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  1. Bella
  2. My Trip to the USA – March 2017 aka Re-Entry into an Advanced Matrix Simulation
  3. Jihad, vaccines, sharia, Denmark, world
  4. How many good news threads do we have on Avalon today?
  5. UN experts denounce 'myth' pesticides And Why We should be worried
  6. Shanghai in 2000 billion pixels
  7. They're Trying to Kill Us!
  8. Taj talks with Richard Alan Miller on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  9. Does consciousness have a memory?
  10. Canadian bank run and housing collapse: a run off
  11. Taj, Sarah Adams and Nyssa talk with Thomas Sheridan on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  12. Discussion with a Nigerian Mystic
  13. 7 wild predictions Bill Gates has made that could come true
  14. Will Berlinghof on Beacon of Light Radio
  15. The meaning of life in a world without work
  16. Project Camelot: Len Kasten - Alien World Order
  17. UK virtual reality firm Improbable raises $500m
  18. Secret Military Code Breaking Project Ends Up On The Internet
  19. Aurora - a walk-in FlyingRainbowLasagne
  20. Uniting/progressing faster by becoming more aware of who binds us
  21. Taj & Nyssa talk with Kelly Sullivan Walden on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  22. Let's Revisit this Interview with Bill
  23. Robert David Steele's at it again.
  24. Modern Educayshun
  25. Veterans feel abandoned after secret drug experiments
  26. Kim Dotcom - Good Life and Seth Rich
  27. Reading Recommendations - Knights Templar
  28. Garbage in - Garbage out (when applied to parenting...)
  29. Taj & Nyssa talk with Sethikus Boza on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  30. Connecting Consciousness For ALL users on this site, whatever your curiosities or beliefs
  31. So this was a news story today on the internet from the New York Times. - ------enjoy your weekend
  32. Meet The Kids Surviving Off Trash Dumps
  33. Is there any evidence for an ET AI threat?
  34. Earth's Isolationism
  35. Transpicuous Views, May 28th 2017
  36. Taj & Nyssa talk with Cynthia T Crawford on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  37. Lindsey Williams - "This Summer, Panic Up" DVD notes
  38. Split from Lindsey Williams - "This Summer Panic Up" DVD Notes
  39. New leader of Ireland
  40. Room Air Purifiers
  41. Sharks, magnetic fields, humans & Alzheimers
  42. Taj & Nyssa talk with Solaris BlueRaven on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  43. A question about dreaming
  44. TRUTH ABOUT MAGNETIC SHIELD CLOTHING-Snake Oil. Knowledge is power
  45. How Fast Is Our World Really Progressing
  46. A question about dreaming part 2
  48. How to make yourself feel better if you're feeling down
  49. Is lead (Pb) radioactive?
  50. How to Get Noticed on Youtube! "How to Gain More Views and Subscribers on Youtube!"
  51. This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other" - One Who Knows -
  52. Taj & Nyssa talk with John S Captain on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  53. Can anyone remember...?
  54. The Private Prison Industry
  55. Cyclic cosmology in modified gravity an alternative to Big Bang model
  56. The Art of Ninja
  57. Be yourself, nothing more nothing less (only for new members :)
  58. Ingo Swann film panel for Philip K Dick Film Festival
  59. Sarah Adams Livestreams
  60. Newbie Matters
  61. Ascension blockers
  62. Not enough food to feed everyone on this planet?
  63. New Group Announcement & Invitation
  64. Richard Dolan - Secret Space Program, Exopolitics GB "This is Disclosure" conference, 5 Aug 2011
  65. Questers Unlimited - Now Active
  66. What's your go-to response about alien life?
  67. 5G and its impact on Humans, Richie Allen and Max Igan
  68. Ingoswann.com
  69. 5G and AI takeover ?
  70. THE SHIELD ACT....David Adair
  71. Three Words
  72. Incredibly Important Information from Pigtail Gurl
  73. AwakeCon Conference UK
  74. #UNRIG: Summer of Peace
  75. Project Camelot interviews Robert David Steele
  76. When will racism end? Will humanity finally evolve?
  77. Advance trailer for the new Trump movie : DANKHEART
  78. Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey 1893: More Memetic Synchronicity
  79. Weird red dots appearing on skin
  80. Real Heroes
  81. Taj & Sarah Adams talk with Vanessa Bates (Mother of Max Spiers) on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  82. Diet at a besieged Embassy
