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  1. Mesmerizing Strobe Animated Sculptures
  2. Kerry Cassidy - Project Camelot TV's YouTube channel has been shut down
  3. Obama has raped and molested hundreds of children according to Tory Smith (2015)
  4. What is it that Separates us?
  5. Space Pirate Captain Harlock
  6. Captain Future - Man of Tomorrow
  7. Kerry Cassidy PCTV Indiegogo Campaign - Goal $100,000
  8. Why do so many people still fall for the "whistleblower/insider" hustle?
  9. Words in this music are amazing! (liberation?)
  10. Giant earthworks in Kazakhstan
  11. Rare flowers bloom in Chilean desert
  12. It's an asteroid! It's a comet! No, wait...
  13. Whistleblower Comes Forward : Lithium Spraying and the experiment over Oregon
  14. China Building MASSIVE Particle Accelerator Twice The Size Of Large Hadron Collider
  15. Simon Parkes interviews transcription group
  16. END THE WAR ON DRUGS: Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong
  17. I'm going to Cast a Spell for Prosperity at 11:11 p.m US central time
  18. Quantum Healing with Candace - Halloween show with Alba Weinman, 30 Oct 2015
  19. David H. Childress: "My Search for Tunnels in the Earth"
  20. "The Chessmaster" - a hypothesis
  21. Message 119
  22. Where does Critical Thinking end & self delusion begin?
  23. Comfort food for cold & flu season
  24. Alien Nation
  25. Alien Abductions for Creating a Soulless Avatar?
  26. Who ever said there was going to be an apocalypse?
  27. UBS - New Rules - Protecting People And Planet
  28. Star Trek Set To Return 2017...
  29. No Escape
  30. Your Positives for the World and Humanity here Please
  31. Is it me, or is it Youtube - longer, less popular, videos almost unplayable
  32. Is alumni the same as Illuminati?
  33. The hot new job in Silicon Valley is being a robot’s assistant
  34. Celebrity Trend ??
  35. Strategic positioning and alert status in the upper atmosphere
  36. Homan Square: How Chicago Police disappeared 7000 people.
  37. Freemasons and Melchizedek?
  38. Deja Vu in Climate Change?
  39. Secret CIA Black Sites In American Heartland For 'Disappearing' Citizens
  40. They boldly hang a satanic rug on their wall
  41. I had a very interesting conversation with Seth Shostak on C2C last night
  42. We are Unconsciously Communicating Lies
  43. David Icke Question
  44. Super Sonic Harmonic Reflection
  45. Anonymous Releases Identities Of 1,000 Alleged KKK Sympathizers
  46. Fusion reactor designed in hell makes its debut - Stellarator Wendelstein 7-X
  47. What is the Purpose of Building Big Brother/Electronic Matrix?
  48. Pinkwashing for Profits
  49. 11 Ways to Achieve World Peace
  50. Balsillie fears TPP could cost Canada billions and become worst-ever policy move
  51. Here is a real winner
  52. Two Types of People
  53. The Crash, Charlie Hebdo..(Gordon Duff)
  54. YouTube Red... Has me seeing Red...
  55. Avalon monthly remote viewing?
  56. Why hate is more acceptable than love for some humans?
  57. A real moron ( * caution: disturbing video * )
  58. The illusion of timelessness
  59. AVALON: Happy 1,000,000th Posting!!!
  60. Transgender
  61. Love unconditionally
  62. Why do People have religion
  63. The Event
  64. Creating simple pictures for focusing (paint net)
  65. Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000%
  66. "I'm stubborn as those garbage bags that time will not decay"...
  67. Bases 24 Background to James Casbolt Part 6
  68. have a good laugh
  69. Journalist suddenly decides to speak the truth in public
  70. Conscious Explorer - Ancient Past Present Task - Pt20 - The Density of Beliefs
  71. religion- word meaning
  72. Road to world peace
  73. Exercise To Activate Inner Vision/s
  74. Putin tells Western leaders: Let's bury our differences and jointly strike at 'barbarian' ISIS
  75. Gearoid O Colmain RT interview, many subjects
  76. New Blood Test Can Detect Cancer From A Single Drop Of Blood
  77. An Honest refreshing British Journalist, just destroyed the Paris False Flag
  78. Looks like Ben Fulford's site was taken down at 7:35 this am 11/17
  79. Do you believe there is a U.S. government cover-up surrounding 9/11? 89%: Yes
  80. Stop Looking At Paris, We Must Love Paris With All Our Hearts
  81. Discovery of oxygen on a comet that formed billions of years ago
  82. The Dalai Lama Tells Everybody To Stop Praying For Paris
  83. Anonymous declares war on ISIS : 5,500 accounts taken down, personal info leaked
  84. The spiritual side of the awakening process
  85. Kerry's Indiegogo Update 2015
  86. BREAKING: Putin Reveals 40 Countries That Are Funding ISIS At The G20 Summit
  87. 'I will not give you the gift of hating you'
