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  1. Where can I host a few PDF downloads?
  2. Calling a New Generation of Bloggers and Alt Media
  3. Kudos Avalon thread makers...
  4. Ideas and Suggested Goals for Grassroots Media 2014/2015
  5. Avalon Free Press! Micro Translation Project.
  6. For those who wish to join
  7. Brainstorm. Shareable pics with solution, positive news and whatever you like.
  8. 37 years ago my first UFO experience .....
  9. Adventures into Reality - Live readings 2
  10. Help me understand a vision of anarchist society
  11. How To Heal Ourselves
  12. That was a wild ride
  13. Edgar Cayce 630-2 Survivors of Mu in Oregon?
  14. The Origins Of Energy
  15. Noam Chomsky on the hypocrisy of US foreign policy
  16. Nurses, we salute you!
  17. Wow! Unknown orange/red glow over Pacific Ocean - August 24, 2014
  18. The Highly Sensitive Person Film
  19. Why intelligent people fear the truth
  20. 5 Ways (and Mod tools) to stop Trolls from killing the Internet
  21. Gnome on trail cam in Pittsburgh?
  22. Five Spiritual Lessons That You Can Learn From Your Dog
  23. Is there any "good" in the Christian religion? Is there any "bad?"
  24. Buddhist Extremist Cell Vows To Unleash Tranquility On West
  25. Sott.net server taken down
  26. PSYOP : The "War On Terror" Is A Fraud - It Is Not Meant To Be Won, It Is Meant To Be Continuous
  27. Coming out of the closet and beyond...
  28. The Creatures Get Swatted on Stream
  29. Americans are the New Indian
  30. Artist Gets Cancer of Pineal Gland. His paintings Will Leave You Speechless.
  31. NEWS FOR THE NEW NEWSLETTER!!! Bill Ryan Portrait
  32. Horror prank on girlfriend
  33. To USA citizens from the Queen (fun sarcasm)
  34. Smart Meters!
  35. Share feelings and thought and experience
  36. 5th Interview
  37. Glenn Cornick of Jethro Tull - Dead At 67
  38. How To Buy A Modern Day United States President
  39. UPDATE: NASA Claims Pacific Red Glow Caused By 'Energy Bubble'
  40. Open Letter To Julian Assange: Curing Heart Disease and Arrhythmia with Nutrition
  41. Chemtrails sprayed at Woodstock in 1969
  42. Looking for a Mentor for Creating Original Art in Photoshop CS4
  43. John Lash - Archons
  44. ElectroMagneticPulse (EMP), protection from
  45. Having A Boregasm
  46. Juice Rap Naws 27
  47. 5 Businesses For Women
  48. "A Message From The Hopi Elders"
