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  1. Reuters: Do [ Bacterial Toxins ] Cause Heart Attack and Stroke? "TMAOs", etc!
  2. Help request
  3. Magneticman's Story VOL 3, The birth of "The Totem Pole"
  4. 100 Life Hacks that make life easier. (Know any shortcuts to "life"? Share them!)
  5. How cooking combats food terrorism (and obesity!)
  6. I love all of you
  7. Our machine kingdom
  8. More proof of weather modification!
  9. Ocean Heights Anomaly in Indian Ocean
  10. Have some conspiracy theorists gone too far.....
  11. Sirius – Full Documentary
  12. We the People Are Tired of the Authorities Saying "DERRR ...WE DON'T KNOW!"
  13. why are they insisting on going digital??
  14. Ban Pressure Cookers and do background checks to buy one!
  15. CBC under attack from a new front ...help needed.
  16. Before You Join A Movement or Group- The Importance of "Vetting" Organizations
  17. Illuminati Symbolism (Knowledge = Power?)
  18. A Brief History of Tainted Vaccines; Viral Model of Autism
  19. Marathon Day: Boston 15.4.13 "Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.com Contest"
  21. Is anyone else healing the Earth?
  22. Brief Summery of mind control......Tavistock Ideology Explains False Flags and The Manufacture of Consent - Neil Sanders - Neil Sanders
  23. An Update On Our Evolution by Chris Thomas
  24. Free camp site in UK for 7 nights
  25. May The 4th Be With you!
  26. Confirmed: all digital data (in USA) is recorded
  27. Are e-cigs really safe?
  28. UK local elections- did anyone else exercise their right to not vote?
  29. The science of BioGeometry.. it is a barrier to mind control.
  30. Any places worth visiting known for their high Earth energy?
  31. Standing in line at the mall on Saturday
  32. So when are they landing? Who's got the Babel fish?
  33. Stop saying "Sheeple!" (use the correct terminology)
  34. Fantastic video of killer whales behind a boat!
  35. The power of music and advice on how to enjoy it and how to FEEL it as opposed to just listen to it
  36. Nations of the Earth
  37. The 'Shooting Bigfoot' documentary was fake!
  38. Anonymous - OpWorldBank
  39. Internet: Using the power of the internet to give the power back to the people
  40. My First Thread- Initial thoughts and also I would like some advice/opinions please...
  41. Is there a 'sandbox' thread?
  42. Tips along the GOD-SELF-PATH trip
  43. Where is the gold?
  44. Soul sparks?
  45. The epitome of balance! Excellence! Beautiful! Less than 8 minutes...
  46. Magnetic Mans Story Volume 4 ("a pictures worth a gazzillion words)
  47. Project Camelot down?
  48. Moving Video of Ex Battery Hens' first moment of freedom
  49. Is there any hope left for me
  50. What is Sandman Programming?
  51. A Tribute to...MOMS!
  52. AVG FREE edition- BE AWARE!!!
  53. New Bigfoot footage
  54. Coming Home....Star Wars: Episode VII to be filmed in UK
  55. Dean Clifford The Sovereign Citizen
  56. “Any lawyers in the house” - Premeditated murder unchecked….
  57. UFO? Or Mystery Craft , FAA Tells Mayor To Stay Out Of It!
  58. Why Just About Every Homeowner's Title in America is Clouded
  59. LRH (L. Ron Hubbard)
  60. 1 WTC and the War Schedule: What's Changed Since 9/11?
