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  1. Restoring the Organic Lawful US Government
  2. Two USMC veterans discuss “waking up” the military with Adam Kokesh
  3. Vital Notes
  4. The Crisis of Civilization : Full Movie
  5. Waking up is hard to do.
  6. Video:presented to the un........ But never to the general public
  7. 10 Signs That You’re Fully Awake
  8. Bad Memory?
  9. America is 16 trillion in debt and counting......
  10. Death and our controlled afterlife
  11. History of the City of London
  12. Wildlife preserve at the Martian south pole
  13. Conspiracy: Why do some believe and others not? What will it take to open eyes?
  14. Interesting: Solar powered railway in Europe
  15. The City of London- The Livery companies & their Mottos
  16. 500.000.000 people to survive devastating world catastrophe...?
  17. 7.9 Quake just hit of coast of Costa Rica - all appears OK in San Jose
  18. Philadelphia
  19. more 'practical-talks' , on this whole 2012, Ascension, & Disclosure things
  20. Ecuador sues U.S. medical institution for selling indigenous DNA
  21. Duncan O'Finioan & Miranda, "Practical Tactical Magical" in Eastern Canada
  22. Love songs from youtube!
  23. Conspiracy: Mermaid Body Found Documentary
  24. The Morphogenetic Fields. 'Everything is everything'.
  25. Russia today website has been down for 2 days now - anyone else?
  26. Similarly Between Ancient Carvings (Proof of Atlantis?)
  27. Qatar Imperils Big Merger of Commodity Companies
  28. Help: Family Quandary
  29. What do you want to leave behind when you leave here?
  30. 2 little girls in need of your $love
  31. Darpa drone flew right over my house
  32. How stop the abuse of powerful authority
  33. River turns BLOOD Red -- Wha'da'ya think?
  34. The Coming Big Event
  35. I think I found Drake
  36. Why is the FBI Keeping Track of Apple Device Users?
  37. Appreciation
  38. Has anyone ever heard of the movie "Atlas Shrugged Part II"?
  39. Kerry's interview with Doc Waterman
  40. Is this the way in ?
  41. A Tribute to Project Avalon Forum - true colors - that's why we love you. Thanks Bill
  42. The logic of illogical logic.
  43. Apotheosis Phenomena
  44. One interpretation of what the Mayans said will happen in 2012
  45. COBRA - Fall of the Reptilian Empire - September 9, 2012
  46. Feeling Tired Lately?
  47. The Paralympics Closing Ceremony.
  48. Matthews private reading with Ion.30 /7/ 2010.Answering alot of conspiracy Questions
  49. The Sky's NOT the Limit!
  50. Checkpoint Of The Future
  51. Spacebook - Telepathic social media - InnerNet acknowledgement with Michelle Marie
  52. UN/NATO's Angelina Jolie in Syria to help raise $$$ for Al Qaeda..!
  53. 9/11/2012 -- Large Eruption at Sakurajima Volcano in Japan
  54. Alex Collier LIVE for Q&A! (Sept 11, 2012)
  55. Ring of Fire - What's in Store
  56. Won't get fooled again. And again?
  57. A question or two concerning walk-ins for those who might know.
  58. George W. Bush Smoking Gun
  59. Avaaz Call to Action Re: Trans Pacific Partnership
  60. Who are the Annunaki
  61. New Monkey Discovered in Kenya
  62. Can anyone help? Who has dual-citizenship in the UK government?
  63. Share Your Dreams
  64. Mt Shasta - Lemurian geoglyphs?
  65. 20,000 Year Old Spiral-Shaped Metal Objects Found in Russia
  66. 9-11's a Lie - The Free Bees
  67. Report From Kerry Cassidy: Chinese Ships off San Francisco To Help Arrest Bankers?
  68. The myth of calculating calories.
  69. YouTube no longer supports downloading of their videos
  70. Sage of Worlds
  71. Haliburton lost Radioactive Material?
  72. 10 Of The Most Startling Edgar Cayce Predictions
  73. Avalon's global reach?
  74. Dont Worry -- Its just a ride........
  75. Max Igan - Conscience and Justice
  76. 'US created forces it spends money fighting against' - Taliban ex-captive
  77. Heavy music reveals real faces :)
  78. Do Royal Family want to eliminate the black sheep of the family?
  79. UFO fleet from Alien Moonbase......
  80. What should we tell our children?
  81. Neurological disorders, Nano particles and Chemtrails
