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  1. The Turning Of The Tide......
  2. 'Mars Rat' Discovered?
  3. "Not a Veteran": Excluded by Technicalities
  4. Terrorist Threat -vs- Bathtub Drownings
  5. Is anybody good at writing letters?
  6. Edward Snowden affair: the lesson we must not miss
  7. The dream
  8. 7.2 billion and beyond...
  9. Some lessons and observations from having been a Jehovah's Witness
  10. Exercises that assist you in creating the outcome you seek...
  11. Seeds that can save your life
  12. MONSANTO - ROUNDUP Weedkiller, is Estrogenic and Drives "BREAST CANCER" cell Proliferation..!
  13. Jiminii's Viewpoint on LRH's Philosophy (In easily understood language)
  14. Civil Rights Group ask Spy Court for Justification for Verizon Spying
  15. I am curious
  16. Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery
  17. 2013: Almost all of my wishes came true
  18. Bigfoot vocalizations
  19. What are Insiders Doing to Protect their Finances from a Collapsing Dollar?
  20. I am Edward Snowden
  21. How's and Why's of Alternative and Off grid living
  23. Looking into the future
  24. Anchors of Light fighters against criminal official media.
  25. Last Words, A Collection of......
  26. Terra Preta The antidote to CO2 capture
  27. The Father's day gift.
  28. Fulfilling a Soul contract.
  29. A world without wars
  30. 3 NSA veterans speak out on whistle-blower: We told you so
  31. Fix the World Documentary Part 1
  32. Dehumidifiers for drinking water
  33. What's Happened with AMMACH? Has the sh*t hit the proverbial fan?
  34. Dangerously High Pesticide Levels In Celestial Seasonings Teas
  35. Why Colombia wants to join NATO?
  36. The cost of solar power
  37. The First Sin Was Making This Stuff Important
  38. GMO FOOD Company's List not to buy from
  39. The day of Brazil awakening
  40. "Standing Still" more powerful Protest than the Sword of Violence
  41. 00.00 19/06/2013. Hows Your day
  42. Two balloons
  43. Video - No, I'm not going to the world cup in Brazil.
  44. Russell Brand handles MSM!
  45. Time Watchers?? Anybody know anything about them?
  46. The Fate of "saviours" - the never ending story
  47. All of Jiminii's Threads – with links
  48. The Trickster
  49. An interesting site i came across
  50. South Africans praise Nelson Mandela...this is fabulous Please watch! Thank you!
  51. Primary Education
  52. Manifesting Made Easy
  53. Something there when I sleep
  54. James McCanney Physicist
  55. I am on the Radio in 2 hours from now (airtime: 8pm EST 20 June 2013)
  56. Participant in the reality show America's Next Top Model Talks About the NWO.
  57. LIVE!! Protests in Brazil.
  58. Norwegian style torture " no money huh!, no water and food for you"
  59. Is Money a Problem (was: The day of Brazil awakening)
  60. A majority on Earth face severe self-inflicted water woes within 2 generations
  61. Time acceleration.
  62. Thanks to all - Prayers were answered
  63. Nestlé Corporate Water Takeover
  64. How Vaccine Makers Poison Kids with Squalene to Profit Later from Sleep Aids
  65. Down The Rabbit Hole, Or Up The Rabbit Hole?
  66. The Color Pink
  67. Lies, Deceptions and a Run-away Teenager
  68. Solar Anomalies around/near the sun
  69. jiminii's connection .. THE WAY ... (back to/from the future)
  70. PRISM (a song about secrets, secret spying programs)
  71. Did Jesus Reveal the Name of the Antichrist?
  72. Santos Bonacci Discusses the Symbology of the Book of Revelation and the Royal Arch of Freemasonry
  73. Snowden's "mistake"
  74. MENWITH HILL: NSA's Spy Center in the UK - 2012 Report ( This is not new) !!
  75. U.S. engineers to inspect possible leak at Hanford nuclear site - CNN
  76. Globalist Agenda behind the protests and anarchy in Brazil.
  77. One World Goal
  78. An Update from Neil Keenan recorded 6-21-13
  79. The Fool’s Cap Map of the World
  80. Parasite Zappers.
  81. Canadian classic rock band Chilliwack has something to say about Monsanto
  82. Snowden 'departs Hong Kong for Moscow'
  83. Is Snowden going to spill the beans to a foreign power?
  84. Whistle blowers, face value and the non falsifiable
  85. Gut Feeling vs. What You Were Raised to Believe
  86. words ..... ???
