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  1. Speculating: Global Meteors, Space Based Weapons & Current Struggle for Financial Systems Related?
  2. Green 'Space' Slime Baffles Nature Experts
  3. Presidents Day
  4. Freemasonry: From Darkness To Light
  5. New Zealand in a Lucky Crib!
  6. British TV Series Utopia
  7. SNL spoofs Carnival Cruise. Very funny!
  8. America Unearthed: Motive for Murder
  9. Spinach Recall In 39 States After Taylor Farms E. Coli Scare
  10. Strange case missing Canadian gril found dead in a water tank
  11. Consumption
  12. Rise of the Machines - USA
  13. Is The Last Card About To Be Played..?
  14. Ireland close to banning water fluoridation.
  15. CrossTalk: Drones Orwellian Skies // Congress to adopt anti-drone legislation?
  16. Edgar Evans Cayce (1918-2013)
  17. Nat Rothschild - chickens coming home to roost?
  18. Radiation Of The Pacific Ocean In The Next 10 Years
  19. Space Mining!!
  20. Alex Collier – A Special Conversation… 20th February 2013
  21. Is it the same old story of a savior being born by a virgin.....
  22. Some Strange Things Are Happening To Astronauts Returning To Earth
  23. Vaccines and Children
  24. World of Drones: Yahoo News/Livescience (Jeremy Hsu, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer)
  25. Temporary tattoos ...
  26. GOOGLE GLASS released! - Google Smart glasses
  27. Events: Bradley Manning 1000 days without trial
  28. Family Lives Without Money—By Choice—and Thrives
  29. Homeless Man’s Honest Deed Rewarded with $16K Donation, and Counting
  30. Outsiders?
  31. Who will lead the revolution, the civil disobedience?
  32. Bob Dobbs/Neveritt...Talking about Mae Russell & much more...
  33. Have you dreamed of this person?
  34. Humans unable to destroy celestial bodies coming from space
  35. A little good news for your day
  36. Stargate the disclosure series? It seems like only yesterday !!
  37. Electronic Telekinetic Tempoary Tattoo
  38. Alex Collier wolfspirit radio 20-2-2013
  39. What's on this boat, nobody wants????
  40. Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle 2012 HD
  41. The War on Consciousness: Graham Hancock
  42. The End of the Monetary System May Be Just Around the Corner
  43. 'stupid greedy taxes ' That always benifit the Wealthy !!
