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  1. Anyone hear of Nanci Danison who had a near death experience?
  2. Police pepperspray 15 month old child.....
  3. 'The Oatmeal' Tesla Museum Fundraiser A Success, Donations Peak At $1.4 Million
  4. C2C tonight- Hopi Wisdom
  5. Big Bird for President! People are Ignorant!!!!
  6. Heaven Is Real, Says Neurosurgeon Who Claims To Have Visited The Afterlife
  7. No Camelot?
  8. Matthew Stein, when technlogy fails.
  9. Monsanto could produce food that suppresses a specific gene in all who eat it
  10. HELP ! any dentists or dental hygienists out there.....Broke a tooth
  11. A Positive Approach
  12. How your cat is making you crazy. Very disturbing scientific evidence!
  13. NASA’s STS-48 UFO/Ice Particles Controversy
  14. Sick minds create taser wrist bands.
  15. Masses Manipulated through Holographic and Synthetic Environments
  16. Multi-State Earthquake Drill To Be Held October 18th
  17. Spiraling Downward or Onward?
  18. Water, Water Everywhere, But Nary A Drop Worth Drinking. Solutions?
  19. More Signs for a Shift in Consciousness
  20. Kadinchey means, Thank you
  21. A Dove's Message
  22. Berkeley Lab researching cancer cure- chlorinase enzyme. 2008
  23. Where does the Immortal soul/spirit fit in?
  24. Lung Cancer.
  25. Nobel Peace Prize 2012: European Union Wins For Role In Uniting Continent
  26. Roundtable talk about "THE MOMENT" WORLD PEACE EVENT OCT 20th in Hot Springs AR
  27. Obama's ring: 'There is no god but Allah'..!!!
  28. Another U.S. citizen imprisoned for anti government views
  29. Physicists say there may be a way to prove that we live in a computer simulation
  30. Genetics – The Ultimate Alien Invasion
  31. Our Governments are the terrorists.
  32. What will be your choice if an implanted chip would be obligatory?
  33. Anyone here have to keep their mouth shut around others..
  34. If the Creator was on Earth who would he/she be and why?
  35. when unhappen, unforeseen, but definite time comes everybody will be at same age.
  36. Islamic Banking
  37. Cows like Jazz!
  38. Watch Felix Live, he's jumping right now 23 miles (37 kilometers) JUMP
  39. The Mysterious Last Door At Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Breaking News
  40. DIY Schauberger water vortexer
  41. Creeping doubts
  42. Arlen Specter, Originator of the Single Bullet Theory in JFK Assassination, Dies
  43. If Our Children are Our way home what do They suggest We do?
  44. Mathematical Questions
  45. Operation Jubilee November 5th 2012
  46. Laughter is the Best Medicine
  47. Ed Grimsley Skywatch
  48. Forum suggestion.
  49. Lose your Crazy.....Lose your 'smarts' (The misnomer of 'crazy')
  50. Has Ascension replaced Enlightenment?
  51. Brazilian police stopped massive suicide cult
  52. Revolution Will Usher In NWO
  53. black cat
  54. Old man tells it like it is
  55. Chi machines
  56. Unexplained Craft and Anomalies Near the Sun
  57. Suicide is a powerful word.
  58. Whistleblower Tony Farrell on more UK police corruption
  59. Two suicides at restaurant featured in Olympics ceremony in the last month
  60. to be hormonal or not...that is my question :)
