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  1. A Greater Me... If I could Be
  2. Mayan Calendar out by 3.5 years?
  3. Did This Man Save Tesla's Secrets?
  4. What's the best way to defeat ISIS?
  5. Putin: Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines
  6. Is Naivety a role model for all evil doings ?
  7. Mike Wallace Interview With Donald Keyhoe 1958 UFO's Are Real -Full- Interview
  8. Eyes closed, but perceiving a small white dot, then a small black dot
  9. Two USA Navy boats detained by Iran in Persian Gulf
  10. Live Obama delivers his last State of the Union Address
  11. Ay Ah Ay Ah Ay Ah Ay Oh...
  12. Leftist Leavings: Hypersensitivity is ruining humanity
  13. Honoring my Dad
  14. Steven Greer - contact & European connection
  15. My unanswered letter to President Obama
  16. What are FEMA camps for ?
  17. Wikipedia - an inevitable pitfall, or a controlled, vested interest?
  18. Russian Nukes in space and the defense of humanity
  19. Financial crisis stage 1/3 realized
  20. More Hard Hitting Words From The Dalai Lama About The Mass Brainwashing Of Society
  21. Do You Believe In A Better World? Ken O'Keefe's Mission To End Payment For War
  22. alternativenewsproject
  23. The Fallen of World War 2
  24. the virtue continuum
  25. Space X nails it, except for this one part
  26. Stephen Hawking: Humans at risk of lethal ''own goal ''
  27. Tory Smith - "Andrew D Basiago raped and killed milab children" - have others watched these videos?
  28. Financial markets: Early signs - could be weaker than 2008
  29. Another Massive Explosion in China - Fireworks Factory in Shangrao
  30. David Wilcock/Corey Goode Interview- Jan 2016 - Secret Space Program, ET Disclosure, Inner Earth
  31. How NASA Will Get Astronauts to Mars
  32. It's been a wonderful 5 years
  33. Pray for Celine Dion!
  34. USA will "... go on the defensive ... in ways that China may not like"
  35. Crude Oil: +5% today, worthless coming up?
  36. Keep the momentum
  37. the NEW east Coast of the US blizzard of 2016
  38. Michio Kaku: "Multiple universes exist in your living room"
  39. Welcome to the age of free energy
  40. CERN scientists 'break the speed of light'
  41. Five Large-Scale Scientific Studies Provide Substantial Evidence That ET's Are Real And Here
  42. Exposing the I.S.I.S Lie: How President Obama & Hillary Clinton Created I.S.I.S.
  43. We must assume a great level of disinformation in this world
  44. The Choice is Ours (2016) Official Full Version
  45. The Secret of Nikola Tesla (HD)
  46. I think we are heading towards a density shift
  47. How Can People Stand Up Fight Back Against The Elites...
  48. Psalm 82 And The Lesser gods Of The Bible
  49. Financial crisis stage 1/3 successfully mitigated
  50. Disclosure: What Fox Mulder isn't telling us(Gordon Duff)
  51. Choir Choir Choir
  52. My scooter was just stolen..and I dreamed it as it was happening for real.
  53. You Are Here To Wake Up
  54. Denmark, a new Nazi camp.
  55. Deconstructing Ayn Rand's Doctrine of Rational Self-Interest. Well, Sort of.
  56. JANUARY 22 2016 Raw Intel
  57. The mystery of Flight AA109
  58. Satire: Are McDonald's hamburgers really 100% Beef?
  59. 10,000 refugee children are missing, says Europol
  60. Tom Valone: "Approaching Zero-Point"
  61. Project Camelot: Valery Uvarov
  62. Paul Pantone on the GEET Engine
  63. 10 Signs you've bought 'Spin'
  64. The Sacred Science
  65. Survivor exposes Illuminati satanists
  66. The Moon Exposed! MILES HIGH Tower Discovery
  67. World Citizen Solutions 2 Days Left (Goal $100,000)
  68. Earth Is Made Up Of Two Planets - Say Scientists
  69. Canadian tax agency staffer gone after taxpayer data leaks to CSIS
  70. What's Your Biggest Regret?
  71. Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska
  72. Did D. M. Murdock die?
  73. To Put Bankers Behind Bars, Spanish Citizens Take the 1% to Court
  74. Financial markets: Crisis is over (for now)
  75. Change With the Seasons... Change With the Times...
  76. Be aware: Swedish online media are corrupt sources of deception and propaganda
  77. Dragon Ambassador grilled...
  78. Price Tag
  79. Faceoff: Daddy Drac vs Anu - Live from Sri Lanka
  80. A Declaration to Unite the Light
  81. RichPlanet TV: Suppression Of Free Energy Technologies
  82. 3 Great Men, One for you Bill
  83. Super Bowl 50 Prediction ( Using Pythagorean Numerology & Facts)
  84. The 3 A's towards synchronistic manifestation towards what you need
  85. New Hampshire primary prediction ( Using Pythagorean Numerology )
  86. The Alien League...new UK television launch
  87. 'Russia Is Ready To Show Proof That 9/11 Was An Inside Job' - is this real info?
