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  1. What if we are the ones weve been waiting for and the time is now...
  2. The Great Pyramid Mystery Solved?
  3. Chossudovsky: US Will Start WW3 by Attacking Iran
  4. My speech to save my grandfather`s body
  5. Chemtrail induced Heart Attack
  6. Iceland, Let The bank Fall
  7. Inelia: Everybody is your twin-flame!
  8. It is Time. Tech 2 : Dissolve your banking interest.
  9. Automotive Police State
  10. Obama's Civil War - We Can Kill You When Ever We Want
  11. Toxic Waste and Fracking Sites, EPA Superfund Sites. Staggering. What's with the cube layout?
  12. EMF Safety Garments
  13. Billy Corgan: Total Paradigm Shift...on Alex Jones...
  14. The banks and money, it all seem to be so distant to me. I can't care less!
  15. Retired Police Captain Demolishes the War on Drugs
  16. Beer ... it's what's for dinner ...
  17. Compassion in troubled times.
  18. miracles
  19. Promising new multipurpose tech- TiO2 nanofiber
  20. WikiLeaks Was Just a Preview
  21. What The Banker Can't Take
  22. "Cool" uses for drones
  23. Mehran Keshe posted an open letter titled "New Era" (Peace on Earth, how and why now)
  24. If your words could wake a sheep up in 3 minutes
  25. Tonight on C2C
  26. Gary McKinnon Again?
  27. The good old days
  28. Life & Soul Choice To Leave The Earth At This Time!
  29. Will Bitcoin Kill the Federal Reserve
  30. Tony Blair & Colin Powell @ Bohemian Grove
  31. Old wealth vs. new money
  32. New Xbox Reportedly Won’t Let You Play (Unless It Can Spy On You)
  33. "The Harbinger"Author Jonathan Cahn joins George Noory for a discussion
  34. A wookiee looks at psychopathy
  35. Helga Zepp-LaRouche Keynote | Emergency International Webcast, March 24, 2013
  36. Nimrod (Apollo/Osiris/Gilgamesh) Resurrection of the Nephilim or Gods
  37. 2013's reported "meteors" & "Hinky" explanations & weird reports still of space based conflicts.