  83. Mechanisms and Processes
  84. Ancient humans had sex with non humans
  85. Fading into the Wallpaper of The Matrix / Swapping Lies for Energy
  86. So you call yourself a journalist?
  87. When did the light go on for you?
  88. Homeless in Hawaii Documentary 2017
  89. The Future of Energy (VICE on HBO: Season 4, Episode 9)
  90. Empires
  91. Taj talks with Jolene (JoJo) Seebacher on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  92. How Canada Became an Education Superpower
  93. Girl Without Hands Playing the Piano
  94. Jane Elliot - how she feels about racism. What are your thoughts?
  95. Could Corey Goode and his team be "archontically compromised"?
  96. Taj & Nyssa talk with Cathi Morgan on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  97. Former Navy SEAL Promises a ‘Gruesome Massacre’ in America if Liberals Follow Through on Threat
  98. Artificial intelligence ‘vastly more risk’ than N. Korea – Elon Musk
  99. TROIKA Group | Remote Viewing Projects
  100. The case of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
  101. On Sovereignty
  102. Slavery to the central banks
  103. Woman confronts man flying swastika flag (after his Confederate flags were stolen)
  104. If There Are Hidden Benevolent Civilizations on Earth, Why Don't They Fund Positive Projects?
  105. David Sereda Frequencies and Otherworldly Dimensions
  106. Shadow Work And Finding Our Spirit
  107. Americans are being manipulated into hating one another so that the Left can usher in an authoritarian government — don’t fall for it
  108. Why stop at mere censorship? Neo-Nazis should be banned from municipal water, electricity services and private property ownership rights, too
  109. Tampa Sports Teams Donate Money to Remove Confederate Monument
  110. The Super Natural - by Whitley Strieber and Jeffrey J. Kripal
  111. Solar Eclipse As Seen on Ayahuasca and the Divine Code: video
  112. New Richard D Hall presentation: "Dying of ignorance"
  113. What Russia's Strategic Bombers and 'Flying Radars' Were After in Asia
  114. Taj & Nyssa talk with Carl James on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  115. Discussion: Proliferating Dishonesty in the Alt Community
  116. A Hijacked Society 'Breeding' Humanity Out of the Human Being
  117. Cartels That Run The World
  118. Signs of the Times
  119. Citybuilder City Regeneration Web-app. Open Source, on Github. CSS/Elixir/Server
  120. 'Shepard Tones': an Auditory Illusion
  121. Lessons on puppy love
  122. NESARA: the SIT and WAIT GAME (from Rachel, Pigtail Gurl)
  123. The Awakening
  124. China's NWO: Gold-Backed Oil Benchmark on the Way - Corbett Report
  125. Taj & Nyssa talk with Michael Horn on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  126. 'Sonic attack': Canadian diplomat in Cuba also suffered hearing damage
  127. Taj & Nyssa talk with Benjamin Fulford on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  128. I can't believe it - another failed "end of the world" prediction???
  129. Taj & Nyssa talk with Dr. Richard Alan Miller on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  130. Wall Street / TPTB moving into cryptocurrency Oct 4th
  131. Do we create (or at least co-create) our reality and reality experience?
  132. When have fear, doubt, and worry ever helped me?
  133. Don't give up!
  134. A House That Will Stand
  135. Beautiful Dreams
  136. Using Remote Viewing to Predict the Stock Market
  137. In the mood for something different?
  138. Deadly, unusual wildfires in California as well as worldwide
  139. Tactics of Warfare - Warfare Stratagem Thread
  140. Has the wave begun?
  141. Daily meditation, 16 Oct 2017
  142. Miami politician says aliens took her on a spaceship
  143. Listen, Don't Look - Why Your Ears Can Tell More Than Your Eyes
  144. Taj & Sarah Adams talk with KJ Scoops on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  145. A healthy discussion of the "archonic metaphor" and the myriad of Gnostic interpretations
  146. Altered vision, feeling / frequency sensitivites?
  147. The Sense Gallery
  148. A Note on Terminology
  149. Jim Carrey new movie 4th March 2018
  150. Taj & Sarah Adams talk with Laura Eisenhower on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  151. Judicial System: corporate profits, slave labor, innocents imprisoned, conflicts of interest, etc