  88. Do alien civilizations have "one world government"?
  89. What most people believe that is false...
  90. Query: Dog sensitivity.
  91. Do you think aliens are afraid of a hell?
  92. Dr. Steven Greer - Field Propulsion Gravity Control
  93. Watch What You Say Near Your TV
  94. Pakistani Claims to Invent free Electric Generator
  95. 100 Retired Lab Chimps See Sky For The First Time
  96. Special Report: Feds Announce They Will Raise Your Child
  97. 102 Capricorn TV - Paul LaViolette - Tesla and Anti-gravity
  98. American expats in Canada renouncing U.S. citizenship to avoid punitive taxation
  99. Any help finding a circuit?
  100. Second NASA Scientist Tells Us That ‘Somebody Else’ Is On The Moon
  101. 003 Stanton Friedman - Full Disclosure - ModernKnowledge.ca @ CapricornRadioTV
  102. Losing it?
  103. Looking for Milling Workshop
  104. Ken O'Keefe - TSA Denied Flight To Anarcapulco For Refusing Body Scanner At LAX
  105. Cameron and his crew go public about how ridiculous the UN is
  106. I was on C2C Feb 16 (Catherine Austin Fitts was the guest)
  107. Sad state of society: Dolphin dies after beachgoers pass it around taking selfies
  108. Trust runs thin as black water flows in Crystal City, Texas
  109. The Circus Continues...
  110. Marijuana, alcohol, hallucinogenics and other drugs and... demonic attention/possession
  111. The Apple vs. FBI case
  112. A girl gets slapped by a guy for refusing to dance, HUGE mistake!
  113. Thought Shift
  114. Education: deteriorating student results
  115. An alternative to money
  116. Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan!
  117. Amazing night time view of Earth from a weather balloon
  118. US government suppressives (NWO) ready to take over your kids.
  119. Project Avalon: modern day library of Alexandria
  120. Market Watch: Shanghai down -6,5% today
  121. Profiling conspiracy theorists
  122. Type 1 Diabetes can be cured: Why all the Hoopla over science years away from the patient?
  123. New Canadians lean on court comments to disavow citizenship oath to Queen
  124. NORAD the FOIA and undoing what already has been done.
  125. To Bubu and JChombre
  126. Rick Friedrich: Selfish Unthankful Circuits, or Loving Giving Paths: The Road to True Liberty
  127. 001 Nassim Haramein - ModernKnowledge.ca @ CapricornRadioTV
  128. Why do you exist? What is your mission? Why are you on Earth right now?
  129. Art project 50 portraits of whistleblowers released
  130. Jay Pee interviews Win Keech
  131. Question About Help With Build
  132. Keanu Reeves has a powerful message
  133. On Being a Gentleman
  134. A thank you to Bill Ryan
  135. David Icke's Response To David Cameron On EU Conspiracy
  136. Alex is doing the elite a big favor
  137. What I am reading/viewing (physics, nutrition, economics, history, world affairs, computers, ...)
  138. My New Blog
  139. You have to do something, Ms. Notley – here’s a four-point plan for Alberta
  140. Playing with fire
  141. Lucid Dreaming, a painfully easy method for having them.
  142. Progressed former members who still have lots to share
  143. TV License man in the door trying to come into my house.
  144. Catherine Austin Fitts Interviews "The Saker"
  146. These things I hold to be self-evident (of Bastards, Jesuits, Jews, and Babylonians)
  147. This HUGE Rat Was Found Near A Children’s Playground In London
  148. The Orwellian destruction of language is happening right now
  149. Extraterrestrial Tells Farmer To Build Pyramid
  150. Funny Angry Welsh Farmer
  151. Mysterious death of energy entrepreneur
  152. Valuable healing modalities by White Wolf - Element Mountain
  153. Can secure, personal technology be an extension of the mind?
  154. Guy Harriman: "My light produces pineal gland activation"
  155. Your Self.
  156. Libor investigation ends
  157. The emotional confusion about the people "in charge"
  158. How to defeat the 'NWO' - My personal message to the world
  159. Live Facial Manipulation Technology
  160. Welsh lessons by a 3 year old Bilingual (my daughter)
  161. Wilderness versus Civilisation
  162. Hypocrisy and Double standards
  163. Last chance
  164. America Founded On a Conspiracy Theory..?
  165. Sean Stone w/ Sibel Edmonds & Kevin Barrett Brussels Attack False Flag Theories Explored
  166. The desensitization of men
  167. The Sixth Sense: Proof of Heaven
  168. Isn't the Majestic 12 actually the group with the most power, if they are the ones that have control of the technology and whether there is disclosure?
