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  1. An Indiana woman is facing 20 years in prison for "feticide"
  2. Rambles about: Quantum Physics | Illusions/Perception | Objective Truth | Theory | Belief Systems
  3. Age of the Synthesizers
  4. Large Hadron Collider at CERN fired up after 2-year break
  5. The Origins of Easter...
  6. Outstanding interview: John B Wells interviews Patrick Wood "Technocracy Rising" - What's behind the transformation of civilization?
  7. Share our PERSONALITIES online - Founder of Google's secret lab predicts we will soon be able
  8. Correct Cleanse Clear and Purify... Always Know the Reasons Why
  9. Guerrilla Public Service: Feel EMPOWERED !!! Cheer for the winning team YES!! Folk Hero
  10. What it take people to wake up?
  11. Alie James Sanitas Radio Interview
  12. Purpose of dreams?
  13. Living Correctly...
  14. 100 billion barrel discovery of oil can't even make the price go down!
  15. China to build train tunnel under Mount Everest
  16. Bless This World and Everyone/Everything On It, In It, and Around It
  17. Why do we get sucked in?
  18. New Simon Parkes interview (11 April, 2015)
  19. CANNABIS OIL ~ urgently need to find this in Canada for terminal friend
  20. "Helping People" Without Them Asking
  21. Newsweek Cover captures the 'Pure Cold Hearted Evil' in Tony Blair..!
  22. MSM: THE 1st person who will live to be 1,000 years old may already have been born..!
  23. Meanwhile, in South Africa....
  24. Game of Loans
  25. No Mystery, it's just Sidney
  26. If the Auto Industry Operated Like the Vaccine Industry...
  27. I need help for my daughter (weird stuff going on on base)
  28. Dimensional shift, what it is like and how it is achieved
  29. Get Vaccinated with the Surgeon General & Elmo!
  30. Project Camelot/Simon Parkes - Report On The Global Playing Field
  31. Unidentified fast killing disease appears in Nigeria
  32. Understanding the World Markets, how to not be a victim in the event of a Global collapse
  33. Government/Bankers War on Cash
  34. Dear Future Generations: Sorry, by Prince Ea
  35. Alberta sun temple has 5,000-year-old calendar
  36. Google and its pics
  37. How Much More Twisted Can It Get?
  38. What if the homeless gave you money?
  39. My edible classroom gives deprived New York kids a reason to attend school
  40. The Nordic countries are banding together against Russia's Arctic push
  41. My handwriting keeps changing?
  42. Did anyone notice any kind of anomaly/timeline shift in the last few days?
  43. A new type of Real Animal that can chew through steel cage!
  44. The Curious Case of Satanism
  45. Americans in Canada racing to give up passports
  46. I am looking for Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and other Asian members
  47. The Triumph of the Human Spirit
  48. Eric Holder Steps Down, another criminal escapes into safety and luxury
  49. Is Edward Snowden and CitizenFour a Psy-Op?
  50. ANZAC Day: Lest We Forget
  51. Derren Brown - your take on him?
  52. Why Walmarts Are Closing World Wide
  53. My experience of meeting Bill Ryan many years ago
  54. Baltimore
  55. Aka Cords -Life Streaming Everywhere! (Vital Life Force Energies)
  56. Dark- White terrestials
  57. Natural swimming pool
  58. GIABO: global insurrection against banker occupation
  59. Myra Hindley... Moors Murders... I wonder???
  60. Vibrational energy, matrix and chrakas.. dream came to me..
  61. Exams are brainwashing us?
  62. May Day is Loyalty Day in the US?
  63. Peter Lindemann: "We've been lied to about almost the nature of everything"
  64. More patriotic guilt
  65. Warp Drive Confirmed? EMDrive Warp Field Works In A Vacuum
  66. Before/After: 30 Days of Meditation Portraits
  67. Dear Simon Parkes, I send this out to you from my heart to your heart.
  68. Will we ever have a theory of everything?
  69. Prepare For The Exact Full Moon On May 4th - Embrace The Intensity
  70. the inner self
  71. Knowing
  72. Are we into messages, or into the messengers?
  73. For the Star Trek Fans
  74. Was Einstein confusing us with one of his quotes?