  61. And we know it !
  62. Would You Go To Bilderberg?
  63. The doomsday seed vault relations to the Rockefellers and Monsanto
  64. Government Releases More Declassified Flying Saucer Docs
  65. Group Activity Alerts- Question for mods???
  66. The Inauthentic Spirituality of the Alternative Scene
  67. British Hacker found evidence of 'alien spacecraft' & 'non-terrestrial officials'
  68. Cooperation or Competition ?
  69. Project Camelot on the "Anomolies Channel" - Roku
  70. False arrest and beating.
  71. I wanted to change the world, so I started with Me
  72. Theories, Theories Everywhere, Wonder If Any Are True
  73. The Incident In Portland
  74. Beautiful Music Is The Universal Language
  75. Area 51 - America's Book Of Secrets - History Channel Documentary
  76. Conspiracy of Silence (Banned History Channel Documentary)
  77. Dec 13th it is coming, over on the 23rd?
  78. There is no point living on Earth when you constantly dwell in the stars.
  79. BP Oil Spill Depopulation Event Could Kill 40 Million
  80. Nation tunes in to see which sociopath is more likable this time
  81. Weaponized Viruses.
  82. Who's at Bilderberg 2012?
  83. "Legalized Plunder of the American People" Edward Griffin
  84. Has policing changed?
  85. Home Schooling.
  86. Facebook Filtering the Newsfeeds you get ????
  87. Trump: ‘I have something very, very big concerning the president of the United States
  88. What is stopping the people from rioting?
  89. The word Conscience
  90. Russell Means
  91. A message from...
  92. Beluga whale 'makes human-like sounds'
  93. Aura contamination
  94. A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House
  95. FBI agent missing, later found dead?
  96. Damn blasted sirens!
  97. FUKUSHIMA FUEL POOLS EXPLODED (confirmed or false)
  98. Soccer fan Ghost
  99. Dutchsince: Cybertribenetwork responsible for Fukishima Hoax
  100. Misinterpretations...
  101. Split of the Moon. What the hell is going on up there?
  102. What is the bigger picture?
  103. New law promoting intolerance.
  104. The Mayans Called.. They want their 12.21.12 Back..
  105. Russell Means Final Message
  106. High-powered Advanced Missile Project
  107. This is one reason I don't vote for who will be President.....
  108. National Guard Whistleblower:"Doomsday Preppers Will Be Treated As Terrorists"
  109. Supporting the NWO will damage more than your health.
  110. Occult Trivia Factoid: Billiken "The god of things as they ought to be"
  111. Resin on a Stick.. by Fred Soll
  112. Facebook Has Totally Shot Itself In Its Own Stupid Foot
  113. More good news...Noble Gas Plasma Engine to Revealed Dec 11, 2012
  114. County Council telephone call re home schooling. Here we go.
  115. Romney Family Owns Voting Machines - Is This Right?
  116. Can Hypnosis Be Utilized To Kill Someone?
  117. Duchess of Cambridge photos were red flag.
  118. The Future of Online auction sites and media programmes.
  119. Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape
  120. Monsanto Preparing for Worst.
  121. Do you want to come back, and why?
  122. Is it possible that there is a connection with the pineal gland and mental illness
  123. How To Test Whether You’re Living In ‘The Matrix’
  124. Deflecting an Asteroid with paintballs
  125. Review of David Icke's Wembley presentation (27 Oct 2012)
  126. The Emergence of Conspirituality: a synthesis of conspiracy and spirituality
  127. Shill alert according to me
  128. Can you guys feel it?
  129. William Dean Garner w/Kerry Cassidy Interview
  130. Watch Live As Frankenstorm Tears Up The East Coast From The Comfort Of Your Lazy-Boy
  131. The Church of Scientology, a heart of Darkness
  132. Help needed with solar panel -battery.
  133. Here we go....The start of elections being postponed or cancelled all together?
  134. Roman Catholoic Bishop's Sermon on 911 and Globalism
  135. What Point Is To Give A Name To The Hurricane?
  136. just an observation
  137. Beyond The Storm
  138. 'Park Avenue: Money, Power and The American Dream'
  139. Rumors ( Dark Matter?)
  140. What The FUQ? - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government"
  141. So Now We Are Fighting A Nasty, Fugly Man-Eating "Blob" In War With UFOs?
  142. Red Ice Radio - Mary Sean Young - Blade Runner, Dune & Awakening to the Conspiracy
  143. Interview with Nassim Haramein 9 Sep 2012
  144. The Occult Origins of Halloween
  145. Executive Order -- Establishing the White House Homeland Security Partnership Council
  146. Lindsey Williams : There Is Something Very Drastic In The Works: 30 Oct 2012
  147. Current Odds - US Presidential Election Odds
  148. Symphony of Science - 'We Are All Connected'
  149. Medical RFID mandate and reptilian
  150. It Begins: Ecuador Demands Repatriation Of One Third Of Its Gold Holdings
  151. OPT OUT! OPT OUT! (My recent experience, refusing airport scanner.)
  152. Was ambassador Chris Stevens a gun runner for CIA in Bengazi?
  153. Big blows to Einstein's theory of Relativity. Gravity doesn't bend light.
  154. Genetically Modified Food Label Initiative Failing - Why?
  155. Ley Lines, good sources of info and detailed map of where they fall in THE NE
  156. UN to Take Control of the Internet?
  157. Idiocracy
  158. November 2 Day of the Dead Celebration
  159. WHAT the HELL are you doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  160. The untold story in Argo - Iran's hostage 1980 - scoop
  161. New York / Sandy = New Orleans / Katrina All Over Again
  162. Television....arrrgh!
  163. ‘People Have No Idea What Collapse Might Look Like’
  164. Hurricane Disaster; Is NYC a tinderbox about to ignite?
  165. The Urban Legend that Won't Go Away: Reptilians Run the World
  166. Don't be too hard on yourself!
  168. Camelot disclosure from Kerry
  169. FEMA Truck Driver Speaks Out About ‘Suspicious Happenings’
  170. 2012 election has the same astrological pattern as 2000 – prediction time?
