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  1. 9.9M+ Earthquake in Africa - Needs confirmation (Update: just a glitch)
  2. Scrabble Squabble
  3. Untested vaccines causing new wave of polio-like paralysis across India.
  4. Politics and Common Purpose, link exposed.
  5. Hydro-Quebec has its largest relief operation outside of Quebec. (Sandy)
  6. Understanding the mechanic of creation
  7. George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice
  8. 30 min. till landing Expedition 33
  9. Dieudonné: "USA establishement" by a french humorist
  10. If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.
  11. The history of Israel and Palestine in 10 minutes.
  12. Comedic relief re Petreaus "scandal" :-)
  13. Einstein´s brain was indeed extraordinary
  14. Shadow Banking Hits $67 Trillion -- Reuters
  15. Freedom and the Empowerment of the Human Race
  16. We Need To Storm Monsanto NOW (ASAP) -- Our *ENTIRE* Circle Of Life Is At Stake!
  17. what about me - 2013 - Free US from Tyranny NOW
  18. Music of the Sun recorded by scientists
  19. Petroglyph Thieves Grab and Deface California Carvings
  20. The conceptual mind.
  21. Applying to the hearts and the minds of those who are unaware
  22. Prison Show
  23. Clean up your own mess and then you start cleaning up your own World.....
  24. Mars Rover Scientists Say They're Sitting On A Discovery For The 'History Books'
  25. Undeniable research supporting Sodium Chlorite as a cure for all.
  26. Dumb Ways To Die
  27. Television?
  28. Total Solar Eclipse 2012 a Massive object appears between the Moon and the Sun!
  29. 30 days til 21/12/12
  30. Happy Thanksgiving!
  31. Tour of the International Space Station
  32. I am so tired of the guilt trips
  33. Dulce interview - Anthony Sanchez interviews Colonel X
  34. Happy holidays to all
  35. Latest from Project Camelot / The Last Time We Had a Coup in America
  36. What are you eating today?
  37. The first thing that opened my eyes:
  38. Thanksgiving dinner Spacestation style
  39. Roman on Video YUUK/Start of Human Potential.
  40. Strange Coincidence
  41. Who is "Peter the Roman"??? (St.Malachy Prophecy)
  42. Alex Collier – Interview & Presentation Transcripts 1994-2011 pdf file for download
  43. My cat just had an accident and might not make it - please pray.
  44. The Vatican's Translator Speaks the Truth.
  45. Mysterious respiratory virus claims another life in Middle East
  46. A Very Nice Symbolic Representation of Our Relationship With Ourself
  47. 2 suns ! two suns YES there is a witness in Pierrefonds, Québec, Canada
  48. Is Gold about long life?
  49. Black Friday
  50. David Wilcock (again) - why I had issues with David
  51. A New Message from Duncan O'Finioan
  52. Darren Deojee and the peoples trust.
  53. Time For a Wake Up Call – The Vaccination Hoax Debunked!
  54. Love Everybody - Security Camera
  55. A FORCE MORE POWERFUL- A Century of Nonviolent Conflict
  56. Thoughts on Copyrights
  57. My father died.
  58. Can TPTB Be Stopped?
  59. One Family, One Bloodline, One Rule
  60. Secret 5000 Year Old Flying Machine Discovery with Steve Quayle
  61. Unusually high number of Friends and associates dying this month
  62. A Interesting Story About a Man Named "Benjaman Kyle"
  63. Promise me, that on December 21st, 2012...
  64. Powerball up to $425 Million
  65. Am i Talking To Myself?
  66. Dynamo Magician Impossible
  67. How does it cost £30.000 for two metal signs?...UK Highways Agency.
  68. Mayan Leader Talks about CERN and how the Maya are countering it
  69. PETITION- The US Declaration of Independence!
  70. Connecting the Dots re the Shift
  71. Planetary alignment on Dec 3, 2012 is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza
  72. Yikes! Flu Shots Prevent Heart Attacks! I knew I Should'a Got One!
  73. Cynthia McKinney opening speech at the 9/11 Revisited conference, Kuala Lumpur
  74. Next Step in the Keshe Foundation's Teachings and Development
  75. Mark Carney: Governor of the Bank of England.
  76. Hungry for the Holidays
  77. The Armed forces- heroes or demons?
  78. Released: WikiLeaks cash blockade 'ordered' by American 'hard-right'
  79. Disturbing video commentary on Carbon Tax
  80. DeDukshyn's thoughts on Dec 21st 2012 - a story
  81. Meet the new boss- the same as the old boss
  82. Journalists, keep your integrity!
  83. Can one develop telepathy?
  84. Frequency
  85. Survivorman Les Stroud's Bigfoot encounters
  86. Christmas and Thanksgiving
  87. Deeper insights into the illuminati formula
  88. left brain - right brain... which one do you use?
