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  1. Ascension through internal and external protection awareness
  2. British man kicked out of Canada for helping girlfriend fix up her apartment
  3. Message to Gem Of a Person
  4. MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO - Amazing Speech On This Evil World
  5. US Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage
  6. You Folks Are My Extended Family and I wanted to Share My Distress
  7. Strange trumpet sounds heard all over the world (new sound)
  8. The Greek Tragedy
  9. A sobering much needed report on ufology
  10. Smile and have a Happy Sunday!
  11. Can anyone link my unusual birthmarks to a constellation?
  12. Dead NASA scientists
  13. Leaked Survey: World Bank A Place Of 'Fear And Retaliation'
  14. Are Acid forming foods the culprit?
  15. Homeschooling/teaching alternative subjects
  16. Interesting crop circle near Stonehenge
  17. Scientists baffled after finding 10th Century medicine which kills superbugs
  18. Is anyone paying attention to what’s happening?
  19. For Kevin Smith Show fans or people that didn't know about him
  20. The Shanghai stock market crash: What it is and what happened
  21. Life is a journey (video),
  22. UN report on crimes in occupied Palestine..
  23. On the death toll of the Jewish Holocaust
  24. 18 Secret UFO files (Rendlesham) to be released by March 2016
  25. What is this?
  26. There's an algorithm that can see whether a photo has been faked
  27. Book Club?
  28. Market Watch: Walmart has lost $60 billion so far this year
  29. Ennui and Eschatology Cripple our Creative Imagination
  30. Rare UFO video by Steven Greer
  31. Mark Passio: Natural Law, the Real Law of Attraction
  32. SwissIndo Announcement In Multiple National TV News Broadcasts And Newspapers
  33. SwissIndo - Interviews with M1 - in Laos, June 15 and 16, 2015 - plus related videos
  34. Can someone explain this?
  35. everyday happy day
  36. Death --- the Movie ---
  37. SwissIndo - Four Minute History Lesson in HD
  38. American Odissey on Netflix
  39. The dangers of vaccines
  40. Hegel, Greek tragedy, elites, Atlanteans... and some personal stuff
  41. There are reasons to be thoughtful about the current financial markets
  42. First ‘ecstasy’ shop opens in Amsterdam
  43. Pre-emptive good-bye and thanks so much
  44. Awesome Musician Social Media Website ~ blend.io
  45. Thriving Earth & People Treaty
  46. In emotional communication with God
  47. "Just take the Fu***ng picture" - Prince Phillip
  48. The first Chinese crop circle
  49. Clean, Clean, Clean the Machine
  50. Deeply, deeply horrifying all around...
  51. Canada: Election 2015
  52. Shanghai stock market crash: A false flag operation by the elite?
  53. I don't know what to write any more.
  54. The Vatican Library a thing of mythic myth mythiness for centuries
  55. Why It Is Important To Be An Empath?
  56. Dr. Steven Greer: "This guy is amazing..."
  57. Great radar UFO footages, great interview with David Sereda
  58. Simon, say it ain't so.......
  59. Ch, ch, ch, ch, Changes.....Happy NEW MOON in CANCER
  60. The question of acceptance and duality
  61. Intergalactic Wave aka Wave X
  62. JPMorgan Tech Workers Have New Conspiracy Theories
  63. Shootings in multiple places in Chatanooga
  64. Classic interview with Richard D. Hall
  65. The most authentic free speech I've ever seen
  66. Respublica of Earth-Court of Ages Issues "Sino", Alias M1 Arrest Warrant & SwissIndo Repossession
  67. De-Occult their "False Alien Invasion"
  68. When will humans grow up?
  69. Obama Is Sending Military-Grade Spy Gear To Egypt. What Could Go Wrong?
  70. Quer-Denken Congress 2015 - Free energy, alternative healing, new politics...
  71. Dahboo7: "We are going to Area 51 with great equipment, we are live streaming!"
  72. The man who broke a mountain
  73. THE BIG THOUGHT (theory)
  74. Thank you for everything , please delete my account
  75. Hidden Cities
  76. Reflect On This For A Few Moments
  77. What are you reading?
  78. Horses and the Heavens
  79. Is our sun rotating around an unknown black hole?
  80. The common Bell Curve, and how it is used against you.
  81. What The Hell Happened?
  82. Cindy Kay Currier
  83. Epic Bill Burr rant on church, God and religion. Must see!
  84. Student Attacked For Telling The Truth
  85. "Piped-In"... Pan Flute Peace Piece
  86. Lots of content removed from YouTube