  171. GMO wheat may 'silence' vital human genes (vs leaky gut?)
  172. Alex Collier on Ever Beyond with Jay Perron on Sunday 11th November 2012
  173. How easy people are to sway: Changing a simple text font
  174. Violent, murderous buddhist monks
  175. Where do you draw the line?
  176. Time change debacle !!!
  177. Duncan O'Finioan: Any News?
  178. The 'Tet-Offensive' against animals for Guy Fawkes/5th November in UK
  179. Nature of the life and its levels
  180. The Most Lied About Election in American History - by Gordon Duff
  181. Provo Canyon Bigfoot encounter
  182. When the Rothschilds Dial 911
  183. What if you were approached as to the end of the world and offered a ticket out?
  184. Closing the Ring The Most Lied About Election in American History by Gordon Duff
  185. To Engage or Not Engage? Is the Consciousness Movement a Trap or a Liberator?
  186. Don't lose yourself in the election, it's BS!
  187. *** Hurricane SANDY Victims seem to be forgotten by the rest of the US ***
  188. A view from the other side
  189. Consciousness/Vibrations/A New Age
  190. Better the devil you know
  191. US Presidential Election Results - Nov 2012
  192. Bill and Kerry's Pilot - Shadow Operations - The Mars Project on Tru TV 11/7 11pm
  193. How electorial votes work
  194. Dear God! (A cry for help)
  195. Roadmap to Redressing Economic Terrorism in America (archival by demand)
  196. Invisible allies
  197. Alex Collier’s Spirit is Broken, Please Help Him Reconnect With Us All…
  198. Virginia Quake Triggered Landslides
  199. Secret messages in song lyrics- backmasking
  200. an attempt to explain the 2012 timeline mystery with the help of "daniel's" documents
  201. Bill and Kerry's Mars Expose on TRU TV
  202. David Wilcock ~~ DISCLOSURE: Camelot On TruTV; Insider, "Daniel" Comes Forward!
  203. Breakthrough Energy Movement International Conference Live Stream available
  204. Illuminati is the most non-secret organisation
  205. New "Earth like" planet discovered a mere 42 light years away
  206. A little bit of mass awakening going on - David Icke's site hammered
  207. Benghazi Attack 911: What would you do?
  208. David Icke's web site is down..... (9 Nov 2012)
  209. News flash RBS, UBS Traders Said to Face Arrest in Libor Probe
  210. Did Prop 37 really lose or was it vote fraud?
  211. A View of the World from a Time Traveler... Future Brave New World
  212. "Very thought provoking" the story of the Tower of Babel. Why did the GODS divide us?
  213. The quickening (or the speedining if it were a word)
  214. FEMA camp test-run for hurricane victims?
  215. If you live alone as an older adult, is that a bad thing?
  216. 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True
  217. Plunge Into the Science of BASE Jumping
  218. Interesting civics quiz
  219. Super bolt over Avalon Airport in Melbourne, Australia
  220. Term "Conspiracy Theories" should be renamed
  221. The Money Masters
  222. Why Taxes Have to Be Raised on the Rich (Robert Reich)
  223. A Urine Powered Generator
  224. The real reason that we are here
  225. Mind Control - The Mechanics of Mind Control - Tools for the Awakening
  226. Who do you think you are
  227. Self Empowerment Time!
  228. Information Sought - Malaysia and Myanmar
  229. There are currently 1367 users online. 124 members and 1243 guests
  230. Worldwide Debt Jubilee Comming Soon!
  231. 9/11 Evidence: Why Some People Just Won’t Believe
  232. Understanding the NEW AGE that is coming!
  233. Denial and the fate of human kind
  234. Mayan explanation what happen on 21st December 2012 ...
  235. Glyphosate (RoundUp) Chemical and Crop Nutrient Interactions
  236. Actor on 'Finding Bigfoot' drops bomb on 'Conan'
  237. Dr. Steve Pieczenik MD Ph.D blows the 'Lid-Off' the Petraeus & Benghazi Scandals..!
  238. What is the cause of your suffering?
  239. New Law - It is now "illegal" to flirt with (much less have sex with) another if...
  240. Israel starts Assassination of Hamas leaders...
  241. We Have Forgotten
  242. 40 Outrageous Facts Most People Don’t Know
  243. NYPD- Major Scandal- Story of a hero
  244. The new Tesla, Dollard's lab has been destroyed, need help
  245. Is "Bohemian Rhapsody" the ultimate humanity song?
  246. 9/11 Update 2012: Amusingly Explained!
  247. How Each Of Us Envisages a Future Earth.
  248. Why we're all deficient in nutrients
  249. How Reality Works (I think... haha) - View O' the Day by justoneman
  250. Is December 21, 2012 Another Y2K?