  89. A New Insight
  90. For those who think this world is also not getting better simultaneously
  91. * IF * (IF Spirit) -' Is '- Then why are we still running around as 'IF' -- blind ?
  92. Subtle Running Program's of Self-imprisonment - Part 1
  93. Please read about a Car Jacking scheme that you do not want to fall prey to...
  95. Important Keshe Update about Release of Technologies to the Public
  96. Some Good News? Trial By Jury
  97. Doctor Claims Bigfoot Is Real And Part Human
  98. Kerosene-lamp-belong Jesus gone-bugga-up.
  99. Doug Casey on Karma
  100. Are you an introvert?
  101. The Rape of the World by the America Machine.
  102. Russia admits missile caused UFO lights
  103. Bringing Light into Everyday Circumstances
  104. Coincidence or something more?
  105. Serve the Queen .. a serious approach to understanding our enslavement
  106. Growing Food
  107. AIDS Manmade
  108. If I’m Waking Up, Why Don’t I Feel…Better?
  109. Tree Of Knowledge
  110. Strategic Maneuvers - The Revolving Door from the Pentagon to the Private Sector
  111. Timeline Zero, Timeline One/Two; Dec 21st, 2012 and Ascension
  112. Close Your Facebook Account seriously ...wake up
  113. Who or What Are The Black Eyed Children?
  114. Did U.S. Senate just end the NDAA? Well, NO!
  115. Bank of Canada Governor is avoiding to be arrested , fleeing from Canada
  116. Water Supplies - Unintentional Contamination
  117. Question about Dolores Cannon and the 5D earth
  118. Severe Emotional Trauma
  119. Reincarnation and Soul Groups
  120. Does the forum seem a little quiet?
  121. Just a little something I ran into (Nostradamus prediction)
  122. Mainstream Media Ignore The Bilderberg Group...why?
  123. Physics is too important to be left to the physicists...
  124. Hidden Message in the Movie Truman Show?
  125. It's Official: Government Promises World Won’t End On Dec. 21!
  126. '64 Reagan speech may provide insight for today
  127. 5.7 quake in Alaska
  128. Boeing Drone Can Cripple An Entire Nation’s Computers
  129. British Army shuts down for xmas
  130. Syria - weapons of mass destruction, all over again!
  131. What do you think of Laura Eisenhower?
  132. The Oops Thread
  133. A Potential Pyramid Scheme Exploiting Spiritually/Metaphysically Minded Individuals
  134. The prison biz....The new slavery
  135. Annie Murphy Paul: What we learn before we're born
  136. The crazies are at it again...'Electric-Shock Handcuffs'
  137. Good news about "CHEERIOS"...not for "CHEERIOS"!
  138. Pressies for under a fiver ($8)
  139. Bohr's Atomic Model and the Human Aura
  140. Sasquatch - Probably the best video
  141. What TPTB do not realise.
  142. DARPA Exposed
  143. twins fighting in mother's womb
  144. Sacred Geometry - Why aren't we taught this in school!
  145. New technology makes troops invisible
  146. "Hillary in 2016? Popular Idea"
  147. John Urwin and the 3 Wise Women
  148. what if the whole '2012' things are not *real* and just a mere wishful-thinking?
  149. Guess what is represented on these pictures!
  150. Australian PM JuLIAR Gillard delivers a '2012 Apocalypse Message'..!
  151. Definite Hidden Message in the film V for Vendetta
  152. Request for input: Are zombie movies analogous to “Elietes” vrs “sheeple” ?
  153. Another view of the Out of Body experience.
  154. Nazis and NASA An untold history
  155. Ask About Illuminati
  156. "That's a Freemason's Handshake!"