  88. Dubai is buying Jetpacks
  89. Project Avalon Dream Journal
  90. Coloring books for adults
  91. Russian Airforce Just Destroyed ISIS’ Main Financial Source: 500 Oil Trucks
  92. New ISIS video threatens France, Italy, U.S.
  93. ISIS The Start of World War III? David Icke
  94. The Connected Universe
  95. Never Stop Breaking the Set! Bump
  96. Banning a thread
  97. Formation of Planets, A New Theory
  98. Paul Laffoley, Painter Inspired by Time Travel and Aliens, Dies
  99. Russia drops flyers over Syria that name Israel as ISIS controller
  100. L i f e
  101. Just saying goodbye to all my friends.
  102. Satire on Freedom
  103. Aliens: Good And Evil - Intel Sources Reveal Startling UFO Contacts! Dark Journalist & Timothy Good
  104. …the Force of Love
  105. Hydroxy; my experiments and accomplishment
  106. Class-Action Suit Against Facebook Over Pages Inciting Arabs to Kill Jews
  107. Happy Thanksgiving 2015
  108. Inter galactic travel - the art of mastering frequency
  109. Australian Government set to force vaccinate everyone....
  110. Play Me, I’m Yours
  111. Back in Time - Back to the Future Documentary
  112. Healng with wolves
  113. Safe Travels and Joy, Sebastion
  114. Town Comes Under Fire For Being Politically Incorrect And Proud
  115. Do you need unbiased help of effectively losing weight?
  116. Psychiatry goes insane : DSM 5 American Psychiatric Association
  117. Fluoride in concentration camps' water
  118. The World Is the Oyster In Your Eyes/Rise
  119. How wolves changed rivers
  120. New startup aims to transfer people's consciousness into artificial bodies so they can live forever
  121. Fly Me To The Moon
  122. Jacob Rothschild Says Putin “A Traitor To The New World Order”
  123. Kurdish Human Rights Lawyer Gunned down in Turkey
  124. Strange feeling every time I went to river
  125. China To Join Russian Air Strikes In Syria, Russia Gains Iraq Air Base
  126. Crop circles & energy weapons
  127. Closing the Avalon accounts of two long standing members
  128. Major CERN Explosion? | Whistleblower Claims CERN Suffered Major Disaster on Friday the 13th, And It's Being Covered Up
