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  1. What is the Real Matrix ?
  2. The Shaman's Last Apprentice
  3. Unknown objects in some old photos
  4. Ebook in the Works (By Omnisense)
  5. Video: Bloodstains Found Atop Georgia Guidestones?
  6. Kerry Cassidy, Proj. Camelot LIVE on air 17 / 3 / 15 Ep. 222 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church
  7. SNL Scientology parody
  8. Reclaiming the neutral middle ground
  9. The Nines (2007)
  10. Make Pure Gold
  11. [Music Video] The World Is Coming To An End
  12. Star Children Being Born – How To Know If You Are One..?
  13. Zen on the Richie Allen Show
  14. Kerry Cassidy interview on the Richie Allen Show ....17 / 4 / 2015
  15. A solid reminder regarding the amount of disinformation flooding the internet
  16. Rebekah Roth on "Methodical Illusion", Her Brilliant New Book Exposing The Lies Of 9/11 | Richie Allen Show | April 22, 2015
  17. Richard C. Hoagland 'Turns 70 yrs' Talks About his Lifes Work With Richie Allen 27 /4/ 15
  18. Ep. 235 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church conversation with Richard Dolan 28 /4/15
  19. Turds of Karma
  20. The Legend of Korra
  21. Synchromysticism - EthanMax88
  22. Institutional Thinking - The Matrix, 1984, The Allegory of The Cave
  23. Neil Kramer on Red Ice Creations Radio
  24. Kingsman movie *Spoilers
  25. Brilliant answers to exam questions
  26. Cowspiracy: the sustainability secret (2014)
  27. Pulling the Cosmic Trigger
  28. 'They' Told Me To Write A Book In One Month....I Did.
  29. Live hangout: Ufo/paranormal discussion
  30. Untimely Departure - A New French Documentary on Near Death Experiences (in English)
  31. Mr. robot tells it like it is
  32. Vandal Eyes Your Mind
  33. The Political Agenda Behind Alien Disclosure // Four Ways the One Percent Is Trying to Buy Their Immortality
  34. Castaneda's Cliff Notes
  35. Our try at making videos for people
  36. Perhaps the world's conspiracy theorists have been right all along...Telegraph article...
  37. Joseph Farrell & Dark Journalist Akhenaten Prophecy: Mystery Schools & Giza Death Star
  38. Sense8 Netflix show
  39. LIVE HANGOUT: join me
  40. Madeline Mccann
  41. As promised, here's our second video: "What if there is no karma?"
  42. Forks over Knives
  43. RichPlanet TV - 2015 Live UK Tour
  44. Ulterior States Documentary
  45. "New enlightenment"
  46. MYSTERIES OF THE GODS (1976 or 77) Hosted by: William Shatner
  47. Ludicrous Diversion - 7/7 London Bombings // call for independent enquiry, Tony Gosling // Blair: How I heard about 7/7
  48. 'Jump Into the Blue'
  49. Ghost rider in the sky: Scientists use lasers to project movie onto clouds // Agenda 21
  50. The Simulation Hypothesis
  51. Documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" by Alex Gibney subtitled in Castilian (2015 HBO)
  52. What fiction books are you reading currently?
  53. Panoramic Photography Site--See the Entire Picture
  54. Philosophy and the Matrix
  55. Ariel Phenomenon - includes footage of Dr. John Mack
  56. The Martian | Official Trailer [HD]
  57. Arts as movements of Chakras
  58. "The Last Avatar" Jay Weidner
  59. "Bought" the Documentary on Vaccines, Big Pharma and GMO and more
  60. Princess Diana crash: New book claims Queen said 'someone must have greased the brakes' after hearing news
  61. I want the earth plus 5 percent
  62. Sex - The Secret Gate to Eden (Gnostic Teachings)
  63. Indigo's survival guide..
  64. Exposing the True Origins of HIV - AIDS A documentary
  65. Heroes Reborn
  66. Don Peyote (full film)
  67. Project Camelot TV
  68. Great and heartfelt wisdom from a six-year-old girl
  69. Sci-Fi novel inspired by the Law of One is 99¢ today
  70. Cosmic Whistleblowers - upcoming film
  71. Changing our world a step at a time, by thinking outside the box
  72. This was Classic (Marlon Brando, supporting Native Americans, refuses to accept his 1973 Oscar)
  73. Matt Drudge on the Alex Jones Show
  74. To Infinity and Beyond!
  75. New Documentary: Human
  76. Various articles: Verifying Moon landings // Controlled demolitions //JFK // DNA // Dr.Deaths //PreCrime // Maitrix
  77. Documentary: Billions in Change
  78. Mark Passio - The Cult of Ultimate Evil - Order Followers
  79. The Lost Expedition of Sir Richard Francis Burton
  80. Fake News Jon Steward (He really nailed it)
  81. 2015 Movie...."THE PHOENIX INCIDENT".....based around the famous ' Lights'....