  44. Lost soul: my life experiences and the life choices I have made
  45. Aliens And The Vatican 2013
  46. To the Next Generation after the first, and before the last.
  47. Best wishes as always to BILL RYAN who is celebrating his birthday today!
  48. The strange story of the human vampire from Turkey
  49. The limits of compassion
  50. A Lost Cause
  51. Question regarding Koch Industries
  52. What will happen to the Vatican during the end times?
  53. Apology is required.
  54. Lord Mayor of London confirms British spies film, recruit and blackmail paedophiles to control politics
  55. Who holds the Public Money?
  56. Edible City: Grow the Revolution
  57. How to understand what a person is saying
  58. Disturbing BBC report
  59. Secret mission to the moon - New evidence
  60. A womans call to dreams
  61. Our Fascist State - Good Ole Big Brother
  62. Alien Mysteries - New TV show on Discovery Channel
  63. 60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child
  64. TB Outbreak in Los Angeles- Freaky Coincidence!
  65. Government Gone Wild
  66. The dead thread (unnecessary misery)
  67. Top Ten Documentaries Every Activist Must Watch
  68. How many bodies are we driving now...on earth
  69. Criticism of New DSM: From a Psychiatrist
  70. My Search for Truth is Over
  71. Window of Great Change; Drunvalo's February Mesage
  72. Google to Keep statistics on your browsing history, no opt out unless you close your account
  73. Dr Oliver Sacks - Visualization & specialized structures in the brain
  74. Do you sleep well ?
  75. Trail of Breadcrumbs: Obama, The Resignation of Pope Benedict and the Great Financial Collapse
  76. Here We Bloody Go ... Russian Meteorite's Origin Traced To Deadly Apollo Asteroid Cluster ('And It's Not Good News')
  77. 100 year old Illuminati cartoon
  78. Anti gun people can NOT defeat this video
  79. Ancient Aliens - Strange Abductions
  80. Stunning Find on Michigan Lake
  81. Grown Men Actually Do This
  82. Moving off the YouTube (Google platform)
  83. Do you want to be a journalist?
  84. Tonight on C2C
  85. The technocratic architecture of the Prison Planet
  86. "Mind Melds" Move From Science Fiction To Science In Rats
  87. The American Tapeworm
  88. Adios Pope
  89. Wassup in Russia? PM talk of Aliens, Financial Fraud & Alien Documentaries, Sorcha Faal Dis-info, Meteors...
  90. Purpose: What Can Be Done And What Must Be Done
  91. Dr. Steven Greer on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast
  92. Low dose radiation can heal you and save the honey bees and much much more Radiation Hormesis
  93. The LIGHT uncovers the Darkness
  94. Revenge Of The Electric Car Full Movie & the new Tesla Model S all-electric Car
  95. How is this possible??? (U.S. economy and stock market)
  96. Pernicious Evil & The Black Swan
  97. Steve Reich in Tokyo ... Some of you May Like This
  98. The Mincome project
  99. Alarm bells! Rats with brain implants communicate at distance!!!
  100. 3/11/11: Was Japan Hit by a "Tsunami Bomb" or a "Prompt Global Strike"?
  101. The economic and the spiritual--What's happening for you?
  102. Lightning Strikes Vatican: A Geo-Synchronicity?
  103. Jack The Giant Slayer
  104. A True Researcher Into Life Before Death. The Beautifully Mad One
  105. I had a very intense experience that I'd like to share with you all
  106. UFO Travels through tunnel in Germany 26/02/2013 (LIVE CAM)
  107. Keep calm and Rape!!! (Amazon.com T-shirt)
  108. America Unearthed - Tracking the Templars
  109. The volatility index firefly – are we being misled?
  110. Whistle Blower Radio Kerry Cassidy Guest CLARK McCLELLAND -
  111. Cocaine an easy way for the powers that be to get into their heads?
  112. The Great Awakening - Sheeple realizing that the shepherd (NWO) will consume them
  113. Doom doom and more doom ... its booring ! have a laugh instead thread : 0 )
  114. Jagman & sons say hello to Avalon
  115. Just a few thoughts on the Middle East
  116. Asteroid To Buzz Earth 3/04/2013! AND OTHER SIGNS Of Prophecy?
  117. The Precious Metal Restriction Has Begun (Reporting requirements in Arizona, USA)
  118. USA Real Estate Industry is a Blight on Society! Compare % Withheld by Buyer/Seller Agents in USA/Europe!
  119. Wealth Inequality in America
  120. From Huffington Post: Abolish It: It's Our Right
  121. A Nice Alan Watts Inception Mashup
  122. Mr Reggie Watts (Entertaining TED talk)
  123. Mental Illness and people with power
  124. The Calm before the Storm
  125. German student builds electromagnetic harvester
  126. Baby With HIV ‘Cured’
  127. Mainstream conspiracy websites are being attacked
  128. The Colour of Cars
  129. Ethical Banking
  130. War of the worlds..........New generation
  131. The Magic Wand
  132. Capital Cities: Safe and Sound - awesome and uplifting song as well as a interesting music video (illuminati references)
  133. Giant holes all over America...
  134. Richie Rich Gets Richer
  135. Natwest Computers gone wonky again
  136. Conspiracy Files - Fake World Leaders
  137. The importance of now : a potential grain of sand in the mechanics of evil
  138. Geoengineering Interview Pulled from YouTube
  139. Well-researched article by Chris Thomas on OPPT (One Peoples Public Trust)
  140. 8 yr old handcuffed for tantrum!!
  141. Object of Interest from Turrialba Volcanic Feed
  142. A gathering of men with Robert Bly
  143. Gorgeous pictures of a back yard wilderness worth saving - Wade Davis presentation
  144. What Do You Want From Life?
  145. Politics.
  146. Inelia Benz: Raising the Vibrational Level of the Planet
  147. If you are still in any Doubt..? Pictures from the 'ROTHSCHILD' Party 1972..!
  148. NZ Police who faked their badge numbers during protest eviction, keep jobs.
  149. America Uneathed - America's Oldest Secret
  150. Be Wary of Absolutes
  151. The mind- mending cartoons we watched as kids
  152. How To Achieve A 'Tipping Point' to Defeat the NWO..!
  153. How to Discover Your 'Life Purpose' in About 20 Minutes...
  154. Jeff Daniels--We are not the greatest nation in the world anymore
  155. Honesty
  156. Tardigrade-The unkillable creature
  157. March 2013 The Next Great Event in The Awakening!
  158. Canadian government no longer investigating UFOs
  159. Obama's Trip To Israel ETA: March 20th, 2013
  160. Don't Panic
  161. Under Our Skin
  162. Ice Age art
  163. My divorce came though, I am a happy panda
  164. "The Battle for the Mind"
  165. The three questions
  166. Finally, Truth from the Weather Man!
  167. Heart disease present in ancient mummies
  168. What Danish police do to cyclists!
  169. The Joke Is on the Feds: Seattle's Colorful Neighborhoods and the Story of Talents West
  170. Interesting Minds Suggestions Please
  171. The month of March and 11
  172. Where there's 'smoke' there must be fire!
  173. New Pope - St Malachy Prophecy of the Popes
  174. The Soul And It's Physical Realm After Death
  175. Latest from George Kavassilas - 2013 March Equinox
  176. Prolific Posters And Where Have They Gone?
  177. The awakening, when and how to do the work towards it. Straight and honest answers.
  178. Dr Amit Goswami on Joe Rogan Podcast
  179. How WE (Including YOU) Can Stop Chemtrails
  180. Want to know how you're being manipulated?
  181. 2013 March Equinox - Real Ending of Precessional Cycle--George K.
