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  1. Survivor
  2. Talking about the reptilians
  3. "There is an absolute polar opposite of/to you"
  4. Bruce Lipton - Fear vs Love State and Stressís Effect on Your Body
  5. RV Help/Question
  6. Another awake human
  7. The Law of Polarity ~ Dualistic Universe
  8. Edward Snowden Speaks to World Affairs Conference 2015
  9. Rare channeling session from Egypt on Nov 30, 1992 contains blue prints of a free energy device
  10. Snopes.com
  11. The best prescription
  12. Prepping food for the winter
  13. 5 Facts about depression nobody talks about
  14. HMS Hi-tech, the warship of the future
  15. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has left his body, passing away through the night.
  16. The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (2006)
  17. Do you think Hell really exists?
  18. May be the time to stop eating sea food?
  19. CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (1975)......Controlled Media
  20. Insightful Music
  21. Market Watch: "It's pretty bad"
  22. Fulfilling your ®path® and ways to contribute to the Change
  23. Non-Linear Media Warfare
  24. Teachings of J Krishnamurti
  25. Refugee crisis (WARNING: graphic images of dead bodies)
  26. Are we looking into future slavery situation
  27. Mr Robot - Reality Speech
  28. If aliens altered our DNA to make humans, how can religion be real.....
  29. Does Project Avalon want to create its own Wikipedia?
  30. China's covert war with America heats up
  31. Project Camelot TV
  32. Had an interesting dream last night
  33. Request Meme or saying For The meme on politics.
  34. The River Man
  35. Miss Malaysia 1983 - Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng
  36. Proof that the current global system is broken
  37. Thank you and my heart gets healed here
  38. Free energy & real time applications
  39. Anyone hear of Randy Cramer? Is he for real?
  40. Pushing The Envelope of Physics: Nassim Haramein
  41. Footage of mysterious light and UFO
  42. Every, Every Body Be Healed Right Now!
  43. I'm having a very difficult time after watching this video, please help!!
  44. One-man Helicopter; Suitcase Scooter
  45. Does our sun give birth to planets?
  46. MCS......any suggestions?
  47. Fourth explosion in China
  48. people welcoming people
  49. Market Watch: "2008 year performance not repeating now" (Sep 08)
  50. Shane/The Ruiner's interview with Kerry Cassidy, 8 Sept 2015
  51. Martial Law; Go to the camp, shelter in, bug out or do you have a choice?
  52. Indigenous Wisdom - Punan of Borneo - Awaken Your Dream Wanderer Within
  53. Breaks in the fabric
  54. Dreamcast
  55. How to Fork a Timeline
  56. Discussion of Stanley Kubrick's film Dr. Stranglove or?
  57. The Assessment | James Horak and Friends | Sept. 2015
  58. Anyone Up For A Head Transplant?
  59. War?
  60. Hippie communities. Could this be the right time?
  61. Turning any issues into resolutions
  62. Edgar Cayce was right, The Hall of Records is.....The Bucegi Mountain Secrets and Evidence
  63. Human
  64. For or Against accepting refugees from Syria??
  65. 12pm US EST / UK 5pm - YouTube Live chat with Nickie Thetsy and Max Steel (psychics, akashic and Galactic readers)