  49. The Book of Man
  50. Planet X interview with Denise Sanchez ; guests, Donna Hall and Catfish
  51. It sticks in their craw that Shakespeare was a person like you or I
  52. Masyarakat Indonesia yang terkasih...
  53. Russian and prewar Germany are similar
  54. Bigfoot evidence discovered in Vicksburg, MS
  55. Take Another 5 Minute Relaxation Break
  56. Cosmic School: 17 Things We Could Be Learning
  57. Beheading's Gov't Fabrications?
  58. Another conversation about the power of Off Planet Intelligences
  59. US Air Force's Secretive X-37B Space Plane
  60. BREAKING! Ukrainian President Announces Permanent Ceasefire Agreement With Russia
  61. Is ISIS a real army?
  62. Could Ten Million Suitcase Stalls Sort Out Half the World’s Problems?
  63. W.Africa: Ebola Infected, No Where to Go
  64. Ghosts and Demons of Ireland
  65. Richplanet TV - King Arthur - Pro Animus Artorius
  66. Snowflakes
  67. Quantum Physics, the Double Slit Experiment and the Inseperability of Matter and Consciousness.
  68. Painting with a hammer
  69. Golden Age of Mankind and The Rulers of the World.
  70. Alpha =Omega battle is between Sanity and Insanity
  71. Barriers to disclosure
  72. Let's Create a Jingle!
  73. Are We Real?
  74. Blatant fascism... US names Google’s Megan Smith the next Chief Technology Officer
  75. India's 'the Nine Unknown Men'
  76. Alex Stone arrested after US teen wrote about shooting pet dinosaur
  77. Agartha Free Press: Critical Mass
  78. How Would You Word a Surrender Document for the Occupying Governments?
  79. How to get in touch with the freedom networks in South America?
  80. Bernadette Devlin McAliskey
  81. Mind Control - Inflicting Fear and Inflicting Pleasure
  82. The Pale Blue Dot: Carl Sagan
  83. Conspiracy ..what Conspiracy?! my head hurts
  84. Humanity's Secret Ancient Connection W/ Sirius - Did Ancient Aliens Come From The Dog Star?
  85. My thoughts on the latest "Microchip Implant" ahead of iPhone 6 release
  86. 2 Years Ago My 2nd UFO Encounter
  87. Sharula Dux. Agarthan diplomat from Telos? Credible testimonial?
  88. My Friend needs prayers now!
  89. FOOD, jaw dropping Japanese hydro grow dome
  90. Imagination and Fear created a White Horse
  91. Amazing 3 years old Boy has a Dad working for Dreamworks!
  92. Poland 1944 Vs America 2014: Are the Western Freedom Networks a Bunch of Unfocused Muppets?
  93. Experiment: co-create tomorrow today/ Urgent - Your energy is needed!
  94. Ways of Seeing: Surrealism
  95. ATTENTION, The Sun just fired a XClass Solar Flare at Earth!
  96. How Cosmic Rays and Light Changes DNA and Evidence Thereof
  97. Yahoo slideshow on 911 shows interesting pic
  98. Buddhist monk to 'spontaneously combust'
  99. Television vs. Spirituality and The Mind
  100. Consciousness Mechanics The Movie
  101. Open Letter to Cobra's Followers and Cobra
  102. Third Reich Maps of Inner Earth
  103. Are you hearing voices?
  104. Scientists Create Solid Light
  105. "The Higher Self"
  106. Good quote from plato that sums us up
  107. The Black Madonna and the Swastika by Jack Heart & Orage - (veteranstoday)
  108. video at project camelot 9/11 planned at sandia labs?
  109. Strange yellow water like liquide
  110. freedom
  111. All avalonians are invited to the party
  112. The Matrix is Real [2014]
  113. Simon Parkes on the history of earth?
  114. Avalon Grid - Glastonbury crystal dug up!
  115. The choice betweeb LILITH or ISIS spirit (Egyptian Goddess)?
  116. Can you show love to people you abhor?
  117. Raju Abused Elephant: Please Help Him Live Out His Life In Wildlife Reserve
  118. MITs Robotic Cheetah,,,wow, quiet too!
  119. Simple Questions that Americans SHOULD ask
  120. The Child Rape Assembly
  121. School orders girl to remove "Virginity Rocks" t-shirt
  122. The Rise of Jewish Hate within the New Age Movement
  123. An Incredible Tour Of The Universe - In Saturn Rings
  124. I'm weak
  125. WHO: Ebola Blood Sold on the Black Market
  126. Need some inspiration
  127. Fire broke out at Main Street building in Middletown
  128. Revealed Secret Mysteries of The Sun
  129. EBOLA CROSSING THE BORDER: What It Means For Us — Dave Hodges on Hagmann & Hagmann Report
  130. The biograpies Thread :)
  131. Letter from archbishop of chicago and response
  132. Pleiadian soul
  133. Caught on tape! High US officials plot murder and extortion
  134. So, Your Spiritual Awakening Cost You Some Friends
  135. Scottish Referendum Vote Count Fraud: Open Letter to David Cameron
  136. Weirdest thing just happened to me tonight.
  137. How did you find Project Avalon?
  138. Truth Psyops and The Awakening
  139. Electricity in the 13th Century AD ?
  140. The President Who Told The TRUTH!!!
  141. Hodges Meteorite
  142. Musicians and poets - many here? Show yourselves ! :-)
  143. What are your favourite sayings?
  144. The most bizarre international laws - lighthearted humor (but it's true!) :)
  145. How To Recognize An Energy Vampire and What To Do About It
  146. Creations - from Big Bang to Big Crunch, and beyond (before and after)
  147. Oil Pulling: Thousand Year Old Ayurvedic Cures Just About Everything
  148. Mystery over weird plane trail
  149. Always Win Lotto With The Same Number!!
  150. Holographic Kinetics- Dreamtime Healing.
  151. Rockefellers sell oil assets to "combat global warming"
  152. We all agree - Governments are corrupt, corporations profit-minded
  153. Crazy Illuminati subliminals in a add for cartoon network
  154. ALLiTiZ - "Over Again"
  155. How Does One Know When You Are Being AWAKENED
  156. Meet Theranos, Inc. – The Blood Testing Company with Henry Kissinger and a Cadre of Military and Political “Elite” on its Board