  82. WWIII is Coming Soon & Here's Why!? (video)
  83. Open Invitation: Ahmadinejad, Netanyahu, and Obama
  84. Is google making us stupid?
  85. Music lovers will love this!
  86. The Imaginative Body of Love
  87. So, Your Awakening has cost you some friends.
  88. Looking for opinions on a dream I had about UFO's
  89. Margarine
  90. Stone (2010 Film) Analysis (Heavy Spoilers)
  91. Ah-Ah comes home to little boy......
  92. UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco
  93. The daily hammer
  94. Anyone familiar with the videos regarding the Mayan Calendar by Ian Xen Lungold
  95. Disclosure ... Roswell ?
  96. Research Methods!
  97. An Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge.
  98. Bee Gees call-out Kissinger, Nixon 40 years ago. video-lyrics
  99. Can a person visit past lives via Astral traveling?
  100. What Happened to Duncan O'Finioan's Blog?
  101. Amazon Jungle Half Gone
  102. The End of Dehydration
  103. Are chemtrails caused by illuminati types or ETs? (Morgellons)
  104. A pan-European police body and possible army.
  105. Jesus said to them: "My wife..."
  106. It's almost here: The Hobbit, Part 1... Official Trailer
  107. Scale of Being
  108. Self vs Community
  109. Underwater "crop circle"
  110. Amazing Facts About The Ajanta Caves
  111. East China Sea Peace Initiative
  112. Seeking a New Direction
  113. Incredible Keshe Foundation Health Videos Posted on Website
  114. So what happened to the aliens....
  115. A recent banking experience
  116. Proof is in the pudding..see you in 3 months time.
  117. The Gnostic Texts: - A Great Conspiracy or What?
  118. Just ran across an interesting article concerning a study of GMO crops
  119. Not from enlightened one!
  120. Revolution - new TV show
  121. As above, So below...
  122. Wireless router strange behaviour
  123. JUMPROOM TO MARS: a conversation with David Wilcock
  124. The mentalists - Can they do the 'undoable' ?
  125. "How To Be a Genius" The cult of Apple
  126. Continuing Observations of Social Phenomanon of The Savior Meme
  127. TV Addiction
  128. sept 21st whistleblower radio
  129. Welcome to the Reservation - Russell Means Speaks
  130. One Black Arm, One White Arm, and the Love Trap
  131. Thank You! People of Libya
  132. Huxley Brothers, Wasson, Terrence McKenna, Esalen, Psyhcidelics, 2012 and MK Ultra
  133. No Arms, No Legs, NO Worries.....totally uplifting 4 minute video
  134. Racism is now OK
  135. Egyptians in Australia
  136. Backscatter x-ray scanners to be removed from Manchester Airport
  137. Experiment: all roads lead to--?
  138. What the word "America" might mean
  139. Brainwashing can be a fun for brainwashed
  140. I made a loving connection with my father before he died. I'm glad I did.
  141. Questions about government mosquito spraying being done in my area.
  142. Microsoft new service .....?
  143. The Roots of Racism and Sexism.
  144. How Do You Promote Avalon and the Human Awakening Initiative?
  145. The Elite Laugh at you, a re-fresher video!
  146. Alien - Fallen Angel Connection
  147. A State Called Humanity
  148. None Dare Call it a "Yadu-Jew" Conspiracy: Radhanath, Slavin-Dick, Zions NWO Anti-Chr
  149. [New Scientist] Animals are conscious and should be treated as such
  150. Tribute to September
  151. Avalon/Mystery School Comparison
  152. UFO over Syria on youtube
  153. David Icke: do you trust him or not?
  154. You Know You Are A Conspiracy Theorist If...
  155. We've Came A Long Way With Time-Lapse Video
  156. Jury clears Minnesota farmer-RAW MILK CHARGES
  157. Struggling a bit with all the stuff coming into my head.
  158. Help me pick an Avatar?
  159. Please join us for "THE MOMENT" WORLD PEACE EVENT OCT 20th in Hot Springs Arkansas
  160. Protected Knowledge
  161. Accepting What You Are!
  162. Jordan Maxwell's website and e-mail HACKED
  163. Breaking Reality ~ 2013- video.
  164. New Study Confirms Flu Shots Make You Sicker: ‘conspiracy’ vindicated
  165. My new compassion has made it hard for me to handle life here.
  166. Comet ISON, due on Nov. 28, 2013
  167. Ahmadinejad and the "New World Order".