  129. New video out: An Afternoon with Simon Parkes
  130. Living Nei Kung schools (the story of John Chang)
  131. Looking for the object the sun is orbiting
  132. I'm going to Retire soon...
  133. GMO Monsatan to be put on trial for crimes against nature and humanity...
  134. With their tanks and their bombs and their bombs and their guns ...
  135. Chemtrails exposed?
  136. What do you think of the Keshe foundation NOW?
  137. Major Wall Street banks accused of massive collusion
  138. Andrew Bartzis - Australia - Unity Consciousness Continent Drive Ship (Dreamtime Connection Now)
  139. Prodigies.
  140. The Rough Guide to Teleportation
  141. Eric P. Dollard, On Music & Harmonics. Spokane, WA 2015
  142. RichPlanet TV - Almost Identified Flying Objects
  143. 7 habits of highly authentic people
  144. Facebook banning Alfred Lambremont Webre:CoasttoCoast AM: OMNIVERSE & Andy2016.com interview
  145. Out of Time
  146. The men in white
  147. Wanna improve the forum? Kick everyone out!
  148. Kelli in the Raw with Crrow777
  149. Project Avalon: Blake's 7 (TV series)
  150. Welcoming new members
  151. 300 Year Old Food Forest in Vietnam
  152. Hexagons today
  153. 2 New Meditations For Those Interested in Atlantis
  154. Illuminati symbolism in recent gaming industry
  155. Instrumental music collection
  156. New kind of schooling system: my question
  157. Europe’s new headache, POLAND
  158. I don't have any words for this Documentary: Hellstorm 2015
  159. Decoding your being
  160. Part/post 2 of 2, New kind of schooling system: my question
  161. Work available - Humans need not apply.......
  162. I love these 3 Bashar vids, enjoy. DNA-Actavation-Related
  163. Satan's Circus of Riddles
  164. Becoming OK with accurate predictions of the future
  165. UFOs with 4 blinking lights in a pattern
  166. Do you want to become filthy rich?
  167. Snopes reports False: Stanley Kubrick's Fake moon landing
  168. Weather: What's going on?
  169. Maybe not due to our beloved SUN (Robert Schoch's theory of a huge CME at 9700 BC)
  170. When It Rains . . .
  171. Star Trek Beyond - Trailer (2016)
  172. Hell in a hand basket.
  173. Animal mutilation - an act of evil
  174. Is Time an Illusion? Does it Happen In Our Mind?
  175. I am reminded me of Mr SANTOS BONACCI, court case and other great works
  176. Andrew Bartzis - Star Wars Soft Disclosure - Our Ancient Lemurian Atlantian Heritage
  177. Adam Apollo and the Guardian Alliance
  178. Company Selling ‘Bottled Air’ Sells Out in 4 Days as China’s Smog Crisis Deepens
  179. Spanish prime minister punched in the face by 17 year old
  180. It's a kind of Solstice Joy!
  181. The most important questions on my mind
  182. NEW SyFy Shows and Cabal Agendas
  183. Energy influencers - patterns at the deeper level might have been spotted
  184. Allow David Icke Entry Into Australia To Tour In 2016
  185. Second interview with Tracy Twyman on The Higherside Chats with Greg Carlwood
  186. Black Goo: The World's Most Mysterious Substance
  187. STAR WARS - The Force Awakens (Spoilers)
  188. Let's take a moment and appreciate
  189. Australia NSW Government Parody Anti-Marijuana Campaign Ads
  190. Hillary In Prison 2016 video
  191. Chiron Last
  192. The Declaration of Sovereignty and Petition for Assistance.
  193. Very good body language analysis on Bill Clinton commenting on the UFO topic
  194. Santos Bonacci | The Zodiac Within (as above so below)
  195. Happy Winter Solstice Everybody (*)
  196. Rare Full Moon on Christmas Day
  197. Electro-gravitic Craft over Lincolnshire
  198. Valery Uvarov, Nordic UFO Conference 22 Aug 2015, Baltic Sea
  199. Well-Armed Activists Openly Defy Texas Law NOT To Feed The Homeless – Hundreds Clothed And Fed
  200. Christmas Wishes
  201. Hi Bill 2 questions for you relating to your interview with Valery Uvarov
  202. There is something extraordinary happening.
  203. Why are people so busy playing with their smartphones?
  204. 2008 stock market crash
  205. What a year - 2015
  206. The Nazis did not lose WW2
  207. Spirit science ep 31
  208. Merry Christmas Avalon, I was on C2C Last night
  209. We the People
  210. Is the world going to end already, or what?
  211. We are being controlled... Are we?
  212. What's the Meaning of an Event (e.g. Xmas)...?
  213. Jordan Maxwell | the Zodiac, Mazzaroth & Astrotheology in the Bible
  214. High Blood Pressure
  215. The End Of Control
  216. "Jumping continents: it's time to go"
  217. CSA owns electrical law in Canada
  218. Letter to Humanity - 0135719186420
  219. Perspective
  220. Life
  221. ANIMAL Mutilation Update
  222. Anybody noticing any strange behavior in their animals
  223. Inside the alien conspiracy with Richard Dolan 2015
  224. E. T. Healings, Preston Dennett, UFO's, Extraterrestrials Healing Humans
  225. Wishing all the very best for 2016 and beyond
  226. Jordan maxwell | the zodiac, mazzaroth & astrotheology in the bible
  227. Alex Collier....the fence is down.....it's all over but the shoutin'?
  228. Coyote Logics
  229. Alien Music
  230. One World, One Passport, Yes Please!
  231. Swissindo - Double Happiness - The Blessing Given For ESTWO (S2) Gold-Backed Global Currency
  232. Earth's spirit has ascended to 5D.....We follow shortly......Dark forces get their due....We won the war on sept.1.
  233. What's your perspective on freemasons?
  234. Why Do I Feel Like The Only Awake Person? What Is This Illusion of Change?
  235. Strange experience as a child.. looking for further info
  236. From Russia with Love to Avalon
  237. Check In With the Chances
  238. How To Figure Out If You Have Been Reincarnated
  239. Why we cannot just go off grid.
  240. New technical evidence relating to Bob Lazar's story
  241. The Real Scoop Of What's Going On in Oregon
  242. Your Taxes Funding Murder - Putting Terror Into Perpective
  243. Don't pay tax and don't register to vote - the first steps to real change?
  244. Don't pay tax and don't register to vote - first steps to real change?
  245. Bashar: "2016-2017: You will discover life on another planet. Economic collapses coming!"
  246. Blue Avians = Demonic Spirit 5th Dimensional Entities - Occult Unmasked w John Razimus (Video)
  247. The New Human: Star Children - The Extraterrestrial Connection
  248. A Warning From 1972
  249. FEAR- what is it to you
  250. Headlines for the day - escalating tensions (7 Jan 2016)