  66. What exactly is the "Keshe Foundation"?
  67. 2015 August 15 Ė Q & A with Cobra
  68. 50 US Intel Military Chiefs Revolt Against Obama
  69. How Consciousness is being raised
  70. Shane/The Ruiner's new interview with Thomas Williams, 15 Sept 2015
  71. That's a good one! Stephen Harper Astro
  72. Incredibly IMPORTANT information: Geopathic Zones
  73. Ex-Marine KEN O'KEEFE On Fire: Blows Whistle On Syrian False Flag
  74. UFOs and the Future (CITD 2015)
  75. Did CERN See Another Dimension Today?
  76. Dealing with Abuse from Family Members
  77. So you thought the Walls in the World were Coming Down?
  78. Elon Musk and Mars
  79. Indoctrinations
  80. Time = X%, Space = Y%, Physical Reality = X% + Y% = 100%
  81. Is Cobra unknowingly fronting for a One World Banking Collective?
  82. American Airlines ground stop lifted after technical problems brought D/FW flights to a halt
  83. The nature of truth
  84. Market Watch: "FED's decision caused an immediate obvious spike in Gold price" (17 Sep)
  85. The A=432 Hz Frequency: DNA Tuning and the Bastardization of Music
  86. Sep 18th Possible False Flag at St. James Regional Catholic School - Do They Know Something We Donít Know?
  87. Brainstorming for potential solutions
  88. Renaissance in Pictures
  89. Have you ever seen or talked to your Doppelganger?
  90. Mother Earth is a Receptive Partner
  91. Is speed of light 300342215 m/s and not 299792458 m/s?
  92. Pope Francis in US in Sept: False-flag target for murder by the Cabal?
  93. Please help me decode this
  94. Project Avalon: 'Banned Content'
  95. The Game: The Computation Matrix
  96. Every Man (and Woman) Is An Island...Why?
  97. Alex Jones' Money Bomb project raised 1 mUSD
  98. "We take advantage of an effect in creation to overcome the speed of light"
  99. Let me introduce you to the Western Conenose
  100. Way back to Mother Earth to co create our paradise
  101. Agenda 2030: The thin end of the wedge
  102. Agafia's Taiga Life - Living Isolated in Siberia
  103. The time has come to stop celebrating the violence behind Independence Day
  104. Be real
  105. Easy to cry! Don't open this thread.
  106. Saskatchewan,Canada man jailed in Atlanta over minor traffic infraction
  107. North America: timelapse in 4K
  108. Reality is not unpalatable. But celebrating or rewarding evils of the past are.
  109. Heaven on Earth. As easy as this?
  110. The ET YouTube video with more than 18000 likes
  111. Harald Kautz Vella: The Higherside Chats with Greg Carlwood
  112. We Are the Ones That We've Been Waiting For
  113. Are You Feeling What I'm Feeling?
  114. This Police Department Just Challenged Big Pharma And Won
  115. Will This Be Enough To Wake The Asleep - Please Share
  116. Keshe Warns of 'MEGA QUAKE' That Will Split Two Continents In Half
  117. The prison-dorm continuum
  118. Anthony Patch Is Back - The Latest Events & Interviews 2015
  119. Negative Near Death Experiences.....
  120. Simon Parkes - September Update
  121. Is Vladimir Putin Dead? Has a double taken his place? Earlobes Don't Lie.
  122. John Boehner To Resign From Congress At End Of October
  123. I talked to George Noory and Kelly Sullivan Walden 9-24-15
  124. Peoples are so ... : UFO detectors for sale
  125. Animals attacking drones
  126. PHENOMENAL report by Corey; Part 1 (Part 2 coming) ... "Honeycomb Earth"
  127. The Importance of Being Focused/Centered... As A Team
  128. Global citizen
  129. Learning to live without food
  130. Meet the elite
  131. What is wrong with the World.
  132. Alien Science: Interview With Dr Steven Greer
  133. StormcloudsGathering Under Attack
  134. Movies I have watched recently
  135. 10 MILES HIGH Alien Tower Exposed On Asteroid Ceres
  136. My Brother Sean spoke to George Knapp and guest Eric Quellet 9-27-15
  137. Alex Collier Post Mount Shasta Conference
  138. Strange V formation in clouds
  139. Swissindo - Declaration of Peace
  140. Weird Dream last night
  141. Edward Snowden joins Twitter
  142. i,me and I
  143. "I Was There"... Imagine, John Lennon Isn't Dead!
  144. My minds eye reality.
  145. Do you think it's possible we're on the brink of a nuclear war...
  146. If ETs showed up at your door today, are you ready to leave?
  147. Can your science explain why it rains on Mars?
  148. Video Montage - Project Kronos
  149. Take Me to the Land Where We Understand
  150. Interesting possible poltergeist activity caught on video
  151. Mother-to-be stunned to see face of dead grandfather kissing unborn baby on scan
  152. Russian Scientist Claims He Knows The Secret To Eternal Life
  153. Sweden Is Shifting to a 6-Hour Work Day
  154. Office puts chips under staff's skin
  155. THE RUINER Unplugged - Latest release - 2 Oct 2015
  156. Rebecca Jernigan & Andrew Bartzis - The Significance of Silence
  157. Conscious 'abductions/astral interactions', 'dream state' image overlays, the sub-conscious and pineal gland DMT production
  158. Amazing! (Primates meet a primate...)
  159. Power of hugs
  160. Woman intentionally blinds herself to fulfill lifelong dream
  161. Our thoughts and prayers for UCC shooting (Umpqua Community College, Oregon)
  162. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, Engineer or Illusionist ?