  157. Smile.
  158. Cavemen Trump Modern Artists at Drawing Animals
  159. Question for my fellow Avalonians. Passing the knowledge.
  160. Nurse involved in Kate Middleton HOAX call from the Queen found dead today
  161. "Poof" Interview: Done 10/15/12; Released 11/29/12
  162. First Post of WeAreONEbigFamily
  163. Are You Too a Debt-Slave ? Watch this !
  164. Patrick Geryl's earthquake predictions....
  165. The world does not feel right.... YOU HAVE FELT IT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.
  166. DNA Activating Hug
  167. Driving Dogs
  168. Breaking the Taboo - Documentary
  169. Its good to be back and i am back!!
  170. Reopening of The Twintower attacks 9/11 2001 - will it ever be solved ?
  171. The surveillance state on a roll
  172. Talk about wasting Tax payers money
  173. In memory of John Lennon
  174. Mating Turtles Fossilized in the Act
  175. The Bavarian Illuminati - Jesuit Adam Weishaupt
  176. Recommended Viewing
  177. David Wilcock: "Back In Action"
  178. Behaviour of meteor fragments while entering atmosphere?
  179. Who's a terrorist?
  180. The Assassination of John F Kennedy (Quotations from the book Vatican Assassins III)
  181. The power of connecting people
  182. Vedic Knowledge - Ramayan in Human Physiology (Science, Consciousness and the Veda)
  183. My Intuition told me i had to make a thread and explain some things to this community
  184. The Destruction of The USA Middle Class - The Club of Rome
  185. Internet Scamsters, Spies and Trolls
  186. December 21, 2012 only 2 places are safe. Did you get your reservation yet?
  187. 2012 - James Horak reveals what will really happen
  188. The New World Order.
  189. Belief junkies and the fear of not knowing.
  190. A question i would like to ask regarding dreams?
  191. IMPORTANT John Coleman - The Club of Rome. from PAUL
  192. Awakening, ascension, paranoia, and anxiety...
  193. The Vatican Knighthoods (Knights Templars History)
  194. Contacting Tru TV About Conspiracy Theory's Time Placement
  195. Sneak Preview. New "STAR TREK Into Darkness" movie May 2013 Release
  196. BOTH ROADS LEAD TO HELL - Teri Lynn Hinkle
  197. Bolivia and the banishing of the "devil"
  198. A Strange Dream I Had Last Night (12-10-12)
  199. Take me to you leader....
  200. 12/12/12 -- Atlantean Crystal To Be Activated In Arkansas
  201. Rude Awakening ? I can't help it for its the truth
  202. Huge asteroid to buzz Earth — and you can watch it all online
  203. The True Core of the New World Order Exposed - With Eric Jon Phelps
  204. 20 Years Later, Noah's Ark Replica Complete
  205. The "Full Circle" 'excuse' That Negates Any Further Investigation
  206. Codex Alimentarius full speed!
  207. Changing the Banking System is the Way...
  208. For Dennis Leahy – because you deserve this post and publicly
  209. 21 Reasons Why to Look Forward to December 21st and the Future
  210. Ravi Shankar dies at 92
  211. Why always Mars for roving?
  212. Meteor impact in Turkey
  213. Portland Oregon Mall Shooting
  214. How we are ONE?
  215. Do You Have Enemies?
  216. 21 December 2012 - We Do not know what will happen for certain
  217. Have you had telepathic communication with aliens and/or humans?
  218. Strange Phobias: It's the end of the world!
  219. Is the environmental movement & EPA a tool of economic refocusing ( aka TPTB)
  220. What happened with WeAreOnebigFamily?
  221. Psychiatry goes insane.
  222. Imagination
  223. For the seeker in me..and the big kid.
  224. Predictions end 2012 from Vedic Astrology
  225. Hints & Tips from Shamans & Medicine Men for Dec 22nd 2012
  226. Time Compression
  227. Brilliant Meteor Shower Tonight! Live & In Color!
  228. Ringing cedar of Siberia pendant/necklace anyone?
  229. Humans Are Free
  230. The Brotherhood Of The Snake
  231. Kimberley's interview w' Mr Mehran Keshe 12-10-12 Please Listen Important!!!
  232. MIND CONTROL drugs to make you make you feel everything, except well. Thanks FDA
  233. Trolls wanted.
  234. Hebrew and Klingon.
  235. what's your weird experience you had?
  236. Need help defining a highly unusual sensation
  237. Have you had enough, too?
  238. The Great Western mistake about 21st 12. 2012.
  239. Sign Of The Times
  240. Fellowship of Tesla: Kickstarter Campaign
  241. Who is watching you on the web and how to opt-out from ads
  242. 6 Days out from the Big Day.
  243. About the prohibition of fire weapons
  244. David Wilcock: "Top Russian TV Station Exposes Financial Tyranny"
  245. "The Changing of the Guard" The end of financial tyranny!! Whoo Hoo!! Only 11 min
  246. 'I Am Adam Lanza's Mother': A Mom's Perspective On Mental Illness Conversation In US
  247. What I Know and What that Means
  248. Self Esteem vs. Spiritual Awakening
  249. President Obama's Newtown speech.
  250. Sandy Hook clearly seen on Gotham City Map...Dark Knight Rises