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  1. UFOs & Aliens coming to a theatre near you...
  2. Ben Franklin, on man's 'wisdom'
  3. Community where male and female are equal!
  4. The madness of a lost society
  5. Maurice Kirk - the Flying Vet
  6. Awsome photo
  7. Lennon
  8. The Worst Type of Fish You Can Eat!
  9. Mysterious ‘Vortex’ Warned Is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe
  10. Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story
  11. Christ meets Bigfoot
  12. Flight 19, December 5, 1945
  13. Things are getting really really weird.....
  14. Life is a online game,an we get a big chance2012 ---- jokes made in china....
  15. We Are Change Ireland greet David Rockefeller- Trilateral Commission Conference
  16. Land of the Free? Maybe Not for Long...
  17. TED video "Stephen Petranek counts down to Armageddon"
  18. The Left-Hand Path, or "what the illuminati plan for the masses"?
  19. Strange Hole-Punch Cloud Seen In Sacramento
  20. "TPTB, TPTW, etc"
  21. Stroman /Vrijeman/persoonsgevens (Dutch only)
  22. Big Brother Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger
  23. Shoes are making you sick and imbalanced
  24. Peg Luksik: Who Controls Our Children ? (Public Education Dumb Down Kids)
  25. The Avalon Translation Project
  26. silver orb seen with chemtrails?
  27. Did Alexander the Great really encounter UFOs in 329 BC?
  28. Mega Donations for good...
  29. 4 Years. Go!
  30. Anyone familiar with the Armageddon Conspiracy?
  31. Charlie Chaplin - The great dictator speech
  32. Real Airport Security
  33. jimhumble.biz is down?
  34. Water is fast becoming the NEXT big issue facing world populations
  35. AV1 forum still down!!!!
  36. Fingers, Fingernails, Fingernail clippings ...
  37. Important Message
  38. An amazing energy idea, please take a look
  39. Collapse Documentary
  40. New Jersey outlaws Body Scanners and enhanced pat downs!
  41. 2011.... What will it bring?