  163. Dream about a black widow spider.
  164. The meaning of life to a 9 year old
  165. Donation to Avalon
  166. Extremes of belief
  167. Undercover Cop tricks Autistic kid into selling him drugs
  168. Ignorance is Bliss.............
  169. Vimanas ancient flying machines of India
  170. Does playing a musical instrument trigger latent psychic abilities in the musician?
  171. Mark Passio - The Cult Of Ultimate Evil - Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine
  172. Consider end of September doom prophecies false
  173. Why the NWO hates Syria and what the media is hiding about the refugee crisis...
  174. posting pic from my files
  175. Swissindo - The meaning(s) of Mr. Sino's Long Name And Titles
  176. Snowden leak: Court 'drops bomb' on US companies
  177. Machines that you may want to know
  178. Robert Dean: "The Apollo 13 was surveillanced by a 2000 miles/3 200 km long UFO"
  179. Synchronicity = guidance?
  180. I think disclosure will happen when we finally step foot on Mars.
  181. Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!
  182. Popular Myths About Being An Empath
  183. Sometimes a cartoon panel is dead on
  184. Colbert interviews Ben Bernanke (flips him off while asking about illumaniti)
  185. Is Russia going back to the Moon?
  186. Russia to Help Palestine Become Independent State
  187. Saudi Arabia Faces Collapse As Oil Revenues Decline
  188. Pluto has a blue sky!
  189. "Refine your world of definition/judgment to harmonize your life", but is it true?
  190. Possible link found between Alzheimers disease and oral infections
  191. John Lennon's 75th Birthday
  192. Do you think Abraham Hicks is a cult?
  193. Strong waves across a smooth river?
  194. Message
  195. Paradigm-Shifting person wins TV's most physically demanding competition
  196. Ken vs Foster -- Which One Is Right?
  197. Sweden just completed its "party leader debate" in Swedish television
  198. GOLDMAN SACHS: Welcome to the '3rd wave' of the financial crisis
  199. A Conversation with Dan Winter about Mr. Keshe and Plasma Science
  200. Canada Election : Vote for whoever you wish but vote!
  201. Chinese Man Eats So Much Fatty Food His Blood Turned Oily And Yellow
  202. Your 3 first seconds after waking up
  203. US Military Took Over The Federal Reserve!? (possibly inaccurate report by Fulford.)
  204. Darryl Robert Schoon: Moving Through The Maelstrom
  205. The Russian Agenda
  206. Could you help research someone for me?
  207. The truth right in front of your face
  208. Emerald Tablets by Thoth.
  209. Are your spiritual awakening symptoms really electronic weapon symptoms?
  210. Sudden Changes in one's Preferences
  211. Ray of hope among chaos
  212. the Illusion of Participation
  213. Tell me what you see and feel about this pic
  214. "If You're Not Paranoid, You're Crazy" (Atlantic magazine)
  215. Dark Journalist w/ Graham Hancock
  216. 8 Ways to Find Peace In Conflict and Find Resolution...
  217. Shutting-down Pilgrim nuke reactor south of Boston
  218. The drone papers
  219. Does this mean something? Computer Suddenly Works Properly
  220. Kim Jong-un... is he for real?
  221. Flight MH370 Search - Philippine Officials Say Locals Unaware Of Reported Wreckage Linked To Crash
  222. Man with Golden Aura
  223. Climate Investigation : Philippe Verdier
  224. Corey's Mini-Update of Oct 16 ~~ IMPORTANT
  225. Oh Yeah ! - LET'S GO THERE!!!
  226. God Forbid We Give Harper Another Opportunity To Pursue His Nightmare
  227. Vocal Stretch... Cleansing, Elevating Exercise
  228. Stunning Sea Creature caught on oil rig cam
  229. Simon Parkes - Delayed October Newsletter
  230. The Big Picture! The BIG-PICTURE?
  231. Wake-Up Avalon....
  232. Counter-extremism made in the UK.
  233. The Alex Jones Show and then there's Bill Ryan
  234. Unhonored requests to have my membership cancelled
  235. Discontinuation of Literacy
  236. Liberal Government in Canada gets a Majority. Harper Resigns!
  237. A story we all write.
  238. Undiscovered Pyramids in Bolivia on Google Earth.
  239. Nuke: You know how something you see or hear triggers a childhood memory?
  240. The Capt Max Steel Show
  241. How do you deal with Parenting?
  242. Don't Dial 90# for Anyone!
  243. Wandering Through These Resolution Times
  244. It is a black day for Sweden
  245. Buying Power: The 158 families funding the Presidential Election
  246. Meditation for Europe October 25th, 2015
  247. Moonstuff...what's up??
  248. Constitution Party National Committee Meeting Fall 2015 - Oct. 30-31 2015.
  249. New Video Interview With Corey Goode -Secret Space Program
  250. lonely homeless man