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  1. How many years would it take to reach Alpha Centauri
  2. Why Are the Fish and Birds Only Dying In Western Friendly Nations?
  3. People of Earth, Doomsday is close
  4. About love.....the declaration of love in the Bible in blue, dark orchid and green :)
  5. We are NOT our genes!!! Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception
  6. Stories from Africa
  7. Facebook generation suffer information withdrawal syndrome
  8. Getting the most out of YouTube
  9. I've never been this sick
  10. Flatland
  11. Mathematician: a No Interest on the Money Supply - Nuclear Bomb Shell - PROOF
  12. Bill/Clif
  13. The Triangle Theory
  14. frog rides snake to escape flood
  15. Haiti: One year after the earthquake
  16. Kerry on blog talk radio live now
  17. Last Peaceful defense of your rights against government power - Please read
  18. Hanny’s Voorwerp
  19. 'Zeitgeist: The Movie' influenced the AZ shooter
  20. Paradise Found, Paradigm Lost
  21. Some Supporting Evidence for the Changes Occurring on Earth at this Time
  22. Don't riot ,that's what they want
  23. The Oath Keepers - the time has come
  24. Colleen Thomas rumour.....
  25. What Kind of Poster are YOU??
  26. What is wrong with the world
  27. Coast to Coast, who owns it and why?
  28. Floods - Austrailia and now Brazil, who next?
  29. Valentine
  30. Believers gene will spread religion, says academic
  31. Which Male & Female Actors/Musicians Do You Think have Links to the Illuminati/PTB?
  32. Horoscope Hang-Up: Earth Rotation Changes Zodiac Signs
  33. Who's your favourite whistleblower.
  34. Our Milky Way_consuming neighbor !
  35. Deprogramming yourself..the way forward..vid
  36. Corporations cause problems by Stephen Segal
  37. Private Spaceflight ready to take off
  38. Febr. 5-8 2011 Lightworker The First Quadrant Anchoring Grace in the Fourth Dimension
  39. Out of the box explanation for the floods and earthquakes
  40. Manipulation, inaccuracies and downright lies.
  41. Kahlil Gibran The Prophet about Joy and Sorrow
  42. Anonymous and Jan 15th - Defending free speech.
  43. A new report: FAMINE will come to America!!!
  44. Vitamin B17 laetrile as cancer cure
  45. Hyperspatial Physics
  46. Surviving impending ice age
  47. water-music-dna-cancer-healing
  48. REPORT-A-DREAM: Study Looking for trends in our dreams, post your experience!
  49. Kirk Nugent: I Need You To Remember
  50. Project Avalon Project
  51. We are all family
  52. The American Dream
  53. Canada’s Stonehenge Predicts HUGE event Sept 2012
  54. The protocols of the learned elders of zion
  55. Lifting the Veil - Max Igan
  56. Brisbane floods...another illuminati test run?
  57. Willy Mason Oxygen
  58. There is a war on for your mind
  59. A request for all our love and light
  60. Regina's Blog
  61. Drill Close to Reaching 14-Million-Year-Old Antarctic Lake
  62. Weather changes...living out in the sticks!!
  63. 200 Dead Cows in field 15 miles from ME!
  64. Human Resilience
  65. The Charles Material and Kerry Cassidy/Camelot
  66. 30 Little Known FACTS about AMERICA
  67. Disclosure War at Critical Mass: Birds, Fish and Political Deaths
  68. David Rockefeller confronted at Chilean Airport during vacations
  69. Chemtrail - Former FBI Chief Says "Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped"
  70. Kerry Cassidy
  71. Depleted Uranium Weaponry
  72. ringing in the ears > intentional freq bombardment of NWO or secret weapon of control
  73. Is Humanity Ready for Aliens?
  74. Fainting...
  75. January 19th Full Moon Global Coherence Initiative’s 2011 Synchronized Care Focus
  76. The Smolensk crash official briefing on polish TV
  77. Cal Garrison on the meaning and process of the Pole Shift time window
  78. Anyone interested in what's happening in China?
  79. What next for NWO
  80. BBC Horizon Programme on The Nature of Reality "Are we are part of a cosmic hologram?
  81. Amazon under threat‏
  82. Just to show how how mental thing have got, and how bad the sheep follow
  83. (NWO INSIDER) Star Wars Lucas, "world to end in 2012"
  84. Protectors of the Bloodline of Christ
  85. DNA MOLECULES CAN " TELEPORT " Nobel Prize winner claims
  86. "End Times"?
