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  1. David Wilcock: "Top Russian TV Station Exposes Financial Tyranny"
  2. "The Changing of the Guard" The end of financial tyranny!! Whoo Hoo!! Only 11 min
  3. 'I Am Adam Lanza's Mother': A Mom's Perspective On Mental Illness Conversation In US
  4. What I Know and What that Means
  5. Self Esteem vs. Spiritual Awakening
  6. President Obama's Newtown speech.
  7. Sandy Hook clearly seen on Gotham City Map...Dark Knight Rises
  8. Gathering and talks in Irvine, CA on the 22nd of December - 'Awake and Alive"
  9. Arthur Mathews - Tesla's Last Assistant AUDIO
  10. What is the meaning of the name "sandy" being in two tragic events
  11. "Prepper" is the new "conspiracy theorist" (with added implication of "terrorist")
  12. Randy Maugans & Duncan O'Finioan slam disinfo bullying
  13. Craziest Mayan Predictions...
  14. Important from George Kavassilas 21 Dec 2012 Deception and What We Can Do About it
  15. The Energetic
  16. Happy holidays fellow avalonians
  17. Why Laughter is the Best Weapon Against the Moral Idiocy of the Controllers
  18. STRONG LINK Between Allopathic Drugs And School Shootings
  19. School shutdowns in Newtown Ct. areas
  20. Times of panic and big anxiety - feeling of being off the path
  21. Doomsday Bunkers and Arks | Apocalypse 2012 Revelations
  22. What would be impact of media reporting positive news only for a given period of time
  23. Serious Laughter Thread
  24. My mind keeps showing me images of those angels being killed.
  25. Individually we have a lot of ability to change our situations to what we envision
  26. Check out this Kesha video and look at all the illuminati signs in it.
  27. Golden Eagle Snatches Kid
  28. What does George Green Know?
  29. Is anyone else experiencing greater synchronicity, psychic ability, or UFOs etc?
  30. FDA Sued for Withholding Data on Antibiotic Use in Food Animals
  31. I need your loving, healing prayers
  32. God Particle???
  33. Bill Saturno: Adding Time to the Maya Clock
  34. Coincide
  35. Help with putting a beloved pet down at home
  36. Experiences of the doppelganger
  37. Turkey's Capital has Mother ship visit
  38. The "Dead" Sandy Hook Kids MAY STILL BE ALIVE NOW
  39. Exact timing of Winter Solstice 2012
  40. thank you pachamamma, mother earth, father sky, unite us!
  41. Lost Time!?
  42. Let's look at "synchronicity" (again)
  43. What are you going to do on the 21-12-2012
  44. Space Station Zero G Tour of ISS
  45. Apprehensions, Anticipations and inheritors of the Gift of Time.. the Present
  46. ISO evidence that Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes were set to testify in LIBOR case
  47. God Game
  48. Just a quick thought for the day.....
  49. 2012 Update from Australia.