  38. The Overpopulation Myth and the Misplacing of Money by Philanthropy
  39. Jeff Monson: US a police state, George Orwell's 1984 happening before us
  40. The Silent Evolution
  41. Mundanity - blessing or curse ?
  42. Winning or sharing?
  43. The Battle of the Ants
  44. I witnessed an accident involving a Praxair truck today 8( [Seattle Driving]
  45. From a 6yo
  46. Are we really gods?
  47. Any thoughts? (A couple of interesting experiences)
  48. Happy Easter Fellow Avalonians
  49. The Dalai Lama
  50. Possible Explanation for Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide
  51. 2013 - Conflict and Catastrophe
  52. The new age goes into retirement
  53. Navy wants anti-drone lasers.....Problem Reaction Solution ...As usual !!
  54. And Who Said "One World Order?"....Un-arming the World
  55. You can help the Monarch Butterfly survive.
  56. Getting out of a funk/depression?
  57. This Easter Sunday, I will reflect on the life of the most famous terrorist of them all, Jesus Christ.
  58. interesting picture that fb keeps removing
  59. A tribute to my friends
  60. wanted: scanner recordings
  61. Astronaut Chris Hadfield sings a song from space station
  62. Neil Keenan Sunday 3-31-13 update: Arrest the bankers
  63. Bye Bye Banksters – Hello BRIC
  64. Where ya from?
  65. I think I know the illuminati plan
  66. Lawsuit could end Obamacare!!!!!!
  67. Brockbrader finally debunked
  68. The Crucifixion Decoded ??
  69. Not all Police are mean and nasty!!!!!!
  70. Danny Hillis: The Internet Could Crash. We Need a Plan B
  71. Are we the only Planet that had Alien interference I.E. DNA maipulation ?
  72. Need help explaining an experience I had with chakra cleansing
  73. Old pictures of the Pyramids at Giza
  74. Researchers make breakthrough on storing energy for fuel cells
  75. Woody Harrelson "Time to Unslave Humanity"
  76. Enter The House Of The Temple
  77. America Unearthed's Lost Colony Episode Debated
  78. Slavery by Consent
  79. Healing Thoughts for my Mother
  80. The Avalon Symphony
  81. MY OBE when I was young....
  82. Your enemy is your own ignorance.
  83. Slow and Insidious, Fast and Furious, or Both?
  84. war crimes in Iraq
  85. Huffington Post • Secret Files Expose Offshore’s Global Impact • Politics 04-05-13
  86. Changing Channels
  87. Metal Gear - a message to us about our future?
  88. North Korean LIVE TV Stream
  89. Scientist Proves DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies
  90. The Nature of Reality
  91. The Nature of Us
  92. They Are Killing Us "MUST SEE"
  93. Short-cut : History of evolution
  94. Must read: Amzer Zo's fine post about discernment
  95. Truvia: it's just the leaf of the Stevia plant, right? Right?
  96. Back from the Dead
  97. Creating our future
  98. Biden: We Have To Create A New World Order
  99. Why does society have to be this way?
  100. 5 U.S. bomber planes goes MIA?
  101. What do you think of John Lennon's "Imagine"?
  102. Against The Wind
  103. Near Death Experiencer Nanci Danison - The Creation of the Universe and Humanity
  104. Assange presents massive Project K leak
  105. Redesiging Civilization with Permaculture
  106. Trees by the lake ...compassion
  107. My favourite thought ...
  108. human chimeras, checkerboards and hermaprodites
  109. Remember who you are !! Wembley arena october 2012
  110. Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot Whistle Blower Holds Event!
  111. Hopi Prophecy Is Now Fact
  112. Is it ethical to bring back extinct species?
  113. What is it like to be God? A first person narrative.
  114. interesting leak, what goes on behind the scenes.....
  115. not your children.....
  116. joining the ranks of terrorism.......
  117. Kerry Cassidy's Awake and Aware 2013 - Panel Discussion
  118. Developing a rationale to clarify a friend and influencing unknown.
  119. My own little theory of how it all began...
  120. Henry Deacon aka Arthur Neumann at Awake & Aware 2013 - Any new info?
  121. Elizabeth 1 and the master plan inspired by dr john dee to imprison planet earth
  122. The influence that music can be at increased vibration.
  123. Chemtrail Testimony of Kristen Meghan (Seargent Kristin Edwards)
  124. Arthur C. Clarke’s CHILDHOOD'S END - a new mini series
  125. Pointing Fingers: One of Monsanto's men in US Gov't
  126. Does anyone know if ( https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/) is a legitimate site??
  127. NASA: Operation IceBridge: Getz Mission in 3 Minutes
  128. Tonight on C2C (Dr.Piccioni "Can Life be Merely an Accident?")
  129. Identifying triggers for the release of thoughts.
  130. Child stealing in the UK
  131. Stephen Hawking Predicts End-Of-Earth Scenario
  132. The amazing intelligence of crows
  133. 1969 sci-fi novel that correctly predicted the current day
  134. 1971 Soviet Mars 3 Lander Re-Discovered in NASA Mars Photos
  135. the rallying call, Sandor Petofi, 1956 hungarian revolution
  136. What Would You Do?
  137. Newly uploaded AMMACH interview - Ammach in America Niara Isley 2010&2013 - Uploaded 4/11/2013
  138. Happy to be on board
  139. Our Superior Spirit may underestimate?
  140. Intense Regression Experience I'd Like To Share
  141. Google glasses: fun accessory or dystopian control device?
  142. Listen to what the IllumiNUTTI's covenant says....
  143. COINTELPRO What you should know....
  144. The History Of The House Of Rothschild
  145. Love's Domain: Hope in the Midst of Chaos
  146. Ancient Aliens: The Viking Gods
  147. The Return by Ezra Pound
  148. Signs that Jay Z is part of the illuminati....
  149. A short clip to make you feel good....
  150. Mysterious stone structure found beneath Sea of Galilee
  151. Malaria vaccine to be introduced in my island - need help!
  152. (Minor complaint and request) I had my first migraine attack this weekend, help!