  75. Russia signs up to $100 bn BRICS fund to rival IMF
  76. Dr. Steven Greer: Crossing Point
  77. Germany's Saluting the Whistleblowers
  78. A strange dream i had last night
  79. The Singularity of the Heart (Black Hole)
  80. May 5th / the Roswell alien slides to be released to all!
  81. Russell Brand's U-turn regarding voting
  82. Did China just build a Stargate?
  83. Reason for People Crossed Paths....?
  84. Quantum Levitation
  85. Be yourself, don't let them mold you into an a..hole
  86. Changes in Consciousness
  87. Jade Helm Lies Exposed - The Alex Jones Show - 05/05/2015
  88. May is a month of Chaos & Drama...
  89. A vibrational code
  90. Is dolores cannons work for real?
  91. Why i chose my avalon icon
  92. September 2015
  93. Giza Death Star: Under DoS attack?
  94. I hear voices... is it schizophrenia?
  95. My experience with Schizophrenia
  96. David Sereda Gravity Propulsion Systems and UFOs MAY 2015
  97. Eric Dollard: "All the theories collapse when you can't see the stars in outer space, there is no such thing as time delay"
  98. Is Keshe an incarnation of Einstein?
  99. Need suggestion on how to make extra cash to support my quest.
  100. Sept 24th Comet Impact? A Glitch in the Matrix
  101. Teleporting dog....
  102. A channeled ET's description of what a UFO is
  103. Vatican unveils logo, prayer, details of Holy Year of Mercy
  104. Are You Shy?
  105. What is your understanding of Timelines with respect to collective consciousness and individual consciousness?
  106. Next X-37B Space Plane Mystery Mission
  107. Press Gallery Speeches usually needed to listen between lines
  108. A 20,000 Year-Old Underwater Pyramid Discovered In Mid-Atlantic In Portugal
  109. I know how a UFO works
  110. How Advanced is the Secret Space Program?
  111. About Free Energy Devices --- John Hutchinson and Russ Griess
  112. What Was the Reasoning? Where Were the Heart and Strings?
  113. Mehmet Siyah Kalem (master of the human and Jinn)
  114. Nassim Haramein: Interviewed by Dr. Paul Drouin on QuantumWorld.TV
  115. Join me in live chat
  116. King Arthur II & Prince Madoc's voyage to America in AD 562
  117. Alex Collier: "On March 23rd 1993 a color light sound frequency started eminating from all the black holes in our known universe"
  118. Steven Greer: "Former president of France, Nicolas Zarcosy, and his crew was very interested in what we were doing"
  119. Mother didn't know she was pregnant until birth of baby.
  120. A WhiteLove Quote
  121. Inter-dimensional warfare, Soul harvesting, cern portals - Steve Richards 08 March 2015
  122. 1899 Interview of Nikola Tesla
  123. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS: Tornado warnings issued in Quebec
  124. Richard Branson and 10,000 coherence group initiative in UK‏
  125. The Positive Timeline is an artifical non organic draco harvesting matrix - Lily Earthling
  126. Freedom of expression is no longer a right enjoyed by Canadian governement scientists
  127. Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barcleys and RBS found guilty of rigging foreign exchange prices of U.S. dollars and euros from Dec. 2007 to Jan. 2013.
  128. Alex Jones: "Something Big Is About To Happen"
  129. Cash or Cashless?
  130. The Earth stopped rotating in ancient times - according to Gregg Braden
  131. Discovery Of World's Oldest Stone Tools Overturns Traditional View Of Early Humans
  132. An Orwellian dream come true in Canada
  133. Our God Given ABILITIES and HOW to UNLOCK there FULL POTENTIAL
  134. Energy Matrix Havesting Programmes - use your discernment, Ground, Earth, Centre
  135. Video: FBI Now Going Door-To-Door Interrogating Americans About Jade Helm Military Exercises
  136. Adieu to food waste: French govt forces supermarkets to donate to charity
  137. Information request: Any good things to do in the SE
  138. "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" -- and a call for a more benevolent leadership
  139. Stone Circles,energy lines & Becker hagens
  140. 'Enlightened Master' Ibrahim Hassan Speaks About the Future of Earth & Ascension
