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  1. Why Did BAE Systems "Lose" the HAARP Contract?
  2. Inexplicable Attack
  3. Miley Cyrus receives an open letter from Sinead O'Connor
  4. Codex Seraphinianus - The World's Weirdest Book
  5. "Der Hippie"
  6. Undoing the Indoctrination Matrix; deeper than I expected; hiding in plain sight.
  7. Mark Passio - New Age Bull**** And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine
  8. NASA's upcoming global announcement: Another marketing plot or something serious?
  9. BBC "Hack Reporter" VS. Glenn Greenwald "Truth Journalist" Debate
  10. TPP: Corporate Charter for the New World Order
  11. Alan Watts answers some of my concerns (all is well)
  12. Dreams and Premonitions
  13. School Children investigate 'spaceship crash'
  14. Biden Tipping the People Off to Upcoming Event(s)?
  15. Deadly Lake Natron Turns Animals Into Ghostly 'Statues'
  16. Ancient Rituals = Smoke…. What does mainstream says?
  17. The First and Last Freedom
  18. Is this the END? Not just the film of the book! 'Ender's Game'
  19. anyone know anything about cloning i need new body parts
  20. It's getting warm in the saucepan!
  21. Bigfoot and an ET connection?
  22. Dissolving The Make Believe Matrix Saturday Oct. 5, 2013
  23. Puppeteers and Automatons
  24. “Martial Law in Effect” Signs delivered to FEMA Region 3, just the latest DHS/FEMA Weird "Sign"...
  25. "RACE" - an invention to prevent the unification of the working poor
  26. just a few quotes that passed by
  27. Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis
  28. What part does Australia play?
  29. Prison, Prisoners and Wardens
  30. Jackie Kennedy Is Killer Queen - Did She kill JFK ?
  31. Comet ISON Earth Interactions
  32. I think I just woke up in another timeline/reality I am in?
  33. The U S Default Fantasy
  34. How much is your health worth?
  35. CERN's God-Dang Particle Annoucements and Annoying Current Events
  36. Russel Brand out of cave
  37. Powerful Shape-Shifting Metal Created
  38. NSA Utah has $1 Million monthly electricity bill and That's Okay?
  39. Lots of helicopter activity
  40. Did the Romans Invent Jesus as a Psy-Op?
  41. The COMIC RELIEF thread
  42. First ever evidence of a comet striking Earth
  43. Russia considering manned lunar base
  44. Some new concept/practice to move forwards with?
  45. Mathematical Proof that Cooperation beats Selfishness
  46. Why America Wants Drones That Can Kill Without Humans
  47. US military building real-life Iron Man suit
  48. Whats Your Vibe?
  49. soul integration - the aim distracted from...
  50. Evil Bytes
  51. 10 Ways to Become Happier, Backed up by Science
  52. "General Discharge" -- Nuclear Command COUP Taking Place
  53. Raul Seixas - GITA (A conversation with the All in a dream)
  54. Dr. Turi/ predictions
  55. Cyclone Phailin - Send your helping energy please
  56. Ghost appears in window of house in Ohio
  57. Neutralising radioactive waste / rods using 'browns gas or water gas".
  58. Dutchsinse and others approached by the White Dragon Society
  59. Mystery from 1884 - the day it rained blood
  60. Cracks in the Matrix: Fukushima and the 2020 Olympics
  61. The Redskins - why the resistance to the name change?
  62. Would You Like To Be Interviewed On The Awakening Podcast?
  63. I cry for help, guidance and advice in these difficult times!
  64. Science Confirms: You can change your DNA
  65. What is democracy ?
  66. Misconceptions About Christopher Columbus
  67. New video of the queen taking her morning fly...
  68. Living the Orwellian Life
  69. the E Bike thread. Would you ride one ?
  70. Queen Elizebeth 11 ....The value of her land holding. £17,600,000,000,000 (approx).
  71. Typhoon Wipha heads for Fukushima - Please Help!
  72. Food Stamp Crash is Inevitable.
  73. Is it normal to know what the other person is going to say before they say it?
  74. This person needs to be found and stopped. (baby abuse / "baby yoga")
  75. Crystal Clark & James Horak | The Elements of Social Engineering
  76. Daring Rescue of 105 People Before the Fall of Saigon
  77. The greatest natural catastrophe of the century.
  78. The Event (2010 TV show)
  79. Russell Brand, Eve Ensler, and Daniel Pinchbeck tell it like it is...Very funny too!
  80. manipulation of search engines?
