vengeance
  165. Can stretching the truth become a lie?
  166. America really is going to hell, in a hand basket
  167. So how much transformation is actually wanted, really?
  168. some very practical questions, in this still "3D world" !
  169. Hate Humanity, Love humanity
  170. Prediction for Tomorrow.
  171. We’re all overdosing on a substance which is an acknowledged developmental neurotoxin
  172. Man and Dinosaurs co-existed
  173. Focus on the things we have, not the things we have not.
  174. Who's Your Daddy? Parentage Questions & Pictures of Present & Past World Leaders
  175. VERY COOL lightening orb video by DUTCH
  176. COBRA - Resistance Movement and the Event
  177. Has your research into ET activities changed your beliefs involving a divine being?
  178. If I may? A pet peeve on the forum
  179. MOD UK Chinook does a VERY low flyby over John L Walson
  180. Amazing mushroom cloud over Beijing.
  181. 'Girl's Softball Miracle' or Caring over Competing
  182. Integrity.
  183. Noting our 'set point'.
  184. Where is Viking?
  185. Exclusive discussion with “Cobra” on Gold and its place in human history
  186. Dear avolon members
  187. Camelot Site?
  188. Happy Summer Solstice, Everyone
  189. A Different Happening - now and then?
  190. Cell Phones In Same Cancer-Causing Category as Lead, Engine Exhaust, and Chloroform
  191. Will Toledo Ohio be owned by the Chinese?
  192. July 2nd 2012
  193. New World Order Blueprint Leaked
  194. Why GM Food is Dangerous - new report from genetic engineers
  195. The lost pyramids of Peru (Caral)
  196. Why Stories are Better than Predictions
  197. Corrupt Government Dismantled and EFF'N Rothschilds Bankers Thrown Out -- For Real!
  198. Just wishing to give things for such a Beautiful world and Organiation
  199. "George Kavassilas" - has finished his book
  200. JIM TRAFICANT - A True American Hero Project Camelot Interview
  201. … ‘Come and Save Me’ ...
  202. Why we don't see UFOs (...we are them)
  203. To live on different way we must change our understanding of the world
  204. 2MIN News anyone know about this Youtuber?
  205. Time Monk Radio Interviews Thomas Campbell
  206. The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria
  207. Bombshell Documentary - Obama's real father exposed ?
  208. Vision
  209. AIDS CURE - US Patent 5676977
  210. Government is Now EFF'N with Preppers and Off-The-Grid People
  211. Are they living at same planet as we are?
  212. The Alien Invasion Survival Handbook: A Defense Manual for the Coming ET Apocalypse
  213. Bunker in or bug out, and more, freeman
  214. Former Head of World Bank's "Confession"
  215. Orange Light
  216. Brooks Agnew interview on his book Alientated Nation
  217. London Olympic Security infiltrated and we hear the bad news
  218. GLOBAL COASTAL EVENT - Courtney Brown Farsight Project - 2013 Timeline Prediction
  219. Do you have any Questions for George and Cynthia Kavassilas?
  220. Philip Wollen's Speech on the uses of animals in today's society
  221. Victory against Globablists at Rio+ 20 per Lord Monckton
  222. Has anyone else felt some kind of a shift today?
  223. Possible reason why so many people believe in lies.
  224. MI5 and the CIA are at it again!
  225. Jane Burgermeister - Saving tens of thousands of lives with her truth... again
  226. Interesting dream experience
  227. worst scenario: what if we're all just waiting for wishful-thinking/fantasy/escapism?
  228. True shelvelife of drugs (a nurse tells)
  229. Facebook alert
  230. How do we clean up the Media?
  231. The high cost of health care
  232. The True Reasons for WW's 1 & 2... and More...
  233. Oregon Vortex. Can you explain this?
  234. Which president is better equipped to handle an alien invasion?
  235. My first year anniversary at PA.
  236. The Cavalry
  237. Prepare the Children
  238. Duncan O'Finioan - Demon in a cloud
  239. Survival tactics with Pistols
  240. Dreams from my real father
  241. COBRA: Operation Omega Phoenix - Thursday, June 28, 2012
  242. Occupy Adam's Calendar-Part I Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation
  243. Kerrys guest for fridays radio show will be George Kavassilas
  244. Kim Falconer - Quantum Enchantment, Astrology & Laws of Attraction
  245. DARPA creating Mosquito, Dragonfly, and Beatle drones…
  246. For All of Our Guests Sign Up and Contribute.
  247. Norman Bergrun | Ringmakers of Saturn, Project Camelot, June 2012
  248. Future of the eurozone
  249. Americans Are Angry! Watch this Senator Sanders' Video!
  250. Help finding a Regression therapist????