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  1. The beautiful, conscious Earth needs our help.
  2. Captivating Ancient Love Letter Moves A Nation
  3. Latest from Inelia Benz
  4. the results of the drill they ran - did we not know this already?
  5. Its a good feeling knowing many who don't know the media's agenda might start figuring it out now
  6. Walla Walla Valley, Tri-Cities Region: Plagued by Hit-and-Runs, Pedestrian Deaths
  7. Confessions of a Nun: the entire testimony
  8. Tornado warning-prayers please
  9. Bringing Down The Vatican through Common Law Courts - A Progress Report
  10. Living with the brainwashed
  11. My T-shirts got out finally...
  12. Rescuing a brother from the depths of darkness.
  13. Crowdfunded Assassinations
  14. Powerful video on spirituality and happiness - Rare Eckhart Tolle Teaching Video
  15. What is everyones thoughts about magick?
  16. Spreading God's love from China and Japan to the World:Two Ecovillages Become One Family!
  17. Should I?
  18. An RT truth video of early American history
  19. What is going on ???Father Arrested For Trying to Pick Kids Up From School.
  20. Case Against Alternative Cancer Cure Dismissed
  21. do not
  22. Your solar panels might be facing the wrong direction.
  23. "I AM"...your perceptions of...
  24. Is This Really Ethical
  25. What is this aircraft?
  26. The Jesuit Order is an Almost 500-Year Old Covert Operation
  27. Power Grid Update Thread
  28. Life in a post-antibiotic era.
  29. A Question About "Resonance"
  30. Another "End of the World" Viking style!
  31. Canadian Food Inspection Agency Destroys Shepherd's Life and Sheep
  32. GMO Scientists speak out on poisoning of the human race
  33. iconoclast
  34. Another Doozy From Rolling Stone
  35. Phychic Sylvia Brown Died...
  36. It seems that they are spreading alot of disinformation on purpose.....
  37. The Guts and the Glory of the Georgia Guidestones
  38. (Your) Children Are Not Safe - Here's Why
  39. Red Rain; The Particles Appear To Be Alive, Possibly Alien?
  40. Mountain Man Arrested For Trying To Feed Himself, Owns Judge ... AMAZING MUST WATCH!
  41. The Song of the Crickets.....Angels Singing - Recording of Crickets
  42. HELP-METH-The Failing System-I NEED ASSISTANCE
  43. Snakes and Wisdom
  44. What happens if the lights go out and there is nothing?
  45. Favorite Authors and Novels: Too good to keep secret
  46. Kicking the Cabal to the Curb
  47. The Serpent, the Goddess and the Moon: Symbols of Creative Power & Integrating Shadow
  48. Gummy Bear song - seriously twisted
  49. Tactics of Manipulation
  50. 40,000 NATO troops to stage massive European war games
  51. Taiwan Special Forces Unveil Scary New Look
  52. Homemade MMS
  53. Please Give Us Your Kind Support to Save China’s Largest Ecovillage
  54. Matt Damon gives a good speech...
  55. People with platforms, all speaking out
  56. Our hormones and the fear/love interplay
  57. Thirteen Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do
  58. Goodbye Avalon
  59. Succubus
  60. BE on Guard ...
  61. Possible side-effects of MMS.
  62. How to reduce the human population ???
  63. The Walking Dead, Who is a better leader?
  64. The Sins of the Fathers
  65. Are these Mayan artifacts real or fake?
  66. "The Peoples Voice" LIVE shortly
  67. Scientology Super Power building run by IRS.
  68. Russell Brand at the heart of his Message. Is it good ?
  69. I had a dream
  70. Need Help for my physical energy level
  71. Hyperdimensional Beings, Evolution, and Sri Aurobindo
  72. Hidden Cost of War
  73. Science 101: Have we really understood the basics ever?
  74. Infowars.com Exclusive: Vivian Kubrick On The Insanity of Tyranny
  75. Posted on my Facebook Page, Stop Giving this Thanksgiving
  76. EVANGELII GAUDIUM, 2013-11-24 - A New World Order Evangelium?
  77. THOSE WHO BLEW THE WHISTLE: Painted Portraits of Whistleblowers by artist Doug Auld
  78. Beyond Spin and Bull****
  79. Request for pure intent, love, and healing
  80. FACEBOOK Actively Jacking w/My Group Page: Bank and Politician Financial Corruption Page
  81. Objectivity = defense
  82. Has all the music been part of the 'plan' of the cabal?
  83. PredPol, not quite "Minority report", yet..
  84. Revolution is soo old paradigm
  85. ANGEL SUPERHUMAN Teleportation caught on CCTV in China?
  86. How to hide something that’s in plain sight
  87. Happy Thanksgivings!!