  169. Wayne Cook
  170. Who is Married to Whom?
  171. How The Real Government Is Playing All Of Us
  172. The 'Dalmatian' kitten mystery
  173. Ursula and Sabina Eriksson
  174. Uranium Series Dating Technique
  175. People can't handle the truth, really, they can't
  176. Video capturing the creation of a crop circle
  177. Thread on Alien structures on Mars?
  178. The 'what's your animal and color?' game
  179. My case: Four primary areas of awakening
  180. The emotional logic
  181. Has the Effort To Put Nuclear Weapons In Space Started
  182. A demon, ufo, bigfoot, all walk into a bar...
  183. If you were part of the 1% what would it take for you to give it up?
  184. Playing the game
  185. The Avalon Library: discussion and requests
  186. Sentences for animal cruelty: please sign petition
  187. The struggle for power between public and private sector
  188. Waiting for What?
  189. Marc Allen: "You can do everything from a state of ease"
  190. Isn't it strange that the more you know, the less you speak?
  191. US Government Declaring All Out War on Tiny House Living
  192. Proven: (scientific study) Humans are electrochemical-quantum in nature & type
  193. Sean Stone: Ronnie McMullen Alien Truth, Political Lies, and Healing the Body
  194. Ireland's Vital Role on Earth now and reason for the Domination of it for 1000s of years
  195. Experiencers, witnesses in ufo abductions and all things paranormal, please read
  196. Corporate Food Giants Deal In Addiction
  197. A nice little bundle of happiness on a Monday Morning... Young Soffi singing along to Elvis
  198. What's happening in China? (2016 version)
  199. Some great moments I'd like to share with you guys
  200. Doris Lessing and Nexialism
  201. JOHN PILGER ASKS, Where are the dissidents in art, film, the theatre, literature?"
  202. Area 51: A transnational military base
  203. Rob Bell Breaks It All Down
  204. Zen Gardner: Grasping at Straws
  205. Please Read a little guide to break the shackles of the Orwellian state and please leave comments, be it criticism or positive comments, I will not be offended
  206. You’ve Woken Up…Now What?
  207. Lost in the Illusion
  208. Declaration to Create a United Earth, New and Improved
  209. Oriah Mountain Dreamer
  210. New threads--nourishing them
  211. The Reset Button...and a Terrible Question
  212. Putin/Russian Parliament, Daring White Hat "Enemies of the NWO", Propose 7 year jail sentences for Bitcoin ownership...
  213. Depressing survey results show how extremely stupid America has become
  214. An observation of human behavior, elections and politics in Malaysia
  215. Trinary Expressions Part 5: Bibi, Callista and Will chat about the status quo
  216. Bill Hicks: a test of perception?
  217. Lucia René ~ Exit & Unplug The Matrix
  218. 8 Signs the World is changing.
  219. Did anyone talk to celebrities or puppets?
  220. Here come the mutant mosquitoes ! Zika
  221. Pensions may be cut to 'virtually nothing' for 407,000 people
  222. Beyond Mankind
  223. Don't Mention The Reptilians - was it ever released??
  224. What is Information?
  225. Strange pin hole size lights in my ceiling...
  226. Trinary Expressions Part 6 - chats with Callista, Bibi and Will
  227. The Civilized Choice Is Going Extinct
  228. How Is Life In The USA Changing?
  229. Columbia river UFO sighting 1981
  230. What Have You Learned?
  231. Ant Infestation and the Innocence of Children.
  232. Rex Bear (Leak Project) interviews Will Berlinghof
  233. A very interesting interview, on vaccines, and near death evperience!
  234. Highly Sensitive People: A Condition Rarely Understood
  235. Focusing on Problems or Solutions?
  236. Canada - The world’s basket case of food producers
  237. The Flying Scotsman
  238. C2C with David Sereda
  239. TV Sports Games is Rigged and Fixed...
  240. We can safely assume the Cabal is using AI for control
  241. LOCKHEED MARTIN in Daring Antarctic Rescue Mission At South Pole.
  242. Lightworkers Assemble..
  243. The Myths of the Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima
  244. You Won't Survive The Upcoming Days In An Indivualistic Mind-Set
  245. Do You Fear An Upcoming Apocalypse or NWO Too? Or Is My Root Chakra Broken?
  246. What Do I Think Being Awake From The Matrix Is?
  247. Should you pay for spiritual services?
  248. Gene Odening and Johan Oldenkamp - Self Education (Trivium)
  249. I am everyone...and everyone is me
  250. F*Ck Society...Australia Rigged Election or People Stupid?