  87. Technological Displacement
  88. Neutralizing the bad/negative with "positive insurance"
  89. Worthy Cause: 40 stone (560 lbs) across America
  90. Kick-em-Jenny Volcano causing orange alert in the West Indies
  91. Alternative Knews
  92. What would YOU do if you were invisible?
  93. MUST SEE, NASA Doctoring MARS images again.
  94. Great post Bill Ryan
  95. The year without summer
  96. Chinese company ‘builds’ 3D-printed villa in less than 3 hours
  97. employment options doing something meaningful..
  98. Turn To Pass The Light -with Pan Flute
  99. Dream recall with crystal
  100. Half man half alien found dead in car?
  101. This Really Moved Me...
  102. Re-visiting Hydrogen as a drop in replacement for gasoline and diesel fuel
  103. UFO videoed flying over the Alps
  104. A little inspirational rock
  105. A Vision For Mother Earth
  106. Lord Sewel: the cocaine-snorting, prostitute-using peer doesn't deserve our sympathy
  107. Highly Sensitive Persons
  108. The mindset of the elite
  109. Particle Fever - CERN
  110. 19/20 Sept 2015 -- UFO Truth Conference UK
  111. What is truth?
  112. Evil at its worst...
  113. bee-killing pesticides, say no, sign petition link
  114. 23-year-old man has been charged with planning to detonate a backpack bomb on a Florida beach
  115. Bruce Cathie - Earth Biology Geared to a 27hr Grid Day Not 24hr Roman Agreement
  116. COURTNEY BROWN : REMOTE VIEWING THE PHOENIX LIGHTS (live stream on 29 July 2015)
  117. Yes we can
  118. Beautiful storms :)
  119. Truth seekers, time for a moment of peace: "Life Is Sweet"
  120. Breaking New Information On CERN - A Ground Zero 3 hour Event by Anthony Patch (2015)
  121. Former MTV/BET Producer Whistleblower
  122. Question for forum: cremation or burial?
  123. Kerry Cassidy Live Stream 9:30 pm NY time 31 July, 2015
  124. Field McConnell: "That Washed Up Part Isn't from MH370. it Was Put There."
  125. Three cheers for you, Donald Sutherland.
  126. Canada Election 2015
  127. Prayer request for water in India
  128. I Had A Dream!
  129. Chimps prefer cooked foods to raw
  130. Too many UFO researchers die under mysterious circumstances!
  131. I want to talk about ME!
  132. Which of the following have you done?
  133. A 'Space Crab' can be seen in a new Mars NASA image
  134. Want the Truth ? Don’t Just Follow the Money; Follow the Dead People
  135. Cat bravely marks its territory and takes on massive tiger
  136. Sinking of Japan
  137. New Story - Why weren't Ted Heath's child rape claims investigated ?
  138. Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources
  139. What Woke You Up?
  140. Have you ever fallen in love with a foreign land?
  141. Let's Come together & Heal The Planet On The 15th August To Save Our Connection To Source
  142. The Economics of Happiness
  143. What to read in 2015
  144. Did windows update F*** up my printer
  145. Morphic Resonance or Universal Consciousness?
  146. Andrew Bartzis - The Invalid Menopause Concept Introduction 4900BC
  147. New York City's new drug threat: 'weaponized marijuana'
  148. The ET / Revelatory experience of Bill Hicks
  149. Simon Parkes - August 2015 Newsletter
  150. Sleeping giants
  151. CIA "Death Star" over CERN - CERN home to CIA, International Red Cross and UN?
  152. Excitement - A force towards fun
  153. Why smart phones should be illegal for under-16s
  154. Physicist unveils plan for entangling massive objects
  155. A Strange Woman Walking On Mars?
  156. Occult and Christianity Combined?
  157. Two Places at Once?
  158. The Unmasking 7
  159. The masses waking
  160. An intriguing individual
  161. Dry-Earth-Stick to make dry earth fertile again!
  162. Thalidomide: RIP Frances Kelsey
  163. Swincar E-Spider features separate suspension on each wheel
  164. Alpha level Love, Peter Kling and Alfred vid
  165. Water footprint - consumption
  166. Andrew Bartzis - Orgin of the Irish - Refugee Species
  167. Mark Sims: ET Contact and Universal Consciousness
  168. Has Anyone Found a Science Project Shut Down by the Feds?
  169. Gravity Payments CEO takes 90% pay cut to give workers huge raise
  170. Increase in psychic phenomena
  171. Drake Bailey Update 08.05.2015 (cosmic voice radio)
  172. AREA 52: Eric Dollard's project and his fears about the new very dangerous Electric Power System
  173. Programmable matter... More than mindcontrol
  174. 80's Music Thread
  175. 15 August - What is happening? What can we do?