  141. Best place in the world to live?
  142. WISE spacecraft discovers most luminous galaxy in universe (300 trillion suns)
  143. YouTuber: I have never seen so many vehicle/tanks/mraps/humvees (Jade Helm)
  144. A Reason to ride (who's going?)
  145. Choice Point: Escape the web? Or Hunt the Spider?
  146. Spain enters a new political era
  147. Want To Be Interviewed On The Awakening Podcast?
  148. It's no wonder evil people still rule the world
  149. Does anyone know any shamans or psychics that can help me?
  150. Freeplay Jazzercise
  151. The Real No-Go Zone
  152. Do Demons exist?
  153. Why China wants to land a spacecraft on the mysterious far side of the moon
  154. We do not exist in a single one reality
  155. There is a link between climate change and terrorism
  156. Mr. Robot
  157. Did US military scientists travel back to the time of Jesus?
  158. Why UFOs are 94 feet in diameter
  159. We Know That It's Time To Reason, And We Know This Is The Season
  160. Want to Feed the Homeless? That Will Be $400, Please
  161. Similac Advance Infant Formula to Be Offered G.M.O.-Free
  162. David Talbott: The Electric Universe
  163. The most remarkable interview about UFOs ever?
  164. David Icke: The Time to Choose
  165. Billy Meier: The Plejaren Prophecies
  166. Newton's universal law of gravitation equation expressed without mass (m) component (one step closer to anti-gravity)
  167. How do you all keep motivated??
  168. John Kerry: Two Black Eyes, Broken Nose? And Now A Broken Leg...
  169. As We Return To The Higher Laws We Won't Be Lost
  170. The truth about your birth certificate!!!!
  171. Depression/Anxiety....
  172. Jordan maxwell; "we need to wake up!!"
  173. U.F.O experiences and sightings Chat. LIVE SOON
  174. "Thanks" Button Paradise... A Sanctuary
  175. It's Official, I'm a Coast Insider
  176. Voltaire, Voltaire and again Voltaire.
  177. The Time You Have Left
  178. Energy Vampires/Psychic Attacks?
  179. Economist 2015 Cover Thoughts on Possible Dates
  180. Maybe one of the most intelligent book chapters you will ever read
  181. perhaps the most important piece of information on Avalon: how to get your freedom
  182. 360 panoramas of Hand of Dog
  183. Does Energy drinks effect changing our DNA?
  184. Intellectual-Conceptual, Integrative and Quantitative Abilities
  185. Smoke and Mirrors
  186. Mr Ramesh - The Fear
  187. Massive data breach could affect every federal agency
  188. Federal debt has increased by 7.5 tUSD under Obama
  189. The 9:41 Prediction
  190. What do you really know?
  191. Large Hadron Collider...and other stuff
  192. What To Do In California...?
  193. How to Guarantee a Rain-free Outdoor Wedding
  194. Let the healing begin
  195. Not Happy With Smartphone....
  196. medical cannabis
  197. The Prince Of Darkness
  198. aha! And NASA response:
  199. Simon Parkes' website is down (2015-06-12) til 2015-06-15
  200. Shaq O'Neill ridiculed after stating 9/11 was an inside job
  201. Zen Gardner The spiritual awakening
  202. Bilderberg Meeting
  203. emotions becoming embodied
  204. Why Operation Jade Helm is freaking out the Internet ?
  205. Ambulance Drone
  206. WALMART TUNNELS: DHS, NSA Venture Involves Hundreds of Stores
  207. The New Science of The Neutrino Source
  208. Disaster Prediction - Walmart, Jade Helm & Yellowstone eruption this year.
  209. Denali
  210. It just has to stop...
  211. Is the Corporate Take-Over Just Part 1?
  212. I Feel Your Energy... I Feel It Right In Me
  213. Please delete my account here
  214. Trouble accessing Project Camelot website
  215. I'm building a prototype Ion engine
  216. this undelivered/incorrect address is starting to piss me off. And other stuff.
  217. Was Life on Earth Seeded by Aliens?...
  218. Awakened vs Propaganda
  219. They Call It Project Avalon
  220. I Love You, Pass It On ...
  221. All Numbers Are Magical But The Fibonacci Sequence is Extraordinary And Alive
  222. Siri: The Symbolism of Inversion - The Symbols That Speak To You
  223. Financial Emergency: The US Dollar Should Have Already Collapsed If Not In July 2015
  224. Pope Francis: This is good stuff
  225. 10 million man and women march on Washington DC
  226. You missed it: Alpha141 made the big time
  227. Andrew Bartzis with Nickie Thetsy - The Court System Taxing Life Force for the Artificial Grid
  228. Caravan To Midnight - Episode 309 Jade Helm Decoded ?
  229. Escaping the physical dimension with a UFO requires an electrical charge of ~10 times the lightning
  230. Astral Projection: A new path
  231. Why are you here on Avalon?
  232. The 'Trappings' of Words and the 'Great Escape'
  233. The Breakdown of Human Morals and Ethics and the Rise of the Psychopaths
  234. North Korean Wonder Drug - Kumdang-2
  235. FREE Bernie Sanders Bumper Sticker
  236. I'm going to miss the Confederate Flag as a teenagers REBEL Flag
  237. The Quest for Immortality!
  238. Trade and Transport: the current event of generations
  239. So, there might be a reason why it rains fish
  240. The Blue Avians is a Mind Control Program for Members Inside a Secret Space Program of 1950s Origin
  241. General Discussion - Thoughts on Ascension
  242. Beautiful world
  243. Ascension through internal and external protection awareness
  244. British man kicked out of Canada for helping girlfriend fix up her apartment
  245. Message to Gem Of a Person
  246. MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO - Amazing Speech On This Evil World
  247. US Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage
  248. You Folks Are My Extended Family and I wanted to Share My Distress
  249. Strange trumpet sounds heard all over the world (new sound)
  250. The Greek Tragedy