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  1. How can a civilisation...
  2. Predictions for the Big Game
  3. What they're afraid of...
  4. Shocking - Justin Bieber’s Eyes Change In Court
  5. Need help analyzing Ghost Image
  6. Philip Seymour Hoffman dead 2 days after 'death hoax'
  7. A Parable About Observation
  8. 9/11 truther interrupts post SuperBowl interview: "9/11 was perpetrated by our own government"
  9. Thrive film easy guide
  10. Ghost Entities
  11. The Real State of the Union
  12. Stepping Stones
  13. The freakout of the 0.0001 %
  14. Questions and thoughts about power of belief
  15. Anyone interested in an AVALON SW meet-up?
  16. King Alfred the Somerset levels and a birth of a nation......
  17. Gov text message : Warning you are a participant in Civil unrest.
  18. Organic food shortage hits U.S. stores
  19. Intriguing parallel lines in the lives of Kennedy and Lincoln... if true / what to make of it!?
  20. Psychopathic Snuff Films Now Used For Mind Control
  21. Barack Obama 2014
  22. Kerry threatens Israel with international boycott
  23. Message from space gave co-ordinates off Irish Coast for future mankind?
  24. Dark Mind Theory
  25. Who Are You?
  26. Superbowl false flag foiled
  27. Sochi Terror Plot Exposed
  28. Civilization is About to Collapse. Here's why.
  29. NHS to sell patients' records to private companies
  30. Another Blow For GMOs
  31. Big Cats of Australia
  32. Volcano erupting in Ecuador
  33. Ignorance and silence isn't good enough anymore
  34. The Avalon Wars (Have you grown?)
  35. The Oracle Chamber of Malta - 2500 B.C. Archaeoacoustics Account for Miracle Technology
  36. Are you a non-posting Avalonian who reads in silence?
  37. "SET", the Egyptian God of Foreigners, Baphomet, and Entities Respected by Freemasonry
  38. Attack on power grid: terrorism, vandalism or false flag?
  39. The Major Weakness Of The NWO: Stupidity!
  40. How China is Beating America in Technology - Education
  41. Sacred Geometry
  42. MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION - Jacques Vallee
  43. Excecution of Marius at Copenhagen Zoo
  44. 'Before they pass away' Jimmy Nelson - Life lessons shared in a beautiful and touching way