  153. Tonight on C2C (Alex Jones)
  154. I think that the illuminati is setting us up.....
  155. FEMA Prepares for UFO Attack or Alien Encounter (not my title)
  156. Thatcher Cremation Early?
  157. Beam of light in the skies over southern Brazil.
  158. Meet Mr Frank Chester. The Chestahedron
  159. Extraterrestrial contact with Brazilians Indians?
  160. Government Vs The People
  161. Boston Bombing Facebook Page Created 2 Days PRIOR?
  162. Underground Explosions Carve Twin Craters on Mars
  163. UFOs - Indigenous - Mystics - Mysteries of the Lagoa Encantada - Serra do Roncador - Brazil
  164. Boston Marathon: Meditate for Peace
  165. Neo Nazis, Press Coverage, Prison Gangs, etc. Domestic Terrorism in the USA? related?
  166. Self Perception: An interesting experiment
  167. The Controversy of Zion by Douglass Reed
  168. Fertilizer Factory Explosion (West, Texas, USA - 17 April 2013)
  169. Philadelphia Project Revealed
  170. The strength of the human spirit - Good News! :)
  171. The Illuminati card game....
  172. Why isnt there a forum for hoaxes/debunks/skepticism?
  173. Transcript of Bob Dean interview
  174. BBC documentary Mega tsunami
  175. The Treatise on the Resurrection
  176. On Reincarnation from a Gnostic Perspective / (called circuits here)
  177. GLP now supper pin a thread saying some scandal will destory Alex Jones
  178. If you can not buy someone, how can you intimidate them?
  179. Generational Thinking, Waco, and the Psychopath
  180. A News Link Site
  181. INGRESS - Google asks you to chose sides in a mind control game
  182. "You Are Not Your Politics"
  183. Math Question: One Plus Four is Equal
  184. The Americans and the world, should require Dzhokhar Tsarnaev be caught alive.
  185. Iran 7.8 Quake with Nuclear Signature
  186. Ancient Aliens - The Monoliths
  187. Meet Professor Eric Dollard
  188. An Apropos Video For Your Sunday ( or whenever ) Viewing Pleasure
  189. Something from Nothing
  190. Manifesting freedom
  191. What are the ascended masters, are they evil?
  192. Astral projection and Tanous at ASPR - Scientific Test
  193. Magneticman's Magnetic story and his first post. VOLUME 1
  194. UFO Attack at Naval Base !
  195. Great web browser privacy plugin
  196. Epic rant by Ex-US Marine
  197. Police perform house-to-house raids in Watertown MA
  198. The D&D Take on Luciferians/Reptilians (Very ironic and well-written blurb)
  199. Mainstream Media News Outlets Clamoring To Hire This News Anchor
  200. UFO sightings from Int'l Space Station late last week
  201. Peace Train to Freedom Dear Richie Havens R.I.P
  202. Why was Jesus the only one who ever lived who had super powers?
  203. The War on Food - Farmed and Dangerous
  204. Perhaps The Only Hope Left For This Country (USA)
  205. Sirius documentary review
  206. Terrapower, the Traveling Wave Reactor, Bill Gates, and Projekt die Glocke & Thor
  207. The Anatomy of the whistle blowers
  208. Apologetics
  209. ANZAC day eve
  210. 2045: A NEW ERA FOR HUMANITY - is this the option we want to choose?
  211. Could this be Wormwood?
  212. Why So Sirius?
  213. The Lame Media are up to their old tricks again!
  214. A. I. has been around for years
  215. CABAL PANIC? AP Ties Boston Bombings To Online Conspiracy Sites
  216. Explosions of fuel barge in Mobile, Alabama, USA
  217. Andrew Pyrka's crop Circle Confessions
  218. 10 Signs for Spotting a Sociopath
  219. United States of America - Republic of Bananas Dynamite?
  220. LOAN or SLAVERY ~ You decide
  221. A Message To All
  222. Was Einstein a plagiarist?
  223. Black-Eyed Children
  224. The Glenn Beck Program Saudi Suspect/Boston Bombing Air Date: 4-24-13
  225. Henry Kissinger "Quotable Quotes"?
  226. Amazing Russian plasma experiment
  227. The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence— New Video
  228. California Über Alles
  229. The Teflon President
  230. The Orion Conspiracy... Again
  231. Where's Bill Ryan?
  232. Is Science is a religion?
  233. Dan Rather reveils how Corporate Media 'Is In Bed With' Washington
  234. Magneticmans story Vol 2
  235. Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever ....
  236. David Wilcock: The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit... Very important IMHO
  237. Another Farm Under Siege! This Time in Canada
  238. Neumayer Camera - Weird Object turns out to be Moon
  239. The Top 5 Regrets of The Dying
  240. The Matrix Information Construct & Breaking The Vibrational Code
  241. Sport and the Military Mind
  242. Government Secret Surveillance
  243. Golden Gatherings With A Lust to Share
  244. a Thank You to the Avalon Forum and the forum membership
  245. Information Warfare and Hungry Aliens: the writings of Antero Alli
  246. Godless Gatherings: Lust for life drives UK atheists to church
  247. A wonderful story of childbearing and spiritual connectedness
  248. Reuters: Do [ Bacterial Toxins ] Cause Heart Attack and Stroke? "TMAOs", etc!
  249. Help request
  250. Magneticman's Story VOL 3, The birth of "The Totem Pole"