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  1. Fluoridegate
  2. Judge says DHS assisting people to smuggle drugs
  3. Apophenia? Profound synchronicity? Guided by benevolent forces? Or by demonic forces?
  4. Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community & Retreat Center in Ecuador
  5. Propaganda or truth? Chinese lunar probe finds no evidence of US landing
  6. Alex Collier-The Adventures of Captain Denar
  7. Our Whole Story in Two Minutes
  8. WoW! There's hope for clowns like me - Skeptical about Skepticism? Me too
  9. Mass. drug bust nets 1,250 bags of heroin labeled 'Obamacare'
  10. China tells US to KEEP your GMO corn (at least this batch)
  11. Puppy saved from landfill in the Nick of time.
  12. Life After Death Debate: Good Perspective
  13. Loophole found around light bulb ban
  14. Inspirational Writing
  15. Awakening to a Sad Truth (Syria)
  16. The 2013 Retrospective
  17. Being happy - learning from the world's happiest people
  18. going on vacation
  19. healing request
  20. Here's something I've learned...
  21. Bit o' reality
  22. "PBA": New disease/drug commercial - unbelievable!
  23. Box could revolutionise off grid internet access
  24. Synchronicity A Scientific Approach (Brain States and Emotional States)
  25. Look what this guy found online! 3-minute video is amazing.
  26. Meet a ten-year-old girl who helped track down 1,000 pedophiles
  27. Oak Islamd Money Pit Mystery
  28. Philosophers Stone, The Red Lion, Joe Lello.
  29. Tied to the System: The Real World
  30. A positive note to me/us/you/I
  31. I'm looking for charity advice
  32. Ten signs of hope amidst a year of chaos
  33. Ecocide & Apocalypse- great article on the end of the world as we know it
  34. The meaning of my dream?
  35. An ADA got himself arrested to see the justice system from the inside...
  36. A valley, a cabin and a dream
  37. ***Occupy Washington DC***
  38. 100's of thousands of South Koreans in massive strike/protest over election fraud and scandals
  39. New spin on bartering: Now we can do business!
  40. Croatia charges hundreds in drugs firm corruption probe
  41. Internal Alchemy
  42. The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra (WOW!)
  43. Did Soviets really spend $1billion on mind control programme?
  44. as 2014 nears and 2013 is passing us by..
  45. Can M-16s defeat F-16s?
  46. Vilayanur Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization
  47. An example of how scripted the main stream media can be
  48. Article - The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda That’s Taking Over the World
  49. Why the Amish Don’t Get Sick: Things You Can Learn From Them
  50. The illusion is in the mind
  51. American Psychosis
  52. New Years Salutations from the Southern Hemisphere
  53. Best wishes for 2014, everyone
  54. Fukushima out of control january-2014
  55. Constitutional Law violated, in Ohio
  56. David Icke 2014
  57. Happy New Year!
  58. Shadow People on Monsters and Mysteries in America S02E03
  59. Illuminati symbolism for Sydney 2014 New Year
  60. ETs Want To Help Mankind (Paul Hellyer, Russia Today)
  61. Your papers, please! (or I'll tase your sorry butt and throw you in jail)
  62. Space-X (NASA Shuttle) Disclosure of Aliens on National TV!!!
  63. Dutchsinse New Radio Show
  64. The Sacred Regimen
  65. Reverse Palindromic Video - Lost Generation.
  66. BP Says Peak Oil Is Here
  67. Goals and New Year Resolutions for 2014
  68. Divine Inspirations 2014
  69. Attention All Police Agents
  70. Cool optical "illusion" basis for 3D without special glasses
  71. Ultraterrestrial Hypothesis
  72. Vedic Echos of World Wars (Ultraterrestials and the Play of Gods)
  73. The little woman with a finger in the dike
  74. NASA: The Sun Reverses its Magnetic Poles
  75. 2014 The Year of the Great Unraveling
  76. Is there a connection between UFO's and the Jehovah's?
  77. The Truth About the End of NASA's Shuttle Program
  78. This could be really Big
  79. Gangarado
  80. Isaac Asimov’s 1964 Predictions About 2014
  81. "one love".. Played for the world by the world...and may we all unite for 2014