  45. Google Acquires Artificial Intelligence Startup DeepMind
  46. Report: It's All Some Kind Of Sick Joke
  47. NASA is now accepting applications from companies that want to mine the moon
  48. Thorium powered reactors....can the past become the future?
  49. Watch Company Employees Learn Of Increased Health Costs Due
  50. Chris Carter's fans have a good news
  51. Witness, a daily occurence of the majority's opression
  52. The Original Architects, Creators of Our Species...
  53. Weird But True! Netflix, Skype, Kindle Predicted in 1965
  54. Has any one any idea what this piece of made/designed metal might be
  55. I have discovered the reason why I have been able to make a significant (positive) turn around
  56. Infowars promoting what?
  57. Have you heard of "One Billion Rising"?
  58. The abuse of power.
  59. First image ever of the Cosmic Web that binds the Universe together
  60. Fukushima radioactive waste water treatment technique
  61. Sink holes appearing everywhere
  62. Seymour Cray (that supercomputerguy) 1976
  63. Star Wars Olympics, not a False Flag!
  64. Sasquatch Habituator documents evidence of paranormal aspects to the Sasquatch Phenomna
  65. The cure for love!
  66. Cryptofloricon: Language of Flowers
  67. Silk Road 2.0 'Hack' Blamed On Bitcoin Bug, All Funds Stolen
  68. Androgyny, Alchemy and Evolution
  69. Scrap the BBC TV Licence.
  70. A Boy And His Dog (Owen and Haatchi)
  71. Enders Game/Military Training/Dreams
  72. 23 Billion Dollars-Mexican drug lords, amazing photos
  73. Live link Project Camelot
  74. Look in the mirror America!
  75. Anton Parks in English!
  76. I dreamed the grid went down
  77. MSM finally come 'Clean' on TOXIC Chemicals (incl: Fluoride) & there links to Autism, ADHD..!
  78. Gardening
  79. Sunday Musings...
  80. Conditioning Cycle
  81. Talk- GRAHAM HANCOCK - London March 10th – Magicians of the Gods
  82. Watch Asteroid Fly By live in 6 minutes. 9:00 pm EST
  83. Coming Dust Bowl? Food Prices To Soar This Year
  84. Overpopulated??? Truly???
  85. Forget-Internet soon will be the OUTERNET
  86. Jackson County, Oregon (US) voting on GMO ban
  87. UFO Disclosure: The Afterlife Angle
  88. The Silent War
  89. Joining the 'Rising Tide' of a new Human Consciousness
  90. The Decimalisation Con in the UK
  91. When Parasites Whine
  92. When Life Gives You Lemons, Consider Yourself Lucky!
  93. An outlandish theory related to Telepathy
  94. El Niño may make 2014 the hottest year on record
  95. Save the Internet!
  96. IMPORTANT. The dogon tribe high priests open multiple schools in the US.
  97. DHS wanted to track license plate data
  98. Writing Snowden Files: 'The paragraph began to self-delete'
  99. Life After Food - Soylent
  100. Security at the Canadian/American border
  101. Crazy Rulers of the world, Funny Torture, mind control tech
  102. Rupert Sheldrake and Dogmatism in Mainstream Science
  103. The Great Light-House Mystery of 1900
  104. The CIA thinks you're all schmucks for posting all your info on Facebook!
  105. Blatantly obvious symbolism.... Katy Perry: Dark Horse / Emenem Rap God
  106. 'House Of Cards' – NetFlixing The Sociopathic Agenda..!
  107. MEDIA that's worth while...
  108. Do we see the history of EU societies in this video?
  109. Ted Bundy was a ShapeShifter
  110. Question: Autism and Vaccines
  111. 'The Great Dictator' speech by Charlie Chaplin (Subtitles)
  112. Bizarre commercial of BURN energy drink of coca cola in Brazil
  113. For contemplation - reflections on "me" after watching Avatar, the movie
  114. The Politics of Cancer
  115. Dragon's head appears from magical northern lights in the arctic circle
  116. Landscape Theology
  117. Project Ley Lines- Glastonbury Tor at Sunrise
  118. Open Letter to the Alternative Media. -Veterans Today
  119. A Quarter of Americans Think the Sun Orbits the Earth
  120. please take a moment and appreciate your life
  121. Message to "The Family of Light"...
  122. Earth's Oldest Rock Dates Back 4.4 Billion Years, Crystal Study Confirms
  123. Piers Morgan Has Left The Building
  124. COINTELPRO 2.0 confirmed: How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet (Snowden GCHQ docs confirm)
  125. Nitric factor in longevity...
  126. Just stumbled on an interesting website (John Allen, a contactee)
  127. Reincarnation versus Connection
  128. Busted and Expelled for Cheddar crisps ..WOW
  129. TOOL and the Fibonacci sequence in the song Lateralus
  130. Aluminum and Alzheimers (fluoride is a product of aluminum smelting)
  131. Chomsky Fingers the Media
  132. Never Call Them Archons – How You Can Help Bust Up the Matrix
  133. Hoax alien 'invasion' planned for 5th April 2014
  134. Russell Brand - 2012-04-24 - Committee on Addiction
  135. RIP Paco
  136. The man who changed Iceland...
  137. alkamyst and ftp of books
  138. Dot Connecting: oil sickness/fracking/train wrecks
  139. Russian and American Military Troops Engaging in the Ukraine Right Now?!
  140. Leo Zagami update
  141. Is is a boat? Is it a plane? No, it's the Russian EKRANOPLAN
  142. Battle for the End of the Age
  143. Ice Storm headed my way
  144. Gardasil Victim Speaks Out After 2 Years
  145. A Message For The Newbies (Guests) included...
  146. In Space, No One Can See The Stars
  147. Validity of Truth-Claims: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction
  148. Confessions of a Sociopath
  149. Awesome Kundalini Website I found!
  150. Blood types, ancient heritages, through ENKI, NINGISHZIDDA & NINMAH change Terran/Human DNA
  151. The Importance of Empathy in staying human
  152. not just a 'Meat Suit'!
  153. NDE experiencers re: Jesus
  154. UPDATE: Navy Commander Who Interrogated 9/11 Terrorist Mastermind KSM Found Murdered
  155. Gregg Braden Interview feb 2014
  156. Metabiology .:. What the cell can teach us about the order of the universe
  157. The Birthing of a 'New Race' within the Race of Humanity is (Gaga)..!
  158. How to access the 'DEEP WEB' through Tor..?
  159. Understanding the Jet Stream and the Polar Vortex - Jennifer Francis
  160. Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas...