  87. The Peace Bringer .... (everything is you) ... Love is All
  88. Electromagnetic Fields And How They Affect Our Health - Resonance the film
  89. The Island Where A Dead US Soldier Is Worshipped As God
  90. The Suicide Note of US Veteran Daniel Somers -- RIP Danny...
  91. Seriously: Are We Winning Or Losing? Why?...
  92. Depopulating An Entire Region of the Country - The Gulf Oil Spill Is a Depopulation Event of Epic Proportions
  93. Eating a GMO free diet? Is anyone doing it...or up to it?
  94. The internet world is a small place.
  95. 2002 email from Rockefeller outlining Armageddon Agenda and NWO transition
  96. Being there for a friend in need.....
  97. is this a reliable source????
  98. Washington supports cannibals in Syria (Warning Graphic)
  99. Lets talk about Addiction...
  100. Jonathan Adampants Philosophy
  101. How to make a Parasite Zapper (30kHz)
  102. Supreme Wrecking Crew Fells Another Pillar: The Right To Remain Silent
  103. US soldier kills 2746 people
  104. The Ultimate Agenda and the Grand Agenda
  105. Functioning of consciousness and experience.
  106. An experiment (for single men)
  107. Taking the plunge into life's flow
  108. Organophosphate poisoning in pilots/flight crew and passengers.
  109. What do you think about a Person that does Basejumping for fun?
  110. Cut from the Same Cloth: How Spies and Investigative Journalists Do the Same Job, Only Different
  111. Dynamo The Magician
  112. Escalation in the Syrian Conflict Inevitable
  113. The Link Artifact Video
  114. The internet as preparation for world wide telepathy
  115. Recommended legislation to solve US Financial crisis and prevent violence by Human Rage
  116. Aspirin and Ibuprofen Proven to Cause Heart Attacks
  117. The Biggest Ponzi Scheme In The History Of The World
  118. Some sort of danger list
  119. Contact with extra terrestrial and other dimensional beings
  120. Why should "we" kill bees?
  121. The "mark of the beast"
  122. Radiation, microwaves. computers, TV etc...sickness
  123. Ancient Knowledge Pt.6
  124. More cycles
  125. Voices in my head again, How about you?
  126. Lyme disease : bullseye on my back
  127. Voiceover Services
  128. Shot dead for dancing in the rain?
  129. A Personal Challenge to Break the Mould
  130. Let's party with the surveillance cameras!
  131. Chemtrails: Has Nanobot Mind Control Already Begun?
  132. Zimmerman Murder Case Acquittal- May lead to "Martial Law"
  133. Sun Rays - An Explanation
  134. Moderation, censorship and protectionism.
  135. How do you manage your mental illness and what is (has been) your perception of it?
  136. MMS study by Red Cross?
  137. What Do You Really Know?
  138. Nano Robots
  139. Want Your Work To Be Featured On Our Podcast?
  140. Help, to cope with severe anxiety!
  141. David Letterman Rants about Fracking to millions of viewers!
  142. 2045: A New Era for Humanity
  143. A few thoughts about humanity
  144. Do You Suffer From Folate Receptor Antibodies, Common to Autism and Other Illnesses?
  145. Questions about Spiritual Amnesia?
  146. Mastercard and Visa Start Banning VPN Providers
  147. Project OBE
  148. Independence Day
  149. Bush Senior at Gerald Ford's Funeral, laughing at the JFK murder
  150. NSA get trashed on recruitment mission by students
  151. after the fireworks....