  82. The Flight is booked !
  83. There is No Counter Culture
  84. End Bloated Military Spending
  85. Japanese Scientist Begin Perfecting Acoustic Levitation
  86. A Blizzard is coming!
  87. Apology
  88. No country incarcerates a higher percentage of its population than the United States.
  89. Iraq: Neo Nazis and the criminal elements
  90. 7 Year Tribulation & 4 Blood Moon Tetrad
  91. Tracking Fireballs
  92. Cast in Stone or bent in Grass.. Monuments and messages
  93. Lies, Damn Lies!
  94. Magic, illusions and mind tricks - tools for psychological operations?
  95. Beautiful, peaceful, healing music
  96. Latest from Dolores Cannon
  97. The New age Spirituality
  98. ADHD does not exist
  99. You Have The Right To Stay Out Of Jail, Dude!
  100. Keshe foundation: 2014, the year of the change for the humanity
  101. The Animal Communicator ( Full Documentary ) ...Unusual and beautiful film
  102. Laws That Protect Victims - Not Paedophiles & Predators
  103. The Rationale for Rationality
  104. BBC: Future timeline - a thousand/million/billion/trillion/quadrillion years from now
  105. Close Encounter Witness "Sandy" speaks with W. Strieber 2014
  106. Allegations against david Icke & The Peoples Voice from Sonia Poulton
  107. Images of Prey and Predator - which do you prefer
  108. Bigfoot Bounty' Judges Skeptical of Hunter's New Claims
  109. NASA WARNING:Meteor shower 2014"Asteroid impacts in Fema Region Three
  110. The flawed notions of the "Prepper Community"
  111. CME from the sun today, agitation will be the norm for a few days
  112. "Glory" of Fallujah Fades into Defeat; "Embedded" Journalists Silent..?