  82. Hugh B.Cave - The Murder Machine (1930.) - Tale of mind control
  83. Tom Darcy - Waiting For The Sheriff
  84. Alan Watts - It's time to wake up......
  85. The Grail Cypher - Ralph Ellis/Michael Tsarion
  86. Interesting Website: Eastern Religious Beliefs
  87. Catch "CodeGirl" Doumentary next 24 hours on youtube
  88. Sundays - A Short Film (What If Nothing Is Real)
  89. Films/Movies with uplifting/inspiring/thought-provoking themes, etc. etc.
  90. Metaphysics, Aliens & Earth Cycles of Light and Darkness
  91. PLEIADIAN Books: FRAUD or LEGIT? (Your quick opinion)
  92. Dark Journalist interviews Peter Dale Scott : Deep State Assassinations
  93. Orson Welles' War Of The Worlds: Prototype of Panic, with Dr. Hans Utter
  94. Black Knight Decoded- Strange Pepsi production
  95. Peter Levenda - Hitler's Ratline & the Nazi Cult in Diaspora
  96. Alternative time-traveller
  97. ‘Everything the West has done was to create ISIS’ – John Pilger
  98. 'INSIDE OUT' by Pixar — an inspiring, unique film that may accomplish the work of many therapists
  99. John Angus Campbell - The Rhetoric of Charles Darwin
  100. One Amazing Source of ANSWERS to EVERY Question You Could have? (I think so)
  101. Fiction Reflecting a New Paradigm
  102. Refugees – Guns – Drugs: A German Perspective
  103. How People React to Being Told They're Beautiful
  104. Jane Elliott: Brown eyes and blue eyes Racism experiment
  105. Truth Warrior Interviews David Mathisen - Star myths of the world & How to interpret them
  106. Art Bell driven off Air & This time he says it's for good! :(
  107. R'ha - Alienz vs machine (short movie)
  108. SPOOK, Confessions of a Psychic Spy by Carlton Holder
  109. There is intellect. Then there is intuitive perception.
  110. Corbett report: How Big Oil Conquered the World
  111. Apostles of Power: Theft of an Empire
  112. 2015 - Top 10 False Flag News - Year in Review with Jim Fetzer, PhD
  113. George Carlin - When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops
  114. Seawater Desalination: Conventional and Renewable Energy Processes
  115. The Tiger and the Goat // Seals latest album paints a pretty picture ......
  116. Dharma Marga - World`s oldest martial art?
  117. End of the enlightenment- A Fable for Our Times (article)
  118. Bowie Ziggy And Stardust Memories Dark Journalist & Producer Ken Scott
  119. Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion
  120. Synchronicity - Official Trailer
  121. Veronika decides to die - movie
  122. Max Igan | The Full Circle Project | Anarchast | Jan. 20, 2016
  123. 50 Shades of Sexual Yoga - A conversation with Michaela Boehm
  124. David Icke with Richie Allen 25 Jan 2016, talking about 'Phantom Self' & more...
  125. Christopher Knight | Megalithic Measurements, Freemasons, and The Moon Makers
  126. Hawking v Rudd Quantum chess
  127. Deadline according to Chico Xavier (Spiritist Documentary, Brazil, 2014)
  128. LOTR : Eagles being trained to attack hostile drones , possibly to be deployed over London....
  129. Alex Jones interviews Minister Louis Farrakhan
  130. Talk by Haroldo Dutra Dias at the Spiritist Society of Chicago, IL (November, 2012)
  131. What makes a good documentary?
  132. Max Igan: Kakistocracy An important Word Taken Out of the Dictionary
  133. Gary Lachman - The Secret Teachers of the Western World
  134. TV series "Colony" - Showcasing Project Bluebeam in action.
  135. Updated: Solar image from lasco c3 image from february 14, 2016
  136. R.Allen Show : Patrick Henningsen 21st Cen Wire // Field McConnell, Abel Danger....
  137. Inelia Benz' Book Giveaway - Today (4 March)
  138. Gold Pyramid /Personal Home in the USA.
  139. Philip K. Dick Documentary on Arte TV
  140. A "Saturday Night Live" skit about alien abductions:
  141. Mr. Robot - new hacker series
  142. Dr Rory Mac Sweeney: The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming A Metaphysical Theory of Mind
  143. The Moore Show - David Icke and The Phantom Self
  144. Hologram or CGI?
  145. Cracking the Codes of Cosmic Darkness
  146. 'The Brainwashing of my Dad' - Trailer
  147. A Conversation with Sibel Edmonds - Tom Woods
  148. Kerry Cassidy Interviews Patrea Patrick re Documentary on EMPs
  149. Ken Elliott - Manifesting and the Mind Matter Matrix
  150. The Return of the Brutal Savage and the Science for War
  151. The Coming Race (Audio Book)
  152. Frank Joseph - Our Dolphin Ancestors
  153. Doco - The Brussels Business
  154. Atlantis Rising Magazine teaser
  155. Looking for book, please help!
  156. Curious about a book...
  157. The Night Watch: Sergei Lukyanenko
  158. Honoring Spock
  159. Star Trek: Discovery will be the next Trek TV series