  88. Window to your soul- 21 EXTREME close ups of the human eye
  89. Online focused intent actions - Could your energy be intercepted and used for unintended purposes?
  90. Watch this video about eugenics - from RT tv
  91. My version of "The Story so Far". What's yours?
  92. I think we are all going to have to wait till next lifetime......
  93. This is the best UFO footage I've ever seen.....If real that is?
  94. Lots of controversial subject matter here.
  95. What is the Purpose of Your Presence?
  96. Meteors do not impact anymore, they are just soundly landing
  97. 00000000 - This was, for 20 years, the launch code of 50 nuclear missiles in the US.
  98. I bet this vid will bring a tear to your eyes... did me in :)
  99. Crazy China! Forty People Broke into the 4th Branch of Our Community Without Any Lawful Documents!
  100. The Balanced Personality
  101. Build your own car ... in an hour!
  102. Your opinion? The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider (2005)
  103. Crazy China Continuing: Unknown People Damaged Our Waterpipe and Cut Off Power Again!
  104. Woman Leaves Room Speechless: "I'm just a mom!" - One Of The Most Powerful Speeches Ever Made
  105. 13 Mile-Long Crop Circle in the Desert
  106. SKYDER ALERT.com-a new chemtrail community
  107. Ison Astrology
  108. Has Duck duck go been attacked
  109. What does the China EcoVillage represent
  110. Apartheid in America and State Sponsored Inequality
  111. TED talks (13-yo Masai protects his community's cattle from lions with solar-powered invention)
  112. Paul Walker conspiracy
  113. Does sweating get rid of toxins?
  114. Rinse the rain; leave the sea water on.
  115. Best Interviews with Musicians, Writers and Painters
  116. Learning platforms
  117. Just an ancient pyramid,,, nothing to see here...
  118. Sex Magick and why an individual would practice it
  119. I read this everyday. Awsome.
  120. The Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card: A Tribute to the Illuminati Entertainment Industry
  121. The Last Dead Nazi by William Rivers Pitt
  122. State takes child by C-Section- UNREAL
  123. "A Separation" - an Oscar-winning Iranian film - wondrous repercussions
  124. how to live a healthy happy life?
  125. My backyard view of a Falcon 9 rocket launching into orbit (120 miles away)
  126. Where will you get your Turkey this Christmas?
  127. What's Your Craziest Conspiracy?
  128. DonorsTrust—the Right's Dark-Money ATM—Pumps Out Record $96 Million
  129. Saving the Planet?
  130. Truthstreammedia's Story on Facebook
  131. Beehive Collective project: Mesoamerica Resiste Poster
  132. Money...
  133. Lizard people
  134. Where children sleep
  135. The Timelessness Of Time
  136. Parents past experiences inherited by offspring.
  137. NASA hides objects in pictures.
  138. I was flying in my dream last night. Pete Peterson too.
  139. Hell Explained by Chemistry Student
  140. A win for my little part of the world :)
  141. The "Octopus Conspiracy" in plain sight.
  142. Boston Marathon - detailed, cynically humorous dissertation
  143. Would You Sacrifice Your Life....?
  144. Stepping into our power through controlling our contracts
  145. FBI Can Secretly Activate Laptop Cameras Without Indicator Light
  146. Nelson Mandela quotes
  147. The Companies that Spy On Us.
  148. Dog life vs human life.
  149. Corporate bribes payable on retirement - endemic globally 'retirement friends'
  150. What if we knew with all certainty the story of humanity?
  151. Poignant lesson from Amazonia
  152. Fukashima Radiation is travelling worldwide and is preparing the earth for Demonic entities to thrive.
  153. Let's start a thread on solutions.
  154. Mars One announcement.
  155. The Human Chain Thread
  156. Great essay on society - comments?
  157. Crypto-currency war and the value of things.
  158. What book changed your life?
  159. Where Is Your Fulcrum?
  160. The creators of 'The Matrix' Wachowski new Movie- 'Jupiter Ascending'
  161. The dictatorial future of the United States
  162. Awesome Christmas lights with a difference
  163. Do you think schizophrenic people are mentally ill.....
  164. Israel loosens conglomerates' iron grip on the economy
  165. An example for US and world police/military
  166. Pay by weight airline a 'huge' success
  167. The go-to therapist for abductees....fascinating story
  168. 'Santa' Threatens to 'Cancel Christmas' Due to Global Warming...