  50. Quarantine ends after tomorrow?
  51. The Benefits of Radiation for the IRRADIA Couple from Russia..what are your thoughts?
  52. Reflections of the Ego ... NIN "HURT"(Live)
  53. Ode to Dec 21,2012
  54. For the Children
  55. It's December 21 2012 already in Indonesia,..NOTHING happen!..boring life as usual
  56. trying to get my other thread to show on new posts
  57. Responsibility
  58. It's now 10.33pm on Dec 21 2012 in NZ - we're OK!
  59. Making a Manchurian Candidate.
  60. 2012-12-21 Into the Future, Consciously
  61. We are the caterpillars turning into butterflies
  62. The shocking truth about what's really in vaccines ..haven't seen this posted yet.
  63. There's no place like home...
  64. Burning Witches
  65. I found my twin-flame on Avalon
  66. Well, the 21st is here and so are we.Just one thing.
  67. Timeline for the culling of population Earth
  68. Hey, someone had stolen my end of the world day!
  69. Solstice 12-21-2012, blah, blah, blah....
  70. Greetings!
  71. Mayan calendar, Sandy Hook, Peace Prize Obama: Your entire reality has been scripted
  72. Spiritual Music
  73. Now that the distractions of predicted catastrophes have come and gone, what's left?
  74. Israel and Iran: A love story? ... amazing
  75. Worldwide Mass Animal Deaths for 2012 and 2011
  76. Predictions For Friday 13th September 2013 at 13:00 GMT
  77. Happy New year!
  78. Violence in Video Games
  79. Whither now, O Human Race ???
  80. Puppetji on what to do after surviving karmageddon (21st)
  81. Do you donate to charity?
  82. The gameplan is the same
  83. How they know exact date 2012 prophecies occur?
  84. Enlightenment..........
  85. Trojan-horse therapy 'completely eliminates' cancer in mice
  86. And then, there's silence...
  87. MEGA Quakes, Magnetic field anomalies & Auroras NOT RANDOM!
  88. Finally the power reversed, the people are in charge?
  89. Manifesting & the Mystic Morphic Field
  90. Seduced into inaction
  91. War: Big Government's Best Friend
  92. Women join the Afghan resistance at all levels
  93. The need for the drama threads....
  94. Merry Christmas
  95. Who's ready for change?
  96. How many of you know people on the 'inside?'
  97. The question of an attack on Iran in 2013
  98. My Christmas prayer.
  99. Merry Christmas Avalon!
  100. Amazing Christmas Light Display
  101. Demand A Plan - The exposé
  102. Pope Benny and his Horned Buddies
  103. Toronto Police raided my house 2 minutes ago
  104. UFO Video/Still image burden of proof
  105. Nextdoor
  106. Those Were The Days (My Friend)
  107. I've been reported upstream from a young sub mariner.....
  108. The slow process of people waking-up - sparked by a family crisis...
  109. Am I missing the point? Tax money goes to fed, right?
  110. For Whom Are We A Target Audience
  111. Be The Change: Are you a part of the problem or the solution?
  112. Feinstein's Gun Control Bill Is The Worst Threat Ever On Our 2nd Amendment Rights
  113. Engineering / Designing For Dummies: The Bitch List
  114. Just in from Duncan, for those who follow his work. "2013 ... A New Year, or a Nightmare ...pt 1 "
  115. Suspicious0bservers 3MIN News December 29, 2012
  116. The toys of shadow gov...
  117. Is Duncan O'Finioan really named Bobby Joe Fannin?
  118. Totally integrated corporate-state repression of dissent
  119. Your good thoughts and energies (needed) ;-
  120. ET protecting Earth from solar storms due to 2nd sun...
  121. Demands for evidence continue on Duncan O'Finioan thread
  122. POTENTIAL, you are that which you are, REALIZATION
  123. Robert Bigelow. Space pioneer or what?
  124. German Magazine Mistakenly Publishes Bush Obituary ( oh, shucks!)
  125. A minor aside on bullying
  126. How to Break the Backs of Corporations
  127. Secret Human Testing Revealed in Declassified U.S. Army Documents
  128. America Unearthed ~ mayan/Georgia Connection
  129. 2013!! Here we come...
  130. BEST Video To Usher In The New Year!
  131. Hello again, Avalon
  132. Barack Obama 2013
  133. Avalon word clouds
  134. The "official" New Year - Annual Celebration Date
  135. Strange Occurence in the bathtub
  136. As above so below..........
  137. What Are Your Hopes For The New Year?
  138. 'Cafe Amsterdam' Has Arrived In Colorado!
  139. DHS Insider Reveals Nasty Plans For 2013
  140. New: Ancient Aliens – Aliens And Cover Ups
  141. R.I.P. Philip Coppens
  142. Metaphysics:Where Science and Spirituality Meet
  143. Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers Addresses the Gun Takeback