  87. Flu shot ingredients
  88. Joe Rogan: The American War Machine
  89. Blair set for second grilling on Iraq War
  90. Dream Visions: UFOs and Aliens
  91. Global Meditation for the Transition to the Universal Plane, February 10, 2011
  92. Philisophical question: What might a sustainable large scale culture look like?
  93. Natures decides...Dubai islands 'falling into the sea'
  94. New Type Of Entanglement Allows 'Teleportation in Time,' Say Physicists
  95. Travel to Mars in Three Hours
  96. Michio Kaku Warns the World Citizens of Potential Mega Earthquake
  97. One person can make a DIFFERENCE
  98. DNA molecules can teleport
  99. Strange Russian Conspiracy Animation
  100. And now...OVER 10,000 CATTLE DROP DEAD IN VIETNAM
  101. Faery Tales: Wisdom of the ancients?
  102. Post your plans/ideas to fix the state of the planet to avoid population reduction
  103. You Are The Resistance Against The DHS Occupation Of America
  104. Strange Thing in Russian Skies (photos) - January, 20 2011
  105. Jesse James Poisoned Lincoln's Assassin
  106. Strange thought on terrorists
  107. ISA /Standstill
  108. Britain scraps 28-day terror detention
  109. Henry Deacon's last words in...
  110. TPTB & Social Media
  111. Stuart Wilde
  112. Montague Keen - messages from the other side
  113. The Movie Bloodline & The 33
  114. Survival or Ethics?
  115. Can anyone suggest to me ways to open the eyes of friends and family????
  116. Please! Healing request!
  117. 1976 movie "At the Earths Core"( Reptilains)
  118. Shadow People
  119. Pneumonia vaccine 'to save thousands of lives'
  120. Cop beating on 53 year old woman
  121. The Avalon server is overwhelmed - a request for support
  122. A message from a Nun about the 'Charles' material
  123. Reclaim your Sovereignty!
  124. Charles, the 33, The Ancient Astronauts Theory - My Story
  125. Trust your GPS
  126. This for all of you out there
  127. Vandalism In The Sky
  128. "The Anomaly in the Atlantic" Get's weirder!