  152. Go 'Stros!
  153. Pulp Fiction's Masonic Symbolism
  154. Regions of Our World - Some Context to engage pattern recognition
  155. Infertility and surrogacy first mentioned on a 4000-year-old Assyrian clay tablet of marriage contract in Turkey.
  156. The Ultimate Patsies for The Knights of Malta
  157. Gene editing via nano particle chemtrails?: Science-proven fact emerges
  158. Unemployment
  159. DHS Plans Outdoor Biological Drill For 2018
  160. Refusing my child a birth certificate in the UK
  161. Statement analysis of the words of Neil Armstrong
  162. Interview with Steven Hudson - Neoideograms, a Revolution in language
  163. Waking up, Embracing Those That Wish to Continue Sleeping and Seeing the Light as the Nightmare Begins to Dissipate
  164. Found a cool visualizer
  165. In Shadows...A visionary short film animation
  166. I don't know where it belongs :-)
  167. A real first year as POTUS
  168. 9 largest private armies in the world
  169. Yahoo, FB, YT All seem Hacked.
  170. How we came to be...
  171. The no day. The day of saying no.
  172. Alternative Education - Home Education
  173. John McCain [August 29, 1936 – August 25, 2018]
  174. The fire hose or the slow trickle?
  175. In-joy the Solstice and Happy New Year!!! Leave your wishes here
  176. The Origin of Christmas
  177. The paradox of our time
  178. A Very Happy New Year 2018 to all our many Members and Guests…
  179. Alternative news sources
  180. Archons, Djinn and AI
  181. ALLiTiZ - We're Not Alone (conspiracy research song)
  182. Man creates portal in his bedroom
  183. Where are my Marbles?
  184. Future Society and Technology...?
  185. A Thread for the Overthinker, I think
  186. Stop watching TV ..........
  187. An Experiment in Hopelessness
  188. The Age of Adolescence
  189. The Humanity Star: Check This Out.........
  190. Observing the changes over time happening with many Facebook Friends
  191. Another Lionel Nation Classic
  192. Top 10 Things Progressive Politicians Should Do To Prove They're Progressive
  193. Let The kids Fail...
  194. Riyadi-Fed Contract
  195. Prayers / focused intention for all people in the United States and throughout the world
  196. Most Amazing & Positive YouTube Video Finds
  197. Life is a prayer
  198. 4TH Time lucky
  199. Please Recommend Political Starting Videos For Just Awakening Newbies
  200. What is your stance on the death penalty?
  201. Clean Up Mode, Post WW3
  202. The Impact of Family Crests
  203. Discharge/eruption in the clouds
  204. Skull & Bones, Bankrolling the Enemy
  205. Was SATURN our sun?
  206. Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan
  207. 21 Traits of Being a Loner..
  208. Practical Living on Planet Earth
  209. Conversations with people..do they really listen to what is being discussed?
  210. ALLiTiZ on the TruthSeekah Podcast (UFO Disclosure And The Alien Agenda)
  211. God Save Canada
  212. Spelling Prompts
  213. Are people mysteriously dying after going to UFO, SSP, Disclosure Conferences?
  214. A United Earth
  215. D.I.Y. Book Binding (for those who are interested)
  216. Overly wordy, lazily formatted or wall o'type posts will dilute the radial power of a thread.
  217. NASA Cancels Robot Moon Mission
  218. Is the 'Space Industry' an excuse to rob unlimited money from the public?
  219. Update on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, Florida
  220. Appeal for the International Community to Ban Nuclear Power & Weapons (PDF)
  221. Midnight in the Desert
  222. The 9 3 Society
  223. The Seal of Liberty
  224. Illiteracy Leads to Censorship
  225. Happy Birthday, President Trump!!
  226. Shared Dreams
  227. WANTED - "Liberal" internet radio streams to listen to
  228. Things Tightening Up for the Hard Working Quality Alternative Channels
  229. Words that Define the Opposite of Evil
  230. Mystical Ireland - suggestions needed
  231. Power and Prayer to Soften Typhoon Maria
  232. System of deception
  233. The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy (America's Praetorian Guard)
  234. Men In Black Feedback
  235. Vices vs. Crimes
  236. The reward system
  237. The malaise ! Can anyone relate ?
  238. Help for those that need it
  239. Project Avalon - Chat Room - Awareness and Suggestion for focus times or interaction to this community
  240. Take Back Your Power - 2017 smart meter documentary
  241. To What Extent Are We Controlled?
  242. Social Engineering
  243. Are there genetic factors which encourage or attact so named paranormal events?
  244. Donny the drone....short video from Dust.
  245. Zoroastrism
  246. China
  247. Robert Walker's 'Debunking Doomsday' blog to date
  248. Water. What's happening is hard to swallow...
  249. CW Chanter on the White Hats Rescue Delusion
  250. 5th FORCE of NATURE : Hunt for the DARK PHOTON