  61. A History of Mother's Day for Peace - Happy Mother's Day
  62. Going into light after death... or not?
  63. Confirmed? Denver Airport: Continuity of Government Program, has underground facility.
  64. The Church of Scientology - a cult of abuse
  65. The Craft; Study Group
  66. Graham Hancock's 'Quest for the Lost Civilization'
  67. Time for me to leave
  68. Caught in Our Own Feedback Loops
  69. Burn foreclosure check
  70. Dear Avalon (Dear John) post - "It is time for me to leave..."
  71. Speaking your mind
  72. Confessions of Kalu Rinpoche: I've been sexually abused by other monks.
  73. U.S. DEA believing their own paranoia
  74. The block on science that needs be removed - eliminating the gatekeeper
  75. US citizens: major strategic move by military: Posse Commitatus is over
  76. Urgent massage The Keshe Foundation under heavy attacks
  77. Electrical Anomalies in Nature, from Eels to ESP
  78. How Angelina Jolie was duped by cancer doctors into self mutilation for breast cancer she never had
  79. An extremely inciteful, liberating interview for those who despair that nothing has changed
  80. Al Gore discusses global warming with Ellen DeGeneres
  81. Suspicious Observer - How to Watch the Sun
  82. THE MIRACLE OF L RON HUBBARD'S TECHNOLOGY the end phenomenon that occurred
  83. Support each other, encourage desired actions; create OUR own celebrity class.
  84. Fantastic Remote Viewing website that everyone can practice their R.V. on.
  85. "What I Noticed" Thread
  86. Fix the World Documentary Intro Trailer
  87. How to defend against Psychopaths
  88. I'm back on the forum and proud of it....
  89. American graduate speaks out against the educational "system"
  90. The Truth Has No Owner. It simply is.
  91. To the person psychically attacking me
  92. What is Reality?
  93. the murder of LRH
  94. Concept of time travelers
  95. Metaphors everywhere
  96. Powerball Jackpot 600 Million
  97. Girl with 'Cat-eyes' or reptilian?
  98. OMG- How hotdogs are made : O
  99. Thwarted Train Derailment Plot in Canada Possibly Carried Out in USA Near Boston?
  100. Celestine Akpobari explains how Shell Oil are destroying the Niger Delta
  101. Tavistock, Hubbard, Dianetics, MKUltra and the CIA?
  102. Elite Not Ready To Collapse Economy YET, Lindsey Williams & Vinny Eastwood
  103. What is a Cult and how does Cults work?
  104. Ex-Marine, radio host and political activist Adam Kokesh arrested.
  105. New Star Trek movie depicts a planet called Nibiru
  106. The Great Spiritial Awawkening is about to shift into high gear....
  107. A Beautiful Rescue
  108. A shirt with a picture can Attract attack psychic entities?
  109. Q and A about Ron Hubbard, Bill Robertson, Scientology, the Free Zone and Ron's Org
  110. GMO A Go Go explained in animated cartoon
  111. Hello SPIRIT WOLF
  112. A Personal Story re: Oceanfloor Nodule Harvesting and Ulterior Motives in Research
  113. Strange anomalies with the weather patterns
  114. May 31st, Close Approach Asteroid
  115. High-Fructose Corn Syrup Set to Change Name to Corn Sugar
  116. The Irish Holocaust
  117. The blatant manipulation of the media - Fake images of violence in Syria - German Tv.
  118. You Don't Need To Start Dying to Start Living
  119. The Mankind Project. Jungian Archetypes, Gestalt Therapy, an Analog to Auditing?
  120. Ohio valley mall security VS people taking pictures. Sometimes loses.
  121. The New Dawns, First Sunset.
  122. Bilderberg Under Fire Internationally
  123. Whistleblowing Now Akin to Treason
  124. Microsoft Xbox One - George Orwell`s Nightmare
  125. Uncle Hughe! Can you give me a ride please?
  126. Why didn't this hit main stream...not a peep about this!! (Diebold US election fraud)
  127. "2 Cent" WELL
  128. We dance around the intrinsic message - an expanded 2 cows theme
  129. Could a Computer Be Programmed to Conduct Auditing?
  130. Sharing images to protest - MONSANTO - march on May 25.
  131. Clif High WEBBOT : Global Coastal Event
  132. Plants won't grow near Wi-Fi router.
  133. Interview with a super soldier
  134. Why Disinformation Works. In America “Truth has no Relevance. Only Agendas are Important”
  135. Two Train Collisions, Two Bridge Collapses, Within One Week. BADLY BUILT?
  136. The Plan To “Take Back America” – Place ALL state and federal capitols under ‘Civil Disobedient’ Siege
  137. The DOOM Agenda
  138. Notice anything since Cobra's 25th May Portal?
  139. Hannah Robertson Scolds McDonald's CEO! Go Hannah!
  140. Loving Evil?
  141. Barrick Gold Mine fined in Chile, shut down
  142. Mass Arrests Begun In Jakarta?
  143. Practical Ways to Expedite Awakening in Our Communities
  144. Avalon Account Compromised
  145. But When I Do............
  146. Netention : Birth of... What really ?
  147. Tarot Discussion and Experiences - Past Life/Karma/Divination
  148. I got the "Race Card" played on me.
  149. NEXUS Magazine Conference (Australia) 2013
  150. Bill, Why Dianetics is Not For Me
  151. Holland vs the Netherlands
  152. Inelia Benz - Spaceship Earth
  153. Chinese teen defaces Egypt temple
  154. Anonymous leaks EDL supporters' personal info
  155. Changing the world one message at a time - feedback request
  156. The New Civilization Game by Jiminii and Cathy from Base 2
  157. Latest from Kerry Cassidy (29 May, 2013)
  158. What is the...?
  159. Ancient Frozen Plants Revived In Lab
  160. Out of the Blue documentry
  161. Cedar Canoe
  162. What Anarchy Isn't...
  163. Canadian's angry response to a senator's comment
  164. Declassified NSA documents
  165. What if the Netherlands was Palestine?
  166. A ROTHSCHILD SPEAKS OUT (May 29, 2013)
  167. Russia to deliver arms to Syria as fears rise of proxy war
  168. we are different, aren't we?