  152. James Baldwin at 56
  153. Dronestream
  154. The Nature of Evil
  155. Extra Political Discussion Thread Extra Terrestrian Politics
  156. There is So Much Spiritual Energy Happening On the Planet now
  157. Thailand targeted by Nazi campaign?
  158. Can You Feel That?...I Can't
  159. The Next World War Will Take Place In The Stock Exchange {Finance, Economics}
  160. Why is Project Camelot site down? (Site was down for a while on July 7, 2013)
  161. Meet the new gold-backed world reserve currency
  162. NSA spied on emails and phone calls from Brazil says newspaper.
  163. Latest update from Neil Keenan 7-6-2013
  164. I Don't Get It... why do people still stick their head into the sand?
  165. Media: being told the full facts
  166. Gasland II on HBO tonight
  167. It has not begun !
  168. Chemtrails: Fact, Or New Age Myth?
  169. Journey of Souls - Michael Newton Interview
  170. Interdimensional Contacts -An Integral Search for Complementary and Transdimensional Patterns
  171. Dancing Through Cancer - Amazing woman
  172. Airforce commercial
  173. Ted Gunderson, WhistleBlower FBI veteran, tells all from NWO
  174. Eros & Thanatos
  175. Just in case I am not alone in frustrationland - ISO 3166 Country Code - Country Name
  176. Don't Let Pussy Riot Die In Prison!
  177. Is USA a better place to live in?
  178. Future Tech green Solar
  179. Strange Electrical Phenomenon
  180. Some words and advice on the great spiritual awakening
  181. High spin monatomic gold
  182. Hidden portals in Earth's magnetic field
  183. US Navy Releases Cold Fusion and Transmutation Patent (breaks down radioactive waste)
  184. The NSA Has Inserted Its Code Into Android OS, Or Three Quarters Of All Smartphones
  185. Eternally inspirational Matt Harding!!
  186. Edward Snowden: is he really what he seems to be?
  187. Stasi versus NSA
  188. Moths, Castaneda, Synchronicity
  189. vaccination
  190. Russia, China & Iran sending 90,000 troops to Syria? (Can anyone confirm?)
  191. Eyes Wide Shut - The semiotics and hidden message of the film
  192. Is this our Revolving-Reality?
  193. Stan Romanek Must See Video
  194. New App ~ Tattle on Gun Owners
  195. One less GMO threat for Italy : GMO corn MON810 banned!
  196. Report: Bicyclist Flees Country After Oregon Police Force Catheterization
  197. A new way of looking at Death
  198. 12 Year Old Paints Heaven...Stunning Paintings
  199. Animals have beautiful souls too
  200. Trayvon Martin's Dad Is A 'Grand Master' Freemason
  201. CDC Phone call
  202. False Friends
  203. watch your electrolytes
  204. What can we do to reduce the risk of riot from the Zimmerman-Martin case?
  205. UK soldier and veteran suicides 'outstrip Afghan deaths'
  206. The Weather Game
  207. How can we stop racial profiling in America?
  208. List of patents linked to Geo-engineering?
  209. Study Shows That Rich People Really Are Greedy A**holes (VIDEO)
  210. Thousands Of Golden Dome Structures On Mars
  211. Past Life Regression Therapy - Anyone been to one?
  212. WEF Global Risks Report 2013
  213. What happened to Art Bell?
  214. Richard Stallman: Snowden & Assange besieged by empire but not defeated
  215. Passive Aggressive Gov't: Co-Opting over Confrontation
  216. Bill Cooper knew and said too much! Which is why he was murdered. Just saying...
  217. Obama's shocking past revealed
  218. I have to rant (some people still think aliens don't exist)
  219. Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge
  220. Truth Versus Illusion: How can you ever know if you are experiencing the truth?
  221. C2C, Tonight - Life of Tesla
  222. The Daily Feelgood, An Experiment in Gratitude
  223. The Daily Bell stops publishing
  224. What if time is on our side?
  225. AMAZING! Kids reaction to controversial biracial Cheerios Commercial.....
  226. Running Away
  227. Deserving to Rule the World.
  228. I talked to George Noory & Professor W. Bernard Carlson last night
  229. BASE jumping from the Eiger to raise money for Cancer Research.
  230. My Apologies
  231. $100 Reward For Shooting Down Drones!
  232. License plate scanners collecting data on millions
  233. Are You Here to Help the Planet?
  234. ~ how's that diversity working for you?
  235. Hyper Earth: the New World in 4k UHD
  236. MOD and unidentified aerial traffic
  237. Anonymous Judge whistleblower goes into GREAT detail about constitutional facts and myths..we are slaves!
  238. Best shot: move to Bhutan or Ecuador
  239. It looks like WINGMAKERS and UFO HIGHWAY interviews are talking about the same place.
  240. disinformation/satire Sites (A general list Please)
  241. RT.COM: ‘America has no functioning democracy’ – Jimmy Carter on NSA
  242. Thomas Sheridan thread
  243. Polarized sun picture taken ..need expertise
  244. Texting=my pet peeve
  245. The Elites Agenda in 22 Quotes and 1 Video
  246. For those watching me.......
  247. Can someone give me a definition for "timeline," and "timelines" as is used on this site.
  248. Does the Beer You Drink Contain GMOs, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and all other Weaponized Ingredients?
  249. New House Bill Wipes Mortgage Fraud Clean For Banksters
  250. Computer password security: How the pros hack passwords.