  81. Stenographer Snaps on House Floor ...
  82. 'Yeti' DNA matches prehistoric polar bear
  83. An Introduction to Ruling the World
  84. Where hyenas are used to treat mental illness
  85. Cosmos and Psyche
  86. $2 Solution From Novice Inventor is Saving Lives on the Highway
  87. An example of a synchronicty "Psi experience" inspired by another thread
  88. My spirit animal chose me in my dream last night.
  89. Facebook deleted a photo and comments off my timeline about lucifer! So creepy....
  90. The Symphony of Time - What is the 'I' without 'TIME'?
  91. An Experiment : A Dare for ALL OF YOU
  92. MicroSoft says DON'T UPGRADE to 8.1 !
  93. An Experiment : The BEST VIDEO on Youtube
  94. The Cooking of Humanity -- Barrie Trower
  95. What to do: move, stay, or get an associate's degree
  96. An Invitation for Survivors
  97. ennui
  98. Inspirational First Post from Fairy Friend and healing her grandson of autism
  99. Weatherworkers! Help needed.
  100. How to change a Belief to Knowingness?
  101. Cell Phones and Child Brains ...
  102. "people are dying because of the attitude of the medical profession"
  103. The Ethical Frontier: Recombineering and Its Potential Effect on the Human Genome
  104. happy moments
  105. Shall We Kick The Calendar?
  106. Red Ice interview on Ancient Aliens in Australia - evidence of the Pleiadian creation of humanity
  107. Dying Hospice Patient Gets One Last Ocean Hurrah Thanks to Officials
  108. My theory about "skeptics"
  109. Wealth Inequality in the USA - Great video
  110. The Killing of Mikey
  111. An Endangered Species: Gifted Teachers. Is There a Way to Save Them?
  112. Where I live
  113. Time slip? Everything seems normal but Everything is slightly different.
  114. REVOLUTION..Vibrant/provocative interview...Russell Brand interviewed by Jeremy Paxman BBC Newsnight....
  115. Prozac/Zoloft/Paxil
  116. Rod Serling 1959 interview
  117. Just out...NSA STOP watching us !!!,,,video needs to go viral
  118. Amnesty and Forgiveness
  119. I talked to George Noory and John McAfee last night/October 23,13
  120. "Mysterious Circles" and "The winner takes the Earth" WTHeck?
  121. Mystery Radar Blob Reveals Odd Man-Made Phenomenon
  122. Where does one start with spirituality?
  123. Satellite spots light show in the middle of the ocean
  124. "Dear Human: You've got it all wrong"
  125. Joseph Campbell on the Meditative State:
  126. Native American Sites and the Great Pyramid of Giza
  127. We are such funny people
  128. Victory for tech giants on EU data laws
  129. A step closer ... Minority Report
  131. Corporate media fires back at Russell Brand
  132. Paranormal experiences
  133. One year ago today....
  134. Ten Steps You Can Take Right Now Against Internet Surveillance
  135. The Banned Princess Diana Documentary Is Temporarily Available.
  136. X men- mutants; the man who was in love with a pigeon.
  137. Word Replacement...
  138. Transpersonal Vigilance
  139. All Is Beyond Expression
  140. A request...
  141. RIP Lou Reed
  142. The American Blackout
  143. Just wanted to say Thanks
  144. The Tomorrow People
  145. Only the Essence Pervades
  146. cool aerial platform
  147. Controling people is way TOO profitable
  148. Can anyone debunk this vid... Thanks
  149. We Are Consciousness, We Are Awareness, We are Love
  150. I Think I Experienced Inception Last Night (a dream within a dream)
  151. null and void
  152. Obama's Facebook, Twitter Hacked; Campaign Emails Read by Syrian Electronic Army
  153. What Will A Transitional Economic System Look Like?
  154. Mysterious Black-Robed Soccer Fans are Stalking Major European Games
  155. UN/ NWO playbook "meteor force", global economic, terrorist, homeland distractions of something big??
  156. Chemtrail Subliminal
  157. Thought this was pretty powerful - Baby reacts to Mom's singing
  158. James Bond is Real
  159. A 140-Acre Forest Is About to Materialize in the Middle of Detroit
  160. Could The X-Files be returning to the big screen? - X-Files stars hint at new film reunion.
  161. The Future of Free Energy is here now (from 2011)
  162. Seeking Solutions
  163. Why You Should Consider Seeing Naturopathic Doctors
  164. How do you feel about Halloween?
  165. Microwave thought control / Depression / Physical defences
  166. Misotheism
  167. Odd YouTube video, 231134421 Be Ready
  168. Musica Mathematica - Maths in Music
  169. Some cures for Depression
  170. Giant mirrors bring winter sun to Norwegian village for the first time in its history
  171. The Nature of the Self
  172. Towards Higher Consciousness (OBE's and Aliens)
  173. Ascension symptoms
  174. Confirmed: Girl smuggled into UK to have her organs harvested for wealthy recipients
  175. Remembering Our Loved Ones Who Have Passed On....
  176. setting up VPN ...open proxy?