  42. dont be hurting
  43. Empathic Evolution
  44. Guardian Trying to Use Ridicule to Quash Many Theories
  45. Check this out. Effin incredible!!!!The Wall Street Pentagon Papers
  46. Please Tell Me What the **** Happened to OUR Country While We Were Gone?
  47. The German Cylindrical UFO
  48. The Top Ten Censored News Stories of 1998
  49. A marine, Carmelo Rodriguez III let down by the government
  50. Vintage Alex Jones: Webster Tarpley exposes Wikileaks fraud!
  51. What Jamie Dimon Won’t Tell You: His Big Bank Would Be Dangerously Leveraged
  52. I have found my calling
  53. Inverted totalitarianism ~ The myth of democracy in America
  54. Ideas from presence (Long, ensure cup of tea and spoonfull of patience =) )
  55. Chemtrails Protest - From an acorn a mighty oak grows?
  56. I would really like to know....
  57. Massive bloom in sea near NZ
  58. Colleen has been targeted by the Dracs
  59. Super bright star/planet in sky
  60. The Real-time Dot
  61. suffering
  62. My rant for the year, but done with much love
  63. NPC or PC?
  64. The TV series The Visitors has arrived in Portugal
  65. Queen Elizabeth I and snakes
  66. Pane "Astral Walker" Andov's book, 2012 Equation Solved
  67. New York UFOs December 2010
  68. Soldiers waking up to the big lie
  69. Sir Francis Drake and dragons
  70. Avenging Hackers Revenging Wikileaks
  71. ASLAN Crazy World (live).wmv
  72. ET Walk-Ins, Wanderers, Volunteers
  73. Continuing Questions for Shadowstalker
  74. Neil Armstrong: What Really Happened on the Moon
  75. Politics and Eye Movement
  76. How do we know when a source or a person is a hoaxer
  77. 2010 Feast of the Beast
  78. Unknown creature photographed in Louisiana
  79. Back to the basics
  80. Van Jones - Grab the Whip, Run the Plantation
  81. Alex Jones - Has A Little Fun with The Charles and Camilla Attacks
  82. Pakistan Flood Relief Song [HD]
  84. Navy's sci-fi railgun breaks record for most powerful gun on the planet
  85. Wikipedia's Pseudoarchaeology page
  86. when music told a story
  87. Talk about the Weather
  88. Principle of astrology proven to be scientific: planetary position imprints biologica
  89. I have Questions for EVERYBODY!!! :)
  90. Everything Should Be Free
  91. The Delusions of Karma and Cause and Effect
  92. The game
  93. WikiLeaks Set To Reveal US-UFO War In Southern Ocean
  94. Encryption tools
  95. Now what???
  96. what is your birthday with this statement? BRILLIANT. Well done NY!
  97. Video fakers
  98. Amazing: Scientists re-create the Antikythera Mechanism...Brilliant.
  99. Evidence of first Ice volcano found on Saturns moon( Titan)/ Possible life.
  100. Bill Ryan interview 14 Dec - archive now online for download
  101. Secret Society
  102. Smoking - a NWO change?
  103. Why does the FBI Orchestrate Fake Terror Plots
  104. Rob Hopkins: Transition to a world without oil
  105. Lunar Eclipse over the Mayan Temples...
  106. Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight
  107. Do you ever fear
  108. One more NWO takeover fact...15/12/10
  109. Discerning Truth from Fraud
  110. Legalise drugs, says former defence secretary
  111. Explanations for the Origin of Life
  112. Polish December '70 - 40th anniversary of deadly clash.
  113. Mindflex, New Christmas Toy where you can move ball with your mind, Target, Walmart
  114. The Car the runs on thin Air!
  115. At my 46 years of life this is what I bellieve so far...
  116. Bradley Manning, an American Hero
  117. Can you help me interpret a dream
  118. Swine Flu H1N1, real or fake?
  119. Water,Atoms and Life
  120. Michel Desmarquet
  121. Kerry is Live on JustinTv NOW......
  122. Foggy Dew
  123. Kerry/Dolan interview Disclosure
  124. Alec Baldwin admits he's an alien and that they use TV to turn our brains to mush...
  125. Blogtalkradio: Artie 'Red Medicine' Crippen - "The Power of the Montauk Journey" -
  126. waves turn to ice !
  127. Celestial Alignments and Energetic Impact on the Evolution of Human Consciousness
  128. Forbidden Planet
  129. Is DNA all ways repairable or can it be permanently damaged?
  130. Worlds Population figures
  131. How Is Truth Best Served?
  132. And the Word Of The Year is?..........."Austerity"
  133. Avalon Members Guest Suggestions
  134. Frank Zappa provides candid apt commentary during an interview in 1984.
  135. The Future Doesnt Look Great
  136. This One's for those that Don't Think Alex Jones Covers Jews, Israel and Zionism!
  137. Can We Withdraw Consent from the Control Paradigm?
  138. Visualisation and hypnosis
  139. 32% of British Muslim students support killing for Islam
  140. Sentiments
  141. Wikileaks: US secret bunker, and the Gulf of Aden vortex?
  142. Secret Frequencies
  143. Question UFOs That look like stars
  144. Question about the Orions
  145. French village which will 'survive 2012 Armageddon' plagued by visitors
  146. Police behaving badly
  147. Bielekgate
  148. 7 / 7 revisited
  149. Fossil Finger DNA Points to New Type of Human
  150. Trailer for a funny alien movie
  151. Go on patrol
  152. Probable Fake...Gulf of Aden??
  153. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  154. Sky-writing... this time with UFO's doing the writing