  168. Types of Love or One Love
  169. Alex Jones- The Battle Between Good and Evil......
  170. The Most Powerful Song and Video Combination I have Ever Seen
  171. DRAKE and MINUTE MAN thread -- with updates and clarifications
  172. What tools do others use to focus their psychic abilities?
  173. PressTV
  174. Can We Choose Our Timeline?
  175. Nothing happening much, "business as usual",..or I just didn't notice them??
  176. Regarding various views of the "archontic" problem
  177. Sun Worship
  178. Could the Nasa Curiosity Rover lead to Disclosure?
  179. The First Magnetic Flip Documentary
  180. We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists (2012)
  181. Last Resort; TV Premiere
  182. Stealth Electric Bikes - The future of bikes is already here
  183. EVUR - Self sufficient electrical vehicle?
  184. Revealing Mannerisms and Appearances
  185. Are TSA full body scans only for US Citizens?
  186. John Harris-2009-It's an Illusion freeman on the land UK
  187. Could this story help in religious enlightenment?
  188. The S**t is About to Hit the Fan, Here's the Proof
  189. Methods for Waking People Up
  190. Award Winning CNN Journalist To Alex Jones - You're Not A Conspiracy Theorist
  191. Crystal Grid - Created by Seven Year Old crystal child... Very worth viewing IMHO :-)
  192. The Law Against Fines, UK
  193. Time
  194. Astonomers Measure the Radius of a Black Hole
  195. An Opportunity to Live in Ecuador
  196. Living in Ecuador - Questions and Answers
  197. "Last" Clif High/ALTA report and The Farsight Institute
  198. Everything's happening in the US.... what about Canada?
  199. Agent Orange: Still inflicting pain on Vietnam
  200. Official Unretirement
  201. Blank Canvas
  202. Sharing My Insights for my Decisions
  203. Kissinger, US intelligence community endorse “World Without Israel”
  204. Final Conflict 2012? Engineering World War III.
  205. To Fight for Freedom, is to Embody the Struggle
  206. Galen Winsor and the General Stickies.
  207. The Media Has Become an "Enemy of the American people"
  208. Leo Zagami saying Zecharia Sitchin was Illuminati?
  209. UFOs and antigravity: David Sereda reveals top secret information
  210. Immediate Recognition
  211. Can I choose/manifest my 'very vivid' Imaginations? Where do Imaginations come from?
  212. An Invitation to Create from a Higher Place
  213. Devastating News
  214. "eat sh*t and die" - only in America
  215. Was Bill Cooper on to Jordan Maxwell before anyone else?
  216. The Unbanked
  217. Secret 5000 Year Old Flying Machine..C2C..S.Quayle
  218. Sins of the father? Can any bible scholars assist
  219. Giving Out Free Flu Jabs At My Work!
  220. DNA-What is it? Why is it? And how does it interact with our Spirit?
  221. How to Identify GMO's on fresh produce
  222. Sister Charlotte - Entire Testimony - Confessions of a Roman Catholic Nun
  223. So ... an October surprise on the way, eh?
  224. Joe Dolezal issues a CEASE AND DESIST order against Camelot and Avalon
  225. Legend Of Atlantis
  226. The quantum being – and what I choose to do about “it”
  227. Einsten´s letter about God
  228. Car To A Cow
  229. Thank You Monsanto For Making The World Better
  230. Where in the World is This?
  231. Another Internet attack - on my VOIP phone service
  232. Webcast with Lyndon LaRouche 8 pm EST
  233. Confession of an internet shill
  234. 2012 - Building a full life and setting an example for future generations
  235. Remember who you are !
  236. We can't get a break!
  237. California Gas $5 per gallon...
  238. My *Awake* conversation
  239. Please send prayers my way : [
  240. Hobo Walking Across USA Faith in Action
  241. Is conciousness really what creates matter?
  242. Two places at Area 51
  243. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!!
  244. Hospital Employees - MANDATORY FLU VACCINE
  245. David Wilcock: "Will 2012 Be The Year of Freedom?"
  246. Patients starve and die of thirst on hospital wards.
  247. Your life assignment.
  248. Mini-satellite to flash code from space
  249. 2012 party
  250. The Breast Cancer Scam