  177. The War on Consciousness - new article by GRAHAM HANCOCK commissioned by RUSSELL BRAND for the New Statesman
  178. White House Executive Order on Impacts of Climate Change
  179. I Want To Go Home....
  180. The Chandian Effect
  181. India to build world's largest statue
  182. "NO SOLUTION" -- Washington State's Nuclear Crisis Escalates after Seismic Expose on Hanford
  183. Felo-de-se
  184. What Is Happening To Us?
  185. who's in control: A weapon to end war
  186. Additional Information about Magnetic Current
  187. Are dogs the closest we will get to true unconditional Love?
  188. Philp Wollen - 10 minutes of Lucidity
  189. remember Rex?
  190. CIA Gun/Drug running operations-Whistleblower Speaks
  191. Watch How The Media and Wall St Manipulate Us (video 1 minute)
  192. There Is No Deficit
  193. nl-alert.nl
  194. Your views on the reality of Heaven/Paradise
  195. Next London Meet-Up- December 2013
  196. MARS-Hundreds of FACES-CREATURES-Opinions??
  197. I'm Feeling clumsy
  198. My garden on the balcony of the apartment
  199. Shock: Fox News Airs Bombshell Report On GMO Food
  200. What attracts people to lousy partners--Mythology and reality
  201. The Truth About the Rockefeller Drug Empire: The Drug Story
  202. Plastic = Poison
  203. Competition vs Co-operation
  204. Vitamin C testimonies please
  205. A Letter to God
  206. Hacker instals chip in the arm skin to connect to his smartphone
  207. Not True that Same Crisis Actor Interviewed at LAX Shooting and 9/11 Twin Towers
  208. Amazing new revelations in latest Karen Hudes interview in 3 parts
  209. Plz help me find a video
  210. Hey come check out my conspiracy theories theme badges !
  211. Please give us your kind advice: The Real Battle Between Civilization and Barbarism in China
  212. NO MORE WAR Pump the Grid
  213. NEW POPE - PR move?
  214. PGP want your genome -- will have right to clone you.
  215. Persuasive speech assistance
  216. Banking Cartels and the Federal Reserve
  217. Pedophiles: initiative to catch them
  218. Experiment demonstrates that Photon Light DNA are not dependent of Matter
  219. Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz***Very fun!!!
  220. Is it a Comet or Something else?
  221. How To Remain Loving and Optimistic in Oppressive Times?
  222. Smart ID, Worrying development
  223. Addiction Game
  224. occupy stupidity
  225. Found, freak asteroid with 6 comet like tails
  226. Transformational Truths
  227. Veterans' Day Prayer
  228. Bullying: interesting video, another view point
  229. Karen Hudes interview with Kimberley – Solution suggestions from World Bank Whistleblower
  230. The corrupt system and belief system:
  231. Why some ETs could have blue skin...
  232. A Spiritual Community in China Seeks Urgent International Help
  233. Nag Hammadi Codices
  234. The summer of love
  235. Anamnesis: The Patterns of Light and Life
  236. Preparing for Civilization's End — Dave Pollard
  237. How to stop a False Flag? ( Possibly bring down the whole house of cards)
  238. CNN iReport Taking Down Controversial Veterans' Accounts of Military Experience
  239. Anyone else feeling unsettled...?
  240. Are Humans Poised For Another Leap?
  241. Where science meets spirituality.
  242. The Philippines needs your help.
  243. Shapeshifting and MIT
  244. A Few Questions for Karen Hudes
  245. Hong Kong- the new Tibet?
  246. Rafapal & Alfred Webre: A solution for the Planet in 13 steps
  247. microdosing
  248. Multi_Viral
  249. What Do New Cholesterol Guidelines Mean To YOU?
  250. Skillsets: we're not all equal, so wouldn't it be wise to collaborate?