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  1. Elisabeth Haich INITIATION ebook
  2. AC Griffith Interview June 21st, 2010: BP Oil Spill, Chemtrails, and Scalar Weapons
  3. Great Message and you will be suprised at the teacher
  4. An interesting archive to peruse: The Grey Lodge Occult Review
  5. The Club of Budapest
  6. Amazing video of Wisconsin protests
  7. Egon & Dönci
  8. Extracts from the film (The Core) responding strangely with phenomen of animals
  9. Seriously inspirational vid (only 5 mins long)
  10. Unbelievable but not really it is going to spread like wild fire across the world
  11. A book website idea extraterrestrials gave me I do not have the funds to do
  12. The world according to Monsanto
  13. The Pyramid Code - Carmen Boulter
  14. Doomsday & Brown Dwarf Star
  15. documentaries
  16. Sibel Edmonds Documentary - Kill The Messenger
  17. The Book of Jacob
  18. John David Van Hove books
  19. Critical Thinking
  20. Highly recommended ... James Redfield New Book "The 12th Insight"
  21. Elizabeth Lindsey: Curating humanity's heritage
  22. Joint Radio Interview with Peter Joseph, Ben Stewart and Roger Stahl
  23. The UFO Incident (1975)
  24. Evolution
  25. Nibiru To Break Through Ecliptic March 4th 2011 Hoax or Truth?
  26. Aileen Wuornos: Fascinating Final Interview
  27. The Apostate Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology.
  28. Prophet Dr. Owuor - Threat on Eiffel Tower
  29. Lemuria, the Lost Eden aka Mu - PDF Collection
  30. post here your CARTOONS - for educational purpose
  31. Graham Hancock Interview
  32. Proof the government is preparing for a catastrophe (make of it what you will)
  33. Welcome to the Reservation: We're All Indians Now
  34. Love
  35. The Tibetan Book of the Dead - The Great Liberation (Part 1/5)
  36. UFOs & the Bible in history & in prophecy-feature
  37. Steven Spielbeg's Falling Skies new tv series
  38. Is your Hair long or short
  39. Manly P Hall - Orientation of the Hermetic Philosophy
  40. Is this video and the claims it makes valid?? Lets discuss
  41. Chris Everard - Truth Frequency Interview - feb/2011
  42. Area Fifty One the movie
  43. Robot Astronomy Destroyer of Worlds NASA JPL Caltech
  44. Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings, Vols 1-4
  45. The Secret of Solomon's Key (Revealed)
  46. Emerging From The Piscean Dream ~ Robert Phoenix
  47. America Destroyed by Design
  48. Freedom watch - Don't touch the sacred cows - 3/4/2011
  49. The Eagle
  50. Finishing the Mysteries of Gods & Symbols - Do Recommend
  51. Nafeez Ahmed - The War on Truth (2005)
  52. Earth's Forbidden Secrets PDF by Max Igan
  53. 'America Is NOT Broke': Michael Moore Speaks in Madison, WI -- March 5, 2011
  54. How To Take Our Power Back From The Government's NWO
  55. Sacred geometry and music form/vibration
  56. Audio interview with Dr. Brian Weiss - "Same Soul, Many Bodies"
  57. How TV Ruined Your Life
  58. The Kybalion by The Three Initiates
  59. Mysterious Mars Lecture Dr Tom Van Flandern
  60. Great Hip Hop Tracks calling out the PTB
  61. Within what time frame are published Scientology books legitimate? (not by the Church
  62. TAI Presents Joseph Jaworski
  63. Richard Dolan Interviewed by Exopolitics Denmark
  64. Jay Weidner - "Kubrick's Odyssey & The Brotherhood of Saturn" by Red Ice Radio
  65. New Movie..."The Adjustment Bureau"
  66. Megabrain - Michael Hutchison
  67. Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck - Wonders In The Sky (2009)
  68. A 2012 Dialogue with Daniel Pinchbeck & Graham Hancock
  69. "Revelations" video.... what is your view in regard to this??