  176. Living a modern day tower of babble ?
  177. 1.5 hour interview with Bob Lazar at IUFOC 2015
  178. The Information Pyramid in the Alternative Media
  179. Tourism dependency, creativity-killer
  180. Breaking: Heavily Armed Oath Keepers join protesters in Ferguson
  181. TOGETHER WE CAN (poem)
  182. Movie - Inside out
  183. Difficult times brings me closer to God, closer to absolute truth
  184. Forgive but don´t forget
  185. Swissindo - Public Announcement, just released
  186. Wikipedia: An underground industry has developed
  187. Save the date September 20, 2015: Occupy Peace!
  188. Meme World
  189. Full Circle Project website launched!
  190. LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS: CAN I GET A WITNESS? The New American Dream: Stalking 101
  191. Jordan Maxwell On The Zodiac, Mazzaroth & Astrotheology In The Bible
  192. Overwhelmed (this is for our senior citizens)
  193. Did you know....Who really wrote The Matrix?
  194. What is going down in September?
  195. gently rise
  196. Every day reality and its overbearance
  197. Manifest Production Observaership
  198. Climate Activists Shut Down Open Cast Coal Mine: Here And No Further
  199. Astroturf and manipulation of media messages
  200. The Bob Lazar case has turned hot again: Scientist claims he worked with Bob Lazar at Los Alamos
  201. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell: "More mystification regarding Malaysia Air flight 370"
  202. Prosperity Gospel
  203. Food for Thought...........
  204. Pillars of light
  205. I was on C2C last night with George Noory and Glynis McCants
  206. Returning to center
  207. Moving Out Into The Open Air
  208. China's Pyramids
  209. Korean Product Inspiration
  210. Barter/trade Items in Time of Economic Collapse
  211. Put Another Log On The Fire
  212. Consciousness and sense
  213. Did A Psychic Track Down Saddam?
  214. The strange prediction of Laurent Fabius about September 23, 2015
  215. Are Remote Viewing tools in everyone's kit?
  216. The 8-hour sleep myth
  217. Swissindo - First Public Glimpse Of New ESTWO (S2) Currency
  218. Bases 37, Part 4: Max Spiers on the music industry
  219. Am I expecting too much?
  220. What financial crisis??
  221. September Event....
  222. Tarantino: Got room for one more?
  223. Sungwan Won: "I don't want to study like this"
  224. Real or Fake: how do we know?
  225. Agenda 21 - You're Invited!
  226. Trillionaires bleeding... (The start of their downfall?)
  227. My theories. And yours?
  228. Unicef Alien commercial: what's that about?
  229. Compassionate AI
  230. Market Watch: "Market correction ahead"
  231. The Beautiful Garden
  232. The Game of Life
  233. Flight Of The Flute -Pan Flute Improv/Song
  234. Israel's rage and impotence, the final days..
  235. Quite few UFOs are accelerating across the sky
  236. I need some sage advice
  237. Chemtrails…A friend's intention...
  238. Mount Meru - Project Camelot Interview Valery Uvarov 2007
  239. Alex Jones receives critique by "his own supporters"
  240. Why it's all right to be more horrified by the razing of Palmyra than mass murder
  241. Feel lost, disconnected, no passion or purpose? You are expanding!
  242. Fourth Blood Moon? LOL!
  243. An Act of Kindness and a Lesson Learnt ...
  244. ASMR - Autonomous sensory meridian response - Videos for relaxation :)
  245. Co-Creating "The Event"
  246. Survivor
  247. Talking about the reptilians
  248. "There is an absolute polar opposite of/to you"
  249. Bruce Lipton - Fear vs Love State and Stress’s Effect on Your Body
  250. RV Help/Question