  157. To Go Within
  158. Reform the United Nations!
  159. A (very) short manifesto by an Israeli
  160. Scheduled Events of Interest for Project Avalon Forum Members and Guests
  161. Alien Mind, Time Loops, and the Transdimensional Self
  162. need love
  163. Simplified mission parameters
  164. Marc the Arcturian Says Pole Shift is Here
  165. Overcome the United States Tyranny!
  166. David Cameron Says Non-Violent Conspiracy Theorists Are Just As Dangerous As ISIS
  167. Freeman Fly ~ Obama, Cloning, Egypt and the New Dawn
  168. Disruption - a video about climate change
  169. Our Generation - a story that needs to be told
  170. History of US and UK Intervention in Iraq
  171. Surviving As A Multidimensional Being In A Limited Consciousness
  172. European Union Tyranny is crumbling! French Farmers Set Tax Office On Fire!
  173. Okay, So Who are Malia and Sasha Obama?
  174. The School system, common purpose & social services
  175. Cat Stevens
  176. CNN's Dr. Gupta "Full Speed Ahead for Weed" (MMJ Support!)
  177. true 3-D cloaking
  178. Santos Bonacci - Your body is the holy land 2 pt Video
  179. The Controversial History of Moses
  180. The Forbidden Legacy Of A Fallen Race
  181. John D. Rockefeller’s American Cancer Society Never Meant to ‘CURE’ Cancer
  182. Earthlings - Documentary trailer
  183. Invisibility "Cloak" for Under $100
  184. Spinning the Wheels
  185. Ebola - It's Far, Far Worse Than You Thought
  186. BBC is caught on stealing Iranian ancient stargate documents
  187. The Cosmic Phone - Who's got it ?
  188. Why is the USDA Buying Submachine guns?
  189. 60 Minute Online Text Conferences: Agartha. Bilocation. Emotional clearning. Low Cost Businesses for The Freedom Networks.
  190. Parthogenesis: When Sex Isn't Feasible
  191. "The Bible, The Allegory Master Book & Its Hidden Meanings" Astrotheology Radio Bill Donahue and Kate of Gaia
  192. Do We Need Our Chakras?
  193. How You Define Love?
  194. Mind Controlled Military video - 4 mins
  195. A Love Unlike Any Other
  196. CIA Insider Warns: "25-Year Great Depression is About to Strike America"
  197. Pulsing black diamond meaning
  198. CHASING THE DRAGON part one
  199. *What*If*There*Was*A*Cosmic*Wildcard?*
  200. Ebola first responder Information
  201. Australia Preparing for War
  202. Big Pharma exec turned Whistleblower
  203. Muslim Face Coverings
  204. NBC News Just Hired Cameraman Who Tests Positive For Ebola??
  205. Cold Hard Facts
  206. The video that set me on my path
  207. Are You A Narcissist?
  208. R.I.P. Tod Fletcher: Dedicated Advocate for 9/11 Truth
  209. polite request
  210. Retirement?
  211. Does wearing a Alumnium foil on your head stop telepathic entities thoughts coming in.
  212. Am I Making Myself Perfectly Clear
  213. Shielding equipment designs to block radio frequencies, elf waves, etc
  214. Adventures Into Reality with Andrew Bartzis Readings Show Oct-4-2014
  215. Ascension- Altering The World From Within
  216. Visible Dancing Orbs
  217. Twitter files lawsuit against US government over spying
  218. Little Brother: Hype or Hope? - The Eyeopener
  219. This 29 Year Old Woman Will End Her Own Life On Nov 1, 2014
  220. !Just In Case - How To Make Colloidial Silver!
  221. U.S. Title 18, section 2441, 2442 - US Code For Warcrimes
  222. "THOSE OTHER PHILANTHROPISTS ARE WRONG" -- Reading Between Lines w/ Carlos Slim
  223. Huge Flash of light
  224. Talking With a Chimpanzee About Motherhood
  225. Is the New Age Movement a Mind Control Program Like Mark Passio Says? (Passio's "Street-Wise Spirituality" talk)
  226. Police Can't get rid oftheir military issued gear
  227. Massive blast reported at suspected Iranian nuke facility
  228. The Strecker memorandum (AIDS), creation, strains, Rife, etc.
  229. Pop Majick!
  230. Magnus Olsson: Transhumanist Agenda are mind stealers! Conference to feature NSA whistleblower
  231. Are All Spirit Guides Of The False Light?
  232. Genius Invents Machine Gun That Makes And Fires Paper Airplanes
  233. Public Panic over spread of Ebola
  234. Norwegian dr mads gilbert on the horrors of gaza
  235. Unknown Region Views on Y.T. Video's??Who else is experiencing this?
  236. Prophecy Of The Rainbow Warriors And Future Of Planet Earth
  237. Understanding the Merkabah – Inter-Dimensional Travel
  238. 11 Ways Volunteering Can Change Your Life
  239. “SERCO” The Biggest Company you’ve never heard of.
  240. Billionaire Tells Americans to Prepare For 'Financial Ruin'
  241. Adventures Into Reality with Andrew Bartzis Readings Show Oct-9-2014
  242. Found This Odd/ Optimox/ Iodoral
  243. Cannabis Cash
  244. Operation Persuasion
  245. The Hue of Man - Truthiracy
  247. Pluto In Capricorn - Old Patterns Can No Longer Exist
  248. MUSIC from INNER EARTH coming from secret cave in Tibet
  249. The Library of Alexandria
  250. New interview of Eve Lorgen - Mind Control, ET Manipulation and the Paranormal Reality