  155. Cloak of Invisibility is now real
  156. Airmen ready to track Santa
  157. Terrorist may poison the food supply (but the food companies already have)
  158. google earth under the water
  159. Timeline:U.S. Government's medical experiments on citizens
  160. Mary Christ Mass?
  161. Magic Mushrooms & Reindeer
  162. Dutch scientist wants bugs added to Western diets.
  163. Satanic royals and regalia in popular culture (sports, music, movies, etc.) ...
  164. A voice of reason !Will it be heard ?
  165. Osama Bin Dead Awhile
  166. Binary encoded text
  167. Explanation of Binary Code
  168. Debunking
  169. Family history and symbols
  170. Agenda of Contact, Dimensions and more
  171. Julian Assange: Hero or Pawn
  172. Has your "FEMAcamps" documentary been deleted from your satellite box!?
  173. Space wars
  174. Jim Corr: ''Wake Up, Withdraw from the System..''
  175. More than 25% of Kids and Teens in the U.S. Take Prescriptions on a Regular Basis
  176. Elitists given more control of DNA
  177. Almost Everything Is A Crime In America Now
  178. why mass suffering induces mass indifference
  179. Unknown Desease in Yemen
  180. Critical Thinking..!
  181. Preventing Hypothermia in ourselves and neighbors
  182. Former President of Israel Is Convicted of Rape
  183. Greek Bishop Equates Zionism to ‘Satanism’
  184. 2010: The year it became impossible not notice the rapid increase of natuarl disaster
  185. Internet Browsers and Windows functions (spying elements)
  186. Of Civility And Softness
  187. The Light gets stronger ...
  188. Happy New Year!
  189. Passing the torch
  190. Will the masses ever really wake or will it always be the minority taking charge?
  191. Timeline of how Hitler took over Germany & how it parallels with our modern world.
  192. UFOs are making friends with Russians
  193. Experts: Food and fuel shortages imminent as new Ice Age dawns
  194. David Icke 2011
  195. Wow ... so many New Year Day One babies on Avalon ...
  196. Letter of dismissal - to the controlling dynasties of planet earth.
  197. Corporatism must die
  198. Lt. Colonel (USAF Ret.) Wendelle C. Stevens passes at 87
  199. Perception is not reality- S4 Inc.
  200. Buzz does want to go back to MARS!!!
  201. We are the change
  202. Nudge, nudge, wink wink... How the Government wants to change the way we think
  203. New Paradigm
  204. ON NOW... Important Discussion About Project Avalon's Rulers Of The World
  205. General Interview Technique feedback
  206. Free Will and The Nature of Consciousness
  207. Dna
  208. Bird Flu Returns To South Korea Following Foot-and-mouth Outbreak
  209. NASA photo shows humanoid on Mars
  210. Virgin Mary Statue Crying For No Good Reason
  211. The Human Experiment
  212. What happen to www.bibliotecapleyades ? Gone ?
  213. Moving Avatars and impossible Usernames
  214. You don't know what you've got till it's gone
  215. Is Avalon under attack?
  216. Why I am leaving this forum
  217. We Need a Time Out
  218. Mark Twain's Mysterious Stranger
  219. Some thoughts from a newbie
  220. Glenn Beck has something in common with truthseekers: THE FED
  221. 2nd Mystery Missile Launch?
  222. John Titor: A time travelers tale continues
  223. Viking Found Organics on Mars, Experiment Confirms
  224. The Nature of Misinformation.
  225. 7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine
  226. Open communication with TPTB
  227. Transportation Of The Future?
  228. Discussing Project Avalons recent Interview
  229. Questions
  230. Its all about control!
  231. Revolution coming to the UK
  232. Contemporary mystics and the times ahead
  233. MS = Lyme Disease
  234. John Lennons last interviews released today.
  235. Bob Chapman just outed Ronald Reagan
  236. An Aproach to Effects OF war / mad behaviour IN our Genes
  237. EARTHQUAKE JUST NOW: In San Francisco
  238. Tension release
  239. James Horak take on the recent interview with 'Charles'
  240. A Good Idea No Matter What Your Politics...
  241. 5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography
  242. Who runs America's Black Opps
  243. H1n1 : 2011
  244. Congresswoman Shot
  245. Lets get a vision going
  246. Text heavy posts.
  247. The case for civilization on the moon
  248. Free Your Mind
  249. Phosgene Deaths of Birds, Fish and People per Colleen Thomas
  250. The Real Secret