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  1. Shooter at Paine College in Augusta
  2. Look Up
  3. I am a criminal
  4. Do THEY own the night?
  5. Signs that we are waking up
  6. IRS (and complex) Getting Desperate
  7. Open Letter to Bully Peter Joseph Merola
  8. Poem: Anomaly
  9. Healing the World: Holding Love In Our Hearts~It's Not Necessary to "Break It Apart"
  10. What is forgiveness?
  11. Israel Wants To Give Mount Zion And The Tomb Of David To The Vatican?
  12. A good watch with Dr Steven Greer
  13. Engage in your duty towards liberation - Are you a slave to the MATRIX???
  14. How You Educate Your Kids?
  15. From SCARCITY to ABUNDANCE ... Really? Maybe you should hedge your bet
  16. personal use drones
  17. Nuke Map by Alex Wellerstein
  18. Top billionaires meet in NYC discuss population control
  19. Households facing €240 water charge in ireland
  20. This is what the rings of a tree sound like!!
  21. Using a Pine tree branch for water filtration
  22. British Soldier declared a prisoner of conscience
  23. Thirteen Pages - A Brief History of Man & ET
  24. I died a few days ago
  25. FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ David Wilcock
  26. Will David Rockefeller live forever ?
  27. Defector: North Korea allegedly run by "Shadow Organization" Similar to NSA -- CNN
  28. The secret of the all seeing "I"
  29. Proof of an Organic Response
  30. Amazing Rant on Government Corruption by Dylan Ratigan
  31. Dark Mirror of Magick
  32. Jim Marrs' book ABOVE TOP SECRET
  33. Allowing Yourself to Feel Good
  34. Where Do Our Thoughts Physically Exist?
  35. Important Message from a WWII Vet
  36. Andrew Bartzis interview on Adventures in Reality with Veronica Keen
  37. Anthony Peake @ Awakened State, Edinburgh 11/05/2013
  38. Insane! Man Says He Will Destroy Hoover Dam, and There Is A Storm Coming Like Never Before! (Chilling Video)
  39. Big black clouds over vancouver with little rain.
  40. Plane diverted to Dublin Airport after flight attendants report illnesses
  41. Comic Strip Etched on Human Hair
  42. Dog fight with UFO Izmir Turkey
  43. Serial Killer -- Person of Interest in Custody -- But Does He Match the Sketches?
  44. Advice Sought - Emotional and Legal
  45. I'm here to kill your monster
  46. Woman in Iceland sees and hears 'elves'
  47. I’m nine hours old.
  48. the Myth of Einstein
  49. Bad Science-the Planetismal Hypothesis
  50. The Biggest Illuminati Secret Revealed by Donald Marshall
  51. Bad Science-Phonetic Distortionism
  52. Are They Disclosing Secret Technology in Plain Sight?
  53. Bad Science-Hyperspace
  54. Two Face Conjoined Twins...abortion or Not?
  55. #Porncult Manifesto
  56. Problems with email
  57. Is There Anything to This? (2-way light sensors/speakers in TV sets)
  58. Electric Zaps to Brain Trigger Lucid Dreams
  59. my laptop crapped the bed.