  113. Grandson of L. Ron Hubbard's Spoken Word performance
  114. Synchromysticism
  115. Truth Is Greater Than Man
  116. Growing your own
  117. Truth Muse
  118. Threatened with arrest for missing jury duty
  119. Windows of the Soul
  120. Any Positive News for Our Planet
  121. Debating issues with "The Reset Document"
  122. What's Wrong with TED Talks? : brilliant!
  123. Giant Squid found coast of California.. real or not?
  124. Excellent Political Thriller...........Closed Circuit 2013 movie....
  125. Ghastly Chemical Spill Leaves Charleston WV and Surrounding Area Without Water
  126. Cameron Day is connecting the dots.
  127. Hitchcocks expose of humanities capacity for evil
  128. changing physical appearance
  129. The Blood Moons of April 2014 Will Launch World Wide Mark Of The Beast Human Microchipping
  130. The Corruption of Britain
  131. Hipgnosis
  132. Strange Structure found on Mercury
  133. Will You Spit or Swallow?
  134. Spandex - are you wearing it?
  135. Grow trees from shipping boxes - LifeBox project
  136. My view on Jewish people and Zionism
  137. Magic Man of the Mountains
  138. Thug Notes
  139. Another Polar Vortex expected to hit America next week
  140. Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power - Part 1
  141. Cyber Stalking Goes Uber Mainstream
  142. US Navy dodge FOIA
  143. While We Are Staring at Virgin Galactic, is Mil Testing Its Own Secret Hypersonics? (Or Worse!)
  144. Karmic Transference - Does anyone have more info on this subject?
  145. A New and Different Tone - aka ringing in the ears just got funky!
  146. Genesis accounts and Gilgamesh
  147. Strange article claims that atomic bombs don't really exist
  148. Kerry Cassidy: U.S run by Space Aliens/Nazis..!
  149. Spiritualism, UFOs, and Space Age Magic?
  150. Our mother needs our help
  151. Isa 14:12
  152. Why is Israel so sure Iran has the 'BOMB' ? Because they gave it to the SHAH !!
  153. A Timeline Essential Question
  154. The Laws of Lore
  155. For The Men!
  156. Dr. Dough Graham explains the recent death at his fasting retreat
  157. Orit Arfa - Settler Diva
  158. My ashtray is magnetized
  159. Daniel Vitalis Interview - The truth about Christmas and Astrology/religion
  160. The Most Efficient Machine Ever Invented
  161. 2014 A Year to Honour our Hearts
  162. Support and Prayer for Bright Garlick
  163. Not plugged in & using secret technology to gather data...wow
  164. Demon Like Creature Crawling On Buildings In Russia
  165. Lightning breaks finger off Christ statue
  166. 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty
  167. Does anyone recognise these symbols at all?
  168. Mystery object spotted on Google Moon
  169. The limits of perception.
  170. Turkey , 3 years in prison if medical aid is given to people
  171. The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio
  172. The Intelligence Of Plants
  173. Rebellion Art: Mear One
  174. 'Broken Saints' - Cryptic and epic animation (2001)
  175. Sasquatch
  176. After all, what is Consciousness? 'Mind Over Matter'!!
  177. Another one of my predictions comes to fruition?
  178. Diatomaceous Earth for your Family, Home, and Homestead
  179. For the Humans
  180. Santos Bonacci Arrested and in Custody
  181. We Are Stardust
  182. Do the illuminati know about the ascension?
  183. What's in the dark shall be revealed.....
  184. World Wide Wave of Action
  185. Is our Sun falling silent?
  186. how to distinguish dreams and reality?
  187. Question: Why are Women, now more than ever 'Beating the Shyte' out of each other..?
  188. Question for Biblical Scholars
  189. 8-year-old boy rescues 6 relatives from fire, dies trying to save 7th
  190. Electronic Heroin
  191. Mt Everest IMAX
  192. Movie 'AREA Q' - Abduction and Mystery compose this co-production between Brazil and USA.
  193. USA, Canada or Australia? Better place to live?
  194. C1: Gyroscopic, electric, 2-wheeled car (LIT Motors)
  195. A Satellite question
  196. The Bankers Brain, quite interesting
  197. How to Travel to Alternate Dimensions without the aid of external tools
  198. Interview with Bill Donahue
  199. The Hero's Journey - a common theme in stories and possibly our life
  200. Audio Spying using Google Chrome HOT !
  201. Stunning Portraits Of The World’s Remotest Tribes
  202. Ukraine protests turn to violence.
  203. Thought projecting my reality.....
  204. MSNBC Cuts Congresswoman During NSA LIVE to Report… Justin Bieber
  205. Flu
  206. Global consciousness project dot
  207. Santa Muerte: Borderland Devotions
  208. The Men who Stare at Photons
  209. Article: HSBC Bank on Verge of Collapse: Second Major Banking Crash Imminent
  210. Men Who Stare at Goats
  211. International Human Rights Law
  212. Please help! My best friend needs praying for and positive thoughts sending her way!
  213. Here's A Menu of Flu Shot Ingredients - Not For The Squeamish
  214. Microstamping -- Weird New Form of Implausible Gun Control (California), Soon D.C.?
  215. Giving up on (a part) of your life purpose
  216. Conspiracy Theories
  217. Fancy a Cupper?
  218. Honoring The Spirit - Awesome Essay On Children & Parenting
  219. The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski
  220. Autism Discussion
  221. Alan Power inter - Death of Princess //Diana inquest: MI6 'plotted tunnel murder' for Slobodan Milosevic
  222. Discussion on blood types
  223. Whitley Strieber's Dreamland: 'Ominous Trumpet Sounds are Back' with Linda Moulton Howe...
  224. TransCanada Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion in Otterburne Manitoba, Canada
  225. (MSM) Remember Blood Rituals: The Satanic 'New Year' starts Feb 1, 2014
  226. Mind Hack: The Devil's Breath
  227. Codex Gigas (Devil's Bible)
  228. Fox news reporting on demon possessed child?
  229. ''SuperCapasitor'' non toxic replacing batteries
  230. Rap News... Brilliant
  231. Identity documents and fingerprints
  232. Definition of Evil
  233. The rise of the Police State
  234. Tomatoes 2.0
  235. Incredible new first-person view of Felix Baumgartner's space jump - Incredible Video
  236. It's great to be part of the 1%
  237. Can Tata Motors Cope With Karl Slym's Tragic Death?
  238. Whirling dervishes
  239. Your help needed to stop Monsanto
  240. Could NHS sell Google your DNA?
  241. Beautiful Dreams and Digital Culture
  242. Why I Hate The Superbowl
  243. "Support the Troops" -- Does That Include Accepting What's in This Document? *leak*
  244. Financial collapse is coming! Preppers get ready for SHTF survival!
  245. Thank you all for the B-day wished
  246. SOTU - hoping for some discussion
  247. Hedonism
  248. Useful legal information : ex facie
  249. How can a civilisation...
  250. Predictions for the Big Game