  169. Can a dead person visit here in the body?
  170. Anarchy Is For Everyone
  171. Nelson mandela died on june 26 2013. So why are 91 world leaders "really" in africa?
  172. The People’s Voice With Sonia Poulton: Keith Allen talks about death of Diana, Princess of Wales (Wednesday Dec 11, 2013)
  173. MY FAMILY OF LOVE WE NEED YOUR HELP..thank you for your help!!!
  174. Police Brutality-This has GOT to stop
  175. WOW AWESOME Speech "I'm just a mom!" Leaves room with jaws hanging open
  176. Mass Intention Experiment. Can we cause a shift?
  177. Affluentia is an immunity for persecution
  178. Critical Mass Radio - Now it's our turn!
  179. Cures are found in nature.
  180. “People Don’t Understand the Scale of the Emergency That’s Going On Right Now”
  181. Triclosan found in 75% of us, FDA knows it's dangerous
  182. Ant Colony...
  183. Aliens and their Ambassadors
  184. The future is postponed again
  185. Loss of internet privacy made official in France
  186. I don't buy products that are made in Israel
  187. Huge object in Seattle halts mega ton drilling machine
  188. Theatre of the Absurd
  189. The Illusion Of Matter: Our Physical Reality Isn't Really Physical At All
  190. Origin of Pyramid Symbol?
  191. Proof : Panther conveys specific questions & gets answers from a Human Woman
  192. Posession/suicide ??? any rational explainations would be appreciated.
  193. HIGH LEVELS of Radiation ☢ 81.4CPM in the Snow - St. Louis, Missouri
  194. Yellowstone supervolcano 'even more colossal'
  195. Improv Everywhere
  196. Physics breakthrough: Is the universe a giant hologram?
  197. Will China's moon missions open the door to disclosure?
  198. quicksand
  199. The story of your enslavement - Stefan Molyneux
  200. Quantum Consciousness
  201. Where do the Illuminati go when they die?
  202. Anarchy - AWESOME Speech
  203. Daily Mail 16th Dec 2013…is Wi-Fi dangerous?
  204. The endgame has begun
  205. They shoot horses, don't they..
  206. Personal connection with DOD and designer of 911 Emergency System
  207. Video of something falling to earth about 8 a.m. Monday, December 16, 2013 in Southern California
  208. Carl Sagan and Government
  209. Russell Brand's "Messiah Complex"
  210. Nuclear insanity
  211. Dinosaurs and Humans
  212. Baby saved by security guard
  213. I'm a Judgemental Vegan!!!
  214. Alternative and Esoteric View of Alien Phenomenon (from around the web)
  215. ET vs terrestrials
  216. Can you download information to your brain?
  217. Burma
  218. Egyptian Goverment vs Dominique Golwitz and Stefan Erdma
  219. US Government Forced Light Bulb Switch
  220. House fire prevention
  221. SIMPLE...Former MI5 officer: Easy to persuade fearful people to give up hard-won liberties //Going Underground: Torture abroad, homeless at home & vanishing vo
  222. "Divine" Pagan Icon Found Worldwide rewrite history and reveals Lost Golden Age
  223. Homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, then does something amazing.
  224. Postman catches twin babies, the man is a hero
  225. Destiny & Twins Seperated at Birth
  226. “Australia’s Stonehenge,” and so much more!
  227. The best day of your life and why?
  228. If a drone strike hit an American wedding, we'd ground our fleet// RAF pilot unleashes hell on (innocent civilians) Taliban…
  229. Workplace loans turn Americans into slaves ............The company store !!!
  230. 300 million year old machinery found in Russia
  231. Are we the Illuminati?
  232. Bitcoin Was Created By DARPA...
  233. Arms, Drugs , Sex & Peodophiles....Sonia Poulton: Andrea Davison interview / British Establishment (Thursday Dec 19, 2013)
  234. 10000 singing Beethoven
  235. Happy!
  236. Science/Technology Is Advancing In Exponential Rates...
  237. Assassin's Creed Series and Real Life Freemasons
  238. 'First you dictate, then we vomit' - wrote a student to her teacher
  239. Dealing with energy vampires
  240. Neuro and Psychological answer to Paranormality
  241. Is something big going to happen in early January 2014
  242. Kelly Miller-Masonic Targeting Lawsuit
  243. People are Awesome 2013 (Vídeo) - And my sincere wishes for Christmas.
  244. Internment and Genocide...
  245. Happy Holidays!
  246. Fluoridegate
  247. Judge says DHS assisting people to smuggle drugs
  248. Apophenia? Profound synchronicity? Guided by benevolent forces? Or by demonic forces?
  249. Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community & Retreat Center in Ecuador
  250. Propaganda or truth? Chinese lunar probe finds no evidence of US landing