  169. Image streaming
  170. Conscience Vs. working for tyrannical company
  171. Can You Feel the Grid Coming Down in your Local Area?
  172. "Power" Hum in Head?
  173. We did it! The People's Voice Hits the Target of £ 300,000 ... Incredible, THANK YOU
  174. Cowboy-style cap gun gets 5-year-old suspended from school in Calvert County
  175. Drug Related MEMORY LOSS; Personal Account
  176. problem-REACTION-solution
  177. The academic indoctrination in maintaining the slave mind.
  178. The Infowar is over. We won it. Now what?
  179. Asia curbs US imports of wheat after genetically modified sample found
  180. Monsanto GMO Scandal Rocks Famous Walla Walla Agri Region, Outrages Local Farmers
  181. Global Warming hoax an strategy to control food supply
  182. Earthing the body.
  183. Hello! I'm new here!
  184. The 6/22/13 U.S. Coup Plot Revealed by Dr. Kevin Barrett - veteranstoday
  185. Michael Douglas throat cancer from STD ~ pushing HPV vaccine
  186. < Fun/Important/Learning> Lucid Dreaming - The Science
  187. New Member, Thanks for Having Me.
  188. Steve Jobs, cancer ! odd, or not ?
  189. World population question
  190. A call to the "Awakened"
  191. Nose Tip Proof that the cabal lied about CO2 as the cause of Global Warming
  192. Why I'm Giving a Monthly Donation to this Forum
  193. Personal accounts of Native Americans and “Star People”
  194. Handcrafted One of A Kind Items (Once of baby outfits etc)
  195. Orbital Vision site
  196. Superficial world
  197. Human Heart - High Heart
  198. Another weird weekend
  199. Save Baby Rico!
  200. commendations! Sign in › Michael Tellinger's presentation at BEM 2012
  201. What form will the correct and final model of reality take?
  202. more surveillance exposure
  203. Online Betting available for first country to announce ET Contact
  204. Programming the unconcious mind
  205. My little garden
  206. My Almost Zero Success At Awakening People - Advice Needed
  207. Ship and Lighthouse
  208. Nanotechnology – the new threat to food
  209. Things to do to catch up on project avalon
  210. ALEX JONES: I think they're gonna rape our bank accounts.
  211. Nikola Tesla: Calling All Freethinkers! by Rand Clifford for Veterans Today
  212. Working to survive and seeking truth vs. working and earning a lot to maintain the lie.
  213. Landfill Harmonic Orchestra Amazing and Inspirational
  214. grounding the body the proper way
  215. Bruce Cathie, Harmonics, Earth Energy Grid, Author, Pilot & Genius - Dead At 83
  216. Alternatives against the PRISM program (Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, ..
  217. The core situation of earth by Rachel - Bases 25 part two
  218. The "spying scandal" is a dangerous joke and a planned distraction.
  219. Canadian homes overpriced by 30% heading for correction
  220. How deep do the crisis actors and mainstream manipulators go???
  221. Why Kim Jong Un Blinked
  222. The Quirks of Synchronicity and Manifestation
  223. How I got over the funk/depression I was in. And yes, you too can do it! Lol!
  224. My son was attacked by a pack of pit bulls today.
  225. Ed Balls - Shadow Chancellor, pension threat..
  226. Please Share your Big Picture
  227. What do you think about this? (everything reptiles)
  228. Confessions Of An Alien Abductee CH4 Thurs
  229. A Pleasant Surprise
  230. If you believe in evolution, let's talk about upper class vs. lower class!
  231. Spiritual cleansing - Depression?
  232. Tor
  233. Follow Your Bliss - It's Never Too Late
  234. Internet Trolls at work in PA
  235. Bomb Threat at Princeton University.
  236. Bomb threats, evacuations and the FBI , oh my!
  237. Tonight on C2C ( Nephilim Secrets)
  238. Canada The Nation
  239. Awake and Empowered Expo in October
  240. Autism and "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"
  241. Can a Hacker/Cyber Warfare Expert Cause a Transformer to Explode?
  242. How to win it all
  243. Freedom!!
  244. The Queen of England is a Joke (...To Me)
  245. Speaking Of Surveillance
  246. Who's the Traitor?
  247. welcome.. and other ways to reach out.
  248. Genetically Modified Society- Full Movie Documentary
  249. Kerry Cassidy - Speaking at Bilderberg Fest on Youtube
  250. The Turning Of The Tide......