  70. Ancient Aliens Alien Tech
  71. The Dimensions
  72. What Happened to Egypt’s Pharaohs?
  73. Bob Bowman: Star Wars Secrets & Lies
  74. What do you guys think caused the Japanese earthquake/tsunami?
  75. Large swarm of starlings.... who says there's no such thing as a group soul?
  76. Soul Travelers
  77. 11 year old exposes Monsanto
  78. Dr. Rauni Kilde talks about mind control, UFOs & more
  79. Mayan Prophecy Predicted Massive Earthquake for Almost Same Time Japan’s Earthquake!
  80. Anunnaki Blood Documentary/Bloodlines/Mythlogy
  81. Chernobyl - what nuclear power costs
  82. Bungling, cover-ups define Japanese nuclear power
  83. Remember yogic flying?
  84. S-Box Modifications and Their Effect in DES-like Encryption Systems
  85. New Book On Chernobyl Now Out... we need this info
  86. EARTH started ringing
  87. Darwin debunked?
  88. Winds of War (WOW), Books of Blood, The Coming of Tan - Jedi Mind Tricks (3 vids)
  89. New film Coming: "I AM"
  90. Powerful message from former CIA Agent to all Americans!
  91. David Hawkins' Power vs. Force - derived from Scientology?
  92. Hoagy on Red Ice - Uploaded on March 22nd 2011
  93. WORLDSPIRIT - Alex Grey & Kenji Williams (Full-length Video)
  94. How about living beyond our own Spiritual Selfishness? Quotes from "The Quest.
  95. Strategic Relocation—Third Edition
  96. Fork in The Road
  97. Great Message and you will be surprised at the teacher!
  98. Impact of the Unity Wave and why it seems time is speeding up
  99. Monsters directed by Gareth Edwards
  100. The idiot cycle: What you aren't being told about cancer. Part 1
  101. Philip Imbrogno - UniversalTruth Evolution Radio
  102. A child prodigy called Jacob(Jake) Barnett, and a saint bernard teach us...
  103. Homefront - "Future History & Revolution" Trailer (Video Game)
  104. Transhumanism - The Age of Transitions
  105. Michael Prince AKA James Casbolt
  106. Chapter 13 from The Quest, Wilderness Mind, by Tom Brown jr.
  107. Arguments for the Elimination of Television
  108. "Talking About Disaster" - e-book
  109. Scientists Discover "Dam of Horror" in Brain Anatomy
  110. Quatermass and the pit. 1955 Disclosure?
  111. The Power behind the New World Order *Full Documentary*
  112. Don't let Ed Schultz speak for Progressives!
  113. Louis Theroux, and the Nazi's
  114. The Strangest Hotel in Britain
  115. Heavens Gate Cult Initiation Tape
  116. Science of Compassion Gregg Braden list of video lectures
  117. Aphex twin - Rhubarb
  118. Book Of Aquarius
  119. Nuclear war begins (short animated film)
  120. Graham Hancock interview for Know Drugs - "bringing honesty into the conversation"
  121. Ye olde ditties
  122. The Secret Life of Chaos - BBC
  123. Old Japanease prints depicting eathquake mythology
  124. 2012 - A Message of Hope (VIDEO 25 min)
  125. "Hanna" Movie Trailer
  126. Extraordinary Conflict of Interest: Bush Cousin ...
  127. Anthony David - What God Said. Excellent Video calling out church and state
  128. 911's Occult Symbolism online reference (WikiCompany)
  129. What are these flashing lights during the 7.4 Aftershock on 4/7 ?
  130. FBI: Guy Hottel
  131. Holy Grail - another piece of the puzzle
  132. Sucker Punch & Hidden Messages
  133. The Atomic Cafe
  134. Taxi To The Dark Side
  135. Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy(1998)
  136. Beyond 2012 - Evolving Perspectives On the Next Age
  137. A political fable
  138. Be Prepared : Lion King Elites playground
  139. Inside report from Fukushima nuclear reactor evacuation zone
  140. The Tomorrow People
  141. A Wanderer’s Handbook - The New ET Questionnaire
  142. Awakened People
  143. 65 Ways That ALL That You Think You Own Is Being Systematically Taken Away from you