  129. My two cents
  130. Pneumonia 'Could Kill Millions Of Children'
  131. Timing..."Coincidences"
  132. An Undeniable Presence
  133. Swiss Firearms Vote Feb 13, 2011
  134. Petition for Bradley Manning.
  135. Is this becoming the all Charles forum
  136. Are we all Avatars? (from a Newbie)
  137. It's What Charles Hasn't Said That Matters Most
  138. Does the Catholic Church get a bum rap
  139. Polyphasic sleep and the Uberman sleep schedule
  140. Remember
  141. Charles and his Master
  142. The End of Nationalism...a Poem (Sort Of)
  143. Chinese civilization may comes from Sumer
  144. Bill, Charles, The Plan, The People...
  145. Invisibility cloak
  146. I am asking for people to stop hounding me.
  147. How much do you really want to know?
  148. NEW MEMBERS: Read your notifications!
  149. What is NOT happening in China
  150. vaccines and cancer
  151. noticed this, it might be important. number 33 turning up in new zeitgeist
  152. Know the difference between "LAWFUL" and "LEGAL"?
  153. An open letter to conservative, libertarian, alternative researchers in the US
  154. Transient Lunar Phenomenon
  155. The False Flag Korean peninsula crisis
  156. What can you teach.
  157. Truth in Cartoons?
  158. Is any one else going through this?
  159. The lake that glows in the dark: Eerie phenomenon that turned waters
  160. Is 2011 a good year to plan a Ground Crew or Avalonian conference?
  161. Police Station Building Bunker and Prepping For Major Casualties
  162. FEMA video game?! preparing kids for MEGA-EARTHQUAKES and ALIENS
  163. esidents Report Mysterious 'Boom,' 'Shaking' In Metro Area
  164. Important to remember
  165. A look beneath the Holocaust Propaganda ...
  166. Personal Experience with Utopian Concepts
  167. Sesame Street - Bug out bag - Preparing the nation for megaquake?
  168. Facebook, fleecing the masses
  169. How did I get here?
  170. Heads up on photos
  171. What the hell is going on here?
  172. ucsdefence.com Lindsey Williams: China Owns The United States - Alex Jones Tv 1/5
  173. ucsdefence.com The foolishness of the environmental movement and congress!‏
  174. A Hat Story
  175. What Happened To You???
  176. Was wondering if you all could help me
  177. Land of Confusion
  178. Sorcha Faal rumbled!
  179. To Bill and Charles...could this be it...
  180. Brzezinski’s Feared “GLOBAL AWAKENING” Has Arrived...
  181. Are they getting ready to switch bad guys?
  182. majestic links
  183. freakshow
  184. Can I make a Suggestion about your Country of Origin?
  185. A Thread of Thanks
  186. ucsdefence.com Project Blue Beam and the New World Orders Sinister Plan
  187. Just a song reminder - Egypt & Tunisia excesses
  188. born into a world at war...
  189. Governments/Police etc are Corporations, how to find out yourself (irish links inc)
  190. Just questions.
  191. World Passport \ citizenship - does anyone have one, or know anyone with one?
  192. 'Fringe': Creation & Destruction and 'The Machine'
  193. Living the Real Simple Life (ABC Nightline)
  194. People
  195. A Thought For a Lifetime
  196. Deja vu
  197. We need 1,000 lightworkers to meditate on unmasking the goverments, officals
  198. Burning down the house...
  199. Idea: What if we poll/rank questions for Charles!
  200. Global revolution?Egypt?NWO agendas/awakening..Kochkin
  201. People power is sweeping the Middle East
  202. The New Avalon Poll
  203. Why do you have to pay to live on a planet you were born on?
  204. I'm not afraid... to take a stand
  205. Israel / Palestine / Zionism - One not to miss this week for anyone interested.
  206. Found: Classified Document re Magnetic Polar Shift
  207. Tesla's view on the human Eye
  208. Where Will It All End?
  209. Lord James of Blackheath speaks of Foundation X
  210. Gardasil..killing our girls
  211. I had a dream within a dream that felt so real...what do you guys think?
  212. Genetic make-up changed after helping clean up an oil spill
  213. FEMA Planning national level exercise...May 2011.
  214. In the eye of the storm
  215. Powers of Ten
  216. Vision for the G20
  217. A very tragic and sad event a shame for all humanity
  218. Truth, is it a tool used to conceal the reality from the general populatio.
  219. Food for thought
  220. Art fans - hold on to your hats! google streetview inside art galleries! and more
  221. The startling images which show how chimpanzees mourn their dead just like humans
  222. Rothchild buys Weather Station
  223. Secrets about the under ground bases and much more!!!
  224. Wanna be a freeman? Results.
  225. Are we being dumbed down?
  226. Anyone in OZ know about how these magnetic energy towers are actually working?
  227. Quickening
  228. Are sociopaths human?
  229. Stepping away for a while
  230. Homeland Security Shut-down!
  231. Overwhelming Intense Feelings
  232. Seven letters. Two words. One question mark. ... QUI BONO?...
  233. Avalon related psychic attacks, tones, dampening field?
  234. A Norwegian's politicians letter to camelot originally posted by Bill
  235. The Equation
  236. World Peace
  237. Word "Must" and its meaning
  238. Vaccines: Get the Full Story
  239. High pitched sounds in ear LOG.
  240. What is Love?
  241. The Aviary
  242. Julian Assange Speaks - Melbourne's Federation Square Live - 4th Feb 2011
  243. Are these giant creatures real or what?
  244. A Little Gift for You All
  245. What I learned at school today
  246. The six deck chute
  247. The 'X' Genome
  248. Pole Shift, Sooner than later?
  249. FOUND!! A whole community free from Mind Control Programming (no, not us!)
  250. A Winter's Tale: The 33