  182. We didn't own an Ipad
  183. When everything is potentially untrue
  184. The Second Coming W B Yeats
  185. The 'Organisation'.
  186. Mono-atomic gold, reptilian and human history
  187. This is unbelievable - Nancy Lieder telling her cult followers to kill their dogs.
  188. Project Iceworm - "Camp Century"
  189. Democrats and Republicans: Let's Talk Definitions and Get Nitty Gritty. What Are We Going to DO? :)
  190. Mehran Keshe Talks Plasma March 5th - very interesting..
  191. Uplifting Humanity
  192. Sign the world peace treaty
  193. Chapel Perilous
  194. Russian TV Exposes Financial Tyranny with David Wilcock, Part 1-- Jan. 16, 2013 -
  195. Gov't Wants Volunteers to Wear 'White Guilt' Bracelets
  196. 2 Years after the uprising in Egypt this video still moves me... I see this in our future in the U.S.... Enjoy
  197. Dates for Easter 1982-2022
  198. Proof of life after death
  199. AP: High-ranking Syrian general defects [ To Rebels! ]
  200. Apocalypse : not a nightmare, just piercing the veil
  201. Stepson diagnosed with aggresive Brain Cancer
  202. Illuminati, World War III Plan Revealed
  203. From my heart to yours, a request to help a member given 6 months to live..
  204. HAARP Pooned Humanity - We are being Exterminated
  205. Ego be Gone, the way to Evolution
  206. Nikola Tesla was Murdered by Otto Skorzeny
  207. New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Gives Monsanto Power Over US Government
  208. The Trivium Method vs. The Classical Trivium: A Briefing by Kevin Cole / History… So It Doesn’t Repeat (Interview)
  209. America Unearthed: Hunt for the Holy Grail
  210. Best 7 minutes on gun control I have ever seen!
  211. Ex-CIA Director: War paradigm no longer useful for US, needs change
  212. If you feel that you are too small to change something...
  213. Rex Research- is it missing for anyone else???
  214. HR4872: Explanation on the Law: Health Care and education Reconciliation Act
  215. Scientists Resurrect Bonkers Extinct Frog
  216. Police robbing Citizens on Highway.
  217. Are the aliens really demons....?
  218. Especially for women...
  219. Hope Is a Choice
  220. The Most Astounding Facts About The Universe
  221. New Avalon main site is under construction
  222. 9 years old and dropping some serious stuff.
  223. A Beautiful Experience
  224. Home Funerals are Still Alive
  225. The Potentiality Of Love- A letter from Bill - Posted 19th March 2012 by Eva Moore.
  226. About abortion
  227. Surfing The Possibilities
  228. Sheeple In A Pasture
  229. Electromagnetic Weopons/Psychic attacks
  230. Dolores Cannon 5D Earth is Here!
  231. Queen leaves King Edward VII hospital with nurse wearing symbolic belt
  232. Past-Life Regression Session/Hypnosis
  233. "chasing ice"
  234. Outer-world signs of the birth of the new earth...wow!
  235. Man Saves Toddler's Life in Supermarket
  236. GQ (Gentleman's Quarterly) Article on the Vatican and Pope Benedict's Butler, etc. Great read!!
  237. Requesting forum opinion on this info find...
  238. I dont think there is reincarnation.
  239. Dr Dean G Allen & Kristy Knight speak to Freedom Central - learn about your own bodies energies and the secrets of the Dragon
  240. Freeman Interviews Jay Weidner 5/26/2012 - Archons, Alchemy and Modern Movie Magic
  241. RT News ....Truthseekers exposing CIA/Pentagon falseflags/leaks and media manipulation propaganda
  242. A 'SPIRITUAL' Download: Smashing Pumkin's Billy Corgan with Alex Jones..!
  243. We need to be responsible for OUR ACTIONS; THINK
  244. Reality and cartoon land incompatible.
  245. The ancient Templates of Wisdom: Lucia René Talks to Elizabeth McCullogh
  246. ratfish oil and how to use it.
  247. CIA Chief Tech Officer: Big Data Is The Future And We Own It
  248. What if we are the ones weve been waiting for and the time is now...
  249. The Great Pyramid Mystery Solved?
  250. Chossudovsky: US Will Start WW3 by Attacking Iran