  160. Operation Avalanche
  161. Stellaris : A space based strategy game.
  162. New alien first-contact film
  163. Kenny Baker, Star Wars R2-D2 actor, dies
  164. New Ascension Animation Film
  165. Interesting Videos, Films, Books
  166. Philosophical and Occult Interpretation of Cabin in the Woods - Do not feel sorry for victims in life
  167. Moderated Movie Discussion, anyone interested?
  168. New ABDUCTEE SITCOM - Does this hurt our cause?
  169. Snowden movie
  170. Designated Survivor - new TV series starring Kiefer Sutherland on ABC
  171. A Monster Calls
  172. Revisiting 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'
  173. Does the Lumineer's song "Ophelia" contain Hidden Occult Meaning?
  174. Sirius Question
  175. Blue Bloods Friday Night Propaganda
  176. HyperNormalisation - the latest (2016) film by Adam Curtis
  177. West World Shoutout
  178. 'PASSENGERS' film trailer and ship name - 'Avalon'
  179. "People of Earth" a new TBS Series satirizing the abduction phenomenon
  180. [Spiritism] Divaldo Franco's Speech in Dublin, Ireland, 2016
  181. [short video] A Lesson Of Love
  182. 3 new films: Valerian, Ghost in the Shell, Assassin's Creed
  183. Sat Night Live
  184. CNN Exposed On Saturday Night Live
  185. Reactions to new encounters of the alien type - cute
  186. Show us your funniest skits
  187. Here's a Heartwarming Vid (ad) To See
  188. .......... Incorporated ........ New series
  189. Some questions about The Matrix trilogy
  190. TV Series 'Taboo'
  191. Sci-Fi novel inspired by the Law of One is FREE until Wed!
  192. Awesome Musical Movie: Daft Punk's Interstella 5555
  193. Butch Trucks, Legendary Allman Brothers Band Drummer, Dead at Age 69
  194. Oh my, John Hurt died - 77
  195. All That We Share.
  196. Disclosure in a TV show..... ???
  197. Frank Borzage Silent movies
  198. Power vs Force and Kinesiology by David R. Hawkins
  199. 'People of Earth' TV show: Reptilians and Alien Abductees
  200. World's Scariest Ghosts Caught On Tape
  201. Hollywood´s Greatest Trick
  202. Kanye West Crucifix Statue
  203. PewDiePie calls out the media
  204. High profile people born with the opposite sex
  205. Why Modern Art is Absolute Crap
  206. SNL: 'Alien Attack'
  207. Carnage: A Vegan Mockumentary by UK Comedian, Simon Amstell
  208. Finally the new Blade Runner 2 trailer is out
  209. Robert Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, has passed
  210. Zeitgeist: Books, Movies & Music with Messages from Our Collective Unconscious
  211. Thirty Seconds To Midnight - The Final Wake Up Call - documentary
  212. Meet the Targeted Individual Community
  213. What Makes Wonder Woman Great
  214. Adam West - (Batman) passed on Friday
  215. Movie: Kill Switch (2017)... clean energy gone wrong
  216. Taj & Sarah Adams talk with Shannon Macaluso on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  217. Codex Seraphinianus
  218. A storm is coming...
  219. Movie : TRAVELING SALESMAN (about the most powerful problem in computer science)
  220. Game of Thrones season 7 premier tonight 16/7 // The 13th Doctor Who announced as well....
  221. Vintage Scifi Mag "Galaxy" Free Online
  222. Northern Exposure TV show predicted the future already in 1992
  223. Rob Lowe investigates the unknown in new series: The Lowe Files
  224. 1Annunaki Director Speaks about his LONG delayed film series
  225. 'They Live' (1988, director John Carpenter)
  226. "THE ORVILLE" - New TV Comedy Series spoofs STAR TREK - 10 September on FOX
  227. "Burn Out" - short film (4.50min) Cecile Carre
  228. Slow TV: trainrides in Norway...
  229. The Imposter
  230. A real Punch and Judy show ( comment to international politics ?)
  231. An Intergalactic Space Odyssey (Sci-fi Short Film)
  232. Watch Gaia Movies and Shows this weekend for FREE!
  233. BBC series "Gunpowder"
  234. Old Knowledge
  235. Secrets Of Silicon Valley (BBC2)
  236. "Crimes of the Deep State: from September 11 to Donald Trump." Thierry Meyssan's Latest Book
  237. The Truth About Stranger Things
  238. David Cassidy, 'Partridge Family' Star, Dies At 67
  239. Do you remember a Japanese movie....?
  240. Netflix Movie: Wormwood
  241. Good news for X-Files and Chris Carter fans...
  242. The Punisher
  243. Dark - Netflix
  244. George Carlin | A compilation
  245. "BRIGHT" a new Netflix show about Middle Age Myth creatures in modern society
  246. Starseed, the Movie
  247. RIP : Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dies suddenly aged 46: 15 Jan 2018
  248. Counterparts (Series) .. On Starz
  249. BRITANNIA - About the Druids vs the Roman invasion of England
  250. 250 websites to watch TV on