  144. Are men more observant than women?
  145. Gerald Celente says it like it is: Stop paying your taxes
  146. Best Introductory Video Explaining How Gouvernment Works
  147. Carl Sagans Cosmos Complete Series- High Quality
  148. Egyptian Antiquities Chief Hawass sentenced to one year in prision
  149. Excalibur -
  150. Veritas & Red Ice
  151. Wake up America! - Dr. John Coleman (Illuminati, Committee of 300)
  152. Hydrogen Powered Cars From Japan
  153. Forgotten Books
  155. Documentary "Psywar - The Real Battlefield Is The Mind"
  156. James Fox I know what iIsaw Ufo videos
  157. Genes, Giants, Monsters, & Men - New from Dr Joseph Farrell
  158. Nomi Prins, Goldman Sachs whistleblower on Alex Jones, April 21, 2011
  159. The Great pyramid gateway to the galaxy
  160. What did Kerry mean by "remote influencing"?
  161. Inside the “Mind” of Israeli Propagandist Mark Regev
  162. Hollywood and approaching planets
  163. Video - Magical Egypt Series
  164. Red Elk's Short Stories
  165. A letter from God to Man......................
  166. Made Not to Last
  167. They saw what was coming long ago... The Twilight Zone
  168. Nikola Tesla - the missing secret
  169. Is George Bush Snr a Reptilian ?
  170. Dont worry, Truth happens!
  171. Rocket UFO over Japan April 24th 2011
  172. Royal wedding: See the procession in high definition
  173. Human Sacrifice quotes
  174. Never Mind Zero Man's birth certificate
  175. Insidious Movie 2011- Astral Projection
  176. The HAB Theory
  177. PLASMA STORM & LIGHTNING OVERLOAD at Sakurajima volcano in Japan
  178. Who are you ?
  179. This is dedicated to a dear friend.
  180. The End of Poverty?
  181. Robert Green takes the Big Banner to the Scottish leaders debate, Perth
  182. Vedas & human dnai - mahabharata: Aryans & aryan gods
  183. Mind Control, Military, Monsanto, Medicine
  184. Dr. Leonard Horowitz Documentary | CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism
  185. Messages Within Music
  186. What Finland needs to know about Portugal...
  187. THe hidden roots of the European Union
  188. Rich Russians moved to Siberia to live like their ancestors
  189. Micro Chips To Make Mind Control Possible
  190. Education. What some children are being taught.
  191. The God Within documentary - exposing the false philosophy of modern science
  192. US Pays Millions of Dollars In Secret To Vaccine-Caused-Autism Injured Kids
  193. Digital Deception- This is how we are tricked on TV and Cinema
  194. Ken O'Keefe
  195. AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know
  196. Steven Spielberg's Next Projects
  197. Six Years in Prison For Filming Police Officer
  198. Pictures of Glastonbury Tor
  199. Revealing article by Whitley Strieber
  200. Do Not Order Books From These People
  201. Are you a Sheeple?
  202. Russian House Speaker Threatens Scalar Weapons?
  203. U.S. Military Testing Mind Control Through The TV
  204. Underwater Worlds
  205. mouse land short story about democracy
  206. Secrets of the CIA
  207. Dr. Delbert Blair
  208. What keeps you going along the path?
  209. Brotherhood Of Darkness
  210. Just Keep Going, You Got Nothing To Lose
  211. Crazy footage of landslide (or something!)
  212. gardens and vegetables
  213. Pre-release princing on Interview with Gods
  214. Red Ice Radio - Ralph Ring - Ether Technology, Magnetism, Nikola Tesla & Otis T. Carr
  215. Google gets creative! Fun Find!
  216. College Conspiracy
  217. Bach Flower Remedies
  218. Frankfurt School
  219. Twilight Of The Psychopaths
  220. Some videos related to spiritual matters
  221. Area 51 declassified - New Documentary.
  222. King Solomon, father of the global banking system?
  223. Dennis McKenna - Timewave Zero, Terrence & the Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss
  224. Adam Curtis Documentary: All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
  225. The Last Word on Osama Bin Laden
  226. Saturn: How deep are you willing to go?
  227. The man who looked inside the atom
  228. Our Children Are Waking Up
  229. Patriot Act goes through, again...
  230. Landmark Case Could Stymie Legal System !
  231. Electric Universe
  232. What Facebook Is Hiding From You
  233. fear mongering
  235. A "modern" look on Arabian Nights Book of Sir Richard Burton
  236. the 2012 enlightenment genocide
  237. Documentary - Alien contact with humans (Italy)
  238. Interesting free kindle books I downloaded
  239. WOW is this a natural phenomenon?
  240. Max Igan - Embracing the Shadow
  241. Have you seen this new Hancock book? "The Master Game...Secret Rulers of the World"
  242. Thunderbolts of Truth - Documentary (Parts 1 & 2)
  243. Documentary - 7/7 The Big Picture (Britain)
  244. The Externalization of the Hierarchy.
  245. Writing a UFO book, your thoughts...
  248. Uncle Sidious’s Movie Review – The Inner Tour
  249. Documentary - The hour of Time (America)
  250. New Book Dolores Cannon The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth