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  1. I am everyone...and everyone is me
  2. F*Ck Society...Australia Rigged Election or People Stupid?
  3. There is One Family
  4. How Money and the lure of it Corrupts us
  5. Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU...and What Its Replacement Will Look Like
  6. Conspiracy album Out Now! - Martin Noakes - Life is Just a Ride
  7. When are we going to look at ourselves?
  8. $100 million bounty on each of the bloodline families IF......
  9. Trinary Expressions Part 7 - Bibi, Callista and Will
  10. Part Machine and Part Living Cells, Artificial Stingray
  11. An example of (alternative media) news analysis manipulation
  12. Corporate Government vs. State Government
  13. Keynes's legacy in Canada
  14. A Point of View
  15. Monsanto’s Dark Act ready for Obama’s signature – Jon Rappoport
  16. The Most Miraculous Blessing...or Monumental Curse! What would you do!?
  17. Why You Don't Know Your Own Mind
  18. What has been your biggest bubble burst to date for or by you?
  19. Thoughts About Circles
  20. ALS-related gene found with help from Ice Bucket Challenge
  21. An Open Letter to Joseph P. Farrell on the Topological Metaphor: questions and thoughts
  22. YOU RAISE ME UP - amazing song by two small Chinese children
  23. Getty: $1 Billion Suit for Licensing Public Domain Images
  24. Trinary Expressions No 8 - Louise Sutton with Bibi, Callista and Will
  25. Perceptions
  26. Inside CERN's Laboratory, Play Your Future or Change it... Before its to Late!
  27. A Great Change is on the Horizon - Gregg Braden 2016
  28. Jordan Maxwell Show Is Back Weekly On American Freedom Radio
  29. One People Round Table 9 Aug 2016 - Wake Up World (Update on the Gosford Glyphs at Kariong NSW)
  30. Increase in love
  31. The Police and Poltergeist
  32. Evolving Phenomena
  33. A German Bank Will Charge A Negative 0.4% Deposit Rate
  34. Thought Provoking Video About War and Peace
  35. DEA’s refusal to reschedule marijuana molecules...
  36. Health improvements traced back to source
  37. The Earth: A Speculative Approach
  38. One People Round Table 16 Aug 2016 - The Onion Earth & Hillary's Littering Habit
  39. Too Many Posts Being Moved!
  40. Pale-Faced Media
  41. Travelling Through Life
  42. Samuel Adams
  43. Age of Consent
  44. I *LOVE* My Avalon Family!!! You guys are the best!!!
  45. The Trial of Tony Blair - Charity Single - Out Now!
  46. I need prayers now, PLEASE
  47. What is this?
  48. Craigslist Ad that Got Over A Million Views In A Couple of Days
  49. Natural(?) giant mushroom cloud over Siberia
  50. Kurtis Kallenbach Untangles What's Really Going On
  51. F104s to launch satellites
  52. Negative higher intelligence frequency control?!
  53. Greed: a destructive and powerful motivation
  54. If it works just give to Government and they will definitely break it!
  55. The Middle East, and self-hatred
  56. Frustration over political correctness growing in Canada - poll
  57. Does Mass Murder Contribute More to Society than Doing Nothing? (Absolute Value)
  58. Space X and Quantum Computing Connection
  59. How Yemen’s Past is Being Erased....
  60. BANKING: Getting increasingly uncomfortable with banking system. How about you?
  61. Is someone telling me the truth?
  62. North Korea Detonates Surface Nuke
  63. Mirrors- Breaking The Future
  64. A WARRIOR'S CREED, read by Bill Ryan
  65. Finally Mainstream Media tells the truth about Native Americans
  66. The Euro Is A Disaster
  67. Mary Joyce has a version you might not have heard before....
  68. Yukon filmmaker wants PM to explain 9/11 Korean Air hijacking mystery
  69. I attended the architects and engineers 9/11 conference nyc
  70. Truth or careers? Where is your priority ?
  71. The Thrive Movement : Documentary and Recourse page.
  72. Synchronicities
  73. love and individuality
  74. Giving Away a Whole Organic Apple ILLEGAL without permit ?
  75. Pakistan feeds 500,000 - India plants 50 million trees. Alt Media Oblivious.
  76. The Shannara Chronicles, some intresting points.
  77. Six thousand dollars to RENT a casket?!
  78. Malevolent Sychronicities
  79. Interview with Sethikus Boza - Friday 16th September 2016
  80. Hidden World Beyond Our Control
  81. CONSCIOUSNESS GRID - the thing above your head you can't even see
  82. Have You Guys Heard Of The Creepy Clowns Being Seen Around The U.S?
  83. Live Stream with Sarah Adams recorded on Sunday 18th September 2016
  84. Stuck on Channel 2
  85. Truth About Syria, Not a Civil war a US Invasion.
  86. Parenting
  87. Opening a Non-Profit/Charity to access the 500 Billion+ USD/GBP Tax Write Off Economy
  88. Hollywood is sprinkling ancient occultism throughout their movies
  89. 'Stranger things': Illuminati and occult symbolism
  90. What purpose would you decide to enact?
  91. Dial-A-Thread
  92. How to run companies and schools with ( almost ) no rules ? - Ricardo Semler
  93. Breaking the Chains of the First Cognition
  94. Thank you, Avalon family
  95. The insanity of being sane
  96. The Mountain
  97. Live Stream with Sarah R Adams and Danielle La Verite, Sunday 25th September 2016
  98. Building a Live Streaming WebRTC App for The Robin Hood Army and Dakota Protestors
  99. Max Spiers Memorial Service Fund
  100. Which three films describe the situation as a WHOLE today?
  101. What we can know...
  102. Loud whirling noise at the end of an online chat has had very strange affect
  103. Will Berlinghof: Heads-up about the impending Supermoons
  104. The Elite "Have No Idea" - Society Is Near The Breaking Point
  105. A Brilliant Invention with a Terrible Name
  106. Matt Damon on ELITE & NWO, Amazing Speech On This Evil World (5.13 minutes)
  107. Obama Signs Executive Order: Space Weather Events
  108. Young genius has "invented" a way of accessing free energy and God is energy
  109. Free of Enslavement
  110. How life changes by driving a 100 MPG car?
  111. Rigged Voting System by Fraction Magic QED
  112. Callista and Will discuss Halloween
  113. Our 'Holographic-Stage-Plays' 'Extra-Special-Characters'
  114. The only Beauty Pageant I approve of
  115. Breaking the barriers of religion, bringing people together
  116. CNN: pot calling the kettle black
  117. FOX News HD has been "off air" for hours on DirecTV
  118. Nature Spirits
  119. Honorific titles
  120. Dont Know What To Make Of This?
  121. Daylight savings time?
  122. Should I Read The Gnostic Gospels?
  123. Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony | Aliens, UFOs, Angels, Ouija Boards, God & The Occult
  124. Clif High-DOW & Gold $125,000-Hyperinflation Coming
  125. Left and Right - It seems so obvious!
  126. Hague prosecutors say U.S. forces may have committed war crimes
  127. Jury Duty on Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) case
  128. Two State Solution
  129. How do we define ''Regular People''?
  130. Let's talk about the Matrix
  131. Not Quite Farewell
  132. Science Proves EVERYTHING In ‘Dr.Strange’ Is Possible
  133. Callista and Will discuss Life After the Election
  134. The hidden chakras: Understanding our new emerging meridians
  135. 20 Secret Societies that are Running the World
  136. ART BELL - New Facelift
  137. Seeing The Bigger Picture : Miriam Delicado on TJBS
  138. Only Communism Can Save Mankind
  139. Box of Otherworldly Notes & Sketches Found in the Trash: Aliens, UFOs, Maps and More
  140. Would you be worried if suddenly you came in contact with powerful people?
  141. No Need To Open Your Third Eye Pineal Gland... Its Already Open
  142. Face2Face convos OTC-X1 wish list
  143. Saw this podcast about Sumerian commonalities with the biblical narrative, what do you all think?
  144. A thread of prayers for Julian Assange
  145. Remote viewing future threads
  146. Aether Energy, Sensing and distribution by "Spiral Resonance" of the aether
  147. Sarah Adams talks with Jim Marrs about her work and Max Spiers
  148. Ladakh: the last, unspoiled mountain kingdom
  149. Sarah Adams Lecture from The Bases Conference 2016
  150. Merry Christmas Avalon!!
  151. YouTube, any better options?
  153. ASPD (Anti Social Personality Disorder) BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)
  154. Trump and OPEC
  155. When I love myself enough!
  156. losing a furry friend
  157. Compliments of the Season
  158. Debbie Reynolds has passed, a day after her daughter Carrie Fisher
  159. Vladimir Putin's New Year Message 2017
  160. Wilcock's YouTube Channel "Permanently Disabled"
  161. Mind Control Today
  162. Amazing 4-Year-Old Russian Child Who Speak 7 Languages
  163. Why: 1) 102 members vs 1,584 guests online; 2) 1,115 active vs 10,390 total members this morning at PA?
  164. Will we ever get REAL esoteric teachings?
  165. Worse than ISIS & nuclear bomb? Mosul dam at risk from ongoing military offensive
  167. Happy New Year Avalonians!
  168. Law of Attraction vs Seeking the truth
  169. UK Military to build prototype "LASER WEAPON"
  170. Alex Jones: The Secret to 2017 Revealed
  171. The Watchman and the Gardener
  172. Different directions - changing/evolving beliefs and the 180 degree turn.
  173. Drunvalo Melchizedek Presents The School of Remembering and Sedona AZ
  174. How To Wake Up When You Don't Even Know You're Asleep?
  175. The only way to die.
  176. We made this. (or Trump's Collective: Here's what happens when we get what we want)
  177. Take CONTROL
  178. David Icke- Perceptual Programming
  179. Are Women Superior to Men??
  180. Tree cutting going on here.
  181. About Emotional Disengagement
  182. The Butterfly Symbol and Mind Control
  183. US troops enter Poland - 1st deployment at Russia's doorstep
  184. How Can We Escape Absolute Tyranny?
  185. Do we break illusions or just let them build up in silence?
  186. 600 Million Brain drain from 1960s, 70s and 80s
  187. CIA Releases 13million pages
  188. Why I live where I do.....Port Angeles, Washington
  189. Hoarding, sentiment and the spirit
  190. Psychological 'vaccine' could help immunize public against 'fake news' on climate change
  191. Does anyone use the chat function?
  192. What, How?
  193. Father Vince Lampert: "Strange things that we can't explain..."
  194. A Universal United Earth Unifying Foundation
  195. The Sandn**ger Programmer from Mississippi
  196. The Divine Truth with Taj & Nyssa talk to Regression Therapist Katherina Kavungu
  197. Office of poofness
  198. newest Jordan Maxwell interview w. Kerry Cassidy
  199. Non Lethal Microwave Weapons
  200. Project Camelot Forum - Anyone know what's going on? This time....
  201. Who was wrong
  202. The World Wide Mind Set
  203. Are you an "Indigo Child"?
  204. The Truth About Popular Culture — a brilliant video by Paul Joseph Watson
  205. Nyssa talks with life coach and trauma release practitioner Evette Rose
  206. SUPERBOWL, Teir 1 National Security Event.... defeated by teens with a ladder.
  207. What Is It Like To Be In A Coma
  208. A Poem.....
  209. How the young are indoctrinated to obey
  210. De Niro & Kennedy To 'Spill Beans' On Mercury/Vaccines?
  211. Esoteric Astrologer: Phillip Lindsay
  212. Syria is plagued with radioactive contamination: Dr. Leuren Moret
  213. Finding Political Middle Ground
  214. Reply to a PA member... Perhaps we might be "Big Picture" oriented if we really expect change
  215. Taj & Sarah Adams talk to Jordan Maxwell
  216. Creativity - an opportunity
  217. Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan
  218. Accessing Your Soul Energy with Sarah R Adams and Taj Investigates
  219. To answer sunpaw's question - the most significant improvement - Hope/Enthusiam
  220. Paranormal Events That Police Have Witnessed.
  221. Beyond Our Sight
  222. Trump this, Trump that, Go have a walk!
  223. Babylonian Money Magic or How to steal your labor
  224. Children of the 4th World
  225. Taj and Sarah Adams chat and take questions from the Revolution Radio chat room
  226. Reintroduction/Gratitude
  227. The Best Max Spiers Documentary
  228. Taj and Nyssa talk with John Lear on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  229. Have you ever been approached by someone in "the know?"
  230. "...Climate Change..." (AKA "Global Warming")... is it a scam?
  231. Taj & Nyssa talk with Benjamin Fulford on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  232. Little [search] Help Please [Found: Bob Proctor's video]
  233. The State of Reality - Excellent Remote Viewing Projects
  234. Victim of Corporate Corruption
  235. Taj, Nyssa and Sarah Adams talk with Justin Perry on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  236. The Never Ending Circle
  237. School students know a lot more than you think...
  238. The Role of the 3 Main World Power Centre Obelisks
  239. Taj, Nyssa and Sarah Adams talk with Justin Perry on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  240. Organ donation
  241. Waking Dreams, Fugue States
  242. Anagram - Trudeau + Trump = Death / Murder
  243. A New McCarthyism: Julian Assange Interview
  244. Important post by The Saker on the Anglo-Zionist-Neocon-Jewish "elephant in the room"
  245. Lucifer (and the NWO?)
  246. Michael Aquino - Talks to Miles Johnston
  247. Document released by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2012
  248. Bella
  249. My Trip to the USA – March 2017 aka Re-Entry into an Advanced Matrix Simulation
  250. Jihad, vaccines, sharia, Denmark, world