  60. Eyes Wide Open
  61. The Secret Mars Colony
  62. Passive Aggressive Bird Feeder? lol
  63. Did Aleister Crowley really contact demons from another dimension?
  64. Dr David Lewis Anderson video with Kevin Gallacher
  65. Edgar Cayce: "Russia will be the hope of the world"
  66. Madeleine Walker Interview – Animal Communication and an Uplifting Planetary Shift
  67. It takes Trey Gowdy just three minutes to silence the press
  68. Freedom
  69. Are you alive?
  70. Metal-Eating Plant Discovered, and It's Already at Risk
  71. Do you really want to get really, really Healthy?
  72. JOHN MACK - A Major Motion Picture
  73. Dr Eben Alexander - NDE of a neurosurgeon showing us the deepest realms of super-physical existence
  74. Is science etc part of the veil?
  75. My experience with an "empath"
  76. Cat saves boy from dog attack... AMAZING!!!!!
  77. George Harrison Conversation on Consciousness / Awareness
  78. Tears Under A Microscope - AMAZING!
  79. This is the 50,000th Avalon thread
  80. Patent Place .......Guess which company now has 100,000 patents
  81. Advanced Literature? Creative Writing? Any REAL Poets Here to Show Us How It's Done!?
  82. Now the USDA are arming up???
  83. J Rod Strategies set up by ex Spooks
  84. YouTube shrinks the channel size
  85. Cleansing Our Foods Before Consumption, Using Universal Energies
  86. Don't Eat the Doggie Treats from China !
  87. In the Shadow of Mammon: Are You Ready to Be Free of It?
  88. What is the limit of A Prime Minister's threat ?
  89. Pope says he will baptise Aliens ...?
  90. The Road to World War 3
  91. Look at this japanese commercial for Furby.
  92. The energy giants are the drivers in Ukraine
  93. henri's boogie
  94. Film, 1956, Our Mr Sun, very good.
  95. Gregg Braden - Secret Ancient Knowledge
  96. I get it Zen, but I still Love Godzilla!
  97. The Cosmos is Food and You Are Dreaming
  98. 911 Started in Sarasota, FL..and it Isn't Over Yet
  99. Blessing Our Day Before "Embarking": Setting the Energetic "Stage"
  100. NATO false flags in Ukraine and beyond
  101. Honouring your contract
  102. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -- The Deadly Cycle
  103. PROSPERITY Promises: Free Lunch really means a loss of Freedom
  104. Russia and VT point the Finger for 9/11: Did the Israelies plant nukes in the towers? Nuke cancer in victims.
  105. All things in space & time and are connected’
  106. H.A.A.R.P. being dismantled.....i wonder whats next....
  107. A farewell to all my Avalon friends
  108. Be your surroundings and have no boundaries!
  109. United States Marine (Anonymous) Declares A State of Emergency,
  110. Anonymous # 2 Constitutions in the U S - Treason !
  111. 77,000 Mysterious YouTube Videos
  112. going camping?... what to take?
  113. Chemtrails Raining DIAMONDS !
  114. Japan dementia epidemic
  115. Watch the organics you're eating - Food recall in effect - Caution
  116. Problem with bees
  117. Whatever happened to the Detainees' hunger strike?
  118. Did a nuclear device detonate off the coast of Japan?!?!?!
  119. Fake kid at Boston Marathon "bombing"
  120. Shut down the Internet - go ahead!
  121. Newborn blood screening
  122. Could you fall in love with an AI?
  123. Protons have become 4% smaller! Is our reality shifting?
  124. New American Dream is Needed!: Celente, Austin-Fitts, Ure agree
  125. Inviting Global Permaculture and Natural Farming Experts to Give us Guidance in the Second Home Ecovillage Project
  126. Alien Bases on Earth. (Andromedan Grays) By a WWII fugitive.
  127. Advice please- My cats have fleas : /
  128. The Mystery of the Sailing Stones in Death Valley
  129. Karen Hudes, SCAM Buster - on the Dinar RV, and OPPT
  130. Greenwald To Release Names Of American Citizens Spied On By NSA
  131. Thrive what on earth will it take
  132. We've been thoroughly fooled by USA Inc.
  133. WingMakers.com Launches New Website
  134. If the Left is Right and the Right is Wrong...
  135. Why Common Core MUST BE OPPOSED!
  136. MSNBC mouthpiece melisa harris "Your kids are not yours" apparently belong to the state?
  137. Man films his escape from 'certain' death after plunging down 70ft Himalayan crevasse
  138. How'd you like this kind of care?
  139. Looking for advice and help about UK child custody / visitation rights
  140. Cosmos Science Surrealism
  141. Unedited footage of the bombing of Nagasaki (silent)
  142. Anti-Semitic political candidates in Ukraine doomed at the ballot box
  143. Thanks to this forum...
  144. water wells as portals to another dimension?
  145. Just Imagine .... If Russia Had Toppled The Canadian Government
  146. Delightful!
  147. Santa Barbara Shooting
  148. Microtopia appropriation in action
  149. Larken Rose, Removing Mental Malware
  150. "White Hats" Go Public on Car Hacking by Remote Control!