  161. Alien Agenda - You don't know the half of it!
  162. State of the current scientific paradigm
  163. UFOlogy’s Grand Deception (an Article and Speculations)
  164. Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field
  165. The Importance of Paying Attention
  166. A World in Chao
  167. Harvard Research Finds Link Between Fluoridated Water, ADHD & Mental Disorders
  168. New Updates From Miles Johnston
  169. Purported Sasquatch tracks found on Vancouver Island
  170. Crazy Pilot: Aircraft that cause concern and noise pollution while flying circuits
  171. Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule
  172. Maidan Conspiracy... latest Jon Kelly analysis
  173. Stay AWARE on the Ides of March: "Et tu, Courtney?"
  174. OBE Inducer
  175. Scientists Scan Woman's Brain During OBE
  176. Alex Collier’s Perspective on the World-March 2014
  177. Radioactivity Neutralization Methods
  178. Springtime is almost here so let's help mother earth
  179. Assange to SXSW: We're all being watched - CNN
  180. Oil is not a fossil fuel
  181. People free humpback whale
  182. Canadian woman has out of body experience anytime she desires to leave body
  183. Caravan to Midnight - John B. Wells
  184. War Secretly Declared On China By Executive Order?
  185. Australia the Concealed Colony
  186. A Psychic under hypnosis put into the future
  187. Image inside the last supper painting.
  188. Footage from a shuttle.
  189. Mind Control in the 21st Century – Science Fiction & Beyond (PART II)
  190. Ken Rohla: How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails From the Sky, Your Garden, and Your Body
  191. Tippi of Africa: the little Mowgli girl whose friends were the animals
  192. An overview of the science and theories about the Reptilian in mankind
  193. "There's a Second Species on our Planet" - Will that be Dr Brown's announcement
  194. What to say to a friend who is dying?
  195. A Map of the Soul /The Art of Balance
  196. Internet of Things (IoT) vs Privacy
  197. Jean Haines latest - RT: US abandoned international law, abides by ‘law of the jungle’ in Ukraine
  198. What if the missing air plane is found with all passengers safe and a story to tell?
  199. Crowdsourcing, DARPA's Red Balloons, Surveillance, False Flags, and MA Flight 370
  200. 10 Scientific Studies That Prove Consciousness Can Alter Our Physical Material World
  201. HUVr Tech Hover Board Hoax - why?
  202. US, Navy special operations harassment against the general public
  203. New Research Proves Flouride is a Neurotoxin
  204. Happy B-Day World Wide Web
  205. The Physics of Dreaming
  206. Don't take me too seriously from now on.
  207. Closed-eye hallucination
  208. Our kin, the Dolphins
  209. Just a quick thought on the Law of Attraction
  210. This one goes out to Bilderberg!
  211. Pwned!
  212. Pope John Paul II's visit to Edinburgh 1982
  213. Bogus news reporting in action
  214. Secrets of Chinese Terra-Cotta Warrior Weapons Revealed
  215. Magic Circles: USA Celebrates "Pi Day", Albert Einstein's Birth, 3.14.2014
  216. The Malaysian Airliner Is NOT Missing, War is ridiculous, & Much more. (Dave Hodges)
  217. Stonehenge lights on my pictures.
  218. Avalon SW meet-up - we're doing it again! This time with guest Miles Johnston
  219. Security Issue: Is Project Avalon targetted by Firewalls?
  220. Hair samples found & trailcam captures Bigfoot
  221. Back again
  222. Songs of hope and inspiration
  223. Hospital imprisoned devoted spiritual author by claiming her prayers are a sign of mental illness
  224. Controversial technologies (for Archonic intentions) brought to public knowledge
  225. Robert Stanley interview with a psychiatirst, schizophrenia - possible archon influence
  226. Wireless Electricity almost here for the masses
  227. Fascinating Story of the Man Who Remembered The Future - Philip K. Dick
  228. I think I accessed the Akashic Records
  229. URGENT FROM THE KESHE FOUNDATION - USB stick has been released to public
  230. Beautiful video of starling murmurations
  231. Our movement towards EMANCIPATION: To Completely Understand the Present is to Study the Past
  232. Declaring one self sovereign to Pope and from Rome, too funny
  233. Unam Sanctam.
  234. Interesting excerpt from Ben Fulford's latest newsletter
  235. A poll - do you actually know that ascension, superconsciousness etc. is coming?
  236. Earth Extinction 2030 - Guy McPherson - Thom Hartmann -
  237. Who is already chipped? If you think you are, "who" has chipped you?
  238. Echelon / powers over communications...
  239. Nasa finally reveals portals exist - proof!
  240. Ideas for Avalon
  241. I talked to George Noory and Craig Hulet last night
  242. Rosemary Guiley - Bases 10 update on the djinn and comments on the sasquatch - Miles Johnson interviewer
  243. Thank you Karen Hudes for exposing just WHO are behind it all!
  244. Rethinking Bliss
  245. U.S. Will Self-Destruct in Near Future
  246. To rent an apartment or to buy a house
  247. Robert Stanley speaks with Steve Richards
  248. The Grail and the Emerald Tablets of Thoth - lapist exillis - the emerald of Lucifer
  249. An update on some things
  250. How To Prepare Your Mind & Community For The Collapse