  144. Kailasa Temple... Not Stone on Stone
  145. Tsunami bomb and UFO official documents
  146. The RA Material (Law of One) and Nuclear Fall-Out (Maybe I'm being melodramatic?!!)
  147. The Community Ideal - The Ideal Community
  148. Finger Control/Confiscation Legislature Coming Soon?
  149. Scientists offer quantum theory of soul's existence
  150. Amazing view of how they want to make the future???
  151. Interview: Heather of the One People's Trust with American Kabuki, Removing the Shackles...
  152. What's The End Game?
  153. David Icke 2013
  154. Read about the ARMY Civilian Inmate Labor Program
  155. Perfect Prediction Scam
  156. Propaganda - Full North-Korean Documentary
  157. a so tiny huge human being so sweet and awful
  158. Bushfires Devastate Tasmanian Towns
  159. Flipping The Bird At Cops Is Constitutional -- U.S. Court of Appeals
  160. Meeting in Montreal with AVALONIENS ??
  161. Dmitry Medvedev Talks about Aliens/Russian Documentary "MIB"
  162. Asteroid Flies between Earth, Satellites & Moon - February 15, 2013
  163. The Star of Bethlehem and more...amazing!
  164. Underground Shelters for civilians. Very informative video.
  165. Cycles of Destruction Embedded in the Earth's Geophysical Record
  166. Do you want to lose weight fast and meet ETs?
  167. You Have A Right To Know -- TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?
  168. Why was GHW Bush allowed the Presidency for 20 years?
  169. Guns and Tanks to Remove Child from Home for Refusal to Vaccinate
  170. Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment and loosh
  171. House Bill to Change 22 Amendment - Executive Term Limits
  172. Doc Marquis interview on 20 Dec 12 - Excellent podcast!
  173. 5 Major Science Discoveries Of 2012
  174. Roadside cavity search lawsuit!!! OMG
  175. "The Secret And Lies Of The Bailout" -- Matt Taibbi In Rolling Stone Magazine
  176. If slaughter houses had glass walls....
  177. Gamma Rays and Their Effects, a conversation
  178. America Unearthed: Great Lakes Copper Heist
  179. Bakers Green Acres Farm in Michigan needs your help
  180. H.R. 193: To require persons who seek to retain seed harvested from the planting of patented seeds to register ...
  181. Why do I feel angry?
  182. The most fantastic OBE I've ever had
  183. Feeling a bit low today...
  184. Weird chanting..........
  185. Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu Banter About God
  186. A message to our PTB, I love you :-)
  187. How To Handle A Petty Tyrant
  188. Digiscoping for the rest of us
  189. Purple energy came to me with a message
  190. Beyond Thought
  191. Israel Has Stolen Nukes; Plans To Use Against Iran ASAP -- Gordon Duff
  192. Communist Party Invades Idaho - to Build Manufacturing City
  193. free man of the land
  194. Half Of All Food Produced Is 'Thrown Away'
  195. Divided We Fall
  196. Creeping Crud
  197. The Death of Idealism: A Personal Story
  198. Dalai Lama is a hypocrite when it comes to eating meat!
  199. 4,000 Year Old Map of Entire Planet
  200. BREAKING: Reports Coming In That David Wilcock Has Ascended!!!
  201. The Most Honest Three Minutes I've Ever Heard!
  202. About Dragons by Franz Erdl
  203. Was PNAC Disinfo ?
  204. Native Americans and Native peoples all over the World
  205. Mass Dooms Day dates, Mass Ascension Date, or Mass Deceptions-Being Realistic
  206. Avalon... a great book or movie?
  207. America Unearthed: Medieval Desert Mystery
  208. Abundance For All Is Upon Us!
  209. Why We "Need" The "Elites"
  210. Monsanto's Roundup Linked to Infertility
  211. 'One' Question..?
  212. Marriage License and Birth Certificates for New Families?
  213. Psychiatry: The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?
  214. The Cosmic Superweapon
  215. I challenge all of you
  216. Are there any visitors from other galaxies?
  217. The Man Who Planted Trees
  218. Keep safe from the potential of robbing by the TSA!!!
  219. Loud Booms Happening Again
  220. Antidepressants and School Shootings, Suicide, Addiction
  221. the 'harsh' Reality, nevertheless...
  222. New York Declares Public Health Emergency
  223. Ancient Aliens: Alien Power Plant
  224. George Prescott Bush Is Alive & Well! Seriously!
  225. Amateur Astronomers Discover 42 Alien Planets
  226. Has the Mayan date come and gone changed your perception of the future?
  227. The Truthseeker: Schools, Guns & Drugs/ Gitmo, Torture is Fine in US / Whats Homeland Security ?
  228. Police to my door, regarding ORMUS
  229. The answer to everything, David Wynn Miller
  230. We Are Family
  231. What's the real agenda behind gun control?
  232. Ancient Aliens: Destination Orion
  233. NASA Low-Temperature Oxidation Catalysts catalytic converter
  234. If Peace was guaranteed on condition that humans would stop slaughtering and eating animals...
  235. We, if fact know Nothing, only Understand.
  236. The Dulce Project 2013
  237. 'Collapse of UK Debt-Ridden Social System Only Matter of Time'
  238. The Chuckle Squad: A Funny Solution to a Serious Problem.
  239. SUPERCALAFRAJALISTIC...i dont know what to name this thread
  240. Mainstream Media Discussion - Information is Power
  241. David Wilcock -- Dec 21, 2012: Romance and Reality
  242. Cobra: HAARP one of the last strongholds of the Etheric Archon Grid/Matrix?
  243. Jimmy Savile Worked For MI5
  244. A Brief but Enlightening History of 'Human Farming'
  245. LameStream Media Advice For The Flu!
  246. A Callout To All Sheriffs
  247. A quote from Wilcock's latest blog
  248. What the Mayan calendar means to Them.
  249. C2C, Author of the "Paranormal Equation" Dr. James D Stein
  250. Interesting facts Lincoln and Kennedy