  151. It Might Be Time To Fire Your Friends
  152. Bilderberg 2014, James Corbett Report!
  153. Human Animals - That's Us
  154. To save America's Citiies... "Go after the Highways!"
  155. low cost living locales
  156. Planetary Update - June 2014
  157. Paul Craig Roberts : "The US is a corpse... It will be finished when Germany turns"
  158. Bad things in groups
  159. Call to humanity
  160. Restless Legs brought on by Documentary on Aliens
  161. Mike Bloomberg speaks out against uniformity - At Harvard
  162. Major Ed Dames predicted Fukushima event youtube vid, titled; 'The Real Story'
  163. Massive underwater base discovery Wow!!
  164. Beauty Will Save the World
  165. What do your eyes reveal about you?
  166. Circumambulating the Alchemical Mysterium
  167. Zios Exposed - and are now standing naked
  168. Wearable submarine to hunt for 2000-year-old computer
  169. Everything in the Universe is Connected
  170. Egypt Treasure Hunters find amazing ancient artifacts ( Real or fake?)
  171. Prayers and Love for my children's mother
  172. Canadian red flag events changing it's tune
  173. Where is the blood?
  174. Experiential Reality
  175. Fear of the "dark"...
  176. advertizing has changed the free flow of info
  177. Gordon Duff Stuns the World - In His "for President" Expose
  178. Advertising tricks?
  179. Pinocchio's Parade: Satire, Parody & Fake News on Avalon
  180. so we won the second world war..........didn't we?
  181. Whats Goin' on... a soft reminder... so whats new?
  182. Canadian (Quebec) police officer exposes organised crime in government
  183. new browser: "Pale Moon"
  184. The Kingdom of Hawai'i = One Day Soon!
  185. Battle Of Athens Was Just The Beginning
  186. 9ft great white shark eaten by huge mystery 'sea monster'
  187. Take a Musical Brake Here!...
  188. A little humor please
  189. Weird New Jersey
  190. Richard Alan Miller: Changing The Movie, Away from Endless War
  191. It cant happen here
  192. Chemtrails targeting NATO countries ?
  193. animal premonitions & sixth sense
  194. Outdated Beliefs
  195. The Sucker Punch: What NOT to Do
  196. English style humanity "HOMELESS SPIKES"
  197. movie making
  198. Insight into the elites and class system in UK
  199. Covert technologies, psychic wars , what they are and why - solaris Blueraven
  200. "Food Addictions Exposed," by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
  201. Emotional frequency tapping
  202. Richard Dolan : Reclaiming our Destiny from a Lifetime of Truth Suppression
  203. Elevator Controlled by Evil Spirits?!
  204. “We deprogram our ability to heal ourselves,” says Dr. Bruce Lipton
  205. Philip Giraldi - Is Israel a U.S. ally?
  206. Food babe "whats in your beer"? Site dedicated to end the posioning of our food
  207. Tesla Motors - All Our Patent Are Belong To You!
  208. (Formerly) FREE BOOK – Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers by Kerth Barker (Offer has now expired)
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  210. Isis
  211. Tighter restrictions in market place and market place politics stymie freedoms.
  212. Unified Theory of Chemtrails!
  213. New Earth Nation ... has anyone looked into this ?
  214. Is Wealth disparity too great... in the US (and elsewhere)?
  215. The fly meditation and the Samurai master
  216. Orb or Digital Artifact/Dust
  217. REVERSING THE FLOW of Troubles - What can we do?
  218. Some Cities in the US have it - illegal to help Homeless!
  219. Artificial lakes of the pyramids
  220. Time, Memory, Thought, and Culture
  221. Father's Day
  222. Benign Masochism: Pleasure In the Pain of Chilies
  223. Sod and Nod, does anyone know which galaxies they are ?
  224. In reverence for what is taken for granted...
  225. NSA never breaks Israeli espionage
  226. A Webb of Truths? Ex-Pres., and Eric Holder accused of Crimes in VT article
  227. ISIS - a strange acronym for these times..?
  228. Just won't to say to you all! Be you, you are beautiful!
  229. And there was no one left to speak up for me
  230. Doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic
  231. F l o w e r p o w e r
  232. Understand carl munck the code
  233. Google Street-View evoked memories...
  234. So why the name change?
  235. Who Are The Powers That Be?
  236. ... where science and spirituality meet.
  237. Astromusic
  238. Breezes
  239. Vegetables and/or Fruits Grow Morgellons Fibers
  240. The Blurred Line Between Life and Death
  241. Get Hip to Gerson Therapy
  242. Neumayer Station is "swallowed" by giant light dome
  243. Initial report U.F.O; far more to come of a synchronicity/spiritual/uplifting day
  244. POLL: Stay positive. Stay happy... Stay within the heart area."
  245. Anthrax exposure sparks new scrutiny over CDC safety
  246. Aaron Weiss, Iraq combat vet, speaks brilliantly to Dutchess County against Safe Act
  247. Summer solstice
  248. Pope's Reign Possibly Just Shortened...
  249. Do You Experience Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response?
  250. Connecting some significant